social media expert interviewDo you want to know how to find the most valuable social media content? Are you looking for great articles and videos to share with your friends and fans?

Be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith.

In this episode, Mari introduces you to the concept of curating content and how it can help your business. And Mari also reviews 8 content curation tools to help you find the best information for your business.

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Here are the content curation tools Mari reviews on this video:

#1: Google Alerts

Use Google Alerts to get notifications of your important keywords. Mari also explains how to use Google Alerts for reputation management with vanity searches.

google alerts

Set up Google Alerts for keywords relevant to your business.

#2: Google Reader

Subscribe to blogs in your Google Reader for better social media management.

#3: Facebook Friend Lists for Better Facebook News Feeds

Get more control over your Facebook news feed with Facebook Friend Lists. Mari shares a great tip on how to make a Facebook Friend List with your favorite fan pages for better content curation thanks to a filtered view of your news feed.

facebook list

Create Friend Lists of your favorite fan pages on Facebook to filter your news feed for quick content curation.

#4: Twitter Lists

Mari shares how you can create Twitter Lists to curate information from people who consistently share great content on Twitter.

twitter lists

Create lists of your favorite news sources on Twitter.

#5: HootSuite

You can use HootSuite with multiple social media profiles to make it easier to share the valuable content you find online. Mari gives you some great tips to get the most out of this social media tool.


HootSuite helps you curate content and share it across your social network.


With, you can publish your own virtual newspaper which pulls in information from various social media platforms.

paperli is an easy way to pull in links from your favorite sources.

#7: Alltop

Alltop curates the content for you by allowing you to create a MyAlltop page to subscribe to your favorite blogs.


Alltop is a great resource to help you find the best content from your favorite blogs.

#8: Mobile

Flipboard and Pulse are two mobile apps Mari mentions in this video. And she explains why using mobile apps makes it easy for you to curate content on social media.


Content curation apps like Pulse are valuable tools to stay up to date.

Watch the video to learn more about these content curation tools!  And be sure to listen for Mari’s hot marketing tips on how to craft a tweet to get more retweets.

If you’ve enjoyed this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, make sure to tweet about it (use hashtag #SMEtv), share it on Facebook or even embed this episode on your blog.

We want to hear from you! Do you include content curation in your marketing tactics? Which content curation tools help you find content online? Please tell us in the comments below.

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  • I can’t tell you how great it is to have a friend in the business (which is what it feels like), one who knows exactly what it takes to excel in social media marketing. The tips you present here would put anyone off on the right foot who is looking to increase their authority and influence in their niche. Thanks a bunch, guys, for making these tips available to the masses.

  • Hey David – Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for being a great contributor to our discussions here on SME.

  • Google alert is one of the best because if your are interested in a particular subject..then you will gain free content each they with ease..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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  • Ryan Critchett

    With it! I hadn’t really focused on curating content – I’m totally aligned with relationship marketing and sharing great content!

    I use Google Alerts too, very useful tool.

    Great video, great strategies.

  • Content is definitively the ‘it’ in Social Media, sharing it being the entire underlying strategy. Moving successfully through the myriad bulk of information overload can be daunting, to say the least. Thanks for putting together a great list of resources to save time and energy getting to ‘the good stuff’

  • I use Google Reader everyday. It helps me keep up with what’s new, and sparks new ideas to blog about.

  • I still haven’t used hootsuite yet. I’ve been testing out Market me suite, and so far so good.

  • i think it’s important to keep your ear out for new sources, and new methods of gaining the content (using pulse and flipboard is a good example). it can be easy to stay stagnant, and then serendipity seems to be lost.

    i also try to prune away sources that aren’t adding value over time. it’s work in of itself, but not bad considering you are not actually doing the work of creating content. so some work still needs to be done.

  • Tai Goodwin

    I love – I use it to quickly browse and share links from specific twitter lists. It’s also great if you are promoting an event – use the hashtag and then you can find all the related links and updates.

  • wow that’s huge list of finding great and unique content. Well planning to launch social media blog pretty soon

  • Ooopsie – minute 8:42 should be Mobile, not Mobil. hehee. 😉

  • Hey Tai – ohh, good idea re hashtag and!! 🙂

  • PhilMershon

    As always, great content Mari! I’ve noticed that many marketers wonder how you find time to do all the things you recommend and still run your business. Perhaps you could comment…

  • What about Twitter search? I find it useful to grab the RSS feed of a search query and add that to Google Reader. You should of course pick a query that is not too bloated, but find quality queries that finds relevant information inside your niche.

    One thing Google Reader can do, is tell you stats about day of week and time of day new tweets are added. This is done via the Show details link in the top right corner of each subscription. This is relevant insight to use when deciding on the time to send an e-mail campaign.

  • I start my day w/ my6sense and save the links it finds (that I also find interesting). I close out the day w/ Google Reader combined with reviewing the saved stuff from my6sense.

  • Alex

    You should check out Wajam … a great social search plugin that adds social content to your Google search!
    Crazy effective!

  • Hi Mari,

    This is a great list of resources… I put Facebook people into lists, use the Google Alert, and frequent my Google Reader.

    I will have to check in to the others so I can get more in tune with Social Media… I guess that’s why I’m here today!

    Thank You,

    John Engle

  • John Engle

    I wonder what happened to my Avatar, I must have not completed my email correctly… I am registered with Gravatar?

  • Excellent information, Mari – thank you for sharing!

  • Ntiras

    Thanks so much, Mari and Michael! Wonderful tips! These will be so helpful on our CenterPoint Community blog! We are reaching out to new reputable, content providers to feature on our site, so these suggestions will really help us! Thanks again! Natalie

  • Hp Mari~
    This was terrific information, I will get started on it right away for BARKCODE.
    Thank you!
    Laura Erickson

  • Howdy Mari 🙂

    Nice tutorial here. And the Facebook Tip was sweet. Will also work on implementing you Twitter Tips.

    I use most of these tools for Content Curation. With Google I also use Google Trends and Google Insight. Beside Alltop I also check out popurls. Another great source that I am surprised more people don’t mention is SlideShare – awesome resource. And one of my newer favorites is SmartBrief. For me that works with Hotels – HotelChatter provide a great app on Facebook for content curation.

    No reason for me to invent the ‘Social Wheel’ when somebody else already have done it for me. If you link your listening outpost towards all these great curation tools .. viola.. So Jay Bear is 110% correct we all are becoming reporters.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Janet

    Hi Mari!

    Say as a content curator, you want to include someone’s content on your blog in addition to tweeting it (while crediting them with a link, of course) … the only issue I see is duplicate content. Should I worry about that, or is there a way to get around it?


  • This is something that I’ve been meaning to do, but find it hard to find time to get it going, and maintaining some level of regularity with it. I’m thinking that or AllTop might be good to use since they seem to lend themselves to a better organization than say, Alerts which could either flood my inbox if I go for broke with it, or even lose track of items over time (because, ya know, it’s an inbox…).

    I can’t get myself to play with Google Reader consistently…I guess I just don’t like it…dunno. Hard to say why some applications are favored over others.

    In the end, I just want something that I can work with without hassle. I’m going to check out and AllTop now.

    Good information Mari, impressed by the videos here too. Thanks a bunch!

  • Love these tips, Mari, I use them all except the mobile apps. Got to look into that. One thing I do is save and organize links in Evernote so I have ready access to relevant content I can share over time. I don’t like to bombard my twitter stream or Facebook page with too much in one day. I read a lot so by saving it, I always have content to share and to use as inspiration for blog posts.

    Also love your retweet tip, Mari…blog on!

  • hi Mari, the best tip ever today is to create a friend list with fan pages. I just created it and added social media examiner and mari smith of course. So, I like to add one more source to your list. My number nine would be Mari Smith. Thanks a lot.

  • These days I’m using ScoopIt and I am finding it a real gem to curate and share with clients. I still use, but I find that the person who posted the article on Twitter gets more visibility than the author of the article. Many people send notes after they read the and see their name, telling me that they are not the author of the article. It gets frustrating to have to explain the process so often.

  • Morgan

    Fantastic, usable list! I use all of these on a daily basis and they really do help. I use mobile the most since I’m on the go so much. has also become a great resource lately. Thanks a lot for this!

  • Heheee – thank you kindly, Juan!!! Glad to hear you liked this tip! 🙂

  • Great list… thank you for posting.

  • Great Stuff Mari! you are the queen of Social Media – without a doubt 🙂

  • Hi Mari
    Great video. I use many of these but I’m really looking forward to trying out Pulse, Flipboard and
    Thanks for your great content as always.

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  • Wow! How refreshing! Thanks for the very informative show, plus your very congenial approach. The only bad thing about it…it didn’t last long enough. Using your information daily to take my business to another level. Thanks again. MAXimum Authenticated Solutions

  • Great article! Thank you for simplifying something that can be so overwhelming!

  • Thanks for curating these, Mari. My clients thank you.

  • Manofglass84

    Good information! Social media sites seem to pop up every day, so it’s great to have these all-encompassing videos/articles to help us keep up with it!

  • I agree with Morgan..really really fantastic, usable list.

  • I’ve tried item #6 and I’m loving my own digital newspaper. Thanks for sharing this info ( and each day is a new learning experience for me in the social sphere ).

  • Fantastic video and information. We’re just beginning, so I’m a bit overwhelmed but excited to learn and use these tools to manage some of the information overload I feel daily. One question/thought I do have: in this world of Content Curation, is anyone really creating NEW content? Are we all just regurgitating something interesting we read somewhere else? Sharing info is terrific, but will we get to a point of no original thought because we’re so busy Retweeting/sharing/reposting/Digging/Liking, etc etc. What about the problems with plagiarism that may sprout from Content Curation? Would love your thoughts and input. (Perhaps I’ve just found my first blog post!) Great tips and instruction, and an excellent session on today’s Blogging Success Summit #bss11. Thanks Mari.

  • Mari, you are a goddess. I’ve heard of many of these platforms before, but you explained them so clearly and succinctly that I really must try to incorporate more of them into my strategy. Social Media Examiner TV keeps getting better.

  • Oliver Starr

    Michael, nice piece. Another really cool tool for content curation, discovery and sharing as well as one with some of the most interesting social/collaborative aspects is One thing that I think is especially cool about the software is that it can be used as a meta-curation tool allowing you to aggregate anything with a URL (including bundles of content curated on other platforms) and then put all that content into a logical context.

    The other thing that’s cool is the ability to “team-up” with others so that not only can you keep at hand the content you’ve identified as valuable, but also see in real-time content that other people with the same exact shared interest are adding.

    Check out this example on what just happened in Egypt to give you an idea of what I mean:

    Not only is this a great way to find content you are likely to have missed, it’s an equally good way to expose lots of content that’s been curated by your peers in just about any venue you choose, from your blog to twitter to email.

  • Mari, I love how you teach so much in a short period of time and make it fun. Excellent tips!

  • Mari knocked it out of the park as usual! She is definitely one of my ‘go to’ resources (& a fellow Scot). Great information and as always she managed to go over the things you know a little or think you know and plug in more valuable details in a format that is clear and helpful.


  • Wow! I wasnt aware you could also group Fanpages into Friend lists!:D I signed up for Storify Beta, currently waiting for their confirmation email.

    Google reader with Google alerts is particularly a great curation tool for me. It allows me to discover and interact with people in other social networks I was not aware about. Plus, [ SEO wise] its a great source for backlinks outside of Facebook.^^

  • Ok Ok its about time I checked out HootSuite, seriously!

    Good article.

  • Collect all the top social media twitter accounts,follow them…presto! Its greater than RSS

  • Great coverage and great video on how to discover relevant content, Mari and Michael: thanks!

    In our opinion at (disc: I’m the CEO), curation should also go beyond sourcing content to provide ways to publish this content in a meaningful way. Of course, we totally agree, Twitter is the distribution channel of choice but what about giving coherence to your curated content? That’s what we’re trying to address with, enabling users to publish their curated content on beautiful magazine-style topic-centric web pages that can of course be distributed on Twitter, Facebook or by newsletters.

    Example here:

    We think the format is critical in reaching the objectives Mari outlined in the video.

  • I don’t remember how I found you, I’m just glad I did. I look forward to your blog every day. Through you, I can keep up with the rapidly changing internet marketing world. Without you, I wouldn’t have a clue!! :O)

  • Mia Erickson

    Wow! So much great info… so much to learn, so little time! Glad you’re here!

  • FYI – You can get Google Alerts in your Google Reader. So as you’re catching up on reading content, you can also check out your mentions. 🙂

  • #superlike mari what a post and what a video. simply u just rock. love all ur tips, i use tweetdeck instead of hotsuite. rest couple are new ones for a amateur enthusiast on sm 🙂

  • I like the look of Pearltrees. Never heard of it. Going to try it out. And thanks Mari for these awesome pearls;)

  • This is awesome. I of course use the top suggestions, but even in those areas there are hidden gems I didn’t know about. Not to mention the last few tools which are new to me. Thanks!

  • I use hootsuite to manage accounts but only the free account. It is easy for me to organize the mentions and retweets, so I can easily access and look at the conversations.Though Google reader I have not tried yet, what is its function?

  • Storch Kirill

    Very cool list of tools. I see it as kind of a primer. I have a question; Are there any social media tools that can create instant branding concepts for your Facebook page? One problem i have with my page is that it is too boring, but I dont want to pay an fbml developer a million dollars to spice it up. Is it possible to create a branding app? We found one here that has cool small businsss branding concepts, but do u know one that would work for a fortune 500 company?

    here is the link to the small branding app, we want it like this but better

  • Bob

    Great content. Thanks

  • You look great on camera, full of great energy and I love your passion. Thanks for sharing great content with us. I love and looking forward to learning more about FaceBook like page. Please share with us how does a like page get seen in the stream of new info?

  • Jerryreed

    Mari, Whoo!!!! Hoooo!!!! You are fantastic. I just watched my first video of one of you presentations. I love your style and just the way you present. I am now going to set aside time to watch many more of them. I do follow you and have no idea of why I haven’t watch your presentations before. Thank You for doing them.

  • Maria Reyes

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Content curating is something we haven’t been doing. These are all great tips that we’ll be implementing at Sharing and crediting other people’s ideas in a meaningful way that’s relevant to our audience is definitely a must for us. Thank you.

  • If video is the social content you’re looking for, I have created a Facebook app called FindLikes that shows you the top movies, music, and videos from your Facebook friends. You can listen to music and watch videos based on the likes of your social circle. In Beta now – Check it out!

  • Kirsty Wilson

    A great list! I’m a big user of, although I have been informed from a couple of Twitter followers that they believe is just spam. I’m not asking them to read the tweet, I’m happy enough that it provides me with a central source of quality info from those I follow. I have recently discovered and I’m finding this a great resource to really hone in on a particular topic.

  • Guest

    I like it when I visit SME site and read your clever tips & see that I am already doing what you guys suggest. I’ve been using Google alerts to track where my content shows up on the Net and what my competition is doing. I’ve tweaked my Google reader with some great RSS feeds and scan the headlines daily to get a feel for what the pro bloggers are bantering about. So yeah, both tactics are effective and free and quite handy.

  • Great Post Michael! I love this blog and Mari too.

    These are great suggestions and I use Twitter Lists and Google Reader myself to find quality content to share. The key is to subscribe to the RSS feeds of quality blogs like Social Media Examiner of course. And to populate your Twitter Lists with quality Tweeple that tweet great info. Mobile apps make it easy to do while your on the go too.

    With Google Reader / Google Buzz you can find quality people to follow and see what they like and share in Google Reader. This is another great way to find content to share on social networks.

    Talk soon,
    Eric Bonnici

  • Home run, like always from Social Media Examiner.

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  • Hi there, this is great stuff, I have learned a lot here today. Thanks for the post, I will be sure to hop back regularly. I like Mari’s presentation style too, makes it easy for me to understand. I am going to do my best to be able to come back with some useful stuff to share….eventually!

  • I checked out Pearl Trees. It is awesome. It is just what I need to organize my content and to find other content.

  • Thanks Mari,
    I think you have given me the best tools to help authors promote their books. I have been using to curate content. It not only helps with content but it also helps spread the word about my blog and with backlinks. In fact I wrote a blog about seededbuzz. If anyone is interested in seeing how it works go to and read the blog post. I am going to buzz content from a blog I found on seededbuzz by elaborating on points from the blog that will help my readers.

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  • Anita

    SME was referred to me by a friend. I am so glad he did – I am still learning all the in’s and out’s of SM – and your website has been great – very informative. Thank you Mari Smith for these informative tool tips.

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  • Sharmeenrfq

    Why stumble upon is not included in this list? it is also a  great tool for curation

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  •  I’ve been searching all morning for some advice on curation tools. This has just saved me a lot of time. Thank you!

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  • I use Pulse on my table and find it to be a wonderful tool. Not only is it great for reading and sorting through those you follow, but you can also star articles to be saved and viewed again later – both on the tablet and at your computer (via the browser-based cloud tool).


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  • All of these tools are great but my personal favourite is still the good old Google Reader. I think all bloggers would agree that it is must have tool.

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  • I love!