social media how to Is it easy for people to find your blog content?

Do you want to promote your blog content to more readers?

When you blog to promote your business or industry, it’s important to make sure your content gets seen.

In this article I’ll share five ways you can attract readers to your blog content.

#1: Get Found in Search by Optimizing Your Content for SEO

If you’re going to get new visitors to your website, you want to make sure they’ll be able to find you. And one way they’ll find you is by searching for you on their search engine of choice. That’s why it’s important to optimize your content for SEO.

Let’s take Social Media Examiner as an example.

If you search for “social media” and scroll through the different post titles that come up, they all reference social media, whether it’s a specific social media channel or the term “social media.” Throughout the posts, you’ll see the same content; everything relates to social media.

Now let’s look what happens when we search for “social media blogs”.

google search

Google search for “social media blogs.”

In both cases, the first search result for “social media blogs” is Social Media Examiner. They’ve done SEO right by optimizing their posts so people who are looking for social media content can find them.

bing search

Bing search for “social media blogs.”

Before you publish a blog post, take the extra time to make sure it is optimized for SEO.

  • Create a meta description.
  • Check your content for keywords.
  • Add alt text for your images.
  • Link from your blog post to other parts of your website.

#2: Post Your Content on Social Media

The most efficient way to get more people to your blog is to post your content on social media. That way your current followers will start reading your blog and they may also share your content with their own personal networks. Social media content can spread like wildfire, so it’s important to post your blog content on different social media networks.

Let’s take IMPACT Branding & Design, for example.

impact branding tweet

IMPACT Branding & Design tweets.

Whenever they publish a blog post, they put it on their social media channels. They also don’t just repeat the title of their blog post; they share a related thought that brings people in and makes them want to learn more.

impact branding facebook

IMPACT Branding & Design Facebook post.

After you create your blog content, prep your posts to go out on social media. Think about how you can frame your post so that it’ll attract readers to your site. Pose a question or ask readers to consider a particular situation that will encourage them to click on your link.

#3: Create Interest With Engaging and Exciting Titles

We’re all human. We judge books by their covers and we judge blog posts by their titles. Knowing that, it’s important to spend some time crafting your title.

When you start writing your blog post, a working title is fine. Get the general topic of the blog post down and write your content. But before you publish it, come back to the title and think about how you can take it up a notch to make it more engaging and truly pull your reader in.

Yoh has done a good job of creating great titles.

yoh blog

Yoh blog post titles.

After scanning down the list of blog titles, what do you find? They use a variety of techniques. There are some blog posts with numbers such as “5 Relationship Building Tips for All Your Relationships.” Then there are others with funny and catchy titles like “Ice, Ice, Baby! How Snow Days and Talent Are Linked.” But their titles are bound to get you to click on the full blog post.

Here are a few elements that can help you create engaging blog titles.

  • Incorporate a number into your blog post. By that, I mean something like “5 Ways to do X” or “7 Steps to X”. Titles with quantitative elements attract readers.
  • If there’s data in your blog post, mention data it in your blog title.
  • Is this a breaking story? Is this new research you’re releasing? Tell your readers they’re about to read something they won’t find somewhere else.
  • Make your title catchy or quirky so the reader laughs without even reading the post. Everyone wants more humor.

#4: Introduce Fresh Perspectives With Content From Guest Bloggers

Having a variety of topics is important for any blog. Having a variety of blog authors who approach a business or industry from different perspectives is also beneficial for a blog. Not only can you get content creators for free, but you also get promotion from someone else to his or her audience. If bloggers are going to take the time to write content for you, they are most likely going to promote it to their network, at least through social media.

Scan Entrepreneur’s blog, for example, and you’ll see an array of different names in the last few published posts. Many of these are guest bloggers like Luke Summerfield.

luke author bio

Luke Summerfield’s Entrepreneur author profile.

When Luke contributes, not only does Entrepreneur get brand-new content from a fresh source, Luke gets an author profile on Entrepreneur that also appears in Google’s search results.

search results

Search results for Luke’s article.

Luke, in turn, promotes Entrepreneur to his network by posting links to his article. The benefits go both ways.

If your content is getting stale, invite guest bloggers to share an outside perspective. The newer articles can really improve the quality of your blog content and the new writers will introduce your blog to their readers, who will come back for more.

#5: Make It Easy to Share Your Content

If you make a task easy, odds are someone will do it. The same applies for your blog content. If you want someone to share your content with their network, make it easy for them to do that through social sharing buttons or prewritten emails that your readers can send to their network.

Charity: water‘s blog posts always end with social sharing buttons. That way, when a person reads their content, the next step will be to share it.

charity water sharing buttons

Sharing buttons at the end of charity: water’s blog post.

These buttons allow readers to share the blog content with literally the click of a button. Adding buttons like this for social media and/or email can increase the traffic of your blog.

Wrapping It Up

When you invest time and resources into creating content for your blog, you should also spend some time making sure it reaches as many people as possible.

Follow the tips in this article to optimize, publish and share your content in ways that are certain to attract more readers by making it more visible.

What do you think? Are there other ways you can attract more readers to your blog content? Include your comments and questions below.

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  • Great tips Rachel! One quick question. Do you think it’s a good idea to send a broadcast to your email list each time you publish a new blog post? Thanks!

  • Kinan

    Great tips!

  • Nice tips Rachel.

  • Rachel Sprung

    Hi Houssem!

    Great question that I’m sure a lot of people are wondering too.

    My suggestion would be not to send an email to all of your contacts each time you write a blog post. Instead, look at your contacts, and see if you can segment them based on your interests. If you have a blog post that caters to their interest, send them a targeted email suggesting they may be interested in your blog post that you just published.

    That being said, it is important to have a way to subscribe to your blog so if they do want an email every time you post content, they can get one. But making sure the people who receive emails every time you publish a new blog post have opted in is important.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • This looks like an article from 2010. Can we begin to do deeper than “post on social media”.

  • That’s great advice Rachel! I’ll try to segment depending on previous emails I sent to them. For example, people who open “Facebook related emails” are the only ones who will receive my Facebook posts…etc. It’s going to be tough without a great tool such as HubSpot (I use Aweber and it doesn’t have advanced segmentation and automation features), but i’ll find a way to do that. Thank you very much Rachel. I appreciate it!

  • I dunno, guest posting? I was expecting more from this and agree with Thoma. Nothing new here.

  • Maryum


  • Good suggestions Rachel. I like that you keep things simple and clear, but using all these tips together would certainly be beneficial. You asked for other suggestions: One thing I would add is to use at least one stunning visual with the blog post, which always encourages sharing. (Of course I would say that, visuals are my area, but it really does help).

  • brenda bowman

    I can appreciate that some people have been there, done that….what else? But for someone who is relatively new to the social media arena, I liked the simplicity of your article and the helpful links on how-to. It’s a big world and there are people at EVERY level that need a leg up. Thanks!

  • Good list Rachel. I have also seen great success organising promotions that drive traffic to the blog. For example: asking a question about something you have mentioned on your last article or a video. This not only drives traffic, but makes people read (or watch) actively, and thus they are more likely to absorb the message.

  • I’ve seen some blogs offer two options of subscribing: full on (e.g.: daily post) and a weekly digest with their top stories of the week. For what I’ve seen, the first approach allows is more aggressive but allows you to maintain the best followers – those that are more interested in your brand.

  • Mate, I’ve seen soooooo many blogs that forget about this basic principle. I agre this shouldn’t be news anymore, but unfortunately there are still companies who seem to ignore the power of Social Media. I think Rachel has done a good thing mentioning it.

  • Madhava Verma Dantuluri

    Very good information and points to follow.

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  • Mary

    Blogging can be a great way to engage and network with people in all types of business. Connecting your blog to all of your social media sites is important if you really want to try and connect with all of your audiences. Thanks for the great tips!

  • andieshire

    This is straight forward and most helpful. Really valuable as I’m starting my blog up. Keep it up! Look forward to more posts from you!

  • ashleygreene101

    Wow! I am impressed with data. Great post. Very detailed, easy to follow and understand. This is useful for my service.

  • If you don’t take time writing your contents you are basically wasting your time….

  • I have really enjoyed your article, you have shared many very useful tips on how to get more traffic, readers as well as followers to your blog, some of the ideas l am using, but not all of them. I will have to review this article and add some of the tips you have shared. thank you Rachel