social media how toAre you launching a new product or service?

Want to create buzz and get the word out to the right people?

Facebook is a great way to promote the launch of a product or service and generate excitement.

To be successful, you need to plan your content, write your posts and make good use of the tools Facebook has to offer.

In this article you’ll discover how to launch a product or service using Facebook.

#1: Before Pre-launch: Start Planning Early

You’ll want to map out your launch strategy at least two months ahead, and most likely even earlier than that. Plan what types of launch material you’ll have available to share on social media to get the buzz going. You may also need to start designing some of these materials.

launch a product using facebook

Discover how to launch your product using Facebook.

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If you have an online product, you can use some great freebies to help get people onto your list. Some examples of great freebies or launch materials include:

  • Images and infographics: Think about designing several versions of your images so they’re size-optimized for each social site. Also, if you’ll be using them in a Facebook ad, make sure the images are 1200 x 628 pixels and comply with the 20% text rule.
  • Free ebooks, reports or white papers: These freebies could be part of your final product or something valuable that will promote the final product.
  • Free webinar or other educational content: If you’re launching an online product, you may want to host a webinar, telesummit or some other type of live event. Plan when that event will occur and when you’ll start promoting it.
  • Sale or discount period: If you’re offering an introductory price, figure out how long that will last and how many posts you might have around that promotion.
  • Facebook contests: If you’re having a contest to promote the launch or new product, plan the timing and determine what type of contest will work best for you.

When launching a course, for example, you might plan all of the content and decide when you’ll communicate about it to people on your email list and in your social media posts.

content and communication plan

Plan when each piece of content will be released to your email list and what posts will go out to Facebook.

If affiliates or promotion partners will be helping you get the word out about your product or service, start assembling that team and putting together resources for the team to use.

Be sure to make it easy for affiliates to build buzz on Facebook and other social media channels. Write a variety of Facebook posts and tweets so they can either cut and paste them or have a great starting place to add their own wording.

Social Media Examiner provided a variety of images to their affiliates to help promote Social Media Marketing World. Some of the images were appropriate for Facebook ads, while others were useful for tweets or blog posts.

promotional image for affiliate use

Develop images to use for Facebook ads and share them with affiliates and partners.

They also provided a variety of tweets and Facebook updates that were ready to use, and people just had to add their affiliate link.

promotional posts for affiliate use

Write a variety of social media posts for you and your affiliates to use.

#2: Pre-launch: Build Buzz

To start building buzz and generating excitement around your product or service, post teasers about it. If appropriate, use both your Facebook page and profile to let your Facebook fans and personal friends know that something is coming.

intruiging post

Add intrigue and consider using your personal profile to post about it.

Using video on Facebook to promote your launch will go further in the news feed. Make sure you’re creating a variety of content. You can see that this video post reached nearly 39,000 people and had over 8,000 views.

intruiging video post

Use video to build buzz.

You can also give people a sneak peek into your process. Bathers Beach House in Australia started posting about their restaurant months before it opened. They shared the building process, gained the interest of potential diners and grew to over 4,000 fans before they even opened their doors. This led to a successful opening of their restaurant, and they continue to have high engagement and interaction.

process post

Show the process behind your product or service launch.

If you have affiliates or promotional partners, consider co-creating material to launch the product, such as a webinar or live Q&A session. Gena Shingle Jaffe launched a legal course for entrepreneurs, and Natalie MacNeil had a perfect audience for the course. They co-created a webinar to give the audience some good tips and promote the online course.

co-created material post

Consider co-creating promotional material with your affiliates.

#3: Launch: Keep the Excitement Going

Your launch phase may vary in length and never be truly over in terms of promotion, but you likely will have an end date for the biggest promotional push. Figure out what types of things you can do to keep the excitement going.

A Facebook contest is a perfect fit for continued promotion. Goorin Brothers, a boutique hat designer, launched a new hat and decided to involve their audience by naming the hat after one lucky winner. In addition they gave away five custom hats to the runner-ups. They spent $70 on Facebook ads and $30 on the Heyo app. The contest got 8,404 email entries and built up a lot of awareness around their hats and their brand.

facebook contest post

Find creative ways to involve your audience in your promotion.

You also need to have a Facebook ad plan as part of your launch strategy. Consider focusing much of your ad budget on the pre-launch phase where you give away valuable content. But if you have a coupon or something special to offer, you can promote that with an ad campaign as well.

facebook ad example

Use Facebook ads to get your message out to a wider audience.

#4: Post-launch: Thank Your Audience and Assess Results

After the launch is over, make sure you thank your audience and your affiliate and promotional partners, and tell people what’s next. Let your audience know that they’re appreciated even if they didn’t buy from you.

facebook thank you post

Thank your audience after your launch.

You also want look at your analytics and do a little research on which techniques worked the best for you. Did the webinar you held convert the most sales, or was it something else? Where did your new subscribers come from and which social site drove the most sales? Learn from this launch so you can improve the next one.


Facebook can be a great place to get the word out about your new product or service. And affiliates can help you make it look like everyone is talking about your product. To do your launch right on Facebook and help your affiliates sell, keep the key points in this article in mind.

What do you think? Have you used a technique on Facebook that has helped you sell a product or service? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

how to launch a product using facebook

Tips for launching your product using Facebook.

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  • Also make sure to have enough followers who will share your post and bring in more likes from their networks.

  • Having more likes definitely helps! So it’s a good idea to plan ahead and start building your network early.

  • LauraBeSocial

    Love it! thanks for explaining the importance of having a solid digital strategy!
    I will use this info for my business!

  • Wonderful tips. We’ll definitely revisit this page during our next feature launch.

  • The problem here is that you’re taking the example of an established company launching a NEW product, and not a new company trying to launch a new product. That makes the equation a lot more different, far more difficult – and a lot more useful. For companies with a big following and a big presence, launching a new product is not hard and they don’t really need an in-depth guide, plenty exist. The approach that a new company should take with no social media presence in launching a new product is far more interesting, and often begs the question – should the product even be launched first on Facebook? Is Facebook a good first-touchpoint to have?

  • Glad to help Laura!

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Avtar – Actually the examples with Bathers Beach House and Genavieve Shingle Jaffe were fairly new businesses as well as my own example. Bathers Beach House started with no fans, Gena started with less than 5000 and my own example was only a few years into my business – so relatively new. So while I think that Facebook shouldn’t be your ONLY strategy here – these places used other things like content marketing, e-mail marketing, and local marketing – I think that Facebook can definitely help ignite the flames for your launch. I think that you definitely should do a little bit of testing first where you make sure your product is viable and that people will buy it. Thanks for your thoughts on this!

  • Thanks Andrea! For such an inspiring post! My question to you is – we are on the verge to unveil our first product which is based on Mobile Application and as per the post not just Facebook promotion is what indispensable for the product even other Social Media Platforms too. We have launched our course-details as well but still we aren’t getting responses as we were expecting to get. Isn’t it our brand is new in the market and marketers find it intricate to build the audience unless they run some ad campaigns? In what ways can we increasingly prevail our brand in specific area and specific time? Do you rely that time is also an essential factor in determining user’s engagement over your post?
    Again thanks for this wonderful post.

  • Priscilla

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  • jackhammer

    this is crap

  • Very detailed article on how to launch your product using facebook. Many thanks to Andrea.. In addition, make sure the product or service delivers! if not it is all for nothing.I like the idea about FB contest but is there any restriction for posting contest on FB?

  • Olumide Ayinla

    Hello Jackhammer, I think it’s not fair for you to call this post a crap. For all Digital marketers, we all know the best strategy is to first have a significant following either by Page Promotion on Facebook or Followers on Twitter something like the Funnel Principle will forms your lead and then conversion.

    So rather than call this post a crap, pick the lessons and move on or ignore.

  • Thank you so very much Andrea Vahl I have shared all those tips with my followers back here in Uganda, keep the good work you are doing.

  • jackhammer

    Well everyone IS entitled to their own opinions aren’t they? Or should I keep my thoughts to myself?

  • I like all of these tips. They’re great. It’s just all about good planning. If everything is greatly planned and executed, the results will be as well. Thanks, Andrea!

  • Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for yours. We also have some great posts about Facebook growth here: and

  • Thanks Jackson! Yes, there are rules about how you can run contests on Facebook. Here is my post on it – it’s a little older but it is still all valid with their terms now:

  • Thanks so much Mwebya!

  • Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Steve Goad

    Very good article – I have found it so amazing that how many companies( small – large) feel if they just throw up a FB page “..and they will come.”

  • Hi Nikhil – Thanks! So I’m not sure exactly what your question is here but I do think that ad campaigns help. But I’ve seen that companies that are brand new do often have a little bit of an “uphill battle” until you connect with the people who love your product and will help give it social proof of reviews, good comments on the posts and who will share with others. So time does factor in. Hope that helps!

  • You caught me outright Andrea! Yes I was asking about “time” and how to make brand prevailed? Yea it’s an “uphill battle” for us to getting our brand established. For instance – I have seen people often commenting with negative attitude especially when they are oblivious of substantial facts of the brands. Thanks however for your reply 🙂

  • Facebook is big platform with 1.44 billion monthly active users, which gives a lot of potential to build your audience, to drive traffic to your website, get more installs for your app and many more. It is all about how you use this potential and what are you doing to reach your goal.

  • Seasia Infotech

    Building the networks is very important part before launching the product because facebook is a big platform.I liked your bathers beach House example.Thanks

  • Diana Steinberg

    I wholly agree with the first item, regarding having a “Before Pre-launch” step, since planning early is the key to successfully launching any product or service on Facebook. While creating a Facebook page for business is an extremely easy process, before doing so there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account, in order to carry out succeeding actions effectively. Accordingly, at least two months seems sufficient for planning and mapping out a launch strategy.

    Separate from the material covered in the post, I have another piece of pertinent information concerning launching a product or service using Facebook. The best approach is to follow the 50/30/20 Rule. This means the following:

    Fifty percent of your content should be news. This helps establish you as an expert, and can also be viewed as curated content or news from others.

    Thirty percent of your content should have personality and come from you. This can be casual or professional.

    Twenty percent of your content should be about the company, its products/services and other self-promotional content.

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  • This is the most complete outline I’ve seen. Thank you!!

  • Excellent tips, a good strategy is half the job done!