social media how toDo you want a more streamlined way to organize account managers within Facebook?

Are you using Facebook Business Manager?

You’ll find Facebook’s newest tool useful.

In this article you’ll discover how to set up Facebook Business Manager so you can have more control over how your employees access Pages and ads.

Why Facebook Business Manager?

Until now, if your business had multiple managers handling different Pages or client ads, you had to grant them access to accounts being shared among multiple users. That’s hardly ideal—keeping accounts organized and limiting employees’ access to specific information have been concerns for a while.

set up facebook business manager

Find out how to set up Facebook Business Manager to manage multiple Pages and Ad accounts.

Not only that, but everyone with access to the accounts shared a single login. That’s a pretty big risk. For example, Facebook could assume the account is being hacked because of multiple logins from different computers. Or, your company could be jeopardized by a single user’s mistake.

Facebook Business Manager helps you address those issues. This tool lets you control what information employees can access, and there’s no need to share login details. From now on, each user will have his or her own login.

The downside is that each user must log into Facebook Business Manager using his or her personal Facebook account. If you and your employees want to keep your personal and professional lives separate, this is obviously not your first choice.

facebook business manager overview

Facebook Business Manager offers solutions for managing multiple Pages and Ad accounts.

However, there is an effective workaround: Create new Facebook profiles for employees using their work email address. Then they can use those profiles to login. It may not be a perfect solution, but it is the only one available as of today.

#1: Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Before you start using Facebook Business Manager, decide who is going to be the admin (you can change this later if you need to). This person will be in charge of all clients, employees and accounts. Whomever you choose should be an admin of your main business page.

facebook business manager signup

Signing up for Facebook Business Manager is easy.

Business Manager’s basic setup is easy enough: If you’re the admin, log into Facebook with your personal account and go to Facebook walks you through the rest.

#2: Connect Shared Logins

Most agencies have accounts with a list of pages and the ad managers who are sharing access to them. Facebook Business Manager refers to those as gray accounts and they will be switched to read-only by October 1, 2014.

However, no worries! Once you have access to your new Facebook Business Manager, you can easily add gray accounts to your new interface. It only takes three steps!

1. Click on Settings within your Business Manager.

2. Choose Shared Logins from the left sidebar.

3. Type in the login information and click Add Shared Login.

connecting grey accounts to facebook business manager

Add your gray accounts to your new Facebook Business Manager so you don’t miss a beat.

When you add gray accounts to your Facebook Business Manager, they do not have anyone assigned to them (but I’m about to show you how to fix that).

#3: Add Managers

The Facebook Business Manager has a hierarchical account organization. The person who set up the account (the admin) is at the top and delegates tasks to account managers within the agency. (The admin is also a manager, but has zero tasks assigned to him/her to begin with.)

So in addition to connecting gray accounts, the admin has to add managers (explained here) and assign tasks (explained in the next section).

To add a manager, click Settings, choose People from the left sidebar and then click Add New People.

connecting ad managers to facebook business manager

The first order of business is adding your account managers to your Business Manager.

You can add new managers using their business email address, but they would actually need to verify the new account with a personal email address.

#4: Assign Tasks and Get Working

When gray accounts are connected and managers are in place, it’s time to assign tasks—this is another easy three-step process.

1. Click on Pages or Ad Accounts (depending on what you’re trying to assign).

2. Select the appropriate pages or ad accounts you want to grant access to.

3. Click on Add People and choose the manager(s) who should have access to those pages or ad accounts.

assign tasks in facebook business manager

Use Facebook Business Manager to grant or request access to client pages or ad accounts.

Here’s an important thing to keep in mind: If clients do not name their accounts, you will see numbers instead of the client account name. That makes it difficult to tell one client or account from another.

In addition to assigning managers to client accounts, you can also request access to new pages and advertising accounts, link apps to your company, create projects and add payment methods. You can find those options in the left sidebar and explore each one as you like.

Ready to start working? Go to your Home tab to open the Power Editor to access the live version of pages and ad accounts. Managing pages and setting up ads works the same as before.

Over to You

Facebook Business Manager is easy to set up and use. The biggest issue I see is the requirement to use personal profiles to login. Other than that, it is a big step forward regarding professional advertising management.

While it’s not perfect, the Business Manager solves several problems agencies have had to endure in the past—multiple users sharing a single login and less-than-stellar organization options are just a few.

I especially like the Business Manager as a solution for white label work, since you will not need multiple logins to work with your set of clients.

What do you think? Are you already using Facebook Business Manager? If so, how is it working for you? What do you like about it? We are eager to hear your opinions! Please leave them below.

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  • June

    I hate it! It’s not what I expected and now I cannot remove my pages from it. Totally unhappy.

  • Wendy

    Doesn’t seem to share much insight compared to managing Page sites manually. Am happy to be shown otherwise.

  • If you have administrator privileges on the business account, go to Settings -> Pages -> Click on the page you’d like to remove and the “Remove” button shows up. You need to be an admin of the account of course. And you can’t remove the page that you signed up as your business with.

  • Elisa Monagle

    I seem to have an issue tagging now that I have switched to business manager. The highlighted tag is followed by letters from the name of the business I’m tagging eg, if I try to tag Dog it looks like DogDg. Is this a problem with the manager or me?

  • Ming Johanson

    Since I switched over the management of pages through mobile use has gone out the window. As per usual with new things from Facebook there are going to be teething problems, I am hoping that the page management through the “Pages” app will be fixed soon. So far I’m not happy and will wait for improvements before I migrate over all the pages we manage 🙁

  • Ming Johanson

    Yeah we discovered that with a lot of things worked better in Google Chrome than any others.

  • Sabrina Kizzie

    Facebook Business Manager seems like a great way to solve issues relating to account management, as long as the employee is comfortable signing in through their personal profile or is willing to create a new one specifically for their work.
    -Sabrina Kizzie, Author & Social Media Lecturer
    Twitter & Instagram: @Sabrinaonmove

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  • Megan Harrison

    Great article thank you!

    Where do I find the advert account ID for my pages? Should there be a separate account ID for each of my client’s pages?



  • I’m having the same issue. Mainly, I wish I could ‘share’ content that appears on my news feed to the business page. Instead I have to repost without sharing from the original source – and I want the original source to see that I’ve shared from them. Very annoying.

    I also dislike that I still cannot schedule shared posts.

  • Thank you for pointing out the Chrome angle!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Thank you very much for your inputs!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    The only real advantage is the possibility to give people of your organization access to specific tasks and not to your whole clients portfolio

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Elisa, I am glad you solved it. Thank you for sharing your answer!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    I believe they are working on improvements. I totally hear what you are saying!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    I agree. ideally they will create a work profile since it is never nice to mix the two things!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Megan, you need to add the advertising accounts separately from the pages since they run on two different systems! I hope it helps!

  • Thanks for pointing this out, Grace!

  • Avtar Ram Singh, if you want to remove the page you signed up with, you just need to switch to a different page and then remove your page.

    You can do that from the info tab.

  • June, you can remove your pages. Go to Settings > Pages and click the page you want to remove.

    If it’s the page you signed up with, just swap the pages and then remove your page.

  • Marc-André Cloutier

    I’m not sure how to do it… How can I switch to another page? ….Also, do you how can I stop using my ads account on the business manager and restart to use the normal facebook interface??

  • You can still share content that appears on your newsfeed. All you have to do in the Business Manager is click “use page” by the page you’re wanting to use. Now look in the top right corner under the Settings wheel and it says “Use Facebook as your page”, click that, it asks for your approval, click the pop up that says “Use Facebook as your page” and you’re able to access your Business Page newsfeed and share that content to your page. Hope this helps! 🙂

    Also, I agree with you on disliking that Facebook doesn’t allow you to schedule shared posts!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Kristen,

    This is a good question. I do not use Hootsuite because I only manage the advertising part of Facebook. However, I would believe a best practice before updating to a new platform should be to check with your vendors (e.g. Hootsuite) if that can cause an issue.

    Your agency was right to have you update (the ad manager will not work starting from October) but it is always better to check with all stakeholders what this might cause.

    Did you try to contact Hootsuite to solve the issue?

    Please let us know what you find!


  • I can’t share posts that appear on my personal timeline to my business page now that I’ve signed up to Business Manager. I want to share stuff that I find in a group that I am in and share it on my business page – as my business page, but I can’t. Now I can’t get out of Business Manager either. There is no way to change your primary business page that I can make work and I can’t remove myself as admin of that page, because I am the only admin on there.

    I can use Facebook as my page – but then I can’t access the group that I want to share stuff from.

  • Thank you! This has definitely made life a LOT easier.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    I am glad you liked the article Juan!

  • James

    So is there any way to close your business manager account. I do not want to add any of my client’s pages to this crappy tool and I’d like to remove my own personal business from the interface without having to add another page to switch back a forth. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • James

    So is there any way to close your business manager account. I do not want to add any of my client’s pages to this crappy tool and I’d like to remove my own personal business from the interface without having to add another page to switch back a forth. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Frankly speaking, this business manager is a big big headache. I had Admin access to one of my clients’ pages and from business manager, instead of requesting access, I have claimed the page for my business manager by mistake. Now my business account is listed as the owner of the page and my client being the admin and I don’t find a way to revoke the access. Complete crap.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  • Daria

    Oh, I’m not the only one. I hate it too.

  • Daria

    Can anyone help me, please? I’m SMM-manager and now i have a problem because of business manager and i can’t work. The story:
    I created a business-manager page, then a girl who is an administrator of the Page made my business-manager profile as second administrator. I didn’t like the look and all another things, but it worked.
    Today something went wrong, i coudn’t make any ads to that page and REMOVED myself from business-manager. Well, so now it lives by his own life – I can’t enter it. I Can’t be an administrator of the page i was working for. Because my business-manager already has that rights, so my personal account can’t. But, OMG, I can’t log in to Business Manager.
    Hate it so badly.
    If anyone can help, i would be happy!
    p.s. sorry for mistakes, i’m stressed out and don’t have time for right translation. Thank you

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Daria,

    Your business manager should be linked to your personal fb profile (or any fb profile you used for it).

    you should be able to access it from that profile.

    Please remember that to create ads you also need access to the ad manager via the best Facebook business manager


  • Frustrated

    I folllowed the instructions in this thread and removed two of the pages easily from the new Facebook Business Manager that i had put on there. I tried following the directions by switching over to another page and removing the original page that was added as I am the administrator of all the pages, but that did not work. Can someone advise how to remove the original added page to the Facebook Business Manager program. There is no support for this product and it is incredibly difficult to use. I did love the fact that I was able to clearly add three different credit card accounts for the three different facebook business pages, but this new system was way too hard to use, and I really must remove and revert back to the old way. Can you assist? Thanks!

  • Gero Pflüger

    I hate it. It is full of bugs.

    For example: With Business Manager in use, I cannot comment on reviews as the page. It runs a tiny error message “Unable to post comment. Try Again” under the comment that wasn’t published. I have a few pages that have not yet been moved to Business Manager, and I can comment on reviews as the page with these. Using my personal account also works fine everywhere.

    Another example: My Ads Account has been destroyed by it. After moving it over to Business Manager, it runs a banner on top saying “Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook.”

    Of course, no-one has ever replied after contacting these people. My ads account is still not active. I can only run ads for the sites not yet on Business Manager with the regular Ads Manager.

    I *hate* it.

  • jeff

    new biz mgr is challenged at best – unbelievable, most undocumented messed up thing FB has ever done.

  • Ian

    Biggest issue is the newsfeed from pages we’ve liked seems to have completely disappeared. We can no longer see or interact with our partners. This is a major oversite by facebook.

  • Does Facebook allow you to have several Business Manager accounts? Do you know if they frown on that?

  • he is asking about removing his page from business manger ( to be as previous a normal page)
    not to remove a hole page that it was wokring for yearssssssssss

  • yes it is very bad
    i want to back to normal page so i can share my peronal time line on page

  • very bad idea
    in fact if you do it for your page
    you will dont have to post as page any more only if you change your profile to page

    normal page is more practice because we can choose to post on personal or page profil

    other bad thing that we cant go back and remove page from this manager to make it normal

    when it done -> it done (le mal est deja fait)

  • Jeff Ferguson

    I actually just looked into this and it says you can; however, I’m having a devil of a time setting it up.

  • HC Business

    Can someone help me…. I set this up because I have multiple pages I manage and just wanted the ad cost for each company to be billed to different company cards. I put a couple of my businesses on there, then realized I could not access the business page like I used to. I removed the business from the Business Account Manager, and now I am no longer an Admin on my OWN business facebook page, and the other admin says FB won’t allow me to be added back.

    My personal account is connected to BAM right now. I cannot find a way to contact FB.

    Please help me…

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Did you try to request access to your own page using the page section of your business manager?

  • HC Business

    Thank you for the response. I just did that and it worked. Thank you for your help. I’m assuming that it is not possible for me to have multiple business pages under my personal account and have different cards for advertising purposes assigned to each individual business page… Is this correct or do I need to look into Gray accounts?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You should technically be able to user your gray account to then link it to the business manager and advertise from there. However, they will remove gray accounts soon!

  • HC Business

    Thank you again for the response. I guess I wont spend much time trying to learn more about gray accounts. I wish there was a better way to keep expenditures for each personal business on FB separate…

  • Lauren

    How do I remove my Business Manager Account? I hate this tool!

  • James McGuffey

    Help! I have 2 small business in 2 states with 2 different names that I manage from my personal acct. on facebook. I thought I would try the Business manager so that I could have someone help me but not have complete access to personal stuff. I found out quickly I did not like it so I set up another page and removed my original, but now its not under my normal place that I select to use Facebook as place. If I type my the name of my company in the search bar its still there its just not under my managed pages! Please help me get it back to where it was.

  • Jen

    Is the issue here about sharing personal info? Or actually having to log in as your personal account at work? Because looking at Facebook’s FAQs, your personal info isnt shared through the Business Manager account: – ( they say “you need to log into Business Manager using your personal Facebook username and password to verify your identity. Nothing from your personal Facebook account will show to the business.”

  • M.

    Is there any way out? I began the process of converting to Business Manager in order to add an additional Admin, and after experiencing the interface, would prefer to go back to the traditional page management.

  • M.

    When I attempted your suggestion, it appears that would ‘delete’ the page from existence. I just want out of Business Manager, not to delete the page.

  • M.

    I had some additional Admins set up already, where did they go? Business Manager seems to have deleted all but me, the creator of the page.

  • M.

    So where did the Home Feed go? I (through the Company Page I manage) follow hundreds of FB pages, now I don’t see any link to the Home Feed for the Company Page. This is a nightmare.

  • Perry


    I have created a Facebook Business Manager account for my social media marketing agency.
    I have access to 15 clients’ ad accounts via the Ads Manager. None via Facebook Business Manager, meaning I cannot use PowerEditor for my clients’ ad accounts (after creating a Facebook Business Manager account you must access Power Editor through it).

    I have already tried talking a client through the process of creating a Business Manager Account so I can access their ads account through it. They got pissed off asking “why can’t we just leave things the way they are?” and saying “I want to manage ads on Facebook, in the Ads Manager. I don’t want to have to learn it all again”.

    Must each one of my clients (who very much dislike change) now create a Facebook Business Manager account to allow me access to their ad accounts via my Facebook Business Manager account?

    This will be a VERY painful process and will risk client relationships.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Perry,

    Did you have a gray account? If so, you could use that to link all your old accounts to your Facebook manager (there is an option at the bottom of the settings in your Business manager). This should fix the issue.

    If not, there is another solution. Try to add a new ad account and then click on REQUEST ACCESS TO ANOTHER BUSINESS’S AD ACCOUNT

    You will only need the client ID of the account to do that and no change on the client side will be required.


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Marc-André,

    You need to click on the setting gear on the top right of the screen and click on “Use Facebook as…”


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Perry,

    Facebook wasn’t very clear about that but there should be a way out.

    You have 2 options:

    1) import all accounts previously linked to your gray account. This can be done directly form the setting sections of your business manager and it will take up to 3 minutes

    2) Request access to one advertising account using the account ID. All of your clients will be able to accept your management request and won’t need to change interface.

    Please let me know if that helped!


  • Perry

    Hi Rocco, I appreciate you getting back to me.
    Unfortunately I had already tried both of these…

    Here’s what happened trying to import the accounts: (see attached image)

    And I believe your second suggestion isn’t possible?
    I have the option to ‘claim’ an ad account using their account ID, but not ‘request access’ using their account ID.
    Have you tried this yourself?
    If so, where am I able to do so?

  • Hi Rocco,

    Unfortunately I have tried both of these options.
    For the 1st suggestion, I don’t have a gray account, and was just getting the following message in an email from Facebook (see attached image).

    And I do not believe your second suggestion is possible?
    I am able to ‘claim’ their ad account using their account ID (which I do not want to do), however I cannot find where to ‘request access’ to their account using their account ID s you suggest.
    Have you been able to do this yourself?
    If so where?

    Thanks again,


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Perry,

    yeah option 1 would not work for you because you did not have a shared account. The same applies to option 2, which i believe it is replaced with “Request access to another business’s ad account”.

    Unfortunately, in this case, you need the client to have an account with FB business. I thought you had a shared account set up for your businesss.

    I had my clients set up with a FB Gray account. This allows me to import them and add the client from the gray account into my business manager. (gray accounts have been discontinued)

    Sorry I could not be of more help!


  • amod

    I share admin role with my partner. when he “boosted a post” I cannot see the ad settings, only that it was boosted. I want to check the target audience and key words. We are both admins.

  • No I appreciate you confirming my predicament!

    I wish it were just one client, unfortunately all of my clients are in the same category. So, this alone will prevent me from using Facebook Business Manager.

    My clients shouldn’t have to create a Business Manager Account just so I can access their ads account via my Business Manager Account, but, it is what it is.
    Hopefully in the near future Facebook will sort this out.

    Thank you for your time Rocco,


  • Erin H

    How do you like other business pages using business manager? Once I was set up on business manager by my client, it removed the pages from my personal right hand side bar. If I go to a page I want my client’s page to like, it is not showing up in the drop down under “like page as”. How do I get it into that drop down? We want to continue to build relationships by liking local pages. Thank you!!

  • *** Update: Looks like Facebook has resolved this problem now – I can now access all of my clients’ ad accounts from Facebook Business Manager without my clients needing to create a Facebook Business Manager Account… Hallelujah!

  • Chantel

    Hi..Im hoping someone can help me please 🙂 I was setting the Business Manager up on my personal Facebook account and I am admin of the business I work for. I was setting it up as a test run, and then I planned on removing it and teaching my boss how to add it to her personal account. But now I can seem to remove the Business Manager from my personal Facebook account?!? Does anyone know how to remove this?? Please…

  • Ethan

    I just upgraded to FB Business Manager and now I and all my colleagues are locked out of our page since there was no ‘personal FB account associated to our org FB page. FB doesn’t recognize my email as an authorized admin and they can’t help me. Any help out of this disaster would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • I can no longer post to my Facebook business page . It sucks!!! Thanks Facebook

  • Laura

    Good afternoon,

    I hope you can help, we haven’t migrated yet but we need to by the looks of it ASAP. We currently have a business page set up in a company email, am I correct in saying that when we move over we shall have to use my Managers personal FB page to set this up for the business manger? (his email is totally different to the one we currently use to sign in) Once that is all set up, he can then add myself via my Facebook page to carry on doing my day to day work on our Facebook business page?

    I’m getting very worried, he isn’t keen on using his own personal Facebook account either! (setting up profiles just for this may upset Facebook too, as we wont be posting on the Facebook profiles just made up for the business manager)

    Seems as though its becoming to much like Google+!

    Can someone help us get our head round this whole business manager and where to start!

    Thanks Guys.

  • After months of calls to and from FB’s APAC sales team, we finally had our Business Manager account whitelisted to be able to add multiple ad accounts on behalf of our clients. SOOO much easier than having them create their own and assign us as their agency. If you can get through to FB and you run an agency, this is one feature well worth fighting for.

  • jaz

    I think this was a novel concept, but lacked good enough feedback from their beta testing group. Just got done with using it and can honestly say I would never want to use the platform. It doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to connect to it, which is huge for facebook automation and email acquisition. It’s interesting that you can give people access levels, but they have to log on to their own personal facebooks to access even becoming a part of Business Manager. So for me a thumbs down.

  • David Hunter

    Perry how are you doing this? I am having the same problem with my clients and I can not find out how to get there ad accounts. I tried to move one client to business manager and that was an epic fail!

  • Hi David,
    the only way that I can access my clients’ ad accounts via the Business Manager is by clicking on my personal ad account, then clicking on Power Editor. Then I am able to download any of my clients’ ad accounts.

    Hope this helps.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi David, in addition to Perry’s point, Starting this month Facebook will oblige all accounts to move to the business manager. This is going to be the only (for most clients unpleasant) way to solve it. I hope it helps!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Lauren,

    Unfortunately this tool cannot be removed.

    Facebook is transitioning all management over to the business manager.


  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Dear James, I believe that your issue ties to the fact that Facebook is moving everything to the business manager, All pages will soon be migrated there

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Unfortunately not. FB is transitioning to a full business manager model.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are totally right Josh!

  • Hi Sean, that is the only place on facebook that you can not be your page persona, is in facebook groups. It is that way, even without facebook manager tool.

  • Kate

    Considering that a band page is also considered a business page how does this have any advantages? Especially when certain people in the band do not have facebook accounts. They are now forced to create one just to log in… it’s awful

  • Zachary

    Now that I have upgraded to Facebook Business Manager, I can no longer view a “news feed” as I was able to when my personal account was a page administrator. How do I do this? It is very important that I and the other employees in my department who manage our company’s Facebook accounts are able to see what other pages are posting about us.

  • I hate it. I don’t like that all but the analyst role allows access to adverts. My shared login got deleted which cut off our social media management platform. I’ve found Facebook’s help pages less than useless and it doesn’t offer the right levels of control for the business. I’d hoped it would help me ease FB use by our rangers out in the country but I’ve had to revoke all access to our multiple pages instead!

  • Guest

    I have been reviewing this option and noticed all the complaints and thus refrained from making the switch. Is there any clue as to how many people are successfully using this option?

  • Norita Taylor, APR

    I am joining this discussion to watch for updates and clues as to whether this is an option that should be made. Does anyone have a clue as to how successful this has really been for FB users? Also, as far as creating separate profiles using word emails, that is against FB terms.

  • Jenn

    Is anyone else having trouble adding an admin to a page without adding that person to Business Manager? I want to grant a client admin access to a page we created, but I don’t want that person to have access to our organization. Thoughts?

  • Mediaradio Yimago

    I don’t like it. My pages are gone. When I go Manage Business they are there with ad info but not in Manage Pages. I miss the old Pages link where I could see the trends (new likes…) of all my pages at once.

  • David

    I’m having issues that may be related. My client has given me their log in details. However, when i log in i am taken directly to a page that lists their business pages (of which there are 3) if I then click on a page i am taken to it BUT the band at the top of the page does not have a search panel and only a settings and log out button. I am unable to switch from business page to personal and unable to move between business pages except via back button. In addition the post boost buttons have been disabled of shared log in?
    Any ideas or do I tell them to delete account and start again?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi David, It seems that you do not have the proper access type but without looking at it directly I am not able to assess it.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Norita, Facebook is moving toward business manager as a mandatory step. I recommend creating an institutional profile for you as a professional if you do not have a personal account to verify it.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Good point, Kate!

  • Norita Taylor, APR

    Thanks for the reply. Did they announce this anywhere? I only came across the idea of Business Manager by accident.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You are welcome.

    They announced it on their blog, via some email marketing and usually in the advertising accounts. THey did not push it hard enough to people without an ad account.

  • David Hassell

    Hi Rocco, how do you mean? The client says she only has one login email and password. It’s driving me made having spent 2 days solid trying to sort. No joy from community and obviously you can’t contact facebook direct.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi David,

    Basically the only way to get the same view as in the past is to use a page managed by a personal account. Your solution could be to add a personal account as a manager of a given page.


  • Guest

    Thanks Rocco I’ll give it a go.

  • David Hassell

    Sorry, forgive me if I sound dumb. But should i advise to delete the account, open a new personal account and create the business pages.
    Unfortunately the client is vague on how she set up the account in the first place. from what I’ve been told it looks as though the business pages were set up without a personal account if you get me.

  • David Hassell

    My client only has one registered email and password. Their business pages have been disabled so I have attempted to migrate to Business manager. However everytime I get to the log in I get this message

    You are logged in to Facebook with a “shared account”, sometimes called a “grey account” or “business account”. Business Manager is not available with this type of login. To use Business Manager, please log in using your personal Facebook account.

    Does this mean they have to open a new personal account before they can migrate. I should say that they do not use paid ads.

  • Meg

    How can I get the Facebook pages to default to Posting as Page Manager as opposed to coming up Posting as me?

  • How do I do that?

    ” you can also request access to new pages and advertising accounts”

  • Harvey

    I don’t have a personal facebook page (and I don’t want one!) – is there any way I can set up business manager for my business facebook accounts without a personal facebook account?

  • If I add managers to my business account, can they remove my account “the person who set up the account”?

  • David Tzschentke

    I cannot login with my “business manager admin email” anymore, I get the following error message:

    “The email address you’re trying to log in with has been disabled. The ad
    accounts or Pages you’re trying to access are now linked to” (my private email address)

    If I login privately, I cannot admin my business via business manager anymore (add accounts, changhe company info, etc.)

    If I log on to settings of the business manager, no admins are shown.

    Of course Facebook is doing NOTHING to solve this. :-((

  • Grace Duffy

    Per Facebook’s Help Page, you will have to assign another person to be the business admin and they can remove the account owner or former owner.

  • Kara

    I know this post is older, but I have a question and can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

    I have a Business Manager, and worked with some freelance clients running their social (pages and ad account). So 1st question: I would like to remove those accounts from my business manager, but only see “deactivate” as an option. If I deactivate will it effect them running ads or managing their page?

    2nd question, I now have a new client that I would like to add in to my business manager to run ads, etc. but it do I want to “claim” the page, or “request access”?

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Harvey, unfortunately that’s not an option!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    You should click on add a page or an ad account and FB will provide you with instructions

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    This seems to be a glitch in the system. I will let you know as soon as i find a solution to that!

  • Marcela Galofre

    How can you create an institutional profile as a professional marketer? How long does it take to be a Business Manager if facebook bans new accounts? Any reply is highly appreciate it.

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Marcela,

    You don’t need to become a business manager, you just need to open an account. As far as suspension goes, FB might permanently block accounts.

  • Marcela Galofre

    Thank you for your response Rocco Alberto, (and I would say it in Italian accent!!)..
    Please use plain language: if I open a new account: it will go against FB TOS because then I would have 2 accounts, same profile…so what does specifically mean a new account? DO I have to delete the banned one? A new different person? My profile again? Please your advice is highly appreciate it. I have seen people stating that they began from zero, opened a new account using their old profile…and BANNED!!

  • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

    Hi Marcela,

    It’s a pleasure trying to help you.

    If FB wants to ban a profile, chances are that they will find and block it sooner or later.

    You should be going on and open a new ad account from there. You will not be able to advertise any banned business but you will be able to use this business manager through your existing profile

  • Patricia Meyer

    I am unable to get into the Business Manager page. All that happens is once on the Facebook Ads page the icon just spins never to open. Thanks

  • Rivka A

    Is there a way to reverse it so that you can go back to how it was before business manager is set up???