Do you think the world of publishing is evolving?

Have you ever thought of self-publishing?

To learn more about how blogs, books and social content have evolved, I interview Guy Kawasaki for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.

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Social Media Marketing Podcast w/ Michael Stelzner

The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner.

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The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).

In this episode, I interview Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist for Apple and author of many books including Enchantment and What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us.

Guy shares his experience of publishing his first book in 1987 and how publishing has changed since then. You’ll also learn tips and techniques to use on Google+.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Changes in Publication

How the process of publishing books has changed

Guy talks about what the book publishing process was like back in 1987 when he published The Macintosh Way and how it has changed since then. He explains the difference between a traditional publishing and self-publishing.

guy kawasaki books

Guy has written a number of books since 1987 and he shares his experiences on how publishing has changed.

With a traditional publisher, there’s a lot of going back and forth and not a lot of control for the author. The timeline from finishing a book to it being on a shelf is around 6-9 months.

Self-publishing today is a completely different world. You’ll discover  how Guy’s last book What the Plus was on sale on Kindle six days after he finished writing it.  Guy also shares the story of going from an electronic book to a print book.

Listen to the show to hear the story of how What the Plus made it to paperback.

How the publishing world is changing

Guy explains why publishing is an industry in transition, where he feels this industry will go and the opportunities for publishers today.

Guy shares how times have changed with desktop publishing and how anybody with InDesign or an Apple Mac and a laser printer can become a publisher. In addition, people with blogs and websites are publishers. With the variety of tablet computers available today, anyone with Microsoft Word can become a publisher.

You’ll find out why Guy believes in the theory of “infinite monkeys working on keyboards are going to produce a lot of masterpieces.”

Listen to the show to find out why now is a great time to self-publish.

How Guy’s publishing journey has changed and why

Guy shares his story of how he ran out of ideas to publish on his own blog, which led him to guest writing for the American Express Open Forum, and how he ran out of ideas for that too.

You’ll learn why Guy considers his biggest challenges in blogging are to have enough topics to write about over time and to have the time to write. Now with Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, he finds himself more of a curator than a blogger. It’s one thing to generate content; it’s another to curate and find content.

Guy says he has evolved from a blogger to a curator, and when he does write, he writes books. Social networks allow him to express himself spontaneously and the deeper ideas go into book format. He explains why a blog is the logical place to start and why he considers blogging good practice before writing a book. You’ll discover the benefits of writing a blog-type post on Google+, compared to a stand-alone blog.

Listen to the show to find out why Guy would use Google+ or a Facebook Fan Page today as a platform.

How Twitter fits into the social ecosystem today

Guy explains why his personal approach to Twitter now is unusual. You’ll find out how Guy uses Twitter to curate great content from his website Alltop and a section there called Holy Kaw!

guy kawasaki on twitter

Guy uses his personal Twitter account to drive traffic to Holy Kaw!

Listen to the show to hear how Guy uses Twitter to drive people to Holy Kaw!

How marketers can use Google+  

Guy explains why marketers should take note of Google+. Google owns the river called search and Google has integrated search with Google+. Google Local is also impacted by Google+. Google has integrated Google+ into most of what it does.

Most people make a decision about Google+ based on whether everyone they know on Facebook is also on Google+. But this is not helpful because Google+ has about one-tenth of the users that Facebook has. If you approach Google+ as a Facebook replacement, you’ll be disappointed.

Google+ allows Guy to curate content and he talks about how it’s a great resource for an author.

Guy says for him, Google+ is a weapon, a platform, a means to an end.

guy kawasaki ape post

In the final stages of writing his new book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, Guy posted this picture of its cover and a request for beta sites. Within 24 hours, he had about 150 people volunteer to test the book.

Listen to the show to hear how Google+ can work as a weapon for you.

Hot Google+ marketing tip

Guy outlines how he uses Google+ on a daily basis. You’ll learn his step-by-step process, from finding an interesting story on Alltop, to sharing the story in his personal Google+ Circle, to scheduling the finished post.

  • Find an interesting story
  • Share this story to yourself only inside a personal Google+ Circle
  • Look for an image that illustrates the story on Wikimedia
  • Take a screen shot of the image
  • Use Do Share to schedule your post

He also explains the importance of having a picture that illustrates the story with every Google+ post.

guy kawasaki google plus

It's important to have an image with every Google+ post.

Listen to the show to find out why Guy uses Do Share to schedule his posts.

Survival Tip: LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn makes it easy to give a virtual thumbs-up to all of your first-degree connections in their areas of skills and expertise that they have listed on their LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn has a window at the top of the public profiles of your first-degree connections which asks you if you want to endorse those particular skills for that connection. By scrolling down further, you can also find a complete list of the skills and areas of expertise your connection has made public on his or her Profile.

This is a great networking tool that gives you an easy way to get back on the radar of some of your connections you may have lost contact with.

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how this works for you.

Other Show Mentions

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As you’d expect, Social Media Examiner recruited the biggest and best names in the world of social media marketing for this conference. Only the best for you! Be sure to check it out.

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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  • Thx for these tips, we’re agree ! Blog and social media have really change how to sell product like ebooks and more…

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Bea Vanni

    This was a great post, Michael, about Guy’s travels on the publishing road. His insight and ability to pick out just the right info at the right time ranks high on my social media meter. Thanks!

  • Michael, this was a great interview. Can’t tell you how much I got out of this, too! I’m in the middle of learning about different options of publishing ~ from Kindle eBooks to iPads and other multimedia ways. The timing of this interview and post was perfect. Thank you!

  • Thanks much Bea.

  • Glad to hear it Julie – It is really interesting to hear how these big industries are transforming overnight

  • SO glad to hear Guy say that he approaches social media in a different way – and it works! Thanks for the great interview.

  • Thanks Louise 🙂

  • Bette

    Great to hear such clearly honest opinions and uses regarding social media tools from an industry insider. I am learning the social ropes right here and had decided to focus on twitter and g+ until I knew what I was doing. So glad to hear g+ is going to be integral in search. I didn’t want to bet against google and I’m glad I didn’t. Now I have to get going on posting publicly on g+, starting with this podcast link. Thank you for all you efforts here.

  • Thanks Bette – Glad to be of help during your journey

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. Lots of interesting tips. I like Guy Kawasaki’s workflow, using a share to self method with G+, and sourcing supporting images through WikeMedia, very useful tips.

  • Myrna Greenhut

    Your podcast is chock full of info and features the most celebrated internet figures. Great listening and learning.

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  • Thanks much Myrna

  • Thanks Gary – I have a feeling this is the first time he disclosed that

  • Changes is a constant and we (people and companies) have to go with him. Thanks for all the tips and I really enjoy the podcast.

  • Thanks Toriz 🙂

  • Great interview – love Guys honesty on his approach to social media and thoughts on blogging.  Certainly thought provoking. Great job on rephrasing the question when Guy didn’t have an answer/opinion for you on the future of SM.  Thanks again – love the podcast!

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  • Thanks Shelia – I certainly had to think on my feet on that one 🙂

  • great interview and I am a lucky one to be in Guy’s Google+ circle for quite a while and he really do share some great stuff there.


  • Thanks Richard!

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  • This is the second podcast you do that covers a lot about Google+ and it has got me intrigued enough to start giving G+ a more serious try. Guy offered some great tip but I don’t necessarily agree with him about going for a facebook page rather than a blog. I think you need to have both

  • Thanks Abdallah – I hear you on the Facebook front 🙂

  • His point about the blogs was in stark contrast to the opinion of some of your previous guests such as Chris Brogan. Regardless, it is great to be listening to opinons from the different leaders in the field.

  • It did indeed give me a jolt to hear if he were starting over now, he’d focus on Facebook and Google+, and not a blog.  He was rather crystal clear about that.  Gulp.  Well, OK.  I feel like Abdallah, that this guest, (unlike your other one) has put the google+ bee in my bonnet and I should start getting serious about Google + but I’ll not throw baby blog/magazine out quite yet.  I do find it fascinating though that my inbox is filled each day with social media experts advertising webinars teamed up with YOUTUBE experts, PINTEREST experts, LINKEDIN experts but no leading social media solo practitioner has done this with Google+.  Are they not reading Guy Kawasaki? Or, do you have any other explanation for it, Mike?

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