social media how toDo you want more people to see your social media posts?

Have you thought about investing in social media advertising?

With targeted ad campaigns, you can ensure that your posts reach the audience you define.

In this article, I explore the top social networks that offer promoted post options and how they help you reach your audience.

increase post reach

Discover how to increase your post reach on top social networks.

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#1: Boost Posts on Facebook

To combat low organic reach on Facebook, you can boost your Facebook page posts in a variety of ways.

You can boost your posts as you create them.

facebook book boost post button example

The Boost Post button available when creating a Facebook page post.

You can use the Boost Post button after a post is published to your Facebook page. This is especially helpful if you’re using social sharing tools to post to your page.

facebook book boost post button example

The Boost Post button on your Facebook wall page posts.

You can also boost posts from inside your page’s Facebook Insights. This is particularly useful if you’re browsing through your analytics and notice a particular post could use a boost or could go viral based on its current organic reach.

facebook book boost post button in insights

The Boost Post buttons within your Facebook Page Insights.

When you click the Boost Post button, a lightbox pops up that gives you simple audience targeting, scheduling and budgeting options.

facebook book boost post button configuration

Simple configuration options for Boost Post button clicks.

If you want the quick and easy approach, use this interface. For more detailed options, visit the Facebook Ads Manager, create a new ad and choose the Boost Your Posts ad objective.

facebook ad boosting

Boosting a post from the Facebook Ads interface.

This approach gives you the full Facebook Ads interface for advanced audience targeting, scheduling and budgeting, allowing you to get the most out of your ad budget and post promotion.

Alternatively, go to your Audience Manager and create custom audiences and saved audiences.

You can create custom audiences with email or phone lists of your customers and subscribers. A saved audience is created when you save an audience based on specific configurations.

facebook saved audience

Creating a new saved audience to reach specific Facebook users.

When creating audiences, use the Boost Post buttons on your page and Facebook Insights to target specific audiences faster.

choosing a facebook saved audience

Using custom and saved audiences in the Boost Post setup.

Using specific audience targeting ensures that your Facebook page posts will reach the right audience to drive qualified traffic and engagement to your business.

#2: Promote Tweets on Twitter

If you think Facebook is the only social network suffering from low organic reach, think again. One of the more popular tweets from Whole Foods, a company with over 4 million followers, resulted in only 233 favorites, 96 retweets and 5 replies. That’s pretty low reach, which is why promoting your tweets on Twitter is a good idea.

You can start a promoted tweet campaign from a few places. First, you can click on the tweet Analytics icon beneath any of your tweets.

twitter analytics icon in a tweet

How to find the Analytics icon on your latest tweets.

This reveals your tweet’s activity, as well as a Promote Your Tweet button.

promote twitter button

Quick insights and the Promote Your Tweet option.

Second, you can click on the Tweet Details link in your Twitter Analytics to get the option to promote your tweet.

promote tweet option in analytics

The Promote Your Tweet option inside Twitter Analytics.

Unfortunately, the Promote Your Tweet button doesn’t offer much in the way of targeting or other options.

promoted tweet setup options

Promote Your Tweet campaign setup options.

This is why you’ll want to use the Twitter Ads interface to promote your tweet instead.

creating a promoted tweet campaign

Creating a promoted tweet campaign in the Twitter Ads interface.

Here, you can post a new tweet to promote or choose from tweets you’ve already posted to your profile.

select tweet to promote

Creating or selecting tweets to promote.

Then you’ll find all of the targeting, budgeting and scheduling options you want for your promoted tweet campaign.

twitter targeting options

Advanced targeting options for Twitter ads.

Again, using specific audience targeting will ensure that your tweets reach the right audience to drive qualified traffic and engagement to your business.

#3: Sponsor Updates on LinkedIn

The most recent update on Microsoft’s LinkedIn company page has 1,376 likes and 111 comments, which is pretty good since they have over 2 million followers. Past updates have netted fewer than 500 likes and 100 comments each, making LinkedIn yet another network where organic reach is low.

Fortunately, you can sponsor updates you’ve posted to your LinkedIn company page. You can do it from your page with the Sponsor Update button.

linkedin sponsor update button

Finding the Sponsor Update button on your LinkedIn company page.

You can also do it using the Sponsor link from your LinkedIn company page analytics.

linkedin sponsored updates from analytics

Sponsoring updates from your company page analytics.

Whether you click on either the button or the link, you’ll be taken to the traditional LinkedIn Ads interface where you can choose to sponsor content.

linkedin sponsored updates from ads interface

Using the main LinkedIn Ads interface for sponsoring content.

You then choose your page and the update you want to sponsor or create direct sponsored content, which is a post that doesn’t show up on your company page.

choosing linkedin company page to sponsor from

Choosing an existing update or creating a new one for target ad audiences.

From here, you’ll get the traditional LinkedIn Ads targeting, scheduling and budgeting options.

linkedin advanced targeting options

Advanced targeting options inside LinkedIn Ads.

Getting your updates promoted to the perfect business audience within the LinkedIn news feed will help you reach your target audience with the native advertising format.

#4: Promote Pins on Pinterest

If Pinterest isn’t already driving a significant amount of traffic for you, promoted pins may be the solution. You can sign up for Pinterest Ads if you’re using a Pinterest business account. If you don’t have one yet, or need to convert your personal account into a business account, you can do so here.

Once you have access to Pinterest Ads (which might take anywhere from a few days to a week or two), you can start promoting your pins. You’ll find the option to do this at the top of your profile.

pinterest promote pins button

The Promote Pins button on your Pinterest profile.

Or you can go to the Pinterest Ads interface and click the Promote button at the top of the screen.

pinterest promote button in ads interface

The Promote button inside the Pinterest Ads interface.

Next, choose the campaign goal of increasing engagement with your pins or traffic to your website.

pinterest promoted pin campaign goals

Choosing a promoted pin campaign goal.

Either option allows you to pick a pin that you’ve already added to one of your boards.

create a pinterest campaign

Creating your campaign.

After you select your pin, you can choose targeted keywords relevant to your pin and the audience you want to see your pin.

pinterest targeting options

Targeting options inside Pinterest ads.

Then set your budget and billing information to get your campaign started.

#5: Sponsor Updates on Instagram

Instagram advertising isn’t available to everyone just yet. Instagram began to offer brands advertising options in 2014, and as of recently, Instagram announced that they would be opening the Instagram Ads API to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies, and then expanding globally.

One of the interesting things mentioned in their update is that their ad formats will help drive action in the form of website visits and offline sales. So keep an eye out for sponsored Instagram posts as they might be the only ones that allow visitors to click through to your website.


As organic reach consistently declines, the top social networks are encouraging businesses to increase use of their advertising platforms. With social advertising, you no longer have to hope that a post will go viral. You can create targeted campaigns to ensure your posts will reach all of your followers and fans.

What do you think? Do you use social media advertising to increase your post reach on the top social networks? If so, please share what works best for you in the comments.

how to increase post reach

Tips for increasing your post reach on top social networks.

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  • manish kumar

    I will add Google+ Communities 🙂 thank you for this post , its perfect for getting Good Reach

  • Thanks Kristi 🙂 for a very lucid and succinct post! I am more biased to run an ad campaign over Twitter — for it has some distinct options to target such as “TV targeting or target based on specific show” — so the targeting can be more specific. However, Twitter and Pinterest are yet to roll out their full advertisements features in other countries including India or China.

  • I’ll ‘boost’ posts on Facebook as long as I keep in mind the 20% text rule on images. Sometimes this is tricky when you have a great image, but it doesn’t pass the test. In that respect, boosting posts becomes somewhat of pain.

  • Ah, I know the struggle. It’s a headache but makes you really questions some things at the same time. Like, what are the main goals and objectives of your campaign and what are the most important parts of it.

  • True. But it’s still a pain. Thank goodness there are other social networks and search engines to run campaigns.

  • kathleengage

    Outstanding post. I especially like the information on checking stats on Twitter. Thanks!

  • Agreed. The image example used in this post- as cool as it is, wouldn’t pass the text rule.

  • Vegan Shanti

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by the text rule?

  • I really like the information to boost posts on facebook….. This is really very informative post.

  • Yea Tracey :), if you’re specifically talking about the image used by the author for this post – yes, of course it won’t pass the text rule of Facebook which says – 20% of the image can be covered up by the text in order to show the most relevant ads or else Facebook considers it more likely to a spam.

    But if you’re taking an instance of what I coupled here then it’s just an example and perimeters which you can set whilst tailoring the specific audience.

  • Alex

    So………….Is it better to boost a post or boost a page in Facebook???

  • Well Above tips are really good . But what if some one is tight on budget ?

  • Is there Any free option?

  • Thanks Manish! 🙂

  • Very true – the social networks haven’t released all of the advertising options worldwide. Hopefully they will soon! 🙂

  • Good point! I was mostly trying to capture where the options were to start the ad process. 🙂

  • Definitely a good point! I love these images on my wall, but they wouldn’t meet the criteria for Facebook.

  • Thanks Kathleen!

  • Glad it helped! 🙂

  • If you boost a post on your page, the ad will also have an option for people to like your page. So instead of just promoting your page, you will get to promote both!

  • That’s the beauty of most of these options. You can use the powerful ad audience targeting options to only show your ad to very specific audiences. This should lower your spend and increase the likelihood of reaching your target customers, readers, etc.

  • Not for advertising. If you’re new to Facebook Ads, you might be able to find a coupon online for a free $50 to start with, but after that, you will have to pay for sponsored posting on any network.

  • Thank you!!!

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  • marie.cosgrove
  • How can I increase my post reach in Google+? I think that you must also consider it. If you have a targeted prospects, G+ is the one. You can post to the communities of your targeted persons. If you post on Facebook, it has a tendency that some might disregard you if they are not related to it. Any tips or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • How can I increase my post reach in Google+? I think that you must also consider it. If you have a targeted prospects, G+ is the one. You can post to the communities of your targeted persons. If you post on Facebook, it has a tendency that some might disregard you if they are not related to it. Any tips or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Great post and guide for creating ads. I don’t usually create ads for my campaigns but will definitely look into it.

  • For me, by knowing what’s going on as it happens you can better inject yourself into relevant conversations and catch trends before they are even trending. If you can actively engage with users who are directly or indirectly related to your interests, industry, or even opinions, you can better expose yourself to the greater social media community. Thank you, Kristi.

  • Google+ doesn’t have any advertising options, so posting to communities and building up a larger audience would definitely be great ways to get more exposure there.

  • Thanks Cypher! 🙂

  • You’re welcome Eliza! Great additional tips. 🙂

  • Aqil Khan

    Great post ! I am new to FB ad as you mention that one can get $50 free coupen so where can I find this coupen? Thanks

  • Supposedly if you’ve never used Facebook ads, and you go in to create your first ad and then cancel it at the time they ask for payment, they will send you a coupon. If not, you might have to Google some other sources. I know some web hosting companies give them away with new accounts.

  • Aqil Khan

    Sorry it didnt work.but I purchased it from someone @ 10$.