social media how to Do you want to grow your Google+ Page?

Are you looking for ways to get your Google+ Page noticed?

Most people broadcast their content on Google+ and hope for engagement, but there are better tactics to grow your audience on Google+.

In this article you’ll discover 11 ways to get more followers for your Google+ Page.

google+ page followers

Find out how to get more Google+ Page followers.

#1: Share Page Content From Your Profile

One of the first tips I give people is to use your Google+ personal profile to interact with your Google+ business page content.

Here’s how it works: Post excellent content from your Google+ business page account.

google+ page post

Plus Your Business originally shared this post.

Switch to your Google+ profile, then +1 and share your page’s content from your profile.

google+ profile repost from page

I reshared this Plus Your Business post from my profile.

Anything you +1 and share can show up in your followers’ streams and that increases the chances of your content being seen and shared by even more people.

Your Google+ personal profile probably has many more connections than your business page (especially if you’re just getting started). If you have a strong network connected with your personal profile, make the most of it. Those personal connections are an important way of extending the reach of your business page’s posts.

#2: Use Hashtags

People search content by words, phrases and hashtags. Most people think about words and phrases, but new Google+ users often overlook hashtags.

You’re probably already familiar with hashtags (#hashtag, for example). They’re an easy way to tag and track conversations—you see them on Twitter in particular.

Just as on Twitter, when you add hashtags to a Google+ post, the post enters the stream of that particular tag. Anyone watching that hashtag stream or looking for information related to the hashtag can easily find your post.

hashtags used in a google+ post

Hashtags make it easy for people to find you when they search.

I tend to add two or three hashtags to my posts. Any more than that looks a bit spammy.

It’s easy to overuse them, so try not to. Google+ isn’t #Twitter and it looks a bit #odd to people on #Google+ if you make your #awesome posts look like this!

#3: Follow Memes and Trending Topics

If you haven’t heard of memes, they’re an idea or behavior that replicates throughout a culture—and there are plenty of cultures on Google+ built around memes.

Some memes are shared whenever the mood strikes and others are shared on specific days (e.g., #SkySunday or #weekend), but all of them include specific hashtags to make them easy to follow.

trending themes on google+

There’s a meme for everything you can think of—cats, selfies, sunsets and more.

If you consistently participate in a weekly meme, your content may well have a long life as people continue to search the hashtag.

Not every hashtag is associated with a meme. Creating content around popular topics and including a relevant hashtag is a smart way to help your page and its content get noticed.

For example, if it’s the 4th of July, you know that relatable content includes fireworks, flags, BBQs, etc. So creating content around those topics—and including the appropriate hashtags—helps your page get the attention of people who are interested that topic. As they +1 and share your content, it begins to surface in more Google+ streams.

trending themes on google+

Keep an eye on trending topics and incorporate them into your page posts.

You can prepare for upcoming trends by building an editorial calendar with content and hashtags based on events around the globe. Just be sure to include some wiggle room so you can jump on a hot topic (like breaking news) as it’s happening.

#4: Get on What’s Hot and Recommended

Google+ has a list of content that’s hot, and anyone can get on it—if they know how.

Here’s the short version of how to get on the list: Create viral-friendly content on your page and promote it. It sounds easy enough, but this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. There’s some work involved.

To get on the Google+ What’s Hot and Recommended list, your content has to get enough shares to trigger the algorithm that tells Google+ to take notice. The easiest way to get more shares is to share your page content from your own personal profile and participate in meme days (both discussed above).

google+ profile repost from page

Google+ Hot and Recommended topics.

So, what kind of content should you post to get the most shares? Probably cat GIFs—they’re especially good on the meme day #Caturday (yes, Saturday; and it’s huge on Google+).

I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve used this general method to boost my numbers before. Why? Well, if your post is getting thousands of +1s and hundreds of shares, more people are seeing it and sharing it. Many of them will follow your page to see more of your good content.

While I’m a huge proponent of finding your 100 brand evangelists, I’ve had success appealing to specific groups and hashtag followers in order to increase my numbers. And for many consultants and social media marketers, showing a boost in numbers is what the client wants to see.

You won’t end up on the hot list on your first outing; you’ll have to try several times. But you’ll often find that once people become familiar with your page and your content, you’ll get more shares and attention—and end up on the list.

#5: Ask for Follows

Asking people to follow your Google+ page can be tricky. You don’t want to appear as if you’re begging, but you also really want to grow your fan base. The key to success is a strong call to action (CTA).

google+ post with a call to action

Include a CTA when you promote your page from your profile.

When you post, share or +1 content, include a CTA that tells users what you want them to do and how it will benefit them. For example, instead of a generic “Please circle us on Google+” try “Please circle us to get more great #caturday content!”

Try it out and see if that approach gives you an uptick in followers.

#6: Circle Other Profiles and Pages

Circling others is an easy way to grow your Google+ follower base. To segment your followers, you can create circles specifically for location, industry, niche, etc.

For example, if your brand page has a particular physical location, create a new circle that’s just for people and businesses in your area. Start adding people and business pages. If those people already have circles related to the same area, add those circles as well.

When people see that your business is in the same area and you’re connected with similar people, they’re more likely to circle you back.

canva header on google+

These two pages follow each other.

You see the two-way link in the image above? (It’s at the bottom of the Canva image.) It means that both pages have circled each other. If only one liked the other, there would be a one-way link. Those links are an easy way to tell if a page is following yours or not.

If you want to build relationships, having people in circles already makes it easier for them to add you back.

#7: Add a Google+ Badge to Your Website

I’m always surprised when I find a website or blog that doesn’t have a clearly visible Google+ badge so people can immediately follow their page.

google+ website badge

Include a Google+ badge on your website and invite people to follow you over there.

These badges make it super-easy for people to add you to a circle and Google+ notifies you when someone adds you to a circle. It’s good to know when someone starts following you. You can visit their Google+ profile, interact with their posts and begin to build a relationship.

#8: Be Personable

Very simply, act as your business page, but let people know it’s a real person posting. In the image below, you can see that I put my name on my comment so people know it’s me responding, not just a faceless business.

google+ post business comment

Be personable and professional when you interact on Google+.

If you have a team of people handling your Google+ page, you can ask them all to put their names on their posts and comments so people can connect your brand with real people. When people feel like they know you, they’re more likely to add you to their circles.

#9: Share Content in Communities

Whether you’re participating in a community as your personal profile or as your business page, consider sharing your content there. If you’re looking for reach, Google+ communities can definitely help. However, check each community’s guidelines to see what kind of sharing is OK.

google+ community guidelines post

Always check and comply with a community’s guidelines.

If it is, you’re good to go. If you’re sharing relevant, quality content that adds to the community, many members will add you to a circle.

#10: Attend Google+ Events

You can almost always find a Google+ event that’s relevant to your industry, niche, product or audience. Try to attend those events when you can because the discussions are usually lively and enlightening. You can gain all kinds of insight there.

You can also get to know a lot of people when you engage at an event. Relate to people. Talk with them. Offer your take on the topic at hand. When you share the stuff people like and they feel like they know you better, they’re likely to add you to their circles.

A Google+ event may take an hour of your time, but if you get an additional 10 or 15 quality followers, wouldn’t you be happy? Sure!

#11: Use +Post Ads

When you use Google Adwords and +post ads to promote your page content, that content flows across the 2 million sites that are part of Google’s Display Network.

The interactive +post ads encourage people to engage with your page even when they’re not on Google+—viewers can +1, share and yes, even circle you right from the ad.

I encourage you to test out the ads and track whether the uptick in new followers and other engagement metrics justify the spend (i.e., the cost per acquisition for a new follower).

Over to You

Many businesses have trouble building their Google+ business page, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. Instead of broadcasting your message and crossing your fingers, try a more targeted approach.

Use your existing connections to extend your page’s reach, participate in memes to keep your brand personable and attend Google+ events to network with like-minded people. Any of the tips I’ve shared here will help you grow your followers.

What do you think? How have you grown your followers on Google+? Do you have even more tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • #1, 6 and 8 are the ones that worked for me personally – my only problem with memes and trending topics on both Google+ and Twitter is that even if it does give you exposure and people follow you, they’re probably not the people you want to target.

  • MartinSherv

    Absolutely Ashley, targeting works best. If you are judged by numbers, however, memes are a good thing to have up your sleeve 😀

  • Good point 😉

  • Adding the Google+ Business badge to the website is one of the first things I do when working with a new client, although I advocate having both personal and brand badges is better.

  • This turned out to be a sweet little post. Thanks guys!




  • Thanks for making sense of Google + and building traffic!

  • Thanks for making sense of Google + and building traffic!

  • Guest

    Thank you very much Martin. You’ve just opened some new horizons for me. Seriously, I now see some things differently… Thanks once again!

  • dberak

    Thank you very much Martin. You’ve just opened some new horizons for me. Seriously, I now see some things differently… Thanks once again!!

  • Thank you very much Martin! You’ve just opened new horizons for me. Seriously, I now see some things differently… Thanks once again!

  • This was actually one that I stopped doing because it’s one more ‘leak’ for a visitor which can hurt site conversion. Of course, the topic of the post is building a G+ following, so I suppose that’s beside the point.

  • You’re right Michael, as a general rule, its not a best practice tactic to aid your visitor to leave your site. However, a visitor can add you to a Circle via your G+ badge (if they’re signed into the G+ account) and if they do click through to your G+ page to vet your profile. If they do decide to add you to a Circle, the upside is from that point on, your content will influence their search results via personalization (unless of course) they hide personalized results or are not logged into the G+ account. I like the upside advantages more than I don’t like sending them off to Google+ land.

  • Grate content I am currently using 1,2,6,7,9 I gotta work more to promote my website on the rest of the numbers…

    Just a quick question when I share the content on google + is ok to share the same content on my google business page?

  • I would say building G follower depends very much on your niche or industry. If I’m running a pop and mom shop. I think there not much such in building followers as most of my customer will not even log into it. If say I’m a influential speaker or motivator, a definitely Yes. My followers would be glad that I share stuff out from time to time. Just my 2 cents.

  • MartinSherv

    Very welcome sir 🙂

  • MartinSherv

    Excellent! That was the plan 🙂

  • MartinSherv

    I was hoping that was what we covered so please ask me questions if in doubt Soumen.

  • MartinSherv

    I am glad you spotted that! It was part of the ‘set up’ on that thread as I needed a screenshot for this article. Keep up the good work.

  • MartinSherv


  • MartinSherv

    Hey Michael and Neil! The thing many people don’t see is that the new follower who has added the page in has a profile, with a load of information about them and their interests. And you can engage on their content and build relationships. It may mean they leave you site (although don’t have to as can hover over and add people in to circles there and then) but you are building a very useful list if used well. This is Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing for the 21st Century.

  • MartinSherv

    Yes, try it and see the response. It is all to do with the people around. Make it about them and you should be AOK Alex.

  • MartinSherv

    I would tend to agree and we have an initiate to support those smaller businesses to find the influencers in their area, and to use G+ as a very gentle way to ‘get their name known’ without having to start with a load of content.
    So good point Joe. Thank you.

  • bhupinder

    Hi Admin,
    Thanks for giving information. really nice post.

  • Martin, you know how to get it done for sure. I just started building out my G+ page and it was taking me forever to get momentum, but I started to use Circloscope to look for active engages on my Hangouts. These are people that have said yes to invites, commented on the events, and who follow my profile (I hired Christine DeGraff to help me). Now, my page followers have skyrocketed from about 110 to 465 in just 2 weeks.

    And the great thing about these followers is that they are already interested in the brand and just need to be introduced to the G+ Page. Once on the page I have seen comments and plusses increase.

    It’s not about getting just anyone to follow you, right? It’s about connecting with people that will interact with your page as a brand.

    And one other strategy I have been using is to reply to everyone that follows me back. This has been a long process, but I simply say, welcome, and I look at their profile to see their interests, and send them a link to one of my past Interviews that covers a topic they might like.

    Lastly, I ask them a question. “How did you find this page?” “What is one guest you would like to see me interview?” “What is a topic of interest for you?”

    I have gotten wonderful interaction on these welcome posts, and surprisingly, most people will respond to it.

    Great article Martin!

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  • These list are good,if you are new post daily in your Google+ it will help to increase follower.

  • Internet Tough Guy

    The stupid, it burns

  • MartinSherv


  • MartinSherv

    And I wish you all the best with the journey 🙂

  • MartinSherv

    Hi Belinda, I often help people who are just getting started and people are applying these techniques successfully too. It is always easier once you are established, of course, and it takes time. Good luck, and please report back on how you get on.

  • Hi Martin,
    I have been trying to get my head around G+ for awhile – especially whether and what to post on my profile page vs. my business page. Your suggestions have cleared the fog for me.

  • Nice steps you have shared. but #6th point i haven’t understand.

  • Tim Collins

    Thanks Martin – this just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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    Still trying to understand this Google plus.. I followed your instructions to #1 above, I posted content to my Google plus business page.. then you say to “Switch to your Google+ profile, then +1 and share your page’s content from your profile.”.. but when I switch to my profile page I can no longer see what I just posted on my business page, so how/where do we plus one and share it ?

  • Morvarid Akhbari

    Hi! Thanks for this article. I have a question: Apparently i have many viewers but my followers are only 31. Is it possible that the viewer number isn’t real and they are not actuall human? Beacause sometimes i think it’s just something else that i am not familiar with. Thanks again

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    Amani Wahb
    Soaring Hearts

  • Great advice, thank you so much!!

  • Thanks for the article. The one issue, well, not really an issue, more of a conflict feeling about is joining circles and circling people as just myself vs business. When it’s for my business, ok, I get it. But, if I’m working for a client, let’s say Health Insurance, I don’t personally want to attached to that topic. Also, I don’t want followers interested in that topic following me, I want them to follow the clients business page… Also, the issue with having “staff” of the client user their personal profiles, to garner followers is what happens when that “staff” person leaves the company? Given this, I tend to mostly use the tactics mentioned above as always the “brand” business page vs the human behind the brand… I think the Brand Page itself can show the humans behind the brand though, and should.

  • Hisham

    Good informative article Martin, but I have a quick question how to follow other similar business in my niche from my business profile, not from my personal profile. Thank You

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    I believe it’s common SEO practice to have +1 button on your web site although like you, I am always astonished to find clients who have never considered it. I also thought that it is a cheap cheat to +1 my posts using my personal G+ profile especially as I have set up my profile page as a Manager of the GMB page.

    I will have to revise my strategy and do more to get engagement on G+. Thanks.

  • Caleb Ketterer (Concept)

    I still would like more ways if possible. I recently made a page for music four days ago, and it’s content is great, but people only view the simple polls. I do everything that was listed above but I’ve only gotten 18 followers in four days. Help?

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  • What’s interesting to note is that the Google My Business app is still really buggy. Once that gets fixed from Google it is going to be easier and much more accessible to engage on a different kind of level. It still surprises me though how bad the app is because there is so much opportunity for Google there.