social media toolsHave you been spending more of your mobile time using smartphone apps than browsing the web?

Suffice it to say, you’re not alone.

There are more than a million apps available and according to Sunil Gupta,”Users spend on average, 82% of their mobile minutes with apps and just 18% with web browsers.”

In this article, you’ll find apps to consider using to help you with your business and social activities.

Due to the enormous number of apps to choose from, I focused on apps that are convenient and provide social value.

Note: For consistency, all screenshots were taken from iTunes app store. I also looked for apps available on both iPhone and Android—and if not identical products on both platforms, another one with similar functionality would be available (see #3 for example).

Here are 26 apps, an A-Z guide to help you conduct business and network while on the go.

#1: Adobe Reader

Do you need to work on PDF docs on the go?

Adobe Reader offers features to view PDF documents, store and access documents in the cloud with, navigate through PDF content, annotate and comment on PDF documents, fill out forms, organize documents, electronically sign and print and share.

"Easily access, manage and share a wide variety of PDF types."

iPhone | Android

#2: Bump

Do you want to easily share documents with those around you?

With Bump you can share contact information, photos, videos and files by simply bumping two phones together. You can also share contacts, photos and files with others and sync with your computer.

"Send your contact info, photos and music to the people around you who have this app."

iPhone | Android

#3: CardMunch Business Card Reader

Have you been holding onto a whole bunch of business cards from the last conference you went to? Looking for a solution for the cards you collected at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego?

Convert business cards to address book contacts and add them as connections on LinkedIn. CardMunch provides card-capture functionality for faster card scanning.

"Turns your business cards into contacts, now with LinkedIn integration."

iPhone | Android *Yulu Card Reader

#4: DocuSign Ink

Do you need to get that document signed, sealed and delivered?

With DocuSign Ink you can sign, send and store documents and even create a signature in different colors and formats.

"This app allows me to do my paperwork without having to download and print the papers, then sign and fax them in."

iPhone | Android

#5: Easy Note + To Do

To-do lists have a way of growing when you don’t chip away at them little by little. Using an app for note-taking and managing lists can make them feel much more doable.

The Easy Note + To Do app allows you to organize notes in folders, check items as complete, assign a due date and prioritize.

"Good basic functionality with an attractive and clutter-free design."

iPhone | Android * EasyNote Notepad To Do List

#6: Foursquare

Whether you’re in a familiar location or somewhere new, Foursquare has your back and 30 million others, too.

“Open up the app to discover and learn about great places nearby, search for what you’re craving, and get deals and tips along the way.”

"I really like seeing what my friends are doing. It's also useful to find places I've been before or remember when I was last at a certain place."

iPhone | Android

#7: Google+

You don’t need to decide whether to check Google+ or leave your desk.

The Google+ app will help you stay connected via hangouts, photos and updates from what your friends are sharing.

"Sometimes the best things in life are small and simple yet packed with powerful connections!"

iPhone | Android

#8: Highlight

Are you feeling particularly social today?

The Highlight app may be just what you’re looking for with its notifications when friends are nearby, ability to see mutual friends and messaging within the app.

"This app provides a good idea of what the near future of mobile + location can be."

iPhone | Android

#9: Instagram

Taking photos on a mobile phone offers users spontaneity plus the ability to visually transform a picture and share it immediately.

Instagram includes filters and borders, blur effects and easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare.

"A photo can say more than a status update ever will."

iPhone | Android

#10: Job Search

Searching for a new job can be time-consuming and stressful.  Using an app during a job search will help make the most of your time.

With the Job Search app you get access to information from company websites, recruitment agencies and job boards in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.

"Shows a lot of jobs available in my area."

iPhone | Android

#11: Kindle

You don’t need a dedicated e-reader to take advantage of reading on the go.  With the Kindle app, you can stay up to date with books, eBooks, magazines and newspapers right on your smartphone.

And while there are more reading choices than you’ll ever have time for, if keeping up with social media–related books is of interest, you can certainly do that. iPhone users can search for books within iTunes and Android users can find social media titles on Google Play.

"Being able to read books on the go without actually having to carry them with me is so convenient."

iPhone | Android

#12: Logo Mania Quiz

Marketers recognize the value of a memorable brand logo. These apps will let you test your skills and make a game of identifying a logo.

If your business is rebranding and reassessing the value of your corporate logo, this may be a fun way to review the strengths of well-known logos. (You can play Angry Birds or Words with Friends later!)

"Can't stop."

iPhone | Android *LOGO Mania

#13: Meetup

Is online time usurping much of your day? There’s still nothing like the face-to-face experience.

The Meetup app will help locate meetups around topics of interest to you including social media, tech, business and entrepreneurship—and of course a range of fitness, hobbies, community, parenting and dog meetups, among others.

"It's nice to see what people are doing in the community and be able to be involved."

iPhone | Android

#14: Nook

Similar to the features mentioned about Kindle, the Nook reader app will help transform your smartphone into your own library on the go.

There’s still nothing like holding a print book in your hands, but with these apps you’ll never find yourself without something to read when you’re waiting for the bus or train and the unexpected long time in a waiting room.

This may not be the most desirable way to read something like War and Peace, but the convenience and ease will come in handy. Plus both apps will sync with your Kindle or Nook device and let you resume reading where you left off.

"Love being able to have my book handy, no matter where I am!"

iPhone | Android

#15: Odometer

Do you need to keep track of mileage for a business trip?

Odometer apps will simplify the process and help you store the date and number of miles traveled.

"Export history as .CSV file on Odometer +."

iPhone *Odometer + $.99
Android *Odometer Free

#16: Photo Covers for Facebook Lite

Facebook cover photos are excellent real estate for business branding. The iPhone and Android apps referenced here will make it easy to create a new photo cover and post it while on the go.

Use your own image or choose one from a library of images that you further customize with special effects, captions and more.

"Simple but spot-on."

iPhone | Android * Timeline Cover 4 Facebook Lite

#17: QR Reader

Whether you want to scan a QR code (Quick Response Code) or create one, there are a number of apps that will add meaning and destinations (websites, special offers, contact information, etc.) to those ubiquitous codes.

Use the QR Reader to check out how other businesses are using QR codes and see if one makes sense for your business.

"Has so many options, is easy to use and distributes my code!

iPhone | Android *Scan

#18: (i)Reddit

Reddit describes themselves as the “front page of the Internet.” If you’ve come to rely on Reddit’s news aggregation from countless sites, you’ll be happy with these apps knowing that you never have to leave home (or office) without Reddit again.

"This is a fantastic way to interface with Reddit."

iPhone | Android *Reddit News

 #19: Square Register

What will your smartphone do next? Take credit cards?

If you’re headed to a tradeshow, conference or a community event where you’re planning to sell your products, the Square Register app makes it possible to swipe credit cards and have payments delivered to your bank account within 1-2 days.

"I love the convenience w/o the contracts and additional fees that are attached to the traditional credit card machine or merchant services contracts."

iPhone | Android

#20: TED

If TED conferences are new to you, then you’ll be in for a thrill with their app that makes the wonder of these talks a mobile experience. There’s a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

Whether you want to buff up on some business-related topics, technology trends or be inspired by ones that are rated jaw-dropping, there’s clearly something for everyone on TED.

By #20, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling that if only there was an app for creating more hours in the day, we’d be all set!

"The TED app is great and perfect. It encourages you."

iPhone | Android

#21: UberSocial

UberSocial, previously known as Twidroyd, is a mobile app that enables users to post new tweets, monitor and keep up to date on hashtags, lists and people you follow, while also managing other multiple social accounts all in one place.

"It's always been my most favorite mobile Twitter app because it's so easy to use and has many features."

iPhone | Android

#22: Vintique

Want to look retro? Having several different styles for your photos on social accounts will add variety and make your images even more shareable.

The Vintique app allows you to add effects that give an old and classy look to photos.

"Fun to run pics thru all the effects."

iPhone    *Vintique $.99
*Vintique-Photo Editor Free

#23: WiFi Finder

Need to find WiFi areas while traveling to make a Skype call or save on some of those minutes?

The Wifi Finder app features over 550,000 free and paid locations in 144 countries worldwide.

"Found hot spots I didn't know were in my town."

iPhone | Android

#24: (e)xcel Contacts Lite

Business is all about contacts and making sure that you have a good solid list that you can access while you’re on the go is essential.

The Excel Contacts app will help you move contact information to and from your phone.

"Transfer contacts to and from your smartphone."

iPhone | Android

#25: Yelp

Making a decision about where to eat, shop or play has become more streamlined with mobile apps. Yelp has a very large and loyal following and is definitely worth checking out, especially when you’re in a new city.

It’s also very interesting to see how the places you’ve come to know, within close proximity to work and home, rank within the Yelp community. And, if you’re so inclined, you can add your two cents!

"No matter where we are, local or traveling, I can always find so much more on Yelp."

iPhone | Android

#26: Zendesk

It seems fitting that the last app on our list would be focused on customer support.

In this article we’ve run the gamut of the sales process; for example, maintaining and engaging contacts, promoting businesses with photos, QR codes, credit card payments, plus more. Managing customer support via mobile phones has also become a necessity.

With Zendesk you can view, update and create new help desk tickets, configure support ticket fields and add comments.

"Very simple to use, giving you peace of mind while you're on the move."

iPhone | Android

Concluding Thoughts

As mentioned above, the average number of apps a person downloads is 40 and only around 15 are used regularly. Finding your core group of apps can be a very personal decision, establishing the kind of information you want and need to be able to access.

26 apps only scratches the surface. Hopefully along the way you’ve discovered some new apps to download and explore.

You may need to look at apps for specific needs. Be sure to check out the other articles related to mobile apps on Social Media Examiner:

What apps do you use regularly for business and social networking? Which ones on this list will you consider trying? Leave your comments in the space below.

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  • Nice list! Although I would like to see Evernote in this list as well; it’s the app I use the most.

  • Myka Reede

    I use PDF Connoiseur for my iPad. There is a free version but I upgraded to the pro version (something like $9.95). It allows me to create PDF’s from documents, website pages and scan from my camera. But what I really love is that I can highlight, annotate, and sign PDF’s. I use it to organize and mark-up my author research and platform notes, such that it is stored and available offline.

  • deb1221

    I’m a big fan of Evernote, too. I had referenced it in an earlier article here on SME, 44 useful mobile apps for social media marketers, so had wanted to give another “E” app a little air time! But thanks for mentioning Evernote here. If’s a terrific app.

    Best, Debbie

  • deb1221

    Myka, Thanks for the recommendation. Good to know about and I’m sure others will appreciate the recommendation!

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  • Awesome piece! I just hope that it’s still not too late to start new blogs and turn that into business.

  • deb1221

    Thank you! Best of luck with any new blog you create. –Debbie

  • Awesome post Debbie! Those are all great apps for Entrepreneurs on the go! Most of the apps are new ones that I know the SME peeps will find irresistible Thanks for sharing!

    Stay Inspired!

    ~John Lee Dumas

  • Great apps! Have most of them in my phone!
    You forgot Facebook and Facebook Page 🙂


  • deb1221

    Thanks, Leo. Actually, Facebook was mentioned in my last Apps post, with the link above to 44 Useful Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers

    I should have been clearer that these were intended not to duplicate ones previously mentioned 🙂

  • deb1221

    Hi John, Thanks for reading and commenting. And yes, inspiration goes a long way. I’m inspired here on SME every day!

  • Dara Khajavi

    Thanks for these great mobile apps. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the mobile apps. I will definitely download these apps to my phone.

  • deb1221

    Hi Dara,
    There are so many great apps out there. It’s hard to keep up. Glad these will be helpful to you. –Debbie

  • Thanks for your list, was very useful. Added a few apps to my phone!

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  • deb1221

    You’re welcome, Chris! Glad to hear you found some apps to check-out right away.

  • Kirsty Wilson

    ‘Bump’ looks very cool. I will be checking that one out. I’m a big user of Wunderlist and Yast.

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  • Ghalia

    Great post Debbie , very useful apps I will definitely add to my phone
    Thanks for sharing

  • Yvonne Whelan

    Wow great list … going straight to the app store now thanks

  • David Cartwright

    Does anyone know a good app for taking minutes? That produces a professional output ?

  • deb1221

    Thanks, Kirsty for your recommendations. –Debbie

  • deb1221

    Hi Ghalia, Thanks for reading and commenting. –Debbie

  • deb1221

    Hi Yvonne, Glad to hear you found some apps that interest you.–Debbie

  • deb1221

    Hi David, Great question. A friend once told me about Bottle Rocket and Voxie Pro Recorder. I’m not sure if they would do what you’re looking for but might be worth checking out. –Debbie

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  • Ops, my bad!

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  • JJ

    Add Puffin Browser for those of us who are using Mac products like iPad and/or iPhones, so you don’t needAdobe Flash.

  • Colette

    Thank you this is great information!

  • Meilee Anderson

    I was a big fan of Cardmunch but it’s been so slow and glitchy the last two months I’m starting to feel jaded. To answer your question, I’d be extraordinarily sad if Instagram went away. Like the idea of Bump – haven’t tried it. Thanks for the article.

  • deb1221

    Thanks for the suggestion, JJ.

  • deb1221

    Thanks, Colette!

  • deb1221

    Thanks for feedback Mellee!

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  • Thanks, a few new ones here. Two of my favorites not listed–Hootsuite, which I’ve found the best for tweeting from multiple accounts on the go, and Insightly, great for project & relationship management.

  • deb1221

    Thanks for reading and your suggestions. Will check out Insightly–for my next apps post 🙂 Hootsuite was in the 44 Useful Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers post some time ago, and I agree that it’s very helpful. Best, Debbie

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  • Padmanarayanan Aravamudhan

    Hi Debbie,Thanks a million! I could definitely benefited from the majority of the apps.

    Padmanarayanan Aravamudhan(APN)

  • rmsorg

    Great list!! I have quite a few of these already but I also have been using Evernote much more lately for typing up something really fast, note taking and adding resources for business etc.

    Great list anyways!

  • Helen Langone

    Thank you for the beautifully organized list and descriptions of the apps. There are several I will be checking out.

  • deb1221

    Thanks, Helen. Glad you found a few to check-out!

  • deb1221

    Thanks. Yes, I agree, Evernote is really useful and the ability to sync between iphone and computer makes it especially powerful.

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  • deb1221

    Hi Padmanarayanan, Glad to hear you’ve found the list helpful. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • I lost a little faith in this list when i realized it was alphabetical. I just want to know the 26 best apps, not ones that have been chosen because they fit a particular letter of the alphabet…

  • deb1221

    Damien, Thanks for reading and commenting. As always, I appreciate the feedback. Best, Debbie

  • I use Fetchnotes all the time for quick notes and things to remember and the like. It uses #-tags and @-tags to organize/share like twitter, but only with the people you interact with regularly. Way more flexible and simple than other note-taking and to-do apps I’ve used.

  • deb1221

    Lulu, Thanks for sharing info re: Fetchnotes. Will check it out! Best, Debbie

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  • stan

    I am also a huge fan of Evernote, don’t know why it is not on here.

  • ferdie

    Wonderful list. I think all thirty of them makes a whole lot of experiences when installed in your phone. I didnt see google calendar though. I wanna keep track of my events and happenings in one set up for my new phone. Kinda a new to Smartphones, really. But this is great article. I better look these apps in the play store and see if I still have enough space for them in my device. Gotta try all of them. Thanks for this blog post.

  • Jen Mulholland

    use the qr scanner all the time 🙂 had that one a while but some of these might take a look at thanks 🙂 especially square Register MMM very handy.

  • sara

    I don’t trust online reviews like Yelp, Amazon and Trip Advisor. I get my reviews from people I choose to follow on Chekplate. I can see where my friends/family/people I care to follow, have gone to eat and what they think of that restaurant. At least I know it’s real and trustworthy.

  • noron zaman

    I like this Apps

  • Just going to download these apps in my phone. Hope these will help me to boost my business. Thanks 🙂

  • Denis Kravchuk

    as alternative to #3: CardMunch Business Card Reader
    check Business Card Reader – CRM Pro