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Could your web browser replace the need to visit Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on a regular basis? To find out the answer, keep reading…

Web browsers have changed considerably over the past 15 years. From Internet Explorer to the upstart Mozilla stealing their thunder and most recently Google rearing its head with an ultra-fast browser, Chrome, the field of play is starting to get crowded.

Obviously, that means it’s time for a new name to join the fray—and with a social twist.

Enter RockMelt.


The RockMelt browser window.

RockMelt is a different breed of browser altogether.

While IE, Firefox and Chrome are all talking about how fast they are; RockMelt makes a big splash by showing how social it is.

RockMelt is one of the first browsers to fully integrate the social experience into the browser itself. Claiming to evolve browsers the same way the web has evolved, there’s a lot of promise in these new features. For starters, here’s a walkthrough I made for you… because I love you all so much J.

Elijah’s Video Review

Watch the above video tutorial: Caution: Watch for a surprise at the end!

How RockMelt WINS!

RockMelt has a number of innovations.

Real-Time RSS

OK, I’ll admit it. I hate RSS feeds. I don’t feel like going to an RSS reader to get updates to a website. I wish there was a little button that just pinged when there was new content and I didn’t have to stop what I’m doing to go see what it is.

RockMelt does that.

RockMelt lets you add any RSS feeds directly into the browser, and they immediately send you a visual signal when there’s new content for you to digest. The best part is that you can read a synopsis of the content without leaving the page you’re on. Evaluate content without disrupting your current browsing session, and open in a new window if you want to read more.

People-Centric Sharing

Sharing with your entire community is a great thing, but I’ve found that sharing an article to add value to one specific person builds more of a relationship.

RockMelt makes that happen easily.

If you populate your “friends bar” with people you’d like to network with, you can shoot great content their way with a couple of button clicks. It may take a while to get your list perfected, but stick with it.

Installing on a new computer? Don’t worry. RockMelt will update all of your preferences as soon as you sign in!

Dual Search Boxes

Sometimes you need to search for something, and you don’t want to leave the page you’re on, right? What do you do? Open a new tab and search there. That works fine, but what if you could type a search term in the search bar, and browse all of the listings in a drop-down menu, automatically opening only the results that you want in separate tabs?

RockMelt does that.

When one search box job won't do…

The convenience of queuing your browsing so that it doesn’t become a disruption—but a natural progression—of your journey through content is an excellent win for the browser.

That being said, it isn’t all candy corn and rainbows over here…

RockMelt #Fail

Here are the browser’s shortcomings.

Can’t schedule updates

No scheduling now, but I see room for an extra button...

This is a big negative for social industry professionals. While I love and applaud the real-time functionality of RockMelt, I don’t want to be bound to it 100% of the time. Sometimes I’ll have meetings or be connecting with my social media contacts in real life, and won’t be able to tweet for a number of hours.

I need to be able to queue content for distribution later and unfortunately, that’s not in the bag yet.

Redundant alerts

So you’ve just finished a great tweet, and you send it off to the world. One second later, RockMelt sends you an alert: “You have a new Tweet!” Excitedly, you hurry to open your Twitter panel to see… that you’ve just tweeted.


If you’re going to condition me to respond to your sidebar alerts, they’d better be valuable alerts. As soon as those alerts become white noise, the entire browser starts to lose value.

Gotta clean that up.

Still Buggy

I can’t really fault RockMelt for this one; these are the growing pains of any software. This is more of a warning to those who will be helping with the beta testing.

This is new, so sometimes it won’t work perfectly, sometimes it won’t log in, and sometimes screens will be blank for no reason whatsoever. It’s the cost of having the shiny new thing. Ask people who bought the first generation of the i-anything (sorry Apple).

The plus side is that these guys fix things quickly and their customer service is right where it needs to be.

The RockMelt team understands that this time is crucial for the survival of their browser; it feels good to be appreciated.

All in all, my decision to use RockMelt has two splits. First of all, on its own, I think RockMelt is one of the most valuable browsers for social media professionals to use for their own brand/community management. I can’t say the same for social media managers because each browser is tied to a single Facebook account. But when you get your hands on it, you’ll see how it makes everything a bit easier, especially if you’re a big Facebook chatterer, which I’m not.

On the other hand, I’ve grown so close to some of my Chrome extensions that I can’t realistically think about switching over until there’s an alternative. So for now, RockMelt, you’ll have to share my desktop with Chrome, at least until Wisestamp makes a RockMelt extension…

Are you considering switching to RockMelt? Have you used any of the other social browsers? Let us know your experience in the comments box below.

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  • I agree with a lot of what you point out for Rockmelt since it takes so much of what I like about Chrome and ads in a lot of social functions. Biggest issue that I have with it is that is takes a blanket set of permissions from Facebook to use it. Many of the permissions you are giving, I personally don’t believe it even needs to function. I also found myself really distracted by all of the updates for all of my feeds and accounts. So for now, I’ll stick with Chrome and my Shareaholic and Slick RSS extensions. Looking forward to what they do in the future, though.

  • I like Rockmelt, especially for Facebook updates. i’ve also found that most chrome extensions will work in Rockmelt; I just installed Wisestamp and it looks like it works perfectly – although I don’t use one of the supported email platforms so I can’t test that part.

  • Ryah, that’s music to my ears! When I wrote this Wisestamp did not work, but if it does that’s a major win for me. Using chrome extensions with Rockmelt may push it into my main browser.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Brad,

    When I see a browser like Rockmelt asking for more than it needs, I’m thinking future development more than data hog. For a browser to attach its success to Facebook like that, it’s probably a given that they’ll deepen the user experience in the future. That being said, it’s always kind of a leap to trust that they’ll respect the ino that they collect until they figure out how they want to use it with you.

    That’s an aspect i didn’t cover, thanks for bringing it up!

  • You’re welcome! I would have liked the Wisestamp app myself, but I’m not webased for email and couldn’t think of switching.

    I haven’t made Rockmelt my default browser, although I’d like to, because I like my Copy/Paste buttons on the menu bar and I can’t have them. Ah well, c’est la vie 🙂

  • Thanks for the video review, Elijah. I’d love to give RockMelt a shot.

  • Hey Saad,

    Connect with me on Facebook and you’ll be hooked up in no time.


  • Nice video…….looks like a winner. Can you send me an invite to it as well, pleaseÉ

  • For me, Rockmelt could be a timesaver. I’d love to try it!

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  • invitations are sent through facebook connections, connect with me here:

  • invitations are sent through facebook connections, connect with me here:

  • I think for those of us who have to manage multiple accounts, Rockmelt isn’t quite there yet and doesn’t offer the speed of Chrome. However, for my own causal and personal use, I love Rockmelt. Once the bugs are worked out, I think there will be a bright future for this browser.

  • Great video. You have me convinced. I would really love an invite.

  • The friend request from Shane Hayes was from TripInquiry.

  • Seems like I got an new browser to hook up on my PC soon..thanks Elijah for the video..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • I am very disappointed in Rockmelt. I thought it will be this wow browser and tried it as soon as it came out. The YouTube commercial they did looked like it will kill Firefox, IE and Chrome all together. But it did nothing of the sort.
    So in my opinion people better stick with their current browsers.

    I did a review when it came out and pointed to things I didn’t like. Pls, delete the link if you find it inappropriate (not sure if you allow links in the comments), here is my review –

  • I would love an invite! Your tutorial was extremely helpful. Thanks, Elijah!

  • Mmm… I too attached to Chrome right now. I’ll probably give Rockmelt a try once all the bugs are fixed, but unless they have something just spectacularly shiny I’ll most likely stick with Chrome. 🙂

    Nice article.

  • Hey Brankica,

    First of all, we would never delete a valuable opinion from the blog, that would be crazy. I do agree with your review in some aspects. Rockmelt isn’t a finished product by any means. You take a risk anytime you try out a beta program, and it sounds like you got an early beta.

    I will say that some of those issues have been resolved, and all of those pesky notifications can be turned off pretty easily (thank goodness!). I’d love to see s “Round 2” review from you in a month or so as the browser starts to mature a little more.


  • No worries, just click on the link to my Facebook in the comment replies above, I’ve got a few left to give.


  • As I type this reply on Chrome, I feel you 🙂

  • Thanks for the post, Elijah. After using it for the past month, I’ve found RockMelt’s bugginess outweighs it’s benefits and am back to Firefox. The lack of Twitter functionality is overwhelming. It simply doesn’t display retweets/mentions consistently. Best thing about it so far is the integrated FB chat. I’ve never used FB chat so much as since I started on RockMelt. I look forward to RM updates though and am excited about its potential.

  • I much prefer Flock ( to Rockmelt. Has anyone else tried Flock?

  • Kjkirschenmann

    Great video, but what were all the buttons for at the very top of the page?

  • Teach My

    Rockmelt looks amazing! Dying to try it out, even with a few glitches!

  • Oh yes, I tried flock. It rendered my system more vulnerable to viruses. Then I crashed. Flock off, I say.

  • Madalyncarlisle

    Hey Elijah! So I watched your awesome Rockmelt tutorial video–about your invite surprise at the end of the video, about confused–how do I get an invite to try it out?

  • Ted Gallina

    Great video about rockmelt – can’t wait to us. Thanks again!

  • Yeah have played around with it for a bit and loved what it did at the start. The big problem though is that I am so used to Firefox and Chrome and this is just too big a step away from what I am used to. People have been trying to change browsers for so long now and it’s ironic that the one that is taking off the most (Chrome) is actually pretty much stripped back to nothing!

  • I use Rockmelt and LOVE it! I did a review about it on my Blog last month. Yes it does have some issues, but for the most part I am so socially connected as far as sharing etc. GREAT blog post here Elijah!

  • Thanks for the informative and candid video Elijah! As you requested, I just send you a friend request via Facebook for an invite. Thanks again.

  • Diane

    My son invited me, and while I haven’t mastered it yet, I’m finding it convenient and fun. Time will tell, but it seems like a step in a really convenient direction.

  • Wow. What an amazing tool considering how much social media is apart of our everyday lives. Awesome!! Thanks!

  • Lonnell119

    Sounds good I’d like to try it out.

  • Just downloaded it. I’ll let you know. Looks pretty cool so far. Thanks for the nudge. : )

  • I’m ready to try this. Seems like it might make life a lot easier for those of us who use Social Media intensely.

  • Joe

    Hi Elijah: Very interesting….there have been know to be a lot of attempts of encircling all these platforms — I like the idea that in doing so — it’s not a web site but a browser — it falls in-line with the principles of Social Media from a B-B perspective — fish where the fishies are! Please send invite : )

  • Kevin Warhus

    Wonderful article and video. Looks like a really cool browser that will have some serious leverage in the upcoming year. I would love to give it a try. Please send an invite. I would love to blog about this.

  • Great review Elijah. The only problem I have with RockMelt (and the reason I switched back to Chrome) is that you can’t really install Chrome Extensions even though RockMelt is built on a Chrome platform. Some extensions work fine, like WiseStamp and some others, but I didn’t find a good way to access the plugins in installed. If RockMelt fixes that, I’ll switch back.

  • This is a great review, and as a RockMelt user, I agree with everything you say.

    One issue I have is that when I find an article online and click on the “Share” button so I can tweet it, often the text which shows up is impossible to see… the text box is white, but it tells you how many characters are left. This is a problem if you want to add a personal comment to the beginning of the tweet, or add in some hashtags.

    Another problem I have is that frequently, I get messages from my Internet provider (when I’m using RockMelt only) that the system needs to be rebooted. I also use Mozilla and that almost never happens there.

    Overall, it’s a really cool browser.

  • RockMelt Rocks! However, what about updating fanpages straight from the browser? Also, can I get an invite please?

  • Wow thanks so much for this posting, I love the work Socialmedia Examiner is I to late for an invite?

  • Following You On Face Book and would love to try this new browser
    Thanks .. Great Video!

  • Be careful. Crashed my iMac and it had to go to the hospital. If it starts slowing, then freezing—BAIL OUT!

  • Awesome Elijah, I’m definitely going to be checking this out. I’m currently using safari, chrome, and firefox depending on what I am doing and it sounds like the comments so far are suggesting that rockmelt isn’t what it could be just yet. I look forward to when rockmelt supports managing several different profiles/pages for facebook.
    One question I have is regarding the URL shortener. Is there a way to check stats using this shortener? If not, can you use other shorteners such as with this browser?

  • Jill

    I am a social media coordinator and know much about Facebook and a little about Twitter. Rockmelt seems like a great tool to be able to combine everything together. I would love to try it!

  • Adam Leja


    Great tutorial. I would love to try RockMelt.


  • I think you’re right Drew. Definitely one to watch in the future.

  • Brian,

    That sounds like the issue I had with my lists being non-existent. I agree that this isn’t the finished product. Did any of the features prove themselves beneficial to you?

  • oh, i put my windows toolbar at the top of my screen instead of the bottom, I’m weird like that…don’t blame Rockmelt for that one 🙂

  • that’s bad news bears…glad you got out before it caused bigger issues.

  • Bpalm

    Elijah – Great information. Seems like this is the way search should be going. I would love to test Rockmelt.

    Thanks – Brooke

  • You know what Niall, that’s a good point. It seems like the switch to chrome was almost effortless, but the switch from IE to firefox took forever, and moving to Rockmelt is coming with issues too. What do you think the reason for that is?

  • Yes, the FB chat and the Google search functions are great. Posting to Twitter and FB is cool but lacks what you can do other places such as the sites themselves or through clients Hootsuite, which I use a lot. I’ll check it out again in the future.

  • Thanks so much, I aim to please 🙂

  • You’ve been invited kind sir. Let me know how you like it!

  • thank YOU for reading (and watching). Come back soon!

  • Kudos for jumping on board, with so many tools out there you have to pick and choose which ones you want to invest time in. Here’s to hoping we picked a winner!

  • yeah, I agree Denise. I completely hid the facebook sidebar on my computer, I don’t really chat that much with others, but that right hand side has been a lifesaver for me!

  • sure, i posted a link above for an invite, make sure you connect with me on facebook so you show up in my invite screen

  • I literally Tweeted to Rockmelt about making Wisestamp work, so i’ll take direct credit for that! 🙂

    I think it has a punchers chance of being relevant, especially when it stands on chrome’s shoulders.

  • Hmmm, you may want to contact support about that one. I haven;t heard of that issue before. (Listen to me, i sound like i work there…)

  • Hey Becca, connect with me at the link I posted earlier in the comments and I’ll shoot you an invite when I get some more.

    Updating fan pages would be DIVINE. (Tweets @Rockmelt immediately)

  • never too late, click the link above, we’ll figure it out

  • Well let me apologize in advance for my reckless facebook nature 🙂 I’ve got you on the list Dee

  • I haven’t heard of anything like that, but that’s an really important comment about the B2B possibilities o Rockmelt.

    Do you think they have a market (and business model opportunity) with a professional management browser?

  • I’m still sending invites, look for the link to connect with me earlier in the comments!

  • I’m still sending invites, look for the link to connect with me earlier in the comments!

  • Lovethejuice

    Rockmelt looks very cool. Thanks for explaining it in a video.

  • Thanks for doing that! I’ll definitely come back if they add in better extension access and if they add in the ability to share to Facebook pages. Thanks again for the great review.

  • TimOtis

    Hey Elijah,
    Just tweeted at you. Have been using RockMelt for three weeks now. Absolutely love it. Besides Facebook integration, what I think is really valuable — especially for PR professionals — is the fact that, if you “like” news outlets and blog fb pages, you see the updates. All of them. That means you can learn what’s trending fast, share the story, and set yourself up for even pitching a client. IMHO, this outweighs aggregators like Reader as the world is getting more and more social. I’m sold.

    Back to the tweet, how can I get ahold of that LinkedIn feed? What’s the URL?


  • Kristina

    I’ve been using it for about a month and so far so good, I like it a lot! It does seem to freeze up occasionally when downloading a lot of material, but overall it works great!

  • Hi Elijah
    Thank you for the excellent video. It was one I actually watched to the end which is rare for me.
    Question: are you testing on a mac or pc? Do they have a version for iPhone?

  • Dicrompton


    Thanks for the tutorial on this. Even with some of the bugs, I really like the idea of an “all under one roof” browser to access social functions. I’m in for trying this if you’d like to send me an invite — thanks again!


  • Do you need RockMelt to run this website ( This site runs like a load of bricks in IE. It just took 3 minutes for this article page that I’m reading to load, and it’s still pulling down scripts. Lots of script errors too. I guess this site has a lot of social gadgets? Does it run better in RockMelt?

    Beyond that, thank you for th e information – the browsers are definitely going to move to a social framework. Can’t believe it’s taken this long.

  • I got RockMelt the moment it was available. The second I downloaded it, it became my official browser. I’m a social media specialist so having RockMelt has been amazing. Yes, it still has some glitches, but the great thing is that they get fixed fairly quickly. I absolutely love it and hope more people will get involved with it.

  • Hey Elijah, I am excited about this browser. It looks like it will be the next big thing. The Facebook of Browsers maybe :). I really love to get an invite!

  • The only thing I liked about Flock was the feature that allows you to search through social networks for keywords. That definitely comes in handy when I want to know what friends are saying about a certain topic. Other than that, I felt like RockMelt wins in all other categories (especially in terms of customization and ease of use). I imagine they will eventually add a “social search” feature…one of the many improvements that could be made to put RockMelt over the top.

    As far as Flock goes, I agree with Adham Dannaway’s assessment – it should have been created as a Chrome plugin rather than a new browser.

  • Elijah – I would love to get an invite! I am starting a new social media position on Monday with a MLB team and I think this would be a big asset! Let me know what I have to do in order to get an invite!

  • I don’t think so, but I would recommend against using IE as your default browser.

  • Hey Mike – We certainly are a high bandwidth site. 3 minutes could only mean you have a really slow connection however. Even on my iPad 3G it only takes a few seconds.

  • Remember Flock? That was supposed to be the browser of the future, and it died before it began. I think Rockmelt could gain some traction, but I’m hesitant to jump on the bandwagon just yet.

  • Luke

    Interesting stuff – agree with the suggested changes but looks like it will make life more efficient…

  • E – this looks amazing! Social branding only being part of my job, this will make things so much easier. Pleeeease send me an invite!!! Ellie

  • Just installed WiseStamp on my RockMelt. It works perfectly!

  • Mick

    Rockmelt looks interesting. Aside from social alerts I’d also like to see it incorporate services like “watchthatpage” and then it would also be of benefit as a competition/information monitor. Perhaps also a facility to accept trusted emails (like regular newsletters) and present them as alerts so that they don’t clog up my Inbox. I’ll think on it some more and review in a month or so. Cheers, Mick

  • Lstansbury

    Please send invite! this looks great, would love to try it….Thanks for the review

  • Pretty excited about Rockmelt, I can see how it will enhance the social landscape. Can’t wait to try it!

  • Donniekeller

    This looks like an excellent tool for my real estate business thanks for the heads up.

  • Monica J Coleman

    Totally usable. How do I get an invite?

  • Alissa Clarke

    Looks like a great tool for me to try out for my company. I’ve connected on FB. Would love to get an invite if still available?

  • Terry

    Elijah, This browser looks “sweet”. Thanks for the review, I’d like to try it out. Please send me an invite.

  • Cueco

    Merging of platform levels, this could get complicated. RockMelt rocks.

  • Neal

    Elijah…I appreciate your “tasking effort” re Rockmelt. Would greatly appreciate an invitation.
    Thanks. Neal

  • theunpopulist

    Rockmelt is built on Chromium, so you can use those Chrome extensions.

  • I’ve been using RockMelt since the first batch of Beta invites was sent out and it quickly became my main browser. Most of my Chrome extensions were related to social media management and rss. Having both integrated (and with more functions) on the browser from the start is just perfect. It’s a bit buggy yeah, but it’s new, I expected as much. It was much worse back a few months ago and I had to provide feedback on a daily basis because there was so much not working properly… I’m glad they have been quick about the fixes.

    I need my SEO extensions though… that’s the only thing I’ve been missing, really :/

  • I’ve been using RockMelt now for about 4 months and absolutely love it! After trying a variety of social browsers, this is by far the best. You wouldn’t know it was in beta because I’ve never had any issues with it. I now use it exclusively at home, work and any other computer I use.

  • Spud Ty

    great vid I have seen another browser like this once before (cant remember what it was now) and used it to post to mulitple blogs but couldn’t live without Firefox, but would like to give Rockmelt a test drive

  • Simon J

    Preferring Flock myself, worth reviewing a few of them in 3 months when they’ve matured.

  • I am not so impressed by Rock Melt, looks like upgraded version of Chrome…My opinion is that Flock browser is better if we mean “social browser”…

  • squeezingLemons

    Kudos for the innovation and it is always great to have options for which browser vehicle you’d like to drive. Purpose, time and distraction should be considerations. For research, curating sharing FF & Chrome have nice apps an plugins that do the trick for social presence Flock is slightly mature and built out.
    Oh, and zynga just bough Flock, so who knows what will happen there.

    With the benefit of dual monitors, having a social window open and a productivity window open lessens the distractions and helps to focus tasks.

  • Thanks for watching the video 🙂

  • when you click on a category in the Linkedin Answers area, there’s an RSS feed button on the bottom of the right hand categories module. I just add that RSS feed to my right side.

    Every category has it, go wild!

  • I am testing on a PC. I don’t know of any mobile apps yet…but you know in time these things always come out…

  • +100 Morgan

  • Glad you got a copy. Congratulations on your new position!

  • yeah, with so many tools out, you’re bound to get excited about a loser once in a while. My prediction is that Path is that next loser…waaaay before Rockmelt.

  • shoot me a friend request, i’ve got plenty of invites left.

  • Make sure you let me know when you’ve reviewed it so i can check it out. Tweet me @elijahryoung

  • no worries, take it for a spin!

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook, the link is

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook and i’ll make sure that you get one.

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook and i’ll make sure that you get one.

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook and i’ll make sure that you get one.

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook and i’ll make sure that you get one.

  • there were some issues when this first came out with some of my favorite plugins, but they’ve been taken care of now. I’m very happy.

  • there’s always that ONE thing that you miss. That’s why it’s so hard to fully adopt a new browser. Our habits wont let us do it…

  • Alot of people have had an experience like yours, although some have had a rough time. Beta is weird like that. I’m happy that you’ve had a great experience though.

  • shoot me a friend request on facebook and i’ll make sure that you get one.

  • I’d be interested on a Flock vs. Rock melt comparison in about a year, after they’ve both had time to mature and evolve to their user base’s needs. You are right, it is Chrome plus…but the pluses are pretty cool

  • no worries, I’ve been a fan of dual screens for a while now. You hit the nail right on the head!

  • Great video review on Rockmelt. It’s just one more step in integrating social media in everything we do. I’d like to try it out.

  • I currently use Firefox and use some of the plug-ins everyday, but would love to try out RockMelt. Thanks for the information and the invitation!

  • I’ve been looking for a way to utilize Hootsuite and monitor more social media. Rockmenlt looks like the best so far (I have worked with multi-browser windows as a work-around) I currently use Firefox & chrome and also use some of the plug-ins everyday, but would love to try out RockMelt. Thanks for the information and the invitation!

  • I just gave Rockmelt a quick tour and really enjoyed the ability to network seamlessly. I found it very easy to import bookmarks etc, but do miss the plugins i.e. wisestamp, evernote etc.. I’m sure those will come along.
    I think if you’re use to Chrome, this is a very easy transition. However, if you want to focus on a project, the constant notifications of Facebook updates and ability to “check in” add to the already overwhelming distractions that come from being connected.

  • RadicalGravity

    What about Flock?

  • Looks amazing! I would definitely like to give it a try…

  • Ann

    I am excited about this new brower and would love to get a copy.
    Your video review was very good and got me reved up!

  • you can turn off those notifications by clicking the “wrench” icon on the notification window. For me it’s in the upper right hand corner of the notification window. Hope that helps!

  • no worries, let me know how it goes!

  • shoot me a facebook friend request, the link is all throughout the comments

  • Thanks for the review… I’d love to give it a try.

  • Dianne Crimble

    Wow – what a great platform! Yes, please send me a copy and thanks for all you do. Dianne

  • Awesome platform and post Elijah, thanks for the video too – really makes it more indepth!

  • Lunar

    AdAge is actually really skeptical of this browser ( It says that RockMelt’s primary value is making browsing more social when it’s already been done BETTER. As a matter of fact they mention this awesome new plugin, kikin that works on Firefox (for Mac and Windows) and IE and Chrome (for Windows). It connects you to live feeds as well as finding more relevant content from your favorites sites by scanning your current webpage. You guys should check it out –

  • Thnx Elijah. I’ve had RockMelt for a while but havent used it yet. This was a much needed kick in the butt 🙂 Great overview btw

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  • I’ve been using RockMelt off and on for a while. I like how it interacts with Facebook. I was disappointed when some of my favorite extensions didn’t work with RockMelt. In some ways, RockMelt reminds me a little of the Safari browser.

  • Kevin Warhus

    After reading this article I went to the site and requested an invite. When I woke up this morning it was in my inbox. I have to say I am instantly in love! I am passing this along like wildfire. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Great explanation of the social features. Can you send me an invite?

  • as a person working in Social Media and managing number of customers, this toll can be amazing .. all what i need in one place! Can I get an invitation?

  • Elijah, great post.

    I’m a massive fan of RockMelt. Sure, it has it’s minor bugs and is a little clunky around the edges but there’s no doubt it’s getting better.

    The social features are great, I rarely login to Facebook now as all my friends are at my finger tips.

    However, this can be a little distracting when trying to work.

    I think Rockmelt has a big future – big thumbs up from me.

  • I think Flock still has its place.

    I blogged some key differences in a recent post “Flock vs Rockmelt”

  • I have also been using Rockmelt for a couple of months (as (yet another) SM-manager, it just makes sense). For me, it maintains a nice balance: social on the left, RSS on the right, search at the top (next to sharing), and even basic Developer tools. Love the fact that I can easily get briefed on updates from multiple sites using the App Edge and that I can keep tabs on my team using the Friends edge.

    I haven’t ventured into installing any extensions yet, as I likely will maintain a multiple-browser style for a while.

    Would love the ability to post to FB Pages (instead of just profiles), so no giving up Hootsuite at the moment.

    Great summary of the platform! And if you run out of invites, I have a few left, as well. Cheers!

  • Tracy Kennard

    Great video! I’d love to try Rockmelt too!

  • Very interesting. Nice review. I would like to test drive Rockmelt.

  • Dorothy

    Thanks for the video! I would love an invite to RockMelt!

  • riddick3point0

    Good Post Elijah –

    Since Rockmelt is built on Chrome, it seems pretty much the same to me. Unfortunately since I develop websites, I have to use all of them. For some reason, I always come back to Safari and I can’t figure out why. I guess because its so integrated with my Mac. I like Rockmelt but I use it now as just a surfing browser with all my RSS feeds, etc. I wish I could use it as an all-purpose. Maybe in a 2.0 version.

  • Chris

    Sounds awesome, I want to try this for myself…please? chris

  • I´ve been using Rockmelt since September and stop using it after a while. Don´t get me wrong, at first it looks awesome, but after some time it´s just loses its charm. I am back using Chrome and Tweetdeck for updates, etc.

    Rockmelt it´s now the only social browser I know of, since Flock was bought by Zynga a few days ago and to my understanding they have been struggling in the social browsing business for quite some time; so maybe Rockmelt can succeed where Flock failed. More over before Rockmelt launched there was a lot of hype build upon, but now you barley hear about Rockmelt in the news or blogs… some people even said it would be the begging of the end for Google when Rockmelt launched.

    In the end, it´s a cool thing to have for a while, but I don´t see Rockmelt changing the web browsing game… at list not in the short-term.

    P.S I have a Rockmelt invitation left if someone wants to try it out

  • I loved Rockmelt at first but found that it was just killing my memory and really slowing things down when I use Photoshop or Dreamweaver. (24″ iMac w/ 4GB, so nothing super far behind the tech curve). I’ll keep using it from time to time for sure because it really is the coolest browser I’ve come across yet.

  • Steve Elerick

    Elijah, great job with the video tutorial. This was very informative information. Until now I didn’t know much about RockMelt. I would love the opportunity to use this Social Browser.


  • “distracted by all the updates…” I second that motion….BUT: they just came out with an updated version that lets you quickly hide either or both sidebars! If you haven’t opened your Rock in a while, check it out. Now I can enable my A.D.D. (ahem…left bar!) or turn it off when I still need to get work done. It’s still my ‘second’ browser, but now that I see the updates, I might try it a little more frequently.

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  • Add another BIG fail: it’s incredibly distracting to have Facebook and Twitter open if you’re trying to get something done.

  • I’d like to try this out.

  • Pupa Matt


    I’d love to get an invite to try rockmelt. Thanks!

  • I think a further generation of this browser might prove to be the template of future web browsers. Certainly from a users perspective it integrates alot of their needs into the interface.

  • Engeng

    Elijah, congratulations for really good start as you can see from lots of comments and feedbacks. I would love to try it too 🙂

  • Daphne Wotherspoon

    Really appreciated this tutorial and the info on Rockmelt – thanks. Can I get an invite?

  • I really like RockMelt but I always forget to use it instead of chrome or firefox. :S

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  • What do you think about Microsoft’s FishBowl?

  • Laura

    Would like to get invite to Rock Melt, thanks

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