social media how toAre you using video to connect with customers and prospects?  Videos will enhance client communication and collaboration, and help support and drive new business.

In this post we’ll cover 26 ways you can engage and interact with your customers by using video in several different forms.

Like its predecessors in the five A-Z guides published here on Social Media Examiner—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInblogs and Lead Generation—we’ll cover a lot of territory and introduce solutions to give you ideas about where you may want to spend time exploring video options for your business.

A to Z Guide to Using Video

#1: Apple’s FaceTime

Apple’s FaceTime has created an important new option for video calls. You can use FaceTime on a Mac, iPhone and iPad2. Companies such as have plans to use FaceTime as a way to provide face-to-face customer support.

Sameer Patel of the Sovos Group says, “Whether it’s for customer or employee communication… voice, video, conferencing and virtual meetings are front and center to how organizations look at collaboration.”


Show your face to clients and colleagues on Apple’s FaceTime

#2: Behind the Scenes

Ann Handley suggests in her book Content Rules to use video to show behind the scenes at your company. “Businesses can show what goes on in their day-to-day world that people don’t see but might be interested in. What about showing, for example, how a popular product goes from concept to rolling off the assembly line? Something that seems completely everyday to you could be exciting and fresh to your fans.”

#3: Case Studies

Want to engage your audience with your case studies? Think about making a short video. Niall Harbison rounded up 10 of the Best Social Media Campaign Video Case Studies.

What you’ll notice is that videos don’t have to be long to be effective. In fact, sometimes the shorter the better. Sample lengths here include 1:14, 1:37, 1:35, 0:59, 2:30, 1:11, 4:43, 1:06 and 2:21.

Levi’s video is a great example of a short video, 59 seconds long and it says a lot!

#4: Diary-style Videos

This is another great idea from Ann Handley who suggests that a diary-style video of people or groups of people talking to the camera can be a short and insightful approach. “They might offer tips or tricks for using your product, answer a common support question, or simply give an update on how your business is helping its customers.”

Mike Stelzner tells the story of Social Media Examiner. You feel like you’re sitting right next to him, don’t you? (Good driver!)

#5: Email

Email seems like a worthy destination for a video clip. I don’t know about you, but I’d be curious to click on it.

There is one important caveat—the kind of email program you’re using. Email programs that use HTML formats such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird will allow you to embed a video clip but other web-based programs like Gmail or Yahoo won’t let you. Here’s a workaround worth trying.

#6: Facebook

By now you’ve probably heard that Facebook is a good place to upload a company video.  However, what shows up in a user’s news feed is dependent on a number of news feed optimization factors referred to as EdgeRank. The good news is that video is one area that ranks higher and is more likely to bring a post onto someone’s news feed.

social media examiner library

Users love videos, so it’s extremely beneficial for businesses to continue to add to their library.

Video consumption on Facebook is growing. The blog All Facebook recently reported, “Nearly 47 million people in the U.S. watched videos on Facebook in February 2011. That puts the site in fourth place on the comScore Video Metrix ranking, two spots higher than it ranked in January.”

#7: Get Seen

get seenPerhaps one of the best resources out there on video is Steve Garfield’s book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business Online.

Steve covers topics such as choosing a camera, lighting and sound, making videos without a video camera, recording and shooting, uploading, broadcasting live and video blogging.

There are far too many valuable insights in his book to cover here, but consider this one that he states later in the book: “The revolution of recording video is the ability to share from the device you record with.” That’s pretty revolutionary when you stop and think about it.

#8: Have a Good Time

Here’s a unique idea from Insite Motion Media: “A video featuring a creative performance by your own staff is a great way to showcase your company’s culture and promote your business without having viewers feel like they’re being advertised to.” You may need company consensus on this one. What do you do if your boss really can’t sing and tap dance as good as he thinks he can!

HubSpot is a group that clearly knows how to have a good time, plus they can sing!

#9: Interviews

Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner interviews social media experts every week. Interviews are a great way to introduce a person and a topic to your blog or website.

In addition to the fact that people love to watch video clips, there’s a whole SEO factor too which makes it extremely worthwhile. Forrester Research reported that “A website with a video is 53 times more likely to come up on the first page result on Google than the exact same page without video.”

# 10: Jing

There are times when you may want to do a screen cast to demonstrate a point to someone in another location. Personally I’ve been very happy with Jing.


You can use Jing to record a screencast to give directions to clients and colleagues.

Jing records 5 minutes of what you see on your computer screen. You can share it via the web, email, IM, Twitter or your blog.

There’s a great free version but if you need more features such as saving as an MPEG-4 video, getting unbranded videos (without the Jing logo, etc.), sharing instantly to YouTube and recording from a webcam, you can purchase Jing Pro for $14.95 per year.

#11: Key Influencers

Who are some of the key influencers in your industry? Can you do an interview with them? Reaching out to a key influencer to do a video interview is a great way to connect with someone well-known and respected in your field.

If they’re not available for an interview, you could consider taking a video that you’ve found online and embedding it into a blog post to help substantiate a point. Associating a key influencer with your company brand may help you come up the ranks in SEO and good, old-fashioned impressions.

#12: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s company pages make it possible for companies to add a video for each product and service. Being able to show a short clip right on the company page is an incredibly dynamic option and can give you a nice competitive advantage.



Rypple Products' video is available on both their LinkedIn company products page and directly on YouTube.

#13: Mini Documentary

Thomas Clifford introduces 5 main ingredients from TedTalks and suggests that by using these ingredients in your videos, you too can develop something as compelling. The ingredients are as follows: music, interviews, live event: before, during and after.

Check out this inspiring video, Behind the TedTalk 2010. It’s amazing to see the impact of these ingredients.

#14: News and Commentary

Insite Motion Media suggests using video to offer commentary on relevant news and posting them on your company blog and social networking sites. This helps showcase your company’s responsiveness and industry awareness.

#15: Outreach

A lot of companies post outreach videos. This type of video shows something outside of everyday marketing. It demonstrates a brand’s values. Here are two good examples from Starbucks: What if we all cared enough to vote? and Starbucks Love Project Global Sing Along

#16: Product Tours

Product tours are an excellent way to tell customers about your company’s products and services. If your product is web-based, it won’t cost a lot to create a video that explains the key features. Done well, product tours can be extremely influential.

Product tours can be great teaching tools to show the benefits of your product.

#17: Qik

Qik is a mobile live video streaming and two-way video conferencing application that allows users to stream live video from their cell phones to the Internet. Users can upload videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

You can see some examples that Steve Garfield has done with Qik.


You can use Qik to stream live video right from your cell phone to the Internet. Unbelievable!

#18: Regular Voice

Wondering how you sound on video? Jenny Lemmons Magic suggests talking to your audience in a regular voice and to try not to imitate your favorite NPR radio announcers. (I know, I was a tad disappointed, too. I was just nailing my best Terry Gross impersonation!) Just make sure you have a good microphone so your voice sounds its best.

#19: Skype

Skype offers video calling which can be done on your computer, iPhones and other compatible mobile phones, iPod Touches and iPads.  Group video calls are also possible. Another useful feature for businesses is screen sharing where you can share your screen with clients and colleagues in other locations.

#20: Training

Videos have become second nature for training. You can do distance-learning videos or record live sessions which can be uploaded for attendees to view once they’re back at their desks. As with all training, it’s best to try to edit them into shorter sections.

#21: Ustream

Ustream is an interactive broadcast platform that can be used with an Internet connection and a camera. Ustream states, “Notable Ustream broadcasts include major political events, concerts, conferences, movie premieres, talk shows, sporting events, interactive games, and personal milestones.” Ustream can also be used in conjunction with your Facebook page. You can learn more about Ustream on Facebook.


Ustream can be used to broadcast and share live events.

#22: Vimeo

Not sure where to post your video? Vimeo? YouTube or others? Set’s All Set writes about the pros and cons of both Vimeo and YouTube. He says the pros of Vimeo are “good quality, very clean look, and keeps visitors on your page better.” (See comments about YouTube below.)

#23: Web TV

Social Media Examiner launched Social Media Examiner TV with host Mari Smith on August 7, 2010. The segments generally run 7 to 8.5 minutes. The audience can ask questions by posting a video response.  Videos add a personal touch and are a great way to engage your audience.

#24: External Communication

Insite Motion Media suggests using video for external communications:

  • Event participation when your company is presenting at a marketing-related event
  • Thank-you’s for client appreciation, or as an award or acknowledgement to vendors who go out of their way to make certain your needs are met
  • Announcements to show what’s coming up on your calendar that people should know about
  • Video blogging by embedding your video in your blog around related text content

#25: YouTube

The pros of YouTube as described by Set’s All Set:  “Unlimited HD uploading, 1 GB file size, bigger community and more potential exposure.”

He also posted two side-by-side demonstrations of a video on Vimeo and YouTube for comparison.

#26: Zappos-style Video Review

It’s true that Zappos, the online shoe retailer, is known for their video reviews and that it’s a great example to try to replicate. It’s also true that their name conveniently begins with a Z, which made it two for two for me.

As Mark Robertson writes, Zappos uses video to “…drive sales. They use the video to describe, use and demonstrate the products with real Zappos employees and not models or actors. Those videos are said to have a sales impact of 6 to 30%.”

The homespun feel of using real people in videos is a great touch for companies.

Are you using videos to engage and collaborate with customers? What other ways will you consider using video? Leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Wow Debbie excellent article. I never really thought there were that many different ways to go about web video, this is going to come in handy for our online catalog and our “Expert Corner” can’t wait. Thank you!

  • Looking to be a good article, we’re using video more and more right now. I even taped a clip last week when i called the winner of our sweepstakes contest to tell him he won. I got quite the reaction and made good FaceBook page fodder and strengthened our brand:

  • I’ve been using Jing for a few years now, and I’ve always been very happy with it. Not only can you take video, but you can also take selections of a screen shot image. I use it to send previews of updated web-pages to colleagues all the time. The only problem with Jing is if you’re not using the paid version, it can have trouble converting to a viewable video. You have to search for the correct program online (for sure if using Windows). I believe it uses Quicktime, but I’m not 100% positive on that. Great article with lots of fabulous ideas!

  • deb1221

    Thanks for reading. Please note too it should read $14.95 per year not per month. We’ll correct…

  • deb1221

    Thanks for reading. Glad the post will be helpful,

  • deb1221

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I love video. I was simply blown away the first time I used it for a client a few years ago by how fast they index and how well they SEO with a good You Tube description. That is critical.

  • Amy

    Wow Debbie, thanks! This is a great article with so many great concepts. I am in the midst of initiating a video program at DealerRater and will definitely rely on some of these ideas! I struggle with how to really get started – are there good vendors out there that I can rely on? Any suggestions how to jump into this?

  • Dbelle

    Great, informative article. I didn’t realize there were so many ways to use video. We are creating more of them this year, and now we know we can go beyond our website, Facebook, and You Tube.

  • deb1221

    Hey Amy, Thanks for reading. Glad it will be helpful for your program. I’ll get back to you shortly re: vendors. Perhaps too some sme readers will have ideas for you, too. Best, Debbie

  • deb1221

    Glad to hear you’ve had good experiences with video, very powerful in terms of indexing and seo! Best, Debbie

  • Amy, I’ve been working on video for companies for several years. Most recently just set up this youtube channel and working on their online video strategy: If you’d like to chat let me know. sbeamond[at]beamondcreative[dot]com

  • Sitara

    I use a great program (relatively new on the market) called QuidPro to design video-based graduate courses in nonprofit management. I’m no techie and it’s really easy to use!

  • Great ideas Debbie! Another one to add to the list of amazing video tools is our good old friend PowerPoint. You can easily take an existing PowerPoint presentation, record a quick voiceover, and convert it to an online-friendly video format for free. For those who are interested, here is a short video post:

    Online video is a must-have for every business these days. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. All you need is a simple HD pocket cam, some basic lighting, and a decent inexpensive clip-on mic, and basic video editing software and you’re ready to shoot some fantastic video.


  • M Curtis

    Hi Katie, I work with the Jing team. The free version makes videos in SWF format, a file type some computers aren’t sure what to do with. You can drag the file into a Flash-enabled browser, or here’s a way to tell your system you want to play SWF videos in a browser: Thanks for using Jing! Mike Curtis, TechSmith

  • deb1221

    Thanks Dbelle. Will be interested too in hearing how your program goes. Best, Debbie

  • deb1221

    Sitar, thanks for sharing info about QuidPro. Will check it out. Best, Debbie

  • Twice today I received email with links to videos that I couldn’t view on my iPad. People need to know how to take care of that growing iOS audience. When I suggested using YouTube for the embed code I was told some companies don’t like having a YouTube imprint on their videos.

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  • Im critical of myself and incredibly self conscious behind the lens. Will definitely have to do some soul searching to get over this.

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  • Hi Mr. Tunes,
    This is much easier to use for e-mailing videos

  • Sam I used to film all sweepstakes and contest drawings as you mentioned above. It allowed us to be transparent, show that someone actually was awarded the prize and got some SEO value also.

  • Helen

    This is great. We are using video for our social media releases for conferences and we are thinking about livestreaming our graduation in June. Needless to say, this hit my mailbox at just the right time. Great suggestions.
    Thank you

  • AngieVanDenzen

    Thanks Debbie, great post. I like a web-based program called Screenr which seems to be similar to Jing. It allows you to log-in with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google accounts and makes sharing a breeze.

    Another interesting revolution in social media & video sharing is that Facebook has now made it possible for anyone to embed Open Graph video tags in their website, meaning that when someone shares a link that URL, an embedded video can appear on your Facebook wall, and in your Fans’ newsfeed. Why it’s better than, say linking a YouTube video, is because it links to your website. As a marketer, that’s something to be excited about!

    Angie VanDenzen
    Community Manager at Circus Strategic Communications

  • deb1221

    Mike, Thanks for commenting on behalf of Jing.

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    Will be interested in hearing how it goes. Glad you found link helpful. Best, Debbie

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    Great tips on easy ways to incorporate video into marketing-communications programs. Glad to see video email as a tactic. Per @Phyllis Khare’s feedback, video should be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, due to the rapid growth of mobile video viewing. Audiovisual content is very effective for sales lead-generation and general communications. The Web Video Marketing Council ( may be a good resource for those new to online video.

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    Hi Todd, Thanks for your comment and for sharing the link to your home page video. Very nice! And, sounds like a great product, too. Best, Debbie

  • Hi Debbie – thanks for the new ideas. I am curious whether you think a distribution service like Traffic Geyser is worth the $$. I have subscribed and have mixed reviews but may not be making the most of it. Right now I am thinking I should cancel and stick to posting at the three sites you mention.

  • I love this article! Being a digital publisher who can embed video in the flip-page books we develop, I’m bookmarking to share this particular article. 🙂

  • I love this article! Being a digital publisher who can embed video in the flip-page books we develop, I’m bookmarking to share this particular article. 🙂

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    Hi Mary, I personally haven’t used Traffic Geyser. What i’ve read about the service sounds good, whether you have the time and interest to do yourself may be part of the question for you. As you suggest you may want to experiment and see how you do on your own. Be curious to hear how you make out. Best, Debbie

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  • sylvester stallone

    Another way of getting engaged with customers is by using video conferencing technology. It helps in reduced travel costs, better client interaction, increased productivity, increased efficiency etc. You may try tools like webex, R-HUB HD video conferencing servers etc. for conducting online video conferences.