social media how toIs Twitter working for your business?

Are you looking to grow a larger and more relevant Twitter following?

This article will show you four actionable steps you can take to improve your Twitter experience.

Why Twitter Is Not Just a Numbers Game

Many brands, businesses and marketers have already discovered how powerful Twitter is for finding and engaging their audience.

Its low cost, immediacy and viral nature make it a favorite tool for everyone from news organizations to celebrities to small businesses.

Yet when marketers jump on Twitter for the first time, they wonder why they don’t get an overwhelming response to their initial tweet. Soon they learn that they must develop a following.

They see others with followings of 500, 5,000 or 50,000 and they want some of that. So they start to Google “how to get more followers on Twitter” or falling for tweets like this one:

twitter team follow back

If it sounds too good to be true…

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too difficult to build a following on Twitter if you’re willing to partake in some shady, bad-karma tactics—from following and unfollowing people to creating hundreds of bogus accounts that follow you and retweet everything you say to buying followers on the black market.

But few if any of those followers will provide you any value for the time you put into Twitter.

So I’m also here to tell you that it’s not how many followers you have, but how many relevant followers you have. Having 20,000 followers who don’t respond to anything you share is equivalent to shouting from the top of the Empire State Building and claiming all of New York City as your audience.

Yes: more engaged followers are better than fewer engaged followers. So, let’s focus on getting more engaged followers.

Building a relevant Twitter following comes down to four core concepts:

  • Find and follow relevant people.
  • Tweet content that will be interesting to your target audience.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Promote your Twitter account through other channels.

With that framework in place, here are some tips, tools and tactics to attract relevant followers on Twitter.

#1: Find and Follow Relevant People

Your audience is out there… Now, how to find them?

Start with a strong profile.

Because most people will check out your profile before following you, it’s important to put your house in order and present yourself in the most engaging way possible.

This includes:

  • Profile photo: Make sure you’re using a photo of your face for your personal account or a logo for your business account. Research has shown that people trust faces more that they’ve seen multiple times, which is why a photo of your smiling face works best.
  • Detailed bio: You’ve got 160 characters, so get creative! Let people know why they should be following you.
  • Location: Because so much of business is local these days, make sure you include your location as appropriate. It can be the make or break for follows.
    twitter bios

    Strong profiles increase your followers. Blue hair doesn't hurt.

Discover new people with third-party tools.

One of the first places to start your search for relevant people is at one of the many Twitter directories out there.

In a discussion around Twitter tools in Social Media Examiner’s Small Business Networking Club, everyone seemed to have a favorite tool or tip.

Social media marketer Paul Wylie recommends Twellow (for the clean interface) and WeFollow (for finding influencers). You can search by industry, location or keyword for starters.


WeFollow has many categories. Thus, whether you're targeting personal trainers or WordPress trainers, you'll find them here.

Karen James, a social media coach from the UK, likes Tweepi to check out people before she follows them. Karen Black, a digital marketer also from the UK, uses ManageFlitter to do bio searches, as well as keep an eye on her followers.

Use these tools to search for your own industry and the industries of your ideal customers.

Leverage other people’s Twitter lists.

A great source for new people to connect with is other people’s curated Twitter lists.

mashable pr

Whatever your interests are, you can find well-curated lists and subscribe to them.

Twitter users often create lists or subscribe to other people’s lists to improve their
signal-to-noise ratio. As long as people make their lists public, you are free to subscribe to them, quickly getting access to dozens or hundreds of vetted Twitter users.

bald guys rock

Some lists are more serious than others.

Use Twitter’s search functionality.

You can use Twitter’s search functionality to find relevant people and engage with them.

For example, let’s say you had a product or service for NASCAR fans. Start by doing a search on #nascar within Twitter.

twitter nascar

Searching on #nascar will help you find passionate NASCAR fans whom you can then follow.

You could then join the conversation by @ (mentioning) them, answering their questions and otherwise engaging them.

If your business is more local, like a restaurant, you can find out who’s hungry and in driving distance.

twitter hungry

Filter your search by geography to find local people on Twitter to follow.

You could then reach out to those starving denizens on Twitter and offer them a discount or free drink if they come in now and mention “Twitter” as they place their order.

For more ideas on finding and following the right people, be sure to check out 7 Twitter Strategies for Growing a Great Following.

#2: Tweet Interesting Stuff

Easier said than done, right?

How do you find interesting content? Here are some ideas.

Use Google Alerts.

Set up Google Alerts (or a similar service) to get daily email updates about all of the things that are of interest to your audience—from “vegan recipes” to “grilling product reviews”—and share them through Twitter.

Share media.

Photos and videos are a proven way to engage your audience. Use photos to share your activity or events so your business will get click-throughs and comments.

A real estate agent might share a video walkthrough of a new house and ask “what do you think?” A retail shop may share photos of some new additions to their display window. A travel agent might share pictures from a beach vacation and ask, “Are you ready for your getaway?”

beadin path

Photos engage, especially if you tie them into a giveaway.

Talk to people, not at them.

Chances are, what is of interest to your audience is what they’re already talking about! Rather than trying to get the ball rolling, why not keep it rolling? See what your audience is talking about and engage them in that conversation. Ask questions, answer them, retweet and respond.

For more ideas on how to create more interesting tweets, check out 26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets.

#3: Engage

People on Twitter who don’t talk to other people are significantly less engaging and less likely to get followers.

Just because someone didn’t immediately follow you back doesn’t mean that you can’t engage them. Check out their conversations and see if you can jump in with relevant comments, or retweet some of their links.

Also, being part of conversations will get you in front of more people, increasing your chances of being followed.

Get involved with #chats.

Anyone can start a chat on Twitter by using a hashtag. You can find a long list of chats in this Google doc, along with days and times.

By joining the conversation at appropriate chats, you can quickly build your relevant followers… Assuming you have something valuable to add!

twitter chat

If you're looking to engage bloggers, you could chime in at the #BWEChat.

Schedule chats to reach a wider audience.

While there are many marketers who hate scheduled tweets—I’m looking at you, Unmarketer—many others embrace the tactic.

Using a tool like HootSuite or Buffer, you can schedule out a day’s, week’s or month’s worth of tweets. I would recommend you use a scheduling tool to supplement your regular tweets rather than replacing them.

If you’re going to schedule your tweets, try to be aware of when people respond to anything you share. When people respond to your tweets and you’re not there to respond to them, they’re less likely to engage you in the future.

#4: Promote Your Twitter Account Through Other Channels

Leverage the following you’ve built elsewhere by promoting your Twitter account.

Talk up Twitter at your website, blog and through email.

At flyte, we include our Twitter handles—with clickable links—next to all of our bios. We also include links to our Twitter handles from all appropriate blog posts.

crew page

People can follow you without having to leave the page they're on.

You can also include a “follow me on Twitter” call to action in your email signature file, email newsletter and all other correspondence.

Leverage your social media outposts.

Likewise, include links (and calls to action) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

You may be tempted to sync all of your updates and tweets together using a tool like, HootSuite or TweetDeck. While there’s nothing wrong with this, use this technique judiciously.

Certain platforms may not be as “chatty” as Twitter, and if we’re already connected on LinkedIn and you’re syncing all of your tweets and LinkedIn updates, what’s the value of getting the same content on Twitter?

Get more visibility with a newspaper. is a free service that allows you to create “newspapers” out of your Twitter feed (as well as some integration of Facebook and Google+).

Your daily can pull from the people you follow, your lists, or specific keywords or hashtags you include. can also tweet out your daily paper, including which people contributed your “top stories.”

I’ve found that these tweets often get retweets from the people mentioned, and suddenly they’re sharing your content with their network, elevating your brand.

aoc daily

Promoting the people you're following encourages more follow-backs and engagement.

In this video you can see how to create your own daily:

One caveat: I no longer recommend including hashtags to pull in new people to your Turns out some disreputable people might be using the same hashtags, populating your with spam.

So how do you bring in fresh content from new people to your daily? Here’s what I did: find people you respect and look at the targeted lists they’ve created. Then you can include their curated lists to help round out your paper.

twitter list on paperli

Using others' lists can greatly improve your own paper!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What do you think? What tips, tools or tactics have you been using to build your own relevant Twitter following? Share something in the comments box below and include your Twitter handle and you’ll be sure to pick up a few new followers!

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  • I do love your blog! 🙂

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  • I’ve been wondering about the same content across social media platforms thing. Several people have complained to me about it so I’ve turned it off. I use twitter for specific and share-able content. Thanks for this post!

  • Evan VanDerwerker

    Great advice, Rich. I definitely find “engaging” to be the most effective way to gain quality followers. Whether it be retweeting interesting posts, or referencing a post written by someone you follow, quick mentions are a great way to get a conversation going.

    Heading to check out weFollow now.

    Keep up the good work,

    Evan VanDerwerker

  • I have actually avoided Twitter for a long time because I didn’t want to bother competing for numbers in order to prove my worth in the Twitterspere. Now, I’m quite proud of my 750 or so followers because they are actual people that are involved in one way or another. I’d rather grow it the right way!

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    GREAT article! Lots of actionable insights and some new tactics at building an engaged Twitter following. Thanks Rich for the post. 

  • Fantastic blog with great tips for users starting out or people looking to take their engagement up a notch or five. Gaining relevant Twitter followers is a slow burn at first but over time as you add your voice and curate relevant content your base will grow. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

  • Diane Adler

    Great tips – and we always RT anyone who mentions us as a “top story from” on Participating in relevant chats have been great for getting “mentions.”

  • Great tips! We’ve found that by adding out Twitter stream to our Facebook ‘welcome’ page you can gain a decent number of qualified followers.

  • Great analogy on shouting from the top of the Empire State Building!  Clever use for restaurants to find out who’s hungry in their area too.


  • I turned off cross-posting content as well. I think it could work for people who are careful to keep in mind which accounts are connected, why the connection exists, and what serves those accounts best. 

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  • Engaging can be the most challenging part of a Twitter strategy, but it pays off in the long run.

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    Thanks for including a screen shot of #BWEChat, Rich.  Having a Twitter chat not only helped us grow our Twitter following, and spread the word about BlogWorld, but it did something even more important. It turned us from a Twitter feed into a community. We have lots of regulars and even some irregulars and they all bring something of value to the table. In fact, I might go out on a limb to say the weekly Twitter chat has been our top community building tool this year.

    Thanks again, Rich.

  • So true…people especially businesses entering the twittersphere can get so blinded by the arms race they forget the point of twitter is to engage, discuss, debate and connect etc. It’s not a numbers game at all….since I calmed down about gaining new followers and just started enjoying it I’ve seen a steady increase in my daily number of followers. 😉

  • Always good to see quality promoted over number of followers in twitter – not only is that the more important focus, but it increases the odds of only seeing worthwhile tweets 🙂

    I didn’t know about doing searches for location like you used in that restaurant example – very cool, thanks.

    The other thing I have done is use a hashtag from a webinar to share insights I gain whilst listening – it gives information obviously but also gets exposure to others listening to the same webinar as we obviously have some similar interests – the those interactions can really help the learning and find new people on Twitter.

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  • I just checked out WeFollow, which looks like a great site.  However, when I searched the topic SPANISH and began looking into detail to some of the top users, it quickly became obvious that WeFollow still needs to improve its algorithm significantly.

    One of the top 5 ranked users hasn’t tweeted since June 2011, that’s about 10 months ago.  Another two of the top fifteen haven’t tweeted since October (at least 5 months ago) and February (2 months ago).

    If the WeFollow creators can fix the algorithm to take into account recent activity it would be a great tool.

    Also, I just found that the reference to the Tweepie software in #1 should read Tweepi with the E.  The current link takes you to an unused domain.

    Finally, thanks for the post, there’s tons of great resources here.

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    Thanks for mentioning as a way to increase a targeted Twitter following. It is so true that it is quality, not quantity, that brings the most gratifying connections and engagement.

    I will be sure to share your advice with our community.- Kelly

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  • About the use of hashtags for Why would even “unscrupulous people” even figure in the equation?

    If you have even tweeted anything semi-regularly at all, you should have known that totally innocuous uses of entirely valid hashtags can interact badly with What you think as an entirely relevant tweet with an appropriate hashtag can get picked up by, and because of the mismatch between tweets being basically text and’s being centred essentially around images, your relevant comment now looks like spam.

    Unless there’s some proof, I strongly doubt most of the “unscrupulous people” mentioned are in fact unscrupulous. They are probably normal people, using hashtags correctly but have their tweets unfortunately picked up by a random

    If anything, I’d say is discouraging the use of hashtags.

  • Good tips! I wrote on this subject this week, making some similar points. I like your emphasis on finding relevant people to follow. Nice idea to look at other’s lists to find good people to connect with; I tend to focus more on my own lists as a way to find good content, I should also look more for other’s lists.

  • I have found success with Finding & Following relevant people. I highly recommend people to follow this step instead of subscribing to services which would follow unneeded audience.

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  • Great post, look forward to testing out ”
    How to Grow Your Twitter Following with” fully agree with engagement being a key factor. Too  many followers now  concentrate on the numbers and dont focus enough on engagement and interaction. Developing a conversation with peers & people in your interest group will see natrual organic growth which in the long term will lead to higher levels of trust and in turn help your business acheive the ROI its looking for.

  • No worries! I’ve enjoyed the #BWEChats I’ve been part of. 

  • Tash, great points, especially the hashtaggs about webinars (or conferences, for that matter.)

  • Amara, if you ever want to connect me with your marketing/advertising prof, just let me know!

  • Thanks for the heads up, Jared. I gave a heads up to the editor. Sorry about the bad link!

  • Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Working on that broken link! Thanks.

  • Thanks, Tony! I’ve made most of the mistakes out there in trying to build a relevant following, so I figure I’ll share what I’ve learned!

  • Quality can lead to quantity, but rarely is the opposite true.

  • No problem, happens to us all.

  • Ambrose,

    I can share my story if you like. In building a following for my @AgentConference:twitter  account I started a account and included #mobile among other hashtags to immediately pull in, regardless of whether I was following someone or not.

    However, within a few days, a porn account came up using the #mobile hashtag, which got me some negative feedback as people had been subscribing to the paper for mobile advice, not for porn.

    I have since then stopped using the hashtags to pull in content, because there’s too much risk and little reward.

    I’d call that person unscrupulous, as they were using the hashtag to appear in random, unrelated searches and papers.

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  • JFarshtey

    This post mirrors the Chris Brogan post on “Earning Attention”. So many users are all too concerned with increasing their number of likes without taking into consideration the type of followers that they have. It’s important to have followers that are just as passionate as you are about your cause and mission. No matter how short the tweets are it is important to make them interesting. The most crucial tip that I’ve taken away from this post is to find and follow relevant people.

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  • This post really is content Rich! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve been tweeting on behalf of our company @smileymonroeltd for just over 2 months, so I’ve reached the point where I needed to take a step back and assess. So, thanks to @BenjaminsTweets for sharing a link to your post. I’ll be making a few changes and definately checking out some of the websites you mention. Love the sound of – I’ve actually been thinking about how to do something else with my Tweets, prompted by viewing my Recent images. Really looking forward to using Twitter for the first time and Facebook at an industry exhibition we’re showing at in the summer, here in the UK. Have you any advice on walking the line between personal interests and business interests when Tweeting on behalf of one’s company? I try to get some humour in there and personality, but trying to keep a consistent ‘voice’ that runs through our marketing. I guess I could run my own personal Twitter account alongside? This would allow me to fully indulge in my love of all things design, #FontSunday and Arsenal FC! And have conversations with friends which perhaps wouldn’t sit well in one’s business Tweets. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share your insights. And you never know, I might even work out how to embed my Twitter handle in my LinkedIn page!

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  • “Social media marketer Paul Wylie recommends Twellow (for the clean interface) and WeFollow (for finding influencers). You can search by industry, location or keyword for starters.”

    This tip is useless because for example WeFollow is dead for a very long time. If you check you can see that most of the profiles are not updated, and lots of people have less followers than they have in reality.

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    video with the explanation. I’ll definitely open my account.

  • I’m pretty active on my twitter account, and apply many of the tips you
    give in this article but I didn’t  know about Thanks for the
    video with the explanation. I’ll definitely open my account.

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  • There are only a few blogs I read about SEO, internet marketing and social media growth. This happens to be one of them because of the fact that you have an 86 Domain authority and have 70s page authority without tons of backlink spam! 😀 (This page has a PA of 67, with only 195 links built to it) which is amazing. I’ve been trying to take tips from you, you have a huge mixture of onpage SEO done as well (videos, pictures, links, formatted text) ect. You obviously have a very good idea of what it takes to succeed when marketing online so I come back frequently. HOPEFULLY one day my small eMagazine grows into something like Social Media Examiner 😀


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