social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Beats Google: The social media giant is now the top source of U.S. web traffic, according to HitWise. Find out more about these stats and how Facebook achieved this here.

Reddit Reports Substantial Growth in 2010:  Reddit benefited from the decline of Digg last year and made improvements that resonate well with its users.  Is Reddit part of your social bookmarking plan?

reddit stats

Reddit's monthly pageviews tripled last year.

Facebook Worth More Than Yahoo and eBay!: With a $500 million round of financing, Facebook is now worth more than Yahoo and eBay.  Does anyone still question Facebook’s relevance today as a communication tool?

Quora Becoming Favorite to Watch in 2011:  According to the site, Quora is a continually improving set of questions and answers. Social Media Examiner writer Peter Wylie predicts Quora’s rise in 2011. You can read more on TechCrunch, Fast Company, CnetScobleizer and The Next Web. Have you tried it out yet?  If so, please share your experience below.


Engage in discussions with your friends on Quora.

Amazon Launches its Amazon Appstore Developer Portal: This is the first phase of Amazon’s upcoming Appstore. Read more about this here and here. The important takeaway is to keep the launch of Amazon’s Appstore on your radar. Social applications can enhance the social experience your clients have with your business.

amazon appstore

Amazon has launched its developer portal in preparation for its new application marketplace to open later this year.

SlideShare Publishes Their 2010 Zeitgeist Presentation: Here are the most popular SlideShare presentations from 2010 and some stats to help you create better online presentations for others to share.

Check out the presentation above.

Here’s one more new social media tool worth a look:

Eegoes: aims to cut through the clutter by simplifying and organizing the content you really want to see and make it easy to share what’s really important.


Check out how Eegoes can help you with your social media interactions.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner Announces Blogging Success Summit 2011:  This is your chance to hone your skills with some of the best in the industry for this key social media tool.

What social media news caught your interest? Please share your comments below.

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  • Cindy…I love your round ups. Short and sweet and to the point. Filled with useful “heads up” kind of thang…keep it up 🙂

  • Thanks Dino. Just aiming to make it easy for everyone to stay current on what’s important.

  • Thanks for the news. SocialMedia Examiner always update to date.

  • Tim

    great post, and almost sad for me. I try to keep up on social media but didnt ever hear about 3 of the items you listed. I’ll be sure to sign up and probably start using reddit more than before

  • Agree with Tim’s comments above. Despite all of the stuff I read you guys at SME always manage to show me a few things I didn’t know about.

  • Hi Cindy. Thank you for valuable updates.

    I like to add something about Quora:

    I got to know Quora via a link on linkedin, shared by Paul Dunay. Thanks again Paul. What I especially like about quora is being able to follow topics. There are a lot of questions on Quora that we all have as “social media users”. Another great thing about Quora is the community determines which answers are valuable by upvoting them. This way, the Quora community arranges itself around what deserves attention and what not. I would highly recommend anyone to open an account on Quora. – Juan.

  • speckz

    FYI, The link for “SlideShare Publishes Their 2010 Zeitgeist Presentation” links to an article on WSJ about Myspace Plans Layoffs.

  • Thanks Cindy for yet another great post! Thankfully I’ve never had to experience sitting through a PowerPoint presentation that had anywhere near 1937 slides 🙂 Some great stuff in there to include as icebreakers in my upcoming presentations.

    I had a quick look at Quora, and after reading Juan’s comment above, will pop over to open an account. And, heading over to Reddit as well.

    Best, Annemarie

  • True

  • WOW, great news brief… I feel like up to date.

    Thank you Cindy for a great post, a lot of value for me, I’ve already registered for the Blogging success Summit and looking forward to it.

    What do you think about invitation only specialized communities like the, and

  • Thanks Cindy for a well written article. Very informative.

    @willisetech on Twitter

  • teena_eca

    What a useful data, thanks for sharing. Facebook beats Google, that’s really a good info.

  • Leej

    Personally, I dislike Quora and recommend to my associates that they AVOID it.

    First of all, they force you to use your real name and do not allow vanity URLs. What really annoyed me most was their politician-like non-answers to folks who questioned their reasoning: They also disable your account if you do not comply. Sorry, but I find that offensive.

    The ability to post anonymously is not adequate. For one, questions you answer anonymously do not show up in your feed. Second, some people actually have credibility built up online under pseudonyms. Posting anonymously negates that. Not to mention that it adds nothing to your promotion efforts. As SME has pointed out, posting to blogs and other forums can help promote your own efforts.

    I happen to have two careers myself… one at NASA and another as a dark fiction writer under a pseudonym. I keep them very separate for personal and professional reasons. I could contribute quite a bit to Quora under my pseudonym, but since they will not allow me to use it, I won’t be there. And because they have annoyed me with their non-responses, I will not be using the site under my real name either.

    By the way, I can’t figure out how to leave the site! The have “deactivation”…but you are still in their database. No way to take back your info once you put it there. What–is this place run by the government? No Thank you, folks, you can keep it!

  • Leek, thanks for sharing your experience

  • Nice tips. It’s amazing how there’s always more! I just signed up for egoes thanks to your article. It looks interesting.
    thanks, Margie

  • A good read this week but I have to say Quora does nothing for me for the reasons outlined here: – but mostly boils down to this – why give yourself another login when you can ask your friends (who know your likes and dislikes) on Twitter and Facebook?

  • Sunanda

    That facebook made it beyond big players like yahoo n google.
    What does fb has which rest doesn’t?

  • I used Quora last week for the first time. It was amazingly easy to use and within 30 minutes i had 6 valid answers to my question with great resources for me to check out. I had answers to my last minute question in time to present them at the meeting later that day. It was amazing! I’ll be using it in 2011

  • I’ve been using reddit, but am somewhat disappointed with the caliber of articles and the diversity of categories. The topics are a bit crass at times, and I prefer stumbleupon and even digg. But I may be missing something. Any hints?

  • Hi Cindy..

    Don’t where this article ended up in my emails. Switched from one email to another, so might dropped in between.. lol..

    Great info here. Reddit is a bookmarking site I have not used at all. Might have to check it out. Was trying Evernote out as my Bookmarking option, but it is getting a bit cluttered there. And I prefer to use Evernote for ideas. So Reddit might be a good option.

    Also jumped on the Quora wagon here. So far mostly tech info there. But can be a good alternative to LinkedIn Answers and Facebook Questions.

    Amazon finally seems to catch onto the mobile wave. Digging their new iPhone app. Really looking forward to see what they have in store for us.

    I’m such a fan of Slideshare, one of my most valuable tools. Love It!

    Cheers.. Are

  • Thanks for another set of great tips Cindy, i immediately subscribed to Quora and am already looking forward towards your next update.

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