social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Laura Fitton, founder of Oneforty, inbound marketing evangelist at HubSpot and co-author of Twitter for Dummies.

In this video, you’ll find the best Twitter tools for your business needs. Laura also gives some great insights into how you can use Twitter to connect with your audience, even offline.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • A few favorite Twitter tools to check out (CoTweet, HootSuite, MediaFunnel)
  • Laura’s advice to succeed on Twitter: Be useful. Listen, learn, care and serve
  • Which company uses TwitGift to send chocolate-chip cookies and why
  • How Twitter can help you make the online-offline connection with your audience
  • How FastFollow helps you interact with a mass audience

Connect with Laura on Twitter @Pistachio and check out Oneforty.

How does your business use Twitter? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.

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  • This article was pretty interesting, seeing as how more and more businesses are starting to see that Twitter is a new lead generation, marketing, and PR tool all rolled into one application that can be started for free. It’s also intriguing to see how it gives companies more transparency, which always resonates with consumers.

  • Excellent video, Mike. To be honest, when I first started on Twitter, I let my account sit for months because I really didn’t know how to maximize it. But, just as Laura mentioned, I started listening, being useful, sharing, and things really changed. That’s the best advice for any entrepreneur starting out on the service. 

    I would also say, to add value. You don’t just have to share links and tweet quotes, create contests, do interviews, host tweetchats, and etc. Be creative and you’ll build a community around your Twitter presence. 

    Great video again, I love the unique graphics.


  • Thanks Rod – You and I had the same first experience with Twitter! 

    Good advice you added here.

  • She’s brilliant! Was my first contact with Twitter and have followed @pistachio ever since. She walks the walk. Gives back, shares, engages. I recommend her to everyone who wants to learn what Twitter is all about.

  • Thank you!

  • DivineDiva2011

    These are great tips, I’ve never heard of twitgifts or the fast follow – those are really neat!

  • Great video! Great tips!

  • Laura Fitton is an expert on a very under-utilized marketing tool and communication device. She is the kind of “guru” I want to watch.  How to instantly access the world? What a concept!

  • Tina Wick

    Still pretty overwhelming. I’ll have to watch again and take notes. Thanks!

  • It took me a long time of using Twitter before I could see real benefits. I invested almost two years of my time, sharing useful information without expecting any benefits. However I can now see a steady and reliable flow of traffic to my website and blog from Twitter.

  • Twitter is starting to become so huge. Businesses are now learning how to use the Twitter and reach different target markets every day. This article was so interesting in that Twitter is really becoming the next hot thing. It’s kind of scary how much of an influence Twitter has on consumer purchases.

  • SmallToSocial

    It’s great to see twitter finally having such a great impact on businesses.  I loved her example about Citrix.  I’ve found more examples of ad campaigns on twitter at

  • SmallToSocial

    It’s great to see twitter finally having such a great impact on businesses.  I loved her example about Citrix.  I’ve found more examples of ad campaigns on twitter at

  • Another excellent interview Mike. You guys always find such great experts and then ask them the kind of questions that offer your followers practical tips to continue to improve their social media presence. Without wanting to sound dramatic, I’m honestly not sure what I did before I found Social Media Examiner!

  • Chelsea

    Wow! Great interview. I love the text to instantly follow, thats amazing!

  • joeflyde

    Good interview, appreciate the pointers.  The last several days I have been trying to figure out how best to use twitter, hopefully I can now be a more effective twitterer.

  • Jan Schochet

    Fabulous info! Can’t wait to begin implementing. I want to send TwitGifts to MY clients!

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  • Jim Naylor

    I loved the TwitGift suggestion, thank you for that! 

    As for suggestions to share, here at don’t sell any products, we simply provide free, useful information for car shoppers. We didn’t have an immense need for Twitter from a product marketing or customer service standpoint, but we decided to use the medium to help reiterate how much our brand cares about helping our users not get ripped-off when shopping for a car. 

    We monitor twitter for users who mention ‘car shopping’, and see if they give us any hints as to what is aggravating them, or if they are asking questions we could help out with. We share a lot of links to content from our site and others, but in addition, we encourage people to use us at the dealer. We have many cases where we’ve had users tweet us pictures of window stickers while they are on a lot, and we will tweet back the price they should negotiate to, taking all incentives and the insight we have into recent transactions in the users locale.

    It’s a small and focused operation, but we’ve gotten a ton of amazing feedback and people have really appreciated the service. It has been a great opportunity for our organization to really LIVE our service offering instead of simply providing a website full of tools. 

    @EdmundsLive:twitter  is the twitter handle we’re using, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

  •  It was helpful. Thanks.

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