social media how toWhat if your Twitter conversations could expand to include more people from your online community?

Now you can thanks to embedded tweets, a new feature from Twitter.

Sharing Tweets Outside of Twitter

Embedded tweets allow you to take a tweet or a conversation and post it on your website or in a blog post. You can use this feature to share your Twitter conversation with a larger audience.

But more than that, the embedded tweets have interactive features. From an embedded tweet, a visitor to your website or a blog post reader can:

  • Reply to the tweet and join the conversation.
  • Share the conversation with their Twitter community using retweet.
  • Mark the tweet as a favorite.
  • View the Twitter profile of the tweet author.
  • Follow the tweet author.
  • View tweet replies by clicking the tweet date.

tweet example

An embedded tweet allows people to interact from your blog or website.

All of this happens right on your website! Twitter adds a pop-up window so your visitor never leaves your website or blog post. It’s like having a little Twitter conversation launch pad installed on your website.

Embedded Tweet Benefits

Before embedded tweets, a screen capture was the only way you could share a single tweet on your blog. Now, you have a quick and easy way to post a tweet or a conversation online.

Embedded tweets stand out on the page because they include graphic elements, so they draw the eyes of your visitors.

If you embed a reply, Twitter posts not only the reply, but also the original tweet, giving you a conversation view. This puts individual tweets in context so they make more sense.

tweet with reply

When you choose a reply tweet, Twitter includes the original tweet so you see the reply in context.

Tweets with photos from and videos from YouTube appear with the media visible. If the tweet includes media from other services, your visitors can click through the tweet to display the image or video.

Create an Embedded Tweet

You create an embedded tweet by inserting special HTML code into your website, blog post, email signature or anyplace that accepts HTML code.

Note: Before you get the HTML code, make sure you know where you are going to insert your embedded tweet and know how to insert HTML in that tool.

To get the HTML code to create an embedded tweet:

  1. Locate a tweet on that you want to embed.
    how to embed

    You can embed any tweet that you can see in a timeline.

  2. Hover your mouse over the tweet and click the Expand option.

    The expand option starts the embedded tweet process.

  3. Click Details.
    how to embed details

    The expanded view provides more details about the tweet.

    Twitter displays the tweet on its own page.

  4. Click Embed this Tweet.
    how to embed this tweet

    The Embed this Tweet option is only available after you expand the tweet view.

    Twitter displays the Embed this Tweet window.

  5. Choose the alignment option for your tweet (left, right or center).
    how to embed default alignment

    The default alignment is None. Choose either Right, Left or Center to get a graphical display for your tweet.

    Twitter adjusts the HTML code for the alignment option you choose.Note: If you choose None, your embedded tweet doesn’t look like the example pictures in this article. Instead, your embedded tweet uses the block quote style from your blog, website or other posting location.

  6. Click inside the HTML code box to highlight the code.
    how to embed highlight code

    After choosing the alignment, click inside the code box to highlight the code.

  7. Copy the HTML code (CTRL+C or Command+C) and paste it into your website, blog or other destination.
    how to embed copy code

    Copy the code into your computer's clipboard.

Creative Uses for Embedded Tweets

Here are 8 ways you can use embedded tweets to spark conversations within your online community.

#1: Add Customer Comments and Testimonials to Your Website

Tweets can be a great source of customer testimonials for your business. Before embeddable tweets, you could use the Twitter widget to add a list of customer testimonials to your website. With embeddable tweets, you can highlight one tweet without creating an entire list.

hia testimonial

A customer testimonial can appear on your website or in a blog post.

#2: Share Event Invitations

Do you host business events? Most people share event invitations with their Twitter community. You can embed the invitation tweet in a blog post or in a list of upcoming events on your website.

event invite

Add an event invitation to your website or blog post by embedding a tweet with the invitation information.

Your website visitors can use the embedded tweet to display the event invitation, share the invitation with their Twitter community and reply to ask questions.

#3: Add Opinions and Ideas from Others to Your Blog Posts

Many bloggers include opinions and quotes from other people in their blog posts. Now you can embed tweets from other people into your blog posts.

Embedded tweets allow your readers to connect with new people on Twitter and jump into the Twitter conversation from your blog.

conversation example

An embedded Twitter conversation showing a question and a reply.

#4: Continue a Twitter Conversation in a Blog Post

Many times, a Twitter conversation becomes the inspiration for a blog post. You can embed part of a conversation into your blog post and reach more people than the original Twitter conversation.

If you embed a question, everyone who reads your post can join in the Twitter conversation directly from your blog. It’s a great way to invite people who missed the original conversation on Twitter to join in.

open question

Embed a tweet with a question to continue the conversation on your blog or website.

#5: Recap Highlights From a Tweet Chat into a Blog Post

Tweet chats are a popular way to exchange ideas within a group. However, the conversations are often fast-paced, and they disappear into the Twitter timeline.

tweet chat

When you embed a reply tweet, Twitter automatically includes the original tweet so you can embed the conversation.

You can capture the highlights of a tweet chat into a blog post or website page to share with the chat community after the event. You can also use this feature to show potential chatters the quality of conversation within your tweet chats.

The interactive features allow others to jump into the conversation today. Your tweet chat can reach more people and continue beyond its original time constraints.

#6: Share Comments Made During an Event

Many conferences and trade shows today have a Twitter screen display that shows the comments and conversations going on among attendees. With embedded tweets, you can capture selected comments and share them on the event website or in a daily wrap-up blog post.

at event

People often write enthusiastic tweets during events. You can capture their excitement by embedding those tweets.

If you host a tweetup at your business, you can capture tweets made during your eventand share them on your website or in a blog post about your event. You can also use them to help advertise the next tweetup at your business.

#7: Share Audience Comments During a Training Class, Webinar or Speaking Engagement

Some of the most spontaneous compliments about your business products and services occur during a training session or webinar. You can capture these tweets and embed them into your upcoming class descriptions to demonstrate what people loved about past sessions.

If you speak at an event, audience members often share the highlights of your talk on Twitter along with their praise of your talk. You can share these tweets on your website speaker page as testimonials of your presentation success.

tweet during class

Tweets made during your talk capture the points that struck a nerve with your attendees.

#8: Add a Tweet to Your Email Signature

In your business email signature, you have a small space to make a big impact. Why not embed a tweet of a glowing customer comment to help you seal the deal with a potential customer? Or add a tweet about an upcoming event to help you reach the people you interact with before the event?

tweet with photo

Why not show your customers your new products right from your email signature? Many email programs allow you to add HTML code to your signature block that also allows you to embed a tweet.

It’s Your Turn

What do you think? How do you like the new embeddable tweets? Have you added an embedded tweet into your blog or website? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.

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  • Mellissa Thomas

    Charlene, this is awesome information. I read a blog article two weeks ago on how to
    embed a “Tweet this” code into blogs to make it easier for readers to
    retweet your material, but these tips are altogether new and different.

    Thanks so much for sharing these – especially the email signature idea. 

  • EDM Machines

    Awesome tips. Embedding tweets comes across as more dedicated and showcases you as a resource rather than a gossip. BTW, #8 got me sooo hungry. Thanks for that.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    This is a fairly new feature from Twitter. They are always working on new ways to improve how Twitter helps you engage your community. Stay tuned!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I love the power of embedded tweets, also. And I’m sure Pittsburgh Willy loves that his photo made you hungry!

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  • LeoWid

    Awesome ideas here Charlene! Especially the idea to use it for Twitter chats is terrific. I haven’t thought of that. There are always some very memorable Tweets during chats, it’s a great idea to capture them that way, thanks for sharing, Buffered it of course! :)

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Thanks, Leo. I have friends who conduct Twitter chats and I know their challenges in recording the highlights for posterity. Twitter’s search just isn’t deep enough to provide access later, and even if it was, highlights get lost in the noise. I love the embeddable tweets feature!

  • Diane Aull

    Thanks so much for sharing this. My mind is spinning now with all sorts of ideas! Oh, well, I didn’t really want to get caught up on my other work this afternoon after all… 😉

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Ha! New ideas are a good thing. Hope you still have a very productive day, Diane!

  • Ellaregee

    I’m not seeing any “expand” option on any of my tweets ?

  • Ellaregee

     a ha – had to look beyond the ‘expand’ and go strait to the Details

  • Pingback: 8 Creative Ways to Use Embeddable Tweets :Social Media, Internet and Affiliate Marketing()

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I’m glad you got it figured out. I love the results, but there are a lot of steps to get there. 

  • Mandy Kilinskis

    Embeddable tweets are the best. Not only are they wonderful for all of the 8 ways you outlined, but I love how clean and professional they look. To me, they look a lot sharper than screen shots – especially since you can favorite, retweet, and click through!

  • H Peltan

    I look forward tp my daily dose of ultra useful info, sometimes struggle to keep up, but much appreciated.

  • Dennis @ Brochure Boxes

    I have been seeing more and more of these Twitter Chats incorporated into television shows. During the shows airing, the cast is actually Tweeting with the fans answering questions, clearing up confusion and even commenting on the production. So TV really can be interactive now.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I could not agree more, Mandy. I love this new feature. It really pulls Twitter into the blog/website arena beautifully.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    The world of social media is always changing, and it takes work to keep up. Social Media Examiner does a great job of pulling together information from a wide range of experts. Keep coming back!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    And isn’t that exciting! I love seeing all of the ways that we are connecting where there used to be walls separating us.

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  • Barış Ünver

    #9: Add the embedded tweet to a giveaway post for participants to easily retweet, maybe?

    Thought of this while reading the article :)

  • Ellaregee

     including styling the links, the divs that hold and targeting. but still a pretty cool feature!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I like the way you think! Great idea!!

  • Gary Stockton

    It’s an interesting feature, but mine does not look like yours. All i get is plain times roman, and not sure how to make the tweet look like Twitter.

  • Zoe Alexander

    Charlene, this is extremely informative and now has made what was a somewhat difficult subject to track and use a much simpler task. I shal be coming back to this to go step by step through the embedding stages for our new blog on our website! Thank you so much for this great guidance post!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I can tell you exactly why you are getting that. At step 5, you have to choose an alignment. If you leave it at the default (none) you get the ugly version.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    You are welcome, Zoe. I try to include both how and why to use features so people can get inspired and put their inspiration into action right away.

  • Bruce Bixler

    Thanks Charlene, this is great information. Now I can show my son something he doesn’t know about on Twitter. 

  • James Lynch Jr.

    I’ve been using this for several months now on my website.  A new thought to me is point number 8 :
    “Add a Tweet to Your Email Signature”

    Will try and implement number 8.
    Thank you

  • KrisOlin

    Great article, Charlene! I haven’t actually embedded a Tweet before but I did one just a minute ago on my blog’s video page ( ), third video from the top. Charlene, how does embedding this tweet benefit me as a blog publisher in terms of traffic etc?

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I’m so glad to be able to help you pull that off, Bruce!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    You are definitely an early adopter, James! I think it’s a great feature, and something that isn’t getting much attention.

  • Dialler

    Hi Charlene,
    Good content. The great effort you have taken to find out what are all the ways available to use embedded Tweets. Thanks Charlene

  • Pingback: SEO content marketing roundup, week ending March 28th | SEO Copywriting()

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    It was my pleasure, Arul. I really love this new feature!

  • AdeoMarketing

    Very interesting article, but I have to ask, I have been trying to find the “expand” option on the tweets that appear on my Twitter profile, but I don’t have that option, or I don’t seem to have it…Is it a feature that is available for all Twitter profiles or not? It’s very strange, and I’ve tried to find it the “expand” button on my tweets more than one….it’s a mystery to me. 

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Someone else had the same problem. They had the “details” option without the expand. Check for that. If that doesn’t work, come back and let me know. We’ll figure something out together.

  • AdeoMarketing

    All I see is the usual options “Reply-Retweet-Favorite-Open” and when I hover the mouse under the person’s Twitter avatar, nothing happens…strange indeed. 

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Try this. Click Open. Then down below, click Details.

  • AdeoMarketing

    Aha! Success! Thank you very much!

  • Todd Zeidler

    Charlene – Great post. In the athletics dept. at Baylor University, we have had great success using the embedded tweet for the past couple months in our men’s and women’s basketball recaps with a “Tweet of the Game.” Please check it out if you are looking for some concrete examples: We are going to start using it in more of our web posts and blogs.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Glad to help you get it working.

  • With Intent

    I use WordPress for my blog and I only get the block quote style regardless of the alignment I choose. :(

  • Jennifer Austin

    Thank you!!!! I would use the screenshot approach previously, but I like this one.

    If someone deletes their tweet though, then it will show an error on your post?

  • Executive MBA

    That’s certainly an interesting article, and you can certainly use this feature on your website to brand your services and products, specially by showing your customers reviews. 

  • Annlauwers

    Thank you Charlene!!! Learning all this web stuff is so confusing sometimes. You’ve won a fan for making it so easy! Thanks again!!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Thanks for sharing, Todd. You guys/gals are doing it smart at Baylor!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    That’s a really good question, Jennifer. And I don’t have a good answer. I couldn’t find anything about that  situation in Twitter’s online help. I suspect that you are right. 

    Has anyone here had this happen to them?

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    It’s always great to add social proof to your website and blog, and tweets are a good source of social proof.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Thank you. And keep coming back. I write here about once a month, but every single day there is a new article about social media for business.

  • Sylvia

    I was very excited when I read your post and tried it out immediately, but sadly, I’m only getting hte ‘block quotes’ style on WordPress – I’ve tried each of the alignment options in turn! And it seems that Outlook email doesn’t allow html in the signature either? Well, it was worth a go!

  • Diane Yuhas

    I like this idea of embeddable tweets, but what I really want is a plug-in for my blog that automatically shares comments on my posts from other sites like Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest directly in the comments section of each blog post. I would want the ability to moderate these comments. 

  • Anita Hovey

    Great info Charlene! I’ve got Twitter testimonials on my website, but I never thought of embedding them. Love the other uses you’ve outlined, too.

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  • Dissertation Assistance

    Well, I haven’t noticed this new twitter feature. Twitter too is doing some interesting updates along with Facebook and Google+.

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  • Steve Cassady

    Fantastic Tips.  Now I don’t have to SNIP the tweets.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I’m sorry that you are having problems, Sylvia. All of the screen captures for the article show embedded tweets in WordPress. I’m scratching my head about why you might be having problems. About Outlook–I know some email tools allow HTML and others don’t. I’m sorry that things are not quite working out for you because of tools. :-)

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  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Diane, I’ve seen blogs that have something like you are describing, but I don’t know how they do it. Have you tried doing a search? With enough key words, you should be able to narrow down the search results to find what you are looking for.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Thanks, Anita.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Twitter released this feature about two months back, but it hasn’t gotten much attention. I think it’s a really powerful feature and loved sharing it here.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Yes! Isn’t that great! Thanks for your comment, Steve.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    What version of WordPress are you using? Are you at, or are you self-hosting your WordPress site? I’m wondering if that makes a difference.

  • Diane Yuhas

    No, I haven’t done a key word search yet.  The idea has been rolling around in my head, but I haven’t seriously considered it until now.  Think I’ll do that search …. Thanks!

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  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I’m glad to inspire you.

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  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    It allows you to bring the Twitter conversation to your blog and keeps traffic there during the conversation.l

  • Andrew K Kirk

    #5 seems like a great idea that I hadn’t thought. You could take an idea from a tweet chat, blog about, and use the embedded tweet as expert quote. Cool!

  • JoomlaShine

    Great tip and article! Will try to use it for own project.

  • Dana Sitar

    Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard of this before, and I’ll definitely try it out. I would suggest adding some of your own tweets to blog post (e.g. A ‘latest tweets’ footer) to let readers know what you tweet and encourage them to respond and to follow you.

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  • Tam Ngo Le

    Hi Charlene Kingston, I get a trouble when rend the code. I don’t understand how to use Web Intents to show the embed tweet as beautiful as you had. I only can rend the embed tweet as quote in my website. Please help me to solve it

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  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I’m glad you found that suggestion useful, Andrew.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    Good luck with your project!

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    That’s another great idea, Dana. The more you use embedded tweets, the more ideas you will see.

  • Charlene (@SocialMediaDIY)

    I am not sure what exactly is going wrong for you. I can tell you that you must choose an alignment (Step 5) or you get a very ugly version of the tweet.

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  • Danny

    Embeddable tweets are really a great way to keep interactive with your online community and make sure that your viewers and subscribers are really being kept up to date on your site, great article =)

  • Dcdenison

    great article. Are the tweets supposed to be clickable? I couldn’t click on any of yours above. 

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  • Phil Wolstenholme

    Embedded tweets wont work in an email as they rely on Javascript code to format the tweets, and this isn’t supported in email clients. What you could do, is take a screenshot of the embedded tweet and add that to your email as an image, linking through to the tweet.

  • Phil Wolstenholme

    Embedded tweets wont work in an email as they rely on Javascript code to format the tweets, and this isn’t supported in email clients. What you could do, is take a screenshot of the embedded tweet and add that to your email as an image, linking through to the tweet.

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  • Justin Chaschowy

    that email signature idea is great