social media how toTwitter is a great platform and it truly rocks for person-to-person networking.  But what if you want to grow your network or find more people to connect with offline?  This is where Twitter events can be very useful.

Twitter events allow you to network at specific times with larger groups of people through the use of hashtags.

Twitter events can help you find people to build your own Twitter network. And as you participate in these events, you will increase your Twitter authority on the topics you discuss.  You can even create your own Twitter events to drive your networking and social media marketing.

6 Types of Twitter Events

First you need to identify the groups of people you want to network with. Then you should choose the types of events where it’s easy and comfortable for you to network with these people.  This is how you can slowly build up meaningful one-on-one relationships with people who matter to you and to your business.

Fortunately there are several different types of groups gathering around specific topics on Twitter at specific times.

Here are events that take place offline where people use Twitter as a communication tool to share their experience of the in-person event.

#1: Live events. You’ve probably seen Twitter hashtags used by people tweeting from conferences.  People can tweet about any kind of live event.  If you want to get the most out of your Twitter networking at a live event, you should do as Adam Vincenzini says and plan ahead to ensure viral Twitter coverage of live events.

#2: Tweetups. Tweetups are when you meet your Twitter connections in real life.  Tweetups can be impromptu events or with slightly more organization.  And they’re a great way to do some traditional offline networking.

What is a Tweetup?

#3: Large-scale offline Twitter events. Some offline events such as the Twestival fundraising event are organized on a wider scale and bring a large Twitter community together.  These are also interesting places to expand your Twitter network if the community is a good fit for your business.


Twestival gets people on Twitter to meet up all over the world.

Here are some events that only take place on Twitter:

#4: Current events. Many businesses can benefit from staying current on trending topics and participating in relevant Twitter conversations. Some current events or breaking news may give you reason to create your own Twitter discussion or chat event.

#5: Twitter Interviews. You can conduct Twitter Interviews with different communication goals. You can do the interview like a journalist or, as this is on Twitter, you can conduct it more like a game show, with a short set of questions aimed at having more fun.  Choose the kind of Twitter interview to use to give you the networking environment you prefer.


You can also find the Small Business Buzz chats on their blog.

#6: TweetChats. There are a number of regularly scheduled TweetChats. Small Business Buzz, or @sbbuzz on Twitter, holds chats every Tuesday to discuss small business topics.  Another interesting regular TweetChat takes place on Thursdays, @lrnchat to discuss learning and social media. It’s easy to see how you can expand your Twitter network by finding TweetChats with your preferred audience.

Variety in Communication

It’s important to note that people use multiple social media platforms for communication. Conversations are not limited to Twitter. There are also interesting events to look for outside Twitter and then come back and follow the contacts you meet there on Twitter.

Facebook. Many events are shared on Facebook. Be sure to follow the people you meet on Twitter, find them on Facebook and have a look at what they share and discuss there.

LinkedIn. Be sure to check out LinkedIn events too.

Although it requires a little bit of research, it’s often easy to create strong relationships when you connect with the same people on different social media platforms.  It’s interesting to note that one-on-one networking is usually easier to initiate on Twitter.

Tools for Twitter Events

Hashtags. Hashtags are key.  They enable people to gather into groups on Twitter. This is how you find others interested in similar topics.  You can read more about how to follow hashtags in this previous article.

Twitter tools. Many Twitter applications come and go, but they often have some great features and make Twitter networking easier and more fun.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution to fit all of your needs in following or creating Twitter events. So it’s always worthwhile doing a little research to look for what’s useful for you. Here are some Twitter applications you may find interesting: TweetChat, Tweetvite, and TweetMyEvents.

Event tools.  Sometimes you simply need an event management tool. There are a variety of online tools to help you: Eventbrite, Amiando and meetup are popular event tools. But again, you’ll need to check them out to find the one best suited to your particular needs.

Social Media Networking

Twitter is only one social media communication tool.  Other social media platforms work well when combined with Twitter networking.  For example, many people share photos from events on Flickr and they often share the links to their photos on Twitter. The comments on these photos are also a great resource to help you find people to follow and grow your network. You can also do the same research with YouTube videos, Posterous pages and any other social media platform your audience frequents.

In addition, Foursquare and other geo-location applications are making it easier to create events and bring people together in person. This is why more and more businesses will be including event networking in their social media marketing plans. And Twitter plays a key role in developing your network, thanks to its ease of real-time one-on-one networking.

What other events on Twitter do you use to grow your Twitter network? Have you participated in a Tweetup?  If so, what was your experience? Please share them in the comments below.

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  • Great Blog! I love the layout and the content is brilliantly stated. This blog is very helpful in gaining new information about social media and about twitter.

  • How did you miss @BrandChat tweetchat 🙂

  • there is a google document that has all the known twitter chats sorted according to day and time –

  • Thanks for sharing Phyllis! I think I’ve seen another one too.

  • Cool article, thnx

    FYI for any dog people out there…

    Every Monday night there is a tweeter chat about dog issues. Can be followed using #dogtalk
    Last Monday they had Kelly Dunbar, a renowned dog trainer.

  • Thanks for the great post. Iam starting to leverage a little of the Twitters events possibilities but you have given me some clues into where i was going wrong.

    I agree with your exlnt point on how engaging with the same person on several platform forges a stronger realationship.

    One thing you didnt mention is the time you have to dedicate to this for it to work, like everything you reap what you sow but for real time following it is difficult to fit it in with Everything else:-)

    great post

  • Hey look! It’s Shane Gibson! Shane, there IS a secret handshake. IF you don’t know it, then you’re not part of the cool kids.

  • Just a warning though, tweetups are not for minors meeting up with strangers on the internet. Guard your children =S

  • Great blog, very timely

  • Great post. It is never too much information when it comes to developing useful guidelines to do business online properly. As a matter of fact there is nothing better than an organized article on how to use Twitter for business purposes because we tend to confuse its personal use with the business related one. I also agree with most of the comments and with the insight of the article when it comes to developing valuable business relationships.

  • Hi Darragh, I think when you really get into this environment your mindset changes. You pick up new reflexes. And then the struggle isn’t really to find the time, but to adapt your actions to what you really need within your schedule. Twitter events are just a networking tool, so you can approach them in a similar way to what you’d do offline.

    They are a great way to meet enough of the right people to then be able to quickly figure out how you can use Twitter for you business. And in this respect, the Twitter events can take up less time than in-person events for the same or better results.

  • Thanks Mohammed 🙂 I’ll have to check it out.

  • Hello Cindy. Thanks for sharing this article – it was extremely worthy of a read :). Lots of great tips. I am yet to use Twitter for this type of event creation, but will be in the future. Will refer back when I get to that stage.

  • Taqiyyah Shakirah

    Oh, thanks so much, Phyllis!

  • This is a great intro to the basics of Twitter. I know people will look at Twitter and be instantly put off by the use of symbols and all the retweeting, which makes it look like some kind of programming tool at first glance. When there are only a few retweets along with a link and some hash tags, it can look confusing to first time tweeters. Tweetups would be fun to try. Of course you really have to be close to a large city to take part in more than a few Tweetups, but I think they really would be worth it to give a lot more depth to the people that you tweet with on a daily basis. This goes for business, personal, or any type of Twitter relationship.

  • David_Perdew

    Twitter is the ideal communication format when it comes to events. We use it all the time at my semi-annual user’s conference. Participants tweet about what’s happening, reviews of the speakers, how the sales contest is going, etc. (And Twitter isn’t even the focus of this conference!)

  • The social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook helps us to be connected to business professionals and they every day gave us new ideas.I have just joined Twitter and so this information is helpful for me.I will keep close eye on your each new post.

  • some really great links for promoting your twitter events wish I had discovered some of them early. Also was not aware of the live conversations online. really great article very helpful thank you

  • @phylliskhare Thx for sharing the link to the Twitter Chat Schedule.

    Another interesting topic is apps used to manage a Twitter Chat. Wikis and blogs are popular tools, but there are more customized options for Twitter.

    There is a good free tool for hosting Twitter Events called twebevent. It can act as a landing page for a chat or it can merge video/audio with a chat. Hosts can go to “” followed by the hashtag without the #. Eg. for the #wbchat about personal finance. Or where DolceHotels holds their weekly site collaboration.

    Also, the chat #KMers has built their own platform using Drupal: They are seeking another active community that might want to beta using the same platform for free.

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