social media how toDo you want more traffic to your blog?

Are you struggling to catch the attention of more readers?

Does this sound familiar? You write an amazing piece of content. You made sure to craft an attention-grabbing headline. You share the link on Twitter, Facebook, even Google+.

Then you wait in breathless anticipation for your share count to skyrocket. Except it doesn’t.

Never fear, in this article you’ll find fresh ideas to generate buzz and get your posts noticed.

two prong

Use a two-pronged approach with a variety of platforms and different types of media to get your post shared. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Promote Your Article Across a “Wider” Variety of Platforms

Everyone is using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to promote their content. It’s tempting to focus only on these four networks because they have popularity and community numbers on their side.

However, you get a competitive advantage when you share your content on smaller or less well-known networks. These sites often have active, focused audiences and offer less competition for attention, so your content will stand out.

Here are some examples of smaller networks:

  •—A question/answer-based website founded by two former Facebook employees. What makes Quora unique is that all content is created, edited and organized by its user community. The user base tends to be more business- and academic-oriented.
  • Tumblr—A microblogging site that recently made headlines when Yahoo! acquired it. Its user base tends to be younger and more “hip,” making it the perfect platform to share edgier, niche-based content.
  • Empire Avenue—Part social network, part social media marketing tool, Empire Avenue uses gamification to enable users to broadcast content across all of the other social networks. The primary members of EAv are small businesses, social media professionals and bloggers.
    intel on empire ave

    Intel on Empire Avenue.

Grab Viewer Interest With Different Types of Media

Sharing a link to your post isn’t enough to guarantee that it gets read. You need to give users a compelling reason to click your link.

Use one or more of these outside-the-box, creative methods to promote your posts with images, audio and video.

#1: Use Dubbler to Give a Short Audio Introduction

Available for iPhone and Android devices, Dubbler offers a simple way to record up to 60 seconds of audio on your phone, and then share it with other Dubbler community members.


Dubbler brings the simplicity and fun of audio to the social world. Record your voice, add a filter or photo and share with your friends.

The app includes voice filters and lets you add a cover image.

Spark interest in your blog post and record an audio message that communicates your excitement and passion about the content in a way that text or static images can’t.

Add an image, enter your blog post URL in the description and you’ve got a ready-made sound bite that can be shared with the Dubbler community, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

link on post

Add a link to your blog post. Record your teaser audio and share.

#2: Create a 6-Second Preview of Your Post with Vine

Vine is an iPhone app that lets you create 6-second looping video shorts. A Vine video is a great way to give viewers a 6-second teaser about the blog post contents.

For example, this bicycle blog created a short Vine of one of their bikes and tweeted it with a link to their blog post about its features and availability.

Here is an example with the blog post URL in the video description:

Vine has an active and growing community to share with. Additionally, you can also share to Twitter and Facebook.

Since Vine is owned by Twitter, your video will display automatically when you tweet it, as well as provide a link to the blog post and specific hashtags.

There’s another benefit of using Vine. Tweets with Vine videos are four times more likely to be shared than standard video, according to research by Unruly.

#3: Create a SlideShare Overview of Your Post

SlideShare is more than a just a content-sharing platform.

With 51.6 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is a thriving community with five times as much traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

A presentation by Pam Moore, the Marketing Nut, demonstrates the cross-promotional opportunities between SlideShare and her blog. In this example, Pam created an overview of her blog post with the slides and then included a link back to her post in one of the presentation slides.

At the end of her post, she embedded the presentation, which links back to SlideShare and more of her content.

pam moore link

Pam put her links at the end of her presentation on her closing slide.

Your finished presentation will be visible and searchable from within SlideShare and you can extend its reach and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

#4: Pin Your Post to a Pinterest Group Board

Pinterest allows you to pin on individual boards and collaborate by pinning to contributor boards. The benefit of pinning to a contributor board is increased exposure. When you pin to a contributor board, your fellow contributors see the pin and so do their followers. The more members and followers a group board has, the more people will see your pin.

Here are some tips for pinning your post to Pinterest:

  • Choose an interesting image from your blog post to pin
  • Make sure the title of your blog post is visible on the image you choose
  • Add keywords to the description
  • Use hashtags, if they’re relevant
  • If you mention someone in your blog post, you can @ mention them on Pinterest, too
  • Pinterest will add the URL to your blog post
    blog post on pinterest

    A great way to increase exposure for your blog post.

#5: Instagram an Image From Your Post

Instagram has a constantly updating feed of images that is viewed by over 100 million monthly users. Sharing your main blog image, overlaid with the post title, is a great way to drive organic traffic to your blog. You can leverage the sheer volume of Instagram traffic by using the same blog post image that you shared to Pinterest. Instagram is also very hashtag-friendly! Here’s an easy way to post your picture to the Instagram community and beyond:

  • Save your blog image to Dropbox
  • Access Dropbox from your mobile device
  • Upload the image to Instagram
  • Add any relevant hashtags and the URL of your blog post to the caption, using Bitly to shorten and track click-throughs
  • Be sure to @ mention anyone you referred to in your post
  • Remember to share your Instagram image to Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Foursquare

Pro Tip: Twitter no longer displays the actual Instagram. Instead, it links to the image. You can use IFTTT to circumvent this issue. Here’s the recipe and here’s what the tweet will look like using IFTTT.

Get Creative When Promoting Your Blog Posts

There are many other creative ways to promote your blog post. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Just because no one else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Some tactics will resonate with your readers. Some will not. And that’s ok. The important thing is to keep innovating.

What do you think? Have you used any of these creative alternatives? Do you have another, outside-the-box idea for promoting your blog posts? Please let me know your suggestions in the comments below.

Image from iStockPhoto.
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  • Sambarnes90

    Brilliant post this.

    Particularly, I feel, when talking about presenting your post in a number of different formats. The leverage you can get from posting this content in numerous places, in varying formats, is great.

    Plus you can learn what kinds of content work well with which kinds of audience. A great way to laser focus content to the audience you’re trying to capture with that particular post.

  • that’s kind of an awesome post.
    I have learn’t few new things.

  • Kristen Tammaro

    Great post! I love the tip about using vine, I was wondering how that worked for business.

  • Nice post, lots of new products that I never heard of, some I have.

  • Rahul Kohli

    Would have some reservations about mediums, would largely depend on the kind of content you have, the creative resouces at your disposal and the time needed to set up and monitor. Would rather focus on just 2-3.

  • Thanks for these tools. I’ve been looking for an audio tool but never heard of Dubbler so I will be using that. Thanks.

  • ubreyn12

    I am glad I read this post! I wanted to figure out how to post images to Instagram and I will definitely follow your tips for Vine!!

  • Wow, great tips, love the article!


  • Exactly! Each platform is unique with it’s own nuances. Experimenting with what works is the best way to hit the “sweet spot”. Thanks for your comment Sam! 🙂

  • Thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear that. 🙂

  • Vine is such a great platform to highlight your creativity. However, not everyone is a video or stop motion genius, so I think Vine can be intimidating. My goal was to show that there are opportunities with Vine for all of us. Thank you for commenting Kristen.

  • Thank you so much Greg. Definitely an eclectic mix, huh? 🙂

  • In many cases you could be right Rahul. Content marketing is effective for such a huge variety of businesses that it is important to stretch your wings and reach a potential untapped market. Lesser known networks present a great opportunity to do just that. Thank you for responding. 🙂

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for letting us know! Good luck. I can tell you that the Dubbler team is incredibly responsive.

  • Guest

    great info on Vine. I learned a lot Kimberly.Thanks for inclduing Empire Avenue!

  • susan roark

    Great post, I hadn’t thought about Vine. Thanks for including Empire Avenue. Very insightful Kimberly, thank you.

  • Thank you for taking the time to comment and let us know. Instagram is so fun! Try the Twitter trick with IFTTT – it works beautifully!

  • Thank you so much Almedin 🙂 Have a great day.

  • Great post Kim!! Lots of great nuggets! I just used the ifttt recipe. Fantastic!!!

  • Thank you and my pleasure! I have made so many great friends on EA. 🙂

  • Tara Geissinger

    Love your examples Kimberly — especially using Vine and Instagram to promote posts. I definitely don’t use them enough. You’ve inspired me!

  • I know Wayne! Isn’t the IFTTT recipe the best? I love it! Thanks for commenting my friend. 🙂

  • You’re welcome, Susan. My pleasure and I appreciate the comment!

  • Awesome! Thanks Tara. 🙂 You inspire me all the time with the breadth of your knowledge in regard to PR.

  • I discovered Empire Avenue a while back and it has proved to be a great source of shares and traffic for me. Congratulations on your first article!

  • Rachael

    Love this post. I’ve been looking for a way to get a little more reach with my content. I’m really interested in checking out how to add images and links to posts to instagram. I’ll have to spend some time getting familiar with how to do that. Thanks Kimberly!

  • aduronia

    Thank you! For actually presenting us with a creative and different list of where to get traffic, instead of the same tired, worn out recommendations. This was an great read and I’ll be sharing and utilizing some of these ideas for sure. Awesome work 🙂

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  • That was a brilliant post. Instead of talking about things that everyone else does, this post generated a lot of new ideas.

  • Hi Kimberly.

    Great tips here to try out some new sources of traffic, and for me Summer time is a good period to test out some new methods to gain new traffic.

    I tried some new ones lately that seems to give decent traffic. Have not tried Dubbler, so might check that out. For the Hospitality Industry Vine is a bit short to convey a good message from a marketing perspective. 60 sec audio might work.

    I just checked my IFTTT account here. Have to be better automate my messages out to a broad range of service.

    So thanks for the tips and reminders here.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

  • This post is so timely! I was just checking out the other day, and so I’m glad to see it at the top of your list for places to promote articles. I’m also very intrigued by Vine, so thank you for providing these examples, Kimberly!

  • Hey Kim,

    What a post – loaded with an awesome list of tools and tips – now bookmarked for a re-read and application session!

    Thanks for pulling this together!


  • Thanks Rich! I really appreciate the feedback. Let me know how you like them!

  • Are Morch – if Vine is too short (and I totally get that!), you should maybe check out Tout or Social Cam. Social Cam is more popular, but I love Tout.

  • Wow! Thank you. That was my goal – outside the box, creative ideas. I really appreciate the comment Maninder.

  • Thank you very much. Your comment is very appreciated.

  • They may not the easiest to implement (especially Vine), but they definitely take a fresh look at how to expand your reach. Thank you for the supportive comment. 🙂

  • Thank you Wade. EA has been a great resource for me as well. I’ve definitely appreciated the opportunities to connect with some of the thought leaders on the social scene, as well as forge bonds with the up and comers. 🙂

  • You are very welcome Rachael. The chief drawback to Instagram is the links are not clickable within Instagram, but it does offer a great opportunity to potentially get the attention of people that you want to notice your work via tagging and hashtags.

  • Allison

    FANTASTIC! Thank you! I have forwarded this to some friends I know will put these ideas to good use.

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    This is a really good article. Gave me lots of ideas to become more effective using Social Media. Thanks…..

  • Monica Hall

    As a return favor for sharing fresh resources, Kimberly, I thought you’d enjoy knowing about for audio clips. [I have no affiliation with them, other than appreciating their service.]

    What may prove especially helpful, though, is their flexibility in how and where you can post, as well as the QR codes they generate. [Can you tell I’m a geek at heart? LOL]

    Again, thanks for graciously opening your toolbox for us. I’ll be happily sharing your post on Twitter, as well!

  • DeannaRusso24

    We recently signed up for both Pinterest and Quora. We are hoping to boost our traffic and attract a unique audience to our site and services.

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    Excellent ideas, and great tip on Dubbler, will have to check that out!

    You mentioned Tout and Social Cam; what about Viddy? That was the first of the “short vid” services I heard of. I like the idea of 15 seconds over Vine’s 6…

  • Hi Kimberly
    I use to be a regular user of Empire Avenue but they have made some recent changes that makes them less interactive in my opinion… but I am slowly becoming a fan of Slideshare.

  • 3 and 4 are my favorites. Pinterest is an amazing traffic source!

  • I know. I am not active like I used to be. I have heard that they are working to “bring social back”. 😉

  • Yes Viddy is another, as is Keek. Out of the video services I have tried, Tout and Vine are my favorite, but for completely different reasons. You can’t beat Vine’s community and impressive numbers.

  • Thank you so much Anna 🙂

  • Awesome post Kim! A couple of follow-up questions…

    1) What did you use to create the vine video?

    2) Creating a presentation in SlideShare sounds cool, but it seems like a lot of work just to promote a blog post. Have you or do you know of anyone who has tracked the metrics and found that the results are worth the investment?

    3) I tried the “recipe” and it didn’t seem to post. Created an account, activated Twitter and IG, put in a caption & IG link – But nothing got tweeted. Any ideas?

  • Quora is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is tricky to get used to and it definitely has its own rhythm and “personality”, but worth it!

  • Thank you so much Jason 🙂

  • I love them both, for different reasons…and different audiences. Nice work Deanna 🙂

  • I do also Don 🙂

  • You are so very welcome Judith. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • Awesome! Thank you Allison!

  • Thank you Mario. I love, love, love Slideshare! I think Slideshare is such an appreciated asset for marketers and businesses alike.

  • Debolina Das

    So happy I came across this post! Thanks for the great tips. They are fresh diversion from the traditional means and helpful for all newbies in the blogging world like me.

  • They need to do it fast because I have gone from them contacting me everyday to once every couple of months

  • You are very welcome Debolina. Thank you for the kind words. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Yes. I imagine that is the general consensus.

  • Marianne Kyriakos

    Great stuff! Thanks so much from one of your many devoted followers…

  • Kim, this post is like finding a treasure map! So many great clues to getting traffic and engagement for our blog posts and content! Congratulations on your first post with Social Media Examiner. I am sure that it won’t be your last!

  • Some very cool suggestions! Thanks
    i’ll download dinner right now!

  • Though Vine is good from a Customer Experience perspective. Many guest use it a tool to share a story.

    My friends at eCornell wrote an article on 7 Ways You Can use Vine To Market Your Hotel. So we are following what is going on here.

    Thanks for sharing Tout and Social Cam.


    Are Morch

    Hotel Blogger

  • Katy

    Great post. Very useful. Thanks Kimberly – there are some things here that are new to me and I will definitely be trying out.

  • Thank you Stephanie. I am flattered. Funny you should mention a treasure map, I am working on something for my kids that involves a virtual treasure map! 🙂

  • You are a sweetheart Marianne! Thank you so much. You totally made me smile. 🙂

  • 1. I used my iPad because I made it like a day or two before Vine came out with the Android app!

    2. I would talk to Pam Moore (the Marketing Nut). I’m not sure if she has tracked results. I was shocked by how many views presentations on Slideshare receive. If you have a quality blog post that lends well to a slideshare-type presentation format, it is worth the effort.

    3.That is the IFTTT recipe that I use and I have not had any problems with it, other than occasional delays in the tweet being sent out.

  • Thank you so much. Definitely food for thought. 😉

  • Thank you Katy. I appreciate the comment. Please let me know what you think! I’m here to answer any questions also.

  • Good thing Vine is now available to Android users. 🙂 Great post, Kimberly! Tip #2 is a fine, fine idea.

  • Oh man auto-correct does it again. 🙂
    I quite like Dubbler

  • Thanks Kim. What app on your iPad?

    I didn’t realize when I posted that IFTTT sent an email requiring verification of my registration. After I did that I was able to post successfully.

    I’ll ask Pam. Trying to get together with her for lunch soon.

  • The Vine app. It is available for both Android and Apple. You re so lucky to be close enough to meet with Pam in person. She is a sweetie and I would love to connect IRL!

    I’m glad the IFTTT recipe worked for you. 🙂

  • 😉 I thought you might like my play on words!

  • No doubt! I was so tired of making Vines with my iPad. That thing gets heavy! Thank you so much Karlo. 🙂

  • MaxxUK

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    This is great. But, I’ve just tried Vine and Twitter does NOT automatically show the video, you have to click “show media” first and no body does that.

  • socialshout

    Great post Kimberly! Thanks!

    What are your thoughts on Linked in as a content distribution platform?

    On my iPad, it now looks more like Flipboard than Linked in!?! There’s just soooo much content there now.

    As a company, they have spoken about how important it is for them to have sticky & engaged users. Content is the logical way to achieve that. So I guess it’s fair to say they’ll be supportive of content contributors.

    Cheers! Trent!

    PS: haha. Just saw a post from Melonie here about Linked in for biz.

  • Kim Jimenez

    Such a fantastic post! I’m definitely implementing these asap! 😀

  • Great post on using some of the lesser known social networks. Like Rahul, I usually try to focus on only a few networks. Picking 1-2 of these that would fit my business does sound like a great way to present content to a new market in a unique way. Thanks!

  • The only tip I don’t love is the Instagram one. Links don’t work on Instagram (unless it’s a hashtag or mention), so I don’t really understand why it’s better than just uploading the picture to Facebook or Twitter without going through Instagram. You’re also restricted as to what kind of images you can share there, as it has to be the right dimensions or parts of your blog post image will get cut off, like in the example above.

  • Thanks for the great advice! You mentioned using Empire Avenue, I just signed up to check it out and am very confused as to how to use it and what the advantages are… could you share any more specifics on that resource please?

  • Dara Khajavi

    Great post. I am always trying to think of new ways to drive traffic to my site. I have heard of Quora, but I never thought about using it. Thanks for sharing all these unique forums. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Michael Wilson

    These are all really great strategies! Another platform that you could use to promote content is through StumbleUpon. It’s basically a site where users can search for websites that were submitted on there based off any interests they have. But you always have to make sure you are putting your post in the appropriate category or else it won’t get noticed. Like if you have a blog about pet toys, put it in the pets category and use appropriate keywords. Pinterest has been a great way to market content lately, and I have a feeling Vine soon will be as well.

  • Hey Kim, that’s a great post full of excellent content. I haven’t spent any time on Quora but I will do! Ian

  • I’ve found that promoting blog posts on Pinterest does indeed work rather well, especially if you put it on a board that says specifically that it’s for advice or information of some kind. I find I’ve gotten more followers for that type of board than for any other type, too.

  • Thank you so much! 🙂

  • You are very welcome. Now that Facebook is allowing hashtags, you can add them to the description and they will soon be searchable on Facebook!

  • Were you on the mobile site, the desktop site or the Twitter app?

  • LinkedIN is very interested in having sticky content. I’m sure that was part of the impetus to buy Slideshare as well as having big name thought leaders create content directly on the site.

  • Thank you Kim! Please let me know how it works for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Tim, I agree. It is virtually impossible to be all places, all of the time. My personal strategy is to go with the Big 3: Twitter, Google + and Facebook, then add in 1 or 2 more, depending on the demographic you are targeting. Sprinkling in some of the smaller networks is a nice way to experiment without over committing yourself.

  • The purpose with Instagram is that there is a whole other community that is not necessarily on Facebook or Twitter. I know of many people who have abandoned Facebook altogether and are solely on Instagram. No, the links do not work directly on IG right now – who knows what they will do in the future – but they do work once they are shared out.

  • Oh gosh. Empire Avenue is a blog post in and of itself! I would be happy to put something together to share here in the future, if SMExaminer is interested. In the meantime, I would highly recommend joining one of the EA groups on Facebook or even within EA itself. What is your Ticker? (handle on EA)

  • Thank you Dara. I am so excited to see the positive response to outside the box ideas that I am working on even more ideas to share. 🙂

  • I agree Michael. StumbleUpon is a great resource! I will confess that I do not make use of it enough. Thanks for commenting. I agree about Pinterest also!

  • Thank you so much Ian. I’m so happy that you read my post! Quora is really to make their apps more user friendly, which is nice for us users.

  • Pinterest is definitely another network that is under-appreciated by bloggers! I think it is hard for many to see how such a visual platform could possibly be beneficial to a writer. However, when you stop looking at the platform for the platform’s sake and instead focus on the users, a different picture emerges. Thank you so much for your input Carmen. I’m really happy to hear that Pinterest is working well for you! What is your Pinterest name? I will look you up!

  • javaapps

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  • meitaljames

    The desktop site. Does it matter? Thanks for answering!:)

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  • Yeah Empire Avenue is great for a whole lot of things. Sharing your posts and just giving you that little help to push your content out there. Sometimes you just need that little bit of help to get the ball rolling .

    I saw a user (“socmedsean”) on EA with a great tip where he would tweet a youtube video and then book mark the tweet url with stumbleupon and promote the stumbleupon link on EA mission, this way he was getting traffic from 3 sources 1. Youtube 2. twitter 3.Stumbleupon.

  • Thanks for the information. I haven’t heard of most of these sites.

  • Wow! Awesome – Excited Android finally has Vine so just started playing with it, great idea. Dubbler sounds great also. Any thoughts on Triberr, just heard a good interview with the founder? Great, deep post!

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  • wendy mccance

    Great article. I have been hearing a lot about Vine recently. I was at a meeting for a newspaper a week ago and even the newspaper is getting into using Vine for advertising purposes.

  • You are welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks. I think with Dubbler, the best way is to just jump in and give it a try. It is a pretty simple app to use and they have first rate support.

  • You are welcome Karen. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  • Oh sure. Lot’s of great ways to cross promote through multiple channels. Thanks for the comment Daniel. 🙂

  • You’re welcome Cassandra. There are tons of additional niche sites with a small to medium user base. It’s all about finding the ones you feel most comfortable with and that cater to your audience.

  • I know Mike! I was so happy when Vine for Android was released! I love, love, love Triberr! Such a great tool. Dino Dogan is wonderful, as are his partners and support staff.

  • Well that is very cool. I wonder how the newspaper is going to leverage Vine. Lots of options that is for sure!

  • muhalith

    Thanks for sharing this very good article. It gave me lots of ideas to become more effective using Social Media.

  • Thanks for give us such a great post @QRKim:disqus We remember your steps and follow them in future.

  • Thanks Kimberly, going to spend time on Triberr this weekend.

    Love Vine. Brought my daughter to hear Gary Vaynerchuk talk this week at a Co-Work space and he had so many positive things to say about Vine. My daughter (9) is now a fan of this app.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer and have an AMAzing weekend.

  • Your so welcome. I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to talk to such great people like you. So what did your daughter think f Gary? Has he toned down the language? He’s been known to drop an F-bomb or two (hundred!)

  • Thanks for your kind words. So what are your thoughts on Quora? Do you like it?

  • Funny you say that. 2 months ago I brought her to one of my meetups to meet Chris Guillebeau of $100 Startup and last month we saw Michael Michalowicz TP Entrepreneur. On the way home she had said he used bad words, but loved his message. This is her and him: His views on both business and our educational systems really resonate for me as an entrepreneur and father. Enjoy the beautiful weekend! Mike

  • This is a great list, Kimberly. With so many social channels, you have to stay creative.

  • Hi Kimberly
    Great post. What are your thoughts on skype?

  • Sue Edwards

    I thought I understood that posting the same article on different platforms wasn’t a good idea as Google will penalise for duplicate content. Am I wrong?

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  • Sian

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  • Dean Goranson

    Hi Kim

    Got the spelling right this time. Great pointers and resources you are really starting to

    point to mobile devices I’ve also heard of it spoken of on Facebook with the 22s app.

    The other trend I see is the video component being promoted from vine to You Tube
    beginning to catch on. As a creature of habit I tend to click a video presentation before

    a text especially if I’ve already had a long day I don’t have to concentrate so hard

  • You are very welcome 🙂

  • I’m so happy to hear that. Please let me know if we can help you with any of these ideas.

  • I agree completely Chris. So many options, it is often hard to choose!

  • Hi Sue – I used to use Skype every day but now with Google Hangouts, I only rarely use Skype.

  • Hi Sue – No, this is simply a different way to share the same content. You are not duplicating the content that you have produced, merely using a different set of social channels to promote that same content.

  • Great idea! I am going through some of my older posts and creating Slideshares for them, to give them a second life, so to speak!

  • Thank you so much Kinsey! What is the focus of your blog?

  • Awesome! They say “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Nonsense, a bookmark is! 😉

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment.

  • I agree with you and apparently Facebook/Instagram does also…I am hoping the rumor about 10 second videos on Instagram is true! One other tool I like is Social Cam. They let you share your video to YouTube from their app.

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  • Yes it is. The more I work each of them the more I know which work for me and which don’t. I think you have to experiment and let them eliminate themselves.

  • Awesome! I just got a new blog and this certainly helps a lot.

  • I love all of your tips, using Vine and Dubbler sounds like fun too! Thanks for always giving us great information Kimberly!

  • wow! many tools that i didn’t know until today!

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  • You’re welcome Jean. I agree, the risks are just too high with anything other than legitimate tactics. Plus, I think we have a moral obligation to play by the rules in business. We can’t demand that businesses treat customers in an ethical manner then turn around and use black hat methods to get ahead.

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  • Thanks so much Praverb. The visual aspect is great but it does present a challenge when coming up with relevant images for content. Graphic artists and photographers rejoice!

  • That is a great observation. Do you tailor your content to appeal to each network?

  • Hey Gina! Thank you. I appreciate the support and kind feedback. 🙂

  • Do you expect bigger things for Quora? I know its a definite for Slideshare and I would assume so with tumbr.

  • Hi Gary. Vine does have an android app, but you can just use Instagram now. When I wrote this article last month, IG hadn’t added video yet. Now that they do, I find myself using it exclusively…and Tout. I still like Tout. 🙂

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  • Yes, Empire can be incredibly time consuming in the beginning. Just hang in there!

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  • Great post Kimberly on getting extra blog traffic. Istagram looks like something I should try

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  • It is very hard to keep up with all of the networks. That’s why it’s really important to just focus on the networks that best serve your needs. Determine your target market and focus on the appropriate networks.

  • You’re welcome, Greg. I think there’s lots of room for extreme creativity with Vine. It’s not one of my better networks because I’m not creative enough in that way, but if you are, then I would definitely go for it!

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    Good to know that these smaller platforms can also bring some traffic.

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    Kindly suggest how to improve the page views for a site that once had good traffic but has fallen through bad times (like in my case)

  • You’re welcome Coach Rollie! I really love IFTTT!

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  • Thanks Jason! Come back and let us know how they worked!

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  • Personally, I think a solid strategy of quality content and consistent sharing is the winner in the long run.

  • Thank you Glenys. I have to admit that I am partial to Pinterest. I just love the visual format. However, Quora is hard to beat for in depth discussions, so I guess it depends upon the content you are creating. Google+ is the best of both worlds.

  • Thank you Michael. 🙂

  • You’re welcome Abhiram. Thank you for stopping by to read it!

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  • Really nice post. A lot more then thanks for spending time on this post and making it useful for audience

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    I didn’t know that Slideshare can be used this way! Thumbs up!

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  • I used curation site to distribute my content sample are, storify etc. It’s a great way spreading out the content as well as gaining website traffic.

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  • Thank you so much Craig! I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

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  • Thank you so much Danbert!

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  • Awesome! Please let me know how you like it!

  • Thank you so much. Pinterest is awesome for referring traffic!

  • Thank you so much. Pinterest is awesome for referring traffic!

  • Thank you Nicole!

  • Thank you Nicole!

  • Consistency is the key…along with great content. Make sure each post has an eye-catching visual.

  • Consistency is the key…along with great content. Make sure each post has an eye-catching visual.

  • You are very welcome Sarah!

  • You are very welcome Sarah!

  • Thank you so much Golam. I agree, quality content is the BEST thing for driving traffic, especially return traffic.

  • Thank you so much Golam. I agree, quality content is the BEST thing for driving traffic, especially return traffic.

  • Yes, it is Knev. 🙂

  • Yes, it is Knev. 🙂

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  • Absolutely Felix. 🙂

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  • Thank you!

  • Awesome. I hope it has helped you Rohit!

  • Awesome. I hope it has helped you Rohit!

  • Agreed. If you can get your content curated by Sway or Buffer Daily, that helps tremendously also!

  • Agreed. If you can get your content curated by Sway or Buffer Daily, that helps tremendously also!

  • Thank you so much Emanuel!

  • Thank you so much Emanuel!

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  • TONY

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  • These are good tips. The only problem I have with that is keeping track of all those services:

    – write a post on your blog

    then promote on:

    – twitter
    – redit
    – instagram
    – facebook
    – google+
    – pinterest
    – tumblr
    – flickr
    – foursquare

    what else is out there? I haven’t found yet a good way to keep track and all the accounts logins and posting to make it painless. 🙁

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  • Great post… Good content, well written & really interesting. Thank you for the article. I’m just starting my blog, and getting used to promoting what I do. It’s all about giving people what they want, or are looking for, or what they should be looking for! And getting enough eyeballs looking at your offers for them to convert. These are some GREAT tips. Some of which I follow on a regular basis; others I attempt to follow. If you have a good topic, and you follow those tips, I think you are just about Guaranteed to do well, as long as your content isn’t crappy, lol.

    I quick noted that; if you LOVE tweaking your site, do it.. Ha.. Just realize it’s not directly related to your bottom line; that’s my only point. Personally, I hate it; I’m not a designer, coder or anything like that. I’m a blogger girl.. but more power to you if you like that kind of thing, you rock!

    But yeah, I haven’t heard these tips before, but that’s something I’m now going to do every day. I think you hit the nail on the head with you points in this post. I completely agree with everything you said!

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