8 Social Media News Items You Need to Know

social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Beats Google: The social media giant is now the top source of U.S. web traffic, according to HitWise. Find out more about these stats and how Facebook achieved this here.

Reddit Reports Substantial Growth in 2010:  Reddit benefited from the decline of Digg last year and made improvements that resonate well with its users.  Is Reddit part of your social bookmarking plan?

reddit stats

Reddit's monthly pageviews tripled last year.

Facebook Worth More Than Yahoo and eBay!: With a $500 million round of financing, Facebook is now worth more than Yahoo and eBay.  Does anyone still question Facebook’s relevance today as a communication tool?

Quora Becoming Favorite to Watch in 2011:  According to the site, Quora is a continually improving set of questions and answers. Social Media Examiner writer Peter Wylie predicts Quora’s rise in 2011. You can read more on TechCrunch, Fast Company, CnetScobleizer and The Next Web. Have you tried it out yet?  If so, please share your experience below.


Engage in discussions with your friends on Quora.

Amazon Launches its Amazon Appstore Developer Portal: This is the first phase of Amazon’s upcoming Appstore. Read more about this here and here. The important takeaway is to keep the launch of Amazon’s Appstore on your radar. Social applications can enhance the social experience your clients have with your business.

amazon appstore

Amazon has launched its developer portal in preparation for its new application marketplace to open later this year.

SlideShare Publishes Their 2010 Zeitgeist Presentation: Here are the most popular SlideShare presentations from 2010 and some stats to help you create better online presentations for others to share.

Check out the presentation above.

Here’s one more new social media tool worth a look:

Eegoes: aims to cut through the clutter by simplifying and organizing the content you really want to see and make it easy to share what’s really important.


Check out how Eegoes can help you with your social media interactions.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner Announces Blogging Success Summit 2011:  This is your chance to hone your skills with some of the best in the industry for this key social media tool.

What social media news caught your interest? Please share your comments below.

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