social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income.

Pat tells the story behind his successful online business and shares the importance of the role podcasting plays in connecting with his blog audience. You’ll also discover why podcasting adds value to your online presence.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How Pat expands his business with passive income streams
  • Discover how to combine podcasting with blogging
  • How podcasts differ from blogs
  • The value of your voice on podcasts
  • How to provide intimacy for your audience
  • The challenges of getting started with podcasting
  • How people discover your blog through your podcasts
  • What’s a good strategy to find people to interview for your show
  • Why you should interview regular people in addition to well-known experts

Connect with Pat on Twitter @PatFlynn, on Facebook and check out Pat’s blog and the Smart Passive Income podcast.

What do you think? Do you have a following with podcasting? What tips do you have to share about growing your audience with podcasting? Please leave them below.

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  • thanks for sharing the video. But seldom people do podcasting in Malaysia.

  • Yes it takes a great skill and art to be good at interviewing.  Many think it is about just asking good questions.  Funny thing, Toastmasters can help you be a better podcaster and radio host if you think of how to overlay the skills they teach.

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  • Billy Murphy

    Kent, that’s an even bigger reason to look into it.  If done correctly, you can educate the market on it, and basically dominate that space if you’re providing value.

  • Pat is a great example of how to properly integrate various forms of media in order to drive traffic to your site.  I’ve been following his stuff for while now and even this week he opened my eyes to new ways to bring traffic in unconventional yet entirely white hat ways that Google loves.  Thanks for the interview.

  • There’s a great opportunity there Kent, If you could be the first authority podcaster from Malaysia, that could help differentiate yourself from thousands of podcasts today. Finding a specific niche and really crushing it on that niche is what’s important to succeed online. Podcasting is just one way to deliver great content to people who are hungry for more information.

  • Brian

    Pat is the real deal! 
    Been following him for a year and Love Pat’s stuff!  Happy to see him here =)

  • Christopher Grant

     Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea.

  • Sebastian Czypionka

    Pat is an inspiration for me and my business and his work and his attitude are outstanding. I am following Pat for over one year now and I am thankful that there are people like Pat who are so openminded and willing to help and inspire so many others with their unique connection and understanding with their audience! Pat is a very good example on how to grow their audience by podcasting. Understand your audience, their desires and needs and fullfill them with an entertaining way. I love hearing Pats voice and his exciting content! All the best from Germany!

  • Shuck

    Good stuff Pat! keep up the great work! I’ve been following pat and his blog for years now and everything he puts out is top-notch stuff.

  • Michael, thank you so much for sharing this interview with your readers! It was more than an honor to sit down and chat with you about podcasting, and I just wanted to congratulate you on yours. Over the weekend I saw that it was ranked #1 in the Business section of iTunes, which is fantastic!

    If anyone has any questions about podcasting, or anything else, please let me know. Cheers!

    (p.s. my first comment didn’t go through, so I hope this doesn’t become a duplicate)

  • Thx Michael & Pat for the great content. Pat is my hero and I get sooo much value from any and all of his sharing on the web. such a great inspiration and IM role model! keep it coming!

  • Hey Michelle – Thanks for stopping by

  • Hey Pat – It was great to have the opportunity to chat with you!

  • Pat is one cool dude!  

  • Liz Alton

    Thanks for all the great insights!  Really a huge fan of Pat – everything he says is so on point, without being over the top.  Appreciate you having him on here, Michael!

  • Hey Pat,

    I have been following for over one year now. Believe it or not, you are my gym companion.

    I never get tired of hearing your story because it is an inspiration for each of the steps that I am taking today. I have been blogging for two months already and I am determined to follow your foot steps.

    I wrote a $0.99 eBook which I will be publishing next month and it was you who inspired me.

    Thank you so much.

  • Pat, this is Deante Young. As always, you give a huge mountain of helpful advice and information and it continues to amaze me just how priceless everything you say truly is. You are one of the greats for sure and you remind me of something that Will Smith said when he was interviewed by Oprah in December 2008; “if you aren’t making someone else’s life better, then you are just wasting your time.” Let’s just say that not even a second of your time gets wasted. To be a great leader, you have to be a great servant…and you are among the greatest on the planet. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING you give us!

  • Ricky74vette

    Thanks Mike,
    I follow everything Pat does with anticipation . From his newsletters to just a plain email telling everyone to have a great weekend. Keep up the great work.

  • Pat’s stuff is terrific. The video interview is great! 

  • Anne Sture Tucker

    Pat is always such an excellent source of information and great inspiration! I absolutely love his site!!

  • Steve_Gwiz

    I’ve followed quite a lot of Pat’s advice over the past year with great results but still need to dip my toe into podcasting. I should really make it my goal this month to do my first podcast. 

  • I’ve been following Pat’s blog and his ascension as one of the most popular bloggers for quite some time, and  his content and value has only improved over the years. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to sit back and coast with a margarita on a La Jolla beach, but he hasn’t — he seems to have only doubled down in terms of the effort he puts in. It will be fun to continue watching to see where he goes from here. 

  • Jay

    Thanks for posting this!  As always, it’s very inspirational content coming from Pat and serves as a gentle kick in the butt to get out there and try different forms of media to serve your existing fans as well as reach new ones.  Keep it up guys!

  • Chris Angell

    Great story Pat. You’ve helped set me on the podcasting/ blog path. Great interview!

  • Beth

    Glad to see this.  I did a real estate internet radio show a few years ago and it got me a lot of business – but I had forgotten about those effects – this will get me going again!  Thanks!

  • You’re next on my list Pat!! Want to connect with you for an interview…made the the captivating subject line…now just have to edit and send! =] Great interview and thanks for all the info. Been a SPI reader for a LONG time!

  • Thanks Steve! I really appreciate that 🙂 iTunes is definitely untapped, especially when you consider how many websites there are out there, vs. only about 200k to 250k podcasts, many of which are not updated. 

  • Thanks Brian! Much love, cheers!

  • Alison Fairbanks

    Thanks, Pat. Great and inspiring info. I’m wondering–how do you identify the “B-list” folks you mentioned? What criteria do you look for?

  • Thanks Sebastian. I do think that podcasting and the ability to use your voice gives you a way to entertain that you just can’t do with text. It adds a whole new level of connecting to your audience and it’s much easier to remember something someone said that you hear, than something that you’ve just read, cause you don’t only get the message, but the intonation, rhythm and dynamic too. 

  • Thanks Shuck! 🙂

  • Thanks Joel! You rock! 🙂

  • Thank you Liz! Over the top definitely doesn’t fit my personality, but I do try to incorporate that into my content. All the best!

  • I should be buff as Arnold because I apparently accompany hundreds of people to the gym with my podcast 😉

    Thanks for the kind words and congrats on your eBook! I wish you you much success with it!

  • Thanks Deante, and to be put in the same sentence as Will Smith is awesome! He’s definitely a role model of mine. 

    Thanks for all the support, and it’s great to see in in the FB group 🙂

  • Thanks Ricky! I’ll do my best to keep the content coming!

  • I appreciate that Shawn! Thank you!

  • You rock Anne, thank you so much!

  • Do it Steve! It’s fun and the results can be pretty amazing. Both Mike and I have started thanks to the help of Cliff from

  • Hey John, thanks so much for the comment! I’m not much of a margarita man, I prefer a Corona or even a glass of wine. But yeah – I do this because I love it, and there’s definitely no end in sight, and I’m okay with that. Cheers dude!

  • Thanks Jay! Podcasting has done wonders for my brand, as I’m sure it will for Mike’s already popular brand here on SME. Cheers!

  • Sweet Chris! Looking forward to hear how the show goes! Keep us posted!

  • Where did you host your show Beth? Was it a podcast or some other type of broadcast? Blog Talk Radio, perhaps?

  • Good question! Thanks Alison!

    I hate putting people into categories, but you can sort of get a feel for who the top players in your industry are because they are linked to quite often by everyone, and they have a significantly larger readership or traffic ( can help you determine relative traffic, although it’s not perfect.)The B-Listers are those who may be pumping out great content at the same rate, or even more often than the top players but aren’t quite there yet as far as numbers. They are linked to occasionally and are often seen as guest posters on the A-list blogs because they’re doing all they can to get as much viewership as possible. They are the ones who would probably be the most willing to get featured in an interview. It’s great for exposure, but also for their growing social proof.  

  • It’s always great to learn some thing from Pat and his blog and his work is awesome..he has certainly gave a different meaning to podcasting for blogging and thanks SMM for another useful interview..

  • I agree – you could totally take over and become the authority @0041c8167525c89e517b63f92b9ce48d:disqus ! Well said @twitter-78437843:disqus  & @TrafficSalad:disqus ! Pave the way!

  • I have yet to go to a toastmasters meeting, but I know several people who rave about it. Becoming a better communicator can help in all aspects of life.

  • Thanks Harsh!  🙂

  • Steve_Gwiz

    Thanks Pat, I’ll go over and check it out Cliffs site right now. Thanks also to Mike for this interview, I’ve subscribed 🙂 I’ve got two exciting launches planned over the next 2 months both of which have been directly influenced by you Pat. I’ll keep you posted and certainly for one of the projects I’ll hope to interview you myself next year. (If you have time between Hollywood, publishing and adding new members to the Flynn household 🙂

  • Wow! I never heard your whole story all at once. Very inspiring! I like how you mentioned how you improved. I think people think they have to do things perfectly right away.

  • Troy

    What a great interview. Pat has just lay it out or everyone. Great work!!

  • Great Stuff. I always learn a lot from Smart Passive Income blog and Pat. There are not many blogs out their sharing true experience when it come to making money online. Keep it up the good work!  

  • LOVED the interview – thank you Michael!

    Pat is absolutely right… I started Bring Back Desire After Dark Radio Show over two months ago and what a difference it has made for my business. Not only does the show increase awareness and provide valuable information to the BBD community, it’s a wonderful platform to spotlight and celebrate my guests and the remarkable services/products they provide. A lovely side benefit is how much I’m increasing my own expert knowledge along the way.

    Thanks for always adding value to your community!


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  • Pat’s podcast is definitely a great compliment to his blog posts as I think it’s a lot easier to dive deeper into topics with guests through audio rather than text interviews.  I’ve tried doing some text interviews on my blog and while the information is good, it’s hard to really lead the interview where you want it to go.  Almost have my new podcast set up so we’ll see how it goes for me 🙂


  • Thanks David !  Pat is a smart guy and would be a great guest

  • Yea that is a big misconception Karen.  If you wait to get it all figured out you’ll never start.

  • Thanks Troy.  You gotta love Pat’s transparency in all he does

  • Thanks Ande – I think we are seeing a huge infelxion point for podcasting and it is very exciting.

  • Yea, I have found it is more work and less enjoyable to do text interviews over spoken ones.

  • Pat in Social Media Examiner? What more can I ask for. Been following Pat and Chris Ducker of VBL both guys are amazing people. They are kinda like the Napoleon Hill of the internet.

  • Shd1968

    Pat’s info is always top notch and he is always ready to share what works. Nice to see him doing well! Top man!

  • jodyberkey

    I’ve learned so much from listening to Pat over the past year+.  Beyond the formal content (which has been great), he models compassion and heart-felt care for his listeners and readers.  I value his information and recommendations.  He recommended that his Facebook readers check out this link, and here I am.  Social Media Examiner just got my “like” and now I’m a follower, too.  See, Pat has influence 🙂 

  • Congrats to Pat, well deserved! He’s been an inspiration to me in keeping The Marketing Squad podcast going with Nathan Richie…we’re at over 30 episodes now!

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    Social media was started by people looking to get money. Okay, maybe they started out because they really had something to say, and it was that everyone had something to say, but in the end it’s about the almighty dollar. Today blog posting/podcasting is increasing thanks for the share.

  • Mark Garner


    thanks for this. It always delights and amazes me that no matter how long I’ve been online I’m always finding great new sources of info. I shall definitely be subscribing to Pat’s stuff..

  • I started a podcast 2 years ago and more than growing my blog audience, it’s had a dramatic impact on my business. It’s become the second biggest form of lead generation for my business after word of mouth. 

  • Wonderful post Michael, There are so many blogs in the internet today and all those blogs needs audience and traffic at the end. Now a days little competition comes in the form of audio blogging. I also want to add twitter features, we can use twitter to promote our Blog or Podcast in a effective way. Just wondering some of the useful resources for podcasting if possible.
    I must say this is like all in one package and great source of information for all bloggers.

  • Hi Micheal, thanks for sharing great information and its been worthy reading this post and clear few points regarding podcasting. 

  • Jeff

    Pat has one of the best Podcasts on iTunes. You’ll learn so much from him and feel better about your own chances of making a dent in the world. He’s a true inspiration and prompted me to start my own blog. I can’t thank Pat enough for all his help 🙂

  • Mike great interview with Pat!  The Smart Passive Income Podcast is probably my number 1 go-to show for online business and marketing.  Pat is one of the most genuine and authentic guys I know.

  • The power of podcasting is huge, especially in this content heavy environment we are in today. Also, the power of video has never been more valuable in getting found online. I always encourage my clients to use videos when blogging, podcasting, or demonstrating something on their website. 

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  • Podcaster in training

    Hi Pat.  Thanks for the insider info and tips.  I plan to podcast and need a following for sure.  Just saw you on Bryan Knowlton’s Roku interview, which had lots of good resources. I also downloaded your ebook guide from your website So far I have a sentence outline with 45 sentences that will be my chapter titles.  I plan to offer the ebook to my podcast subscribers.  Thanks much.

  • I would like you to help me for writing a comment on a blog.. I want to give my students( teenagers) a handout with “useful tips” for commenting on a blog.. I mean …language register is important
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Nice insight video… really good for sharing tips on blog world.

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  • Nice tips also Zach. Thanks for sharing.

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