social media how toHave you noticed less interaction on your Facebook page in the last few months?

Getting your updates to appear in the coveted news feed is more challenging than ever.

I don’t have answers as to how the elusive Facebook algorithm works.

What I do have are some suggestions on how to ensure that your page posts are being seen by your fans to give your page the maximum visibility.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the new Facebook Pages for more up-to-date information. Facebook rolled out the new Timeline design to Business Pages after this article was published.

#1: Train Your Audience to Watch for Your Content

You want to make sure you are delivering good content so that your audience won’t want to miss a thing. The best way to do this is to work toward building super fans. Use these Facebook marketing strategies.

When you are delivering good content, interacting and building a community, your fans will come to your page on their own when they haven’t seen your posts. Be consistent with your posts (i.e., posting every day at 10 am, for example). Then your fans will know when they are missing something and come seek you out.

fans come to you

Your fans will come find you if you are delivering good content.

But then what? You can’t expect your audience always to come to you. That’s why you must take the next step.

#2: Educate Your Audience to Highlight Your Stories in Their News Feed

The good news is that Facebook pages are showing up in the news feed. People have a choice when viewing posts to highlight the story. When someone highlights a story, it indicates to Facebook that the person wants to see more stories like that one.

When a story has been highlighted, there is a little blue triangle in the upper-left corner of the story. Facebook typically chooses which stories to highlight based on past interactions, so getting more engagement (post likes, comments and shares) can also help indicate to Facebook that your page posts are important to a user.

highlighted stories

The blue triangle in the upper-left corner indicates a highlighted story.

You can encourage highlighting by telling your audience to highlight your post so that they continue to see your posts. You won’t get any statistics about how many people actually do highlight your post, but you may get instant feedback and a better chance of showing up in the news feed!


Educate your fans on how they can keep getting your posts.

Notice how you can highlight a story by clicking on the blue arrow in the upper-right corner of a post that has not been highlighted.

hightlight this story

To highlight a story, click the blue arrow in the upper-right corner.

Highlighting a story may be a good start to increasing your visibility, but there are other steps you can take to ensure it.

#3: Tell Your Audience to Create a Favorite Pages List

Again, make sure your audience knows that pages aren’t showing up in the news feed as often. If you are delivering good content and building relationships, your audience will want to stay in contact with you.

A way to ensure that people always see your posts is to have your fans put your page on a special “favorite pages” list. You will have to educate your audience how to create this list (sharing this post with them would be an easy way to accomplish this goal!).

The easiest way to create the favorite pages list is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Lists on the left sidebar of your home page and click More.
  2. Click Create a List in the upper-right corner.

    Create your new list.

  3. Enter the name of your list in the pop-up box (you can call it “Favorite Pages” or “Tech Pages” or whatever makes sense for the pages that you will be adding to this list). Click Create.
  4. On the right side, you can type in the names of the pages you want to add in the search box. But the easiest way is to click the drop-down menu Manage List and select Add/Remove Friends.
    manage list

    Select Add/Remove Friends.

  5. All of your friends are now showing in the pop-up box, but in order to see pages as well, you need to select Pages from the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the pop-up box. Now you can easily select the pages you wantto be on this list.
    find pages to add

    Find the pages you want to add to the list by selecting Pages.

After you have created your list, all you have to do to see all of your favorite page updates is to click on the Favorite Page list (or whatever you titled your list) on the left sidebar under the Lists heading. You can also make this a Favorite item so it’s always showing at the top of your left sidebar as shown in this screenshot.


Add your list to your favorites so you can access it with just one click.

To add a list to your favorites, navigate to your lists by clicking More next to the lists on the left sidebar and navigating to the list name. Click on the pencil icon and then select Add to Favorites.

add to favorites

Select Add to Favorites.

#4: Leverage the Facebook Subscribe Button

Because personal profile posts are being shown more in the news feed, you may want to start using your personal profile more for business. Facebook terms state that you aren’t supposed to “use your personal profile for commercial gain” as shown under their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, point #4.  But you can talk about your business! Direct people to your blog posts, give helpful tips and talk about what events you are participating in.

If you are worried about privacy, the Facebook privacy settings have gotten better so you can control who sees each update. Your customers want to connect with you personally on Facebook (not just via your Facebook page) and the Subscribe button will give them that personal connection.

If you are the face of your company, or are networking and connecting with people, leverage the Subscribe button by enabling it. Find out more about the Subscribe button in our post here.

Mari Smith recently included similar posts on her Facebook page and her Facebook timeline. Her post to her personal profile got almost 4 times as much engagement (comments, shares and likes). To be fair, she does have almost twice as many subscribers (113,000) as fans (60,628) but that in itself is amazing as she has had her Facebook page up for years but her Subscribe button open for less than a year.

mari smith fan page post

Mari's post on her fan page.

mari smith personal page post

Mari's similar post on her personal profile got almost 4 times as much interaction.

One other powerful part of the Subscribe button is that Facebook is giving suggestions of whom to subscribe to within Facebook. Navigate around and you will see these suggestions in the upper-left corner of certain pages. Yet another way you can gain exposure with a new audience!

subscriber suggestions

Facebook suggests "People To Subscribe To."

I hope these four suggestions give you some new ideas on how to gain visibility for your business with both your Facebook page and by adding your Facebook profile into your marketing strategy.

How about you? What do you think about the decreased exposure of Facebook page posts? Have you found your interaction has gone down or stayed about the same? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Some great tips here.  It can become quite challenging to maintain a steady momentum with your fans.  These are effective strategies that I look forward in implementing on several pages.

  • I love the tip about using your personal page for business without being “spammy.” A good rule of thumb I like to use is that about 1 out of every 5 posts on my personal page should be business-related. Also, mentioning other businesses’ fan pages in your post can help you get more publicity. Always make your post regarding another business positive and relevant. An example would be like, “I am listening to @Ali Brown’s talk right now.”

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  • vlopezev

    Awesome post! I like the highlight suggestion. This why everyone needs to be building an email list!

  • Yapes paints

    I hate to say this but I dont think u can highlight posts any more. there is no blue triangle any more and there is only an option to ‘subscribe’.. however u cant subscribe to a facebook page :<

  • There really are some great tips here – not the usual ideas and suggestions, but more technical aspects of Facebook to cue your fans into, and make sure you’re being noticed! Thanks for the great read!

  • Great article, good info.

  • Excellent Facebook visibility tips, Andrea. Highlighting posts is one I hadn’t considered and makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

  • EricaEtelson

    Great tips but I’m having trouble implementing some of them: I can’t highlight a story — when I click the blue arrow the only options are hide post or report as spam. Also, I don’t have “Lists” on the upper left of my home page.

  • I didn’t know about the highlighting option, so I went on FB to try it out. When I go to a story, I only get the “hide story,” “report story,” and “hide all by…” options, regardless of the source. I don’t get a highlight option for ANYTHING. What’s wrong? 

  • Claire Wagner

    I am not able to highlight any posts. The blue arrow only allows me to Report or Remove. 

  • Nor can I see anywhere to highlight a post. Even went into Facebook Settings to see if that could be added or fixed somehow, but am not finding anything so far. 

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  • I do not see the highlight option either. 

  • Great stuff here! I’ve been wondering why my page’s interaction slightly dropped. Thanks for the info. This stuff is very valuable and helpful to many! Now my goal is to get more interaction. Off we go! lol

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Hector Mundt

    Remeber this, IMPORTant!!

  • Deb Prewitt

    I have definitely seen a decrease in traffic since all the re changes. I have been trying to get more interraction but it is hard to do. But I will try a couple more suggestions here. thanks.

  • The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! 

  • Carolina Hidalgo

    Great post! Thanks so much. This is exactly what I needed it.

  • Great tips!

  • Unfortunately even telling your fans to highlight (which you can’t do anymore) or create a favorites list, you are STILL only reaching the people whom you are already reaching. From what I can tell, FB has shut down all means to actually reach everyone who has liked your page – you can’t send updates through messages anymore, and your posts don’t show up in their newsfeeds unless they are already engaging with you. Would love to see some answers to this very big dilemma.

  • Jean Caton Biz.Coach

    Useful information for keeping up with  Facebook  new features and changes.

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  • Highlighting is no longer available. If facebook has decided you like a page because you have interacted with that page recently, then the only option you will have will be to Report or Remove.

    To add pages to your “highlighted” list, first click “Sort” at the top of your home feed and click “Most Recent.” This will allow you to see posts more or less in chronological order rather than facebook choosing the important ones for you. Then if you click the little arrow next to a post, IF it isn’t already one that facebook is favoring, you’ll have the option to subscribe to All, Most, or Important updates from that page. (Heaven only knows what “Important” means.)

    Sadly, this is way too much to ask our audiences to do. I’m surprised if you have read this far! I wish facebook would let us personally choose what we want in our feed instead of relying on edge rank.

  • Andrea,

    As always, a terrific post!  I haven’t done too much with Facebook lists yet, but I suppose I am going to have to break down and spend a bit of time here.

    Then educate my fans.

    Some good reminders — Thank you!! 🙂


  • Hi Andrea,
    Thank you very much for this post. I’ve been looking at getting more into the facebook marketing for my business instead of just talking to friends on there all the time lol. I love that you also included images as I’m more a visual person.

    Thank you once again and I look forward to future post.


  • Of course it seems Facebook has either changed or this option isn’t showing up on the day this post comes out!  I’m not seeing it either and I’m not sure if it’s temporary or if they have changed things.  Facebook is hard to keep up with!

  • The Lists may be lower down on the left side bar.  You may only see one list visible and have to click on More to see all the Lists you have.  

  • It’s very frustrating that this option is not showing today.  I don’t know if Facebook is changing that option permanently or if it’s a temporary glitch.  

  • Yes, Claire,  it’s very frustrating that this option is not showing today.  I don’t know if Facebook is changing that option permanently or if it’s a temporary glitch.  We’ll have to wait and see!

  • I’m not sure, Morgan!  It figures that 
    that this option is not showing today – right when my post comes out!  I don’t know if Facebook is changing that option permanently or if it’s a temporary glitch.  We’ll see!

  • Glad to help Deb!

  • Mary, I agree, that you are then only reaching those who happen to see your post.  One thing I didn’t add to this post (otherwise it would have been a small novel) is the idea of running a sponsored ad to your current fans to re-engage them with your page.  I’m not super excited about that option since you may have invested time (and maybe money through an ad or contest) to get them in the first place.  But it is an option to get people connected back with your posts.  

  • Is that a definite change Linda?  I’m not surprised that they have made a change, just frustrated that it was available just a short time ago when I wrote this article!  It’s always hard to know if something is not working temporarily or changed for good.  Thanks!

  • Yes, I think that is the way we have to go. Which, of course, is what FB wants. Oh well, the free FB fan page was nice while it lasted. 🙂

    I also want to say this is my favorite social media site by FAR. I love the look and theme of it and you all always have the best articles!

  • sweet tips for my tuesday afternoon

  • Maryann

    it seems that “highlight” is no longer an option.

  • Great mystery solved!

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  • Susan

    My comment will be oh so brief: All great tips, but why has Facebook made it so hard for us all to be seen? My friend and colleagues used to engage all the time, and now almost no one sees what I write and visa versa. I have to go to people pages as you mentioned just to see what they’ve been talking about. It seems to me they are ruining something that worked better before.

  • EricaEtelson

    Okay, I see it now. I appreciate the suggestion but my hunch is that this is too complicated an ask for my fans. I know other people have said this but I need to vent: Why does FB change everything all the time? Just as I master a tool, poof, it’s gone. Having to relearn all this stuff really undermines my ROI.

  • I actually do not see where to highlight posts on my fan page, what am I missing? We are working hard to build our FB fan page, so this was insightful. Thanks.

  • Guest

    I just shared this because I found it to be very good article. 

  • Wonderful tips! I learned something new today too

  • Chris Picanzo

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the great post. I”ve been so affected by these changes lately it’s horrible. My weekly reach from one of my pages is down some 600% compared to a few months ago. Another page I have where I share coupons from local businesses has dropped so much I cant even pitch the fact that by sending a coupon through my program it will reach hundreds of local fans. I send text coupons to my subscribers but I used to be able to pitch the fact that it would reach hundreds of people via social media as well being facebook. I’ve had to rely on twitter to reach new local prospects. It is not a good thing that’s for sure. It seems like my page has lost it’s reach to the local community, very dissapointed. I did hear a rumor recently that facebook is going to allow pages to send individual emails to their fans, that would be huge. Any incite on that mill..?
    Thanks agian!

  • I am so happy to hear someone advise that we should be using our personal profile for business. I have been teaching this for years and have been shunned by the social media “purists”. I have never understood why being social means we don’t talk about work. I compare that to not buying a nice bed. In both cases we are basically ignoring one third of our life. True… We need to limit how much we talk about work, and we should tell stories about work, not try to shove it down people’s throats.

    Thank you for the article.

  • These are great suggestions. I will definitely be implementing more of these.

  •  Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.

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  • Post useful comments as a fanpage on fanpages relevant to your niche is one of my favourite strategies to get more attention to my own fanpage.

  • A very worthwhile post with lot’s of meaty business intelligence lurking in it.

  • I came to ask the same question about highlighting. I knew it was possible only days ago, but it seems to have disappeared now. Any help?

  • Nick Hinojosa

    First of all, another great post!

    Second of all, do you know what the difference between someone being “subscribed” to your profile, and someone simply being one of your Facebook friends?  It seems like the difference is a little arbitrary… 

  • camcontacts

    Another great, insightful post! Thanks!

  • Jen

    Great post! Thank you. I just sent out an update on my fan page to let everyone know how they can create a list. 

  • I can’t highlight posts either. Just went in and tried it. Having the same issues as the others. 

  • sounds like your now making people work to get to see your posts not sure I would really be interested to do all that to listen to basically chit chat but I am sure some people may be alright with it..sounds like more work to me 

  • Laurie

    Even in “Most Recent” view, I can only subscribe to actual profiles, not pages. The only options I’m seeing now are to hide or report those posts.

  • Yes, I’m not sure if it’s a temporary glitch or permanent.  We will see and edit the post if necessary.  Ahh Facebook changes 🙂

  • I have to agree with you Susan.  I hope that it swings back to more visibility. 

  • Yes, that option seems to be missing right now.  I’m not sure if it’s a temporary glitch or permanent.  We will see and edit the post if necessary.  Ahh Facebook changes 🙂

  • Sorry to hear your interaction is down, Chris!  That is a bummer.  Pages used to have the capability to send what was called “Updates” but it went into a separate e-mail area in the Fans Facebook mailbox and so was rarely seen.  I think the rumor mill you heard was the capability to have a Fan private message the Page:  I don’t think they are going to be bringing back the Page to Fan e-mail.  Hope that helps and good luck!

  • I agree Jason!  You meet people in person as you and it makes sense to connect as you sometimes rather than your page.  Talking about your business is part of who you are.  And I’ve gotten great referrals from my warm market because they know what I do!

  • Hi Jay – I am waiting to see if it’s a temporary glitch or more permanent.  But yes it does seem to have disappeared!

  • Thanks Nick!  If they are subscribed to your Profile, then you don’t see their updates.  They see your updates that you mark as Public but if you send out an update to a certain list or just your Friends, then your Subscribers won’t see it.  It’s a great way to segment your personal and work life on Facebook.

  • It’s frustrating Lisa!  I’m not sure if it’s temporary or permanent but we will make an update to this post if it seems to be permanent.

  • Facebook has made it obvious that you can’t sell a personal status update, but does anyone know if it is OK to sell status updates on fan or business pages?

  • EricaEtelson

    The title of this post is interesting — for me the drop-off has been in the past few days, not months — a precipitous drop to basically zero — no one likes or comments on the posts, though they’re just as inviting of interaction as ever. I have to suspect that there’s something FB has changed that I’m not aware of that means people aren’t getting the feed anymore. Has anyone else experienced a sudden drop in past week?

  • These are good tips for bloggers. I especially like how the main theme in here is that you need to educate your readers all of the time. 

    One problem I’ve faced is assuming that my audience was smarter than they actually were. From using my vocabulary to skipping instructional steps I thought were simple, I was shooting myself in the foot for essentially assuming too much about my audience. 

    Since then, I’ve learned that I have to break everything up into bite size amounts of information that are easily understood. It’s hard to do sometimes but since then my list has grown bigger.

    On the flip side, I actually just released a product on guest blogging, and would love for those of you here to check it out.

    thanks in advance, and keep up the great work.

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  • Nick Hinojosa

    Right on.  I don’t think I’m nearly famous-enough to have to worry about that right now, but good to know!  Thanks for the info.

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  • Hi Andrea! I am waiting for this post for the last few days.I have created my Facebook account few days back and I am trying to improve my page visibility. I hope this information would be more helpful to me. Thanks for sharing. Keep updating.

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  • Magen

    I cannot find the option for highlighting … does anyone know if this feature is gone or not???

  • Great Post, Very Interesting Tips!  Hopefully I can use your tips in the near future.

  • Barry Amsterdam

    Hi Mary,
    I didn’t realise my fan page updates weren’t shown on a fans wall anymore. Besides spending  moneny on FB ads do you have a suggestion how i can reach past fans again?

  • Barry Amsterdam

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for tips, really made me rethink my current strategy.

    Now about the personal profile part, i administer 4 fan pages at the moment and i don’t like to mix friends with business . My friends don’t have to see i administer “mylittlefetish” for example. Should i create a “business” personal profile which administer the 4 fan pages? In that case do i need another mobile phone number?


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  • Margaret O’Farrell

    I think I must be missing something! I cannot see the ‘highlight’ or ‘list’ sections on either my personal or business page! Help please!

  • Margaret O’Farrell

    Sorry just reading other posts… and see highlight has disappeared! So I ain’t stoopid after all!

  • Jade Pluck

    Hi Andrea, great post can I just ask are you only able to make the page list on your personal profile as all the pages I like are on my fan page and i can’t seem to create a list in there.

  • I don’t see it either… Right when you get used to something new on Facebook, they go and change it again! 😉 

  • Maureen Cioni

    HI LindaI don’t even see that option anymore. The sort is still there but the subscribe to pages is not there either as a user or using it as a page.  Very frustrating. I see Hide, Report and Hide All.

  • Maureen Cioni

    Hi Barry, I think (an not 100% because it changes so often) that as long as you are posting on your business pages “as your business” which is a setting in edit pages. Then your friends won’t know that you are the admin on that page. 

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  • hey andrea, i guess the highlight feature has been disabled by facebook, rest of the tips given by you would be really helpful for us in building a huge fan base!

  • Stephjacobs

    Thank you so much for this article, it’s so helpful! These tips will be great to incorporate into my Facebook use. Facebook changes so quickly and it’s hard to master it at times, but I think this article will really help! 

  • This is a great article because you have showcased tips for mastering visibility on Facebook for both personal and company use; these lessons can be incorporated for a personal blog or to help companies increase public engagement and awareness. I am a student studying Social Media Theory and Practice with @dr4ward:twitter at @NewhouseSU:disqus , and I am aware of the benefits and strategies for using particular social media channels. With Facebook’s newer integration of “blog” features (subscribe, etc), these tips are helpful in keeping pace with Facebook’s constant new interfaces and features. I will be sure to use these are personal use and throughout my career in communications. Thank you!

  • Hi Andrea,

    Loved this article. Facebook is kinda complicated now and I’m happy that I read this post and learned from it! Keep it up and I’m looking forward to more useful-helpful articles from you! 

  • Never even knew you could highlight a story! Worth picking up that tip alone – thanks!

  • Very Nice posts, simple technics anyone can use!

  • Lisa

    Yes, I couldn’t highlight either…another piece of Facebook functionality that has changed..I can’t keep up with Facebook.

  • Always great tips from the Social Examiner, thanks for sharing!

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  • thats great tips

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  • Wow! This is great info on how to use facebook better. I never knew about highlight a story. This is worth sharing. Great article! 

  • Always great tips from the Social Examiner, thanks for sharing!


  • Either facebook has removed the highlight feature or I’m just missing it. 🙁

  •   Thank
    you so much for this article, it’s so helpful! These tips will be great
    to incorporate into my Facebook use. Facebook changes so quickly and
    it’s hard to master it at times, but I think this article will really

  • Hi Andrea,

    Loved this article. Facebook is kinda complicated now and I’m happy
    that I read this post and learned from it! Keep it up and I’m looking
    forward to more useful-helpful articles from you!

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