social media how toAre you managing multiple Twitter accounts?

Wondering how to streamline your Twitter marketing?

TweetDeck lets you engage, monitor, and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from a single customizable dashboard.

In this article you’ll discover how to manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck.

manage multiple twitter accounts

Discover how to easily manage multiple accounts on Twitter.

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#1: Connect Your Twitter Accounts

The first step is to set up your TweetDeck account.

If your company has one or two people monitoring social media, you can create one login using your company’s handle as the default account. Then you can add more accounts/handles to that same user login.

After you log into TweetDeck, you’ll see your TweetDeck dashboard.

tweetdeck dashboard

Use the options in the left sidebar to navigate TweetDeck.

The gray navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard is your go-to location for everything TweetDeck can do. From there, you can add accounts, write new tweets, review activity and notifications, read messages, change settings, and more.

To connect additional accounts, click on the Accounts icon near the bottom of the navigation bar.

tweetdeck add account

Add accounts to your TweetDeck dashboard.

Next, click Add Another Twitter Account and enter the username and password for each account you want to manage. Now you’re ready to begin.

#2: Add Listening Streams

The most powerful TweetDeck feature is the ability to add streams, which are columns of tweets that are updated in real time. There are a number of different streams to choose from, such as User, Notifications, Mentions, Followers, Messages, Search, Lists, and more.

To add a stream, click on the Add Column icon (with the + sign on it) in the navigation bar. Then select the column type you want to add.

tweetdeck add column

Select the stream you want to add.

You can customize the content of each column and remove excess noise. This makes it easier to find the information you want. Click the icon in the upper-right corner of the column to access your filtering options.

tweetdeck customize column

TweetDeck allows you to customize columns so you can see the information that’s important to you.

Keep in mind that adding lots of streams isn’t always better. It’s important to choose the columns that will help you reach your marketing goals.

Here are five streams that you’ll want to add.


The Notifications stream allows you to see when you have a new follower, someone has added you to a list, or one of your tweets has been liked, retweeted, or replied to.

Using this stream, you can quickly find active and potential clients, customers, and followers. Essentially it lets you monitor every handle that is engaging with your content. You can use additional filters to narrow down your notifications to engagement, users, and content type.

tweetdeck notifications

Narrow your notifications by users.


Add the Mentions stream to monitor every tweet that mentions your Twitter handle, whether for the first time or as part of a reply/conversation.

tweetdeck mentions stream

The Mentions stream tracks tweets that mention your Twitter handle.

By monitoring and using this stream daily, your marketing team can track every company mention, and then react in a timely manner. You can quickly jump into conversations, offer customer support, or engage with your existing user base or potential prospects.


Search is one of the most important streams in TweetDeck. It allows your marketing team to go beyond users and monitor content related to keywords or hashtags.

Using the Search feature, you can keep an eye on topics and conversations that are essential to your business.

For example, if your company is about to launch a new technology product, your marketing team can set up a Search stream to monitor all tweets for keywords such as new technology, today in tech, #techtuesday, and so on.

Set up a stream for a relevant keyword or hashtag.

Bonus Tip: When setting up this stream, don’t forget to use Boolean operators to save space. This way, you can search for multiple terms in the same column.


The Messages stream allows you to read and reply to direct messages for any accounts you’ve added to TweetDeck.

This is where you can turn your Twitter following into real engagement with prospects and influencers in your industry. Once you have this set up, you can respond quickly and appropriately as the discussion occurs.

You can create a separate column to track direct messages for each account. Alternatively, you can track messages for multiple accounts in the same column by adding the Messages (All Accounts) stream.

tweetdeck messages stream

Add a stream to track direct messages to your Twitter account.


Lists is a feature that you must first set up within Twitter. After you create your Twitter lists, you can pull them into TweetDeck. This allows you to add any Twitter handle (regardless of whether you’re following it) to a Twitter list and create a number of lists for specific purposes.

Here are a few examples of Twitter lists you may want to create:

  • Competitors: Watch out for new content, product launches, events, etc.
  • Thought Leaders: Identify industry trends or get ideas for your next piece of content.
  • Clients: Build relationships by sharing their content and creating discussions.

#3: Monitor and Engage

Once you’ve set up your TweetDeck streams, you have a complete view of your Twitter presence in one dashboard.

To effectively manage and grow your Twitter account, you’ll need to do some daily tasks. To make sure no tasks or opportunities fall through the cracks, here’s a helpful checklist.

checklist shutterstock 217338745

Use your dashboard to complete a checklist of management tasks efficiently. Image: Shutterstock.

Monitor Mentions and Messages

It’s important to monitor your mentions and messages streams closely. These are the people interacting directly with your company. Often, these tweets are customers trying to reach out for help, complaints, or praise.


To keep your Twitter feed fresh and engage with people you’re following, retweet relevant content. You can find content worth retweeting in your Mentions, Lists, and Search streams.

If a mention offers praise or an interesting story, retweet it. Your Lists and Search streams should also be set up to display industry-relevant terms and information worth sharing.

Schedule Tweets

You can schedule tweets (and add images) by clicking the New Tweet icon (with a quill on it) in the top-left corner.

tweedeck new tweet

Click the New Tweet icon to compose a tweet.

Engage With Users

In addition to mentions and messages, aim to start new conversations with customers and industry leaders every day. To engage with potential customers and advocates, reply to their tweets, @mention them in one of your tweets, or direct message them.

Participate in Chats, Webinars, and Events

Another way to engage with customers and industry leaders is to participate in Twitter chats. Look for webinars, events, and other conversations relevant to your field. Most events will have a hashtag that makes it easy to sort related tweets.

Save a chat hashtag as a Search stream to ensure you’re dialed into the conversation all day.

tweetdeck chat hashtag stream

Save the chat hashtag as a Search stream.

Follow New People

Build your profile by following and engaging with new people. Be sure to follow people relevant to your business and industry by using the Notifications, Mentions, Search, and List streams. Look out for thought leaders and potential prospects.


TweetDeck makes it easier to keep your company top of mind on Twitter by moving all your Twitter conversations into a single, customizable dashboard. Plus, when you can engage, analyze, monitor, and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from one place, you’ll be more productive.

What do you think? Have you used TweetDeck? If so, how has it worked for your business? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Checklist photo from Shutterstock.
streamline twitter marketing with tweetdeck

Tips on how to streamline your Twitter marketing when you have multiple accounts.

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  • Julie Scheurer Graff

    Tweetdeck is awesome, and we use it at our agency. I just really wish they had a smartphone app for when I want to do curation and monitoring on the go (or from the couch – lol).

  • Marc-André Paquin

    It’s been a while since I’ve used TweetDeck as I preferred using other social media dashboards/management systems. That said, you’ve inspired me to revisit TweetDeck and give it another chance. Thanks Valerie!

  • I’m using Tweetdeck for quite some time now. Nut I’m also saving time to visit Twitter accounts directly.

  • I loved the reminder to use Twitter lists to manage those coming through as followers.

  • Hey Julie, have you tried Tweetcaster for your phone? That’s what I use to manage multiple accounts, you can also schedule tweets, etc. in it!

  • Wow, I haven’t used Tweetdeck in FOREVER! I’m definitely going to try it out again and see how things have changed. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Julie Scheurer Graff

    No, I haven’t. Will now though. Thanks for the tip!

  • Valerie Levin

    Happy to hear! I also use TweetDeck in combination with others platforms, primarily HubSpot which I use to publish the tweets themselves, but nothing can beat it in terms of monitoring capabilities. Let me know if you need any additional tips 🙂

  • Valerie Levin

    Exactly! It’s great because it eliminates the need to manually log in and out of every Twitter account – and you can monitor and reply to multiple accounts at once.

  • Valerie Levin

    Thanks Shawn! My top favorites for Twitter Lists are: Influencers, and also Competitors. I primarily use the first to retweet/engage and the second the find out the competition is up to – not just in terms of products but also content.

  • Valerie Levin

    Sounds like a plan! I really enjoy using it – plus it’s free which is a great bonus 🙂 Let me know if I can help out with any questions.

  • Kelly at Socially Connected

    Started using Tweetdeck and then stopped. Really need to get back to using it. The tip about Twitter Lists was great! Thanks!

  • Valerie Levin

    Sure! Happy to hear 🙂 I think I mentioned this in one of the replies, buy my go-to Twitter Lists are Influencers and Competitors. You can also create ones for leads and customers (to keep them engaged).

  • Valerie… Say it ain’t so… No bio pic?!? The social gods will not be happy with you. 😉

  • David Bourke

    Thanks so much for yoiur simple and great explanation of Tweetdeck

  • Eyeball Freckles

    Can anyone tell me, if you use Tweetdeck Teams will it show who posted what tweet? Example, on FB if you’re an editor or administrator and on that page it will show the name of the person who posted it. Does anyone know if Teams does the same thing?

    Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Valerie Levin

    Your welcome David, thanks for the positive feedback and let me know if you have any questions!

  • Valerie Levin

    Hi there! I’m less familiar with the Teams feature, but tried to do some research. The only thing I found was that as an Admin, you can choose which of your Contributors can publish tweet, which gives you more control. I tweeted to @TweetDeck with your question, I’ll keep you updated if they respond! Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  • David Bourke

    Hi Valerie, Is there a simple explanation of how to setup Twitter Lists and why they are a good idea?

  • AMS

    I have been trying for hours to get tweetdeck to allow me to add multiple accounts, and I can’t get it to let me to add more than just 1. I have searched for troubleshooting FAQs etc, I can’t find anything on this.

  • Is there an easy way to switch between accounts?

  • Valerie Levin

    Hi there! In the very bottom left-hand corner of Tweetdeck, there’s an icon that looks like two people (see the screenshot below). Please click on it, enter the account details, and you should be all set up!

  • Valerie Levin

    Hi Mark! Please take a look at the comment above to learn how to add accounts. There’s no way to really “switch” between them, instead, you add news Columns for each account using the “+” icon (screenshot attached). Then, you can choose the type of Column you’d like to add, and it’s an account-based one, it will then prompt you to select an account.

  • Great article. However, I still have a question. How do I change my primary login twitter for TweetDeck? I inadvertently set it up incorrectly.