social media how to Want to use mobile live-streaming to market your business?

Have you tried Periscope?

Periscope is already proving to be an incredibly powerful social tool, and savvy marketers are using it in innovative ways to grow their businesses.

In this article you’ll discover six ways to use Periscope for your business.

use periscope for business

Discover six ways to use Periscope for business.

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#1: Show Live Product Demos

If you’re launching a new product, share the details with your audience on Periscope. You can do an interactive product demonstration by answering pertinent questions from viewers. Showcase cool product features, packaging and more.

In this example Instagram coach and retailer Sue Zimmerman shows viewers how to apply Flash Tattoos (gold temporary tattoos) to their skin.

periscope broadcast screenshot

Demonstrate how to use your product and its features on Periscope.

#2: Share Industry News

Periscope is a way to break news to your online community before anyone has a chance to write about it. Publishing a half-decent blog post on an industry innovation could take hours. On Periscope, you can simply talk about marketplace trends and then use your conversation with viewers to write a blog post or produce a training video.

Sharing relevant news is a great way to position yourself as a go-to person in your industry, which sets you apart from your competition and gives you perceived authority.

#3: Connect With Influencers

Periscope is a great way to connect with influencers in your industry. To get noticed, show up regularly to their broadcasts, make insightful comments, ask intelligent questions and share their broadcasts on your social channels.

periscope broadcast screenshot

Author and blogger Denise Duffield Thomas uses Periscope to share her insights on blogging for business.

If you want to develop a deeper relationship with an influencer you’ve met in person, Periscope can help with that, too.

To remember to tune into specific broadcasts, turn on your push notifications and then mute everyone except the people you want to connect with.

periscope settings screenshot

To make sure you don’t miss broadcasts that are important to you, turn on notifications for the people or brands you want to tune into regularly on Periscope.

If you know certain influencers will broadcast at the same time every day, add a reminder to your calendar to tune in.

#4: Take Viewers Behind the Scenes

To connect with viewers on a personal level, use Periscope to give them a glimpse into your life or take them behind the scenes of your business. You can start a conversation by answering questions from your audience during the broadcast.

As a preview to his podcast, Lewis Howes did a Periscope broadcast from the home of fitness guru Gabrielle Reese and surfer Laird Hamilton. People were able to chime in with questions they wanted Lewis to ask the couple in his podcast interview.

periscope broadcast screenshot

Give viewers a behind-the-scenes look of your business, life, events or inventory.

If you’re an author, share an update about your upcoming book or ask your audience for feedback on the title or a chapter you’re working on. If you own a retail shop, give people a sneak peek at new items that have arrived.

#5: Build Your Mailing List

Periscope broadcasts can be an opportunity to build your mailing list. During your broadcast, ask viewers to leave their email addresses in the comments to sign up. Then you can enter the addresses into your database later.

While this may create a little extra work for you, the signup process removes a barrier for viewers to join your mailing list.

A note of caution: Because you’ll be entering the email addresses manually, you may want to turn on opt-in confirmation emails to be certain you’re complying with international email marketing regulations.

#6: Provide Content for Other Channels

You can repurpose your Periscope broadcasts to provide content for your other social channels.

Although Periscope videos can only be broadcast vertically, some users have come up with innovative ways to work creatively with the vertical layout. You can also hack the layout to crop videos for YouTube or other social channels.

Here’s a SlideShare presentation showing how to hack the vertical layout by using a tripod with iPhone and iPad mounts.

To repurpose your content for other networks, look for creative ways to hack Periscope’s vertical layout.

periscope settings screenshot

If you want to save your videos, turn on Autosave Broadcasts.

Be sure to turn on Autosave Broadcasts in your Periscope settings so you don’t have to remember to save your broadcasts each time.

Another way to save broadcasts is to mirror the content on your desktop computer (with a tool like AirParrot or AirServer) and then record it using software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow.

Cross-Promote Your Broadcasts on Other Social Platforms

If you want to build buzz and attract more targeted followers, cross-promote your Periscope broadcasts on other social platforms.

A simple way to do this is to create a post to promote your broadcast. Include a graphic featuring your Periscope channel and hashtag (if you have one) and make sure to note your headline and broadcast time in the post.

periscope broadcast promotion post

To attract more viewers, promote Periscope broadcasts on your other social media channels.

You can schedule the post with a tool like Edgar or Hootsuite to ensure it goes out before your broadcast.

periscope broadcast promotion post scheduled in edgar

Schedule your social media promotion post to ensure it’s published before the broadcast.

Over to You

If you haven’t already caught onto this social media trend, Periscope enables you to share live-stream video with other users on the platform. You can have real-time, chat-based conversations with viewers during your broadcast.

To build a solid following on Periscope, it’s important to broadcast your content on a consistent, predictable basis. A regular schedule lets people know what to expect from you, which makes it more likely that they’ll remember to tune in.

There are many more ways businesses are innovating with Periscope, and I hope these ideas will inspire you to jump on board and give it a try.

What do you think? How are you using Periscope for your business? Have you seen any other innovative uses for Periscope? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

how to use periscope for business

Tips using Periscope for business.

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  • Thomas Rockland

    How do I get started using Periscope to promote my online store?

  • Lara Joseph

    I am a professional animal trainer. My services are international so each evening I share a training tip with a different animal showing ‘how-to’ live-streaming. I love keeping this close connection with my clients and those wanting to better their lives with their animals.

  • I like number #1 #3 and 4.

  • Thanks for this great post!

    I’m not using Periscope or Meerkat for business. There are many social media networks and tools that it’s enough to make your head spin. When start to use Periscope, I’ll refer back to this post. I like the idea repurposing Periscope broadcasts to provide content for other social channels. It will cut down on the amount of time spent on social media. You have to sleep some time!

  • There are about 19 ways I have discovered that livestream technology can be used to promote a product or service. From events to Q and A sessions and product validation.Public agencies are also using it as well. Most recently, the Fargo police department for traffic stops. I also teach my clients that the best content on Periscope can and should be repurposed on other networks as it makes sense based on your inbound marketing strategy. At minimum, if you have a blog, you can offer a download tips sheet that goes along with your broadcast and link people to a repurposed video of your scope on YouTube. So many possibilities. Great post!

  • Thomas, curious what you sell? You can use it to do a flash sale on an item, announce new products, share customer stories or testimonials or answer frequently asked questions.

  • I am loving Periscope! As an aspiring TV host it is a great way for me to practice being on camera. Not to mention all the amazing individuals I have met through the app.

    It is also a great way to build an audience which is important in the Entertainment Indistry. I feel like it allows me to build up different skills to those I have learnt from YouTube but I feel like both platforms are important for me to create content on.

    As you can guess I am a huge fan of the app but I do wonder what other people’s thoughts are…

    Does anybody think it is a fad and it will just pass? Will it reach the level of Instagram and Snapchat?
    We are so typically used to HD viewing and YouTube has definitely gone down the route of being a lot more professional looking. Do you think this may happen to periscope? Maybe a new app will come out and be much better quality than both meerkat and periscope.

    These are all possibilities however in my opinion I really do enjoy the rawness of periscope although I am sure others beg to differ. What are your thoughts?

    Catch me LIVE on periscope @LiterallyAnika 🙂

  • That’s a brilliant use for Periscope Depuhl!

  • Hi Thomas, I recommend building your Twitter following in the first instance. So, get on Twitter and start letting people know to connect with you there. Also, start following people who are relevant to your niche. That will encourage follow-backs from the right audience. Once you have a Twitter following, that makes launching on Periscope way easier because they’re connected.

  • All this is good advice. I think that with an online store it’s about making sure people know you’re on there as well.

  • Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome!

  • Thanks Jim!

  • Haha! That’s true. I would suggest that you need to find what works for you. Some are finding Periscope a great fit for their personalities and personal brands so they’re leaning in to it, while others don’t get the platform at all. Do what works for you.

  • I actually had 20 tips haha but I’ll share the other 14 on Periscope later this morning (AEST time) and yes, let’s connect! Would love to.

  • Anika, thanks for your comment. I think it is a fad but I think it is one that will be around for sometime. The way it makes you so accessible and the fact that you can very easily connect with others is a bit of a gamechanger I think!

  • Thanks for the shout out Cas. Appreciate it – and great article. xx

  • Gday Cas I have used periscope since the 1st of April, This platform has changed my business in just a few months. @perfectionchocolates and @chocolatejohnny have gone global. if you have a bricks and mortar business you must get on periscope. just push the start broadcast button. people will watch people will listen.

  • Anika so great to see you here.

  • Is this only available on iPhone?

  • Hey thanks Denise! I appreciate your scopes! 🙂 I don’t think we met at Problogger but one day I’m sure we will. 🙂

  • I follow you. In fact we’ve had a convo on someone else’s scope because I didn’t realise you were based in Sydney. You’re doing amazing things Chocolate Johnny!

  • It’s available on Android phones too.

  • Nice work Cas!

  • ArtaGene

    Noticed in the comments that this is available on android phones…nice to know!

  • Marybeth

    Hi there. I work the social media accounts for a music tech start up. We’re trying to figure out how we can use Periscope for our niche/business. We’re more of a B2C and the first flagship product is an app that’s still under development. The app will allow users to make music videos loops w/ special effects. We also want to target music makers to sign up. As of right now we don’t have an actual product….so we’re not sure if Periscope is something we need to use? We do have Instagram, FB, Twitter, and Vine. Each platform has different follower demographics. Any other tips/advice out there?

  • Thanks Cas. Ill be looking out for you.

  • harshavardhan

    Great Post!!

  • treb072410

    Great post Cas!! Another useful information you shared here.. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ricardo Morales

    I believe Periscope (Meeerkat, etc.) as an app may passs, but the scheduled live stream thing is here to stay. It was already in use with Hangouts (guys please correct me if I`m wrong) and I see a great potential for it for aspiring personalities such as yourself, as well as a way to connect with your friends and show them (show off?) what you do.
    On the internet everyone can feel like a star or share knowledge/thoughts with others. And people love that.

  • Francis West

    I believe that Periscope will become bigger that all the other social media out there. What an amazing tool/app to share knowledge

  • nice reply. I am hoping Periscope isn’t a fad and it is here to stay though 🙂 lets see!

  • Hey Mike, thank you!

  • I have an iPhone but you can get it through Google Play as well.

  • Hi Marybeth, Periscope would be great for behind-the-scenes snippets highlighting the app’s development and how musicians will be able to use it. Think about the story here…. You don’t need a working app to tell the story of it’s development and share why you’re doing it… you need to get people excited about it and start building a community around it so that when you beta test you’ve got a tonne of willing hands in the air. Periscope would be great for that I reckon. The stats for Periscope would be similar to Twitter but don’t just take into account demographics. Look at the reasons why they’d use the different tools. Periscope appeals to people who are natural entertainers. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

  • Thank you! Glad you liked it.

  • You’re welcome!

  • I think it’s very powerful too. Thanks for your comment.

  • Shannon Tice Lavenia

    I can definitely relate to the “head-spinning”. A few points that make Periscope a great choice to use. 1. It’s free and the opt-ins you’ll get are the highest quality I’ve ever seen. 2. It’s the fastest way to expand your influence as your viewers can share with their audience. Essentially, you have the ability to tap into audiences you would never have reached before. 3. It’s new but growing very quickly. That means you can be an early adopter for anyone else in your niche. 4. It’s super easy. 5. It reduces the time it takes for the know-like-trust-buy cycle since people are literally connecting with you and getting to know you. I have a few tips on my site that can help you.

  • Shannon Tice Lavenia

    Hahahhaha…I just put a list of 30 in my course. The possibilities are truly endless, huh?

  • Shannon Tice Lavenia

    I get what you’re saying Ricardo, but I really don’t see it passing or fading away anytime soon. Hence, the reason Twitter dumped $100mil into it. The very real difference between Google Hangouts and Periscope is accessibility and spontaneity. With Google Hangouts, which I use extensively, the host(s) typically plan advance and then take substantial efforts to promote to their already existing audience or advertise to gain/expand their audience. Plus, people can access Scopes at anytime with their mobile phone.

    With Periscope, it’s spontaneous. It’s also a great way to tap into new audiences as viewers can share your broadcast while they are live (not really something used in Google Hangouts much). I’ve found that people share my Periscopes more than any other medium I use to market my businesses/services. I’ve attracted a lot more viewers.

    I’m using it extensively and have seen substantial growth in my list, sales, and audience.

  • Great place for aspiring actors, didn’t think about that.

  • PetePeriscope1

    Hey Cas & CasTribe

    A great post and now a few many more months down the track, I think its plain to see its not a passing fad.

    The other uses it can be used in business that I see are internal and external brand management; customer service; obviously marketing; news releases; PR; sales calls (get rid of the webinars and go livestreaming); L&D; upskilling staff; national conference calls; the list is far more exhaustive the longer I think about it.


  • Rich Castellano

    Great Post ( : I am a surgeon, and I use Periscope to broadcast Live surgeries. It is a powerful tool to educate the public. My patients are awake as my procedures are under local anesthesia. Patients enjoy the interaction, and when they hear me answering questions or discussing what I am doing, it helps them understand the process better. Often times the patient will answer questions from Periscope, and they make one another laugh with their exchanges. We have thousands of viewers for our scopes, please join us @RichCastellano Thanks for the comments : )

  • Timothy

    Hello Maryberth,
    I would highly recommend Periscope. It is more valued for B2C than B2B, one because you need continuous feedback from your audience and its withing reach in an unbelievable way. I am an artist and i go every now and then to showcase some projects and get feedback, test out what songs people might like even before going out to perform. What is the name of the app you are working on? Would love to check it out.Lets connect @UncleTim2SR.