social media toolsAre you looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing?

Do you want new tools to simplify your job?

We asked a group of social media pros for the hottest social media tools they use today.

Check them out to see if these social media tools are a good fit for you!

#1: Unlock to Share Plugin

My favorite social marketing tool of all time is the unlock to share plugin. What is it? It’s a simple plugin that “unlocks” additional content when your web visitors share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

viral lock code canyon

Make your site go viral by requiring the user to share your link to unlock content.

Why is this so valuable? Well, today everyone has a Like button on their site. But if you want your audience to share your stuff, you need to give them a little incentive! That’s exactly what this plugin does.

In my most recent experiment, I had 452 people land on a page where they had access to royalty-free music they could use in their videos. If you shared the post, I gave you an additional five music tracks. Out of those 452 visitors, 379 shared to unlock those five extra songs!  That’s 84%!

These unlock to share plugins are everywhere. The one I used was found over on CodeCanyon.

James Wedmore, co-founder of Video Traffic Academy and founder of Video Sales Magic and Video Copy Pro.

#2: SlideShare

This isn’t a “new” tool, but I’m amazed by the number of marketers who still don’t use SlideShare as a main staple in their social media distribution.  According to the latest research from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, just 23% of B2B marketers and only 7% of B2C marketers leverage SlideShare (which now sees approximately 60 million users per month).

SlideShare is a great tool to use as part of your company's storytelling process.

We continue to integrate SlideShare into our visual storytelling, and it’s now a key part of our lead generation process.  It’s a true sleeping giant.

Joe Pulizzifounder of the Content Marketing Institute and author of Managing Content Marketing and co-author of Get Content, Get Customers. 


I use to help build and nurture relationships with supporters, influencers and potential customers on Twitter.

The basic service, which is free, keeps track of your most valuable followers and interactions, rolling up the data into an action-driven dashboard. One glance and you’ll know whom to follow, whom to thank and to whom you need to respond—all of which you can do directly within the tool.

Another big plus: You can quickly spot your most active conversation buddies. tallies up the number of exchanges between you and other Tweeters, indicating whether or not you’re following each other.

communit rolls up your data into an action-driven dashboard.

In addition to the dashboard, has reporting functionality. I love the way it lists hard-to-find stats in one handy place, including new followers, the handles of who stopped following you, RTs of your content, direct messages and total reach. also records this social activity for your Twitter handle, so you can keep tabs on your own contributions and connections in the Twitterverse.

Shelly Lucas, senior marketing manager and leader of social media at Dun & Bradstreet.

#4: YouTube’s Audience Retention Report

You’ve probably read that YouTube search is now optimized for time watched. Effective YouTube marketing demands that we understand (and create better videos based on) how our videos are watched, at least as much as we “optimize” them for SEO, etc.  Those “gurus” who tell you to buy thousands of 5-second views to bump up your view count … yes, that does the search damage you always knew it would.

This is why audience retention is the new view count.

The new Audience Retention Report in YouTube is, without a doubt, the most important social media marketing tool to come around in a long time.  You can now see what kind of retention you’re getting from your videos and how it compares to everyone else’s.  Want to get to the top of the results?  Study this Audience Retention Report like a hawk and update your video making strategies accordingly.

The following video walks you through a couple of reports and offers some insights on how to respond.

Paul Colligan, education czar for Traffic Geyser Inc. and CEO of 

#5: Cyfe

While there are a number of enterprise-level listening and monitoring tools available to assist brands, a new tool that I’ve been a fan of is Cyfe. It provides visibility into social channel and search metrics that typically only admins of those channels/tools have access to.

all in one business dashboard cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that helps you monitor and analyze data scattered across all of your online services.

For example, we’re able to set up a visual real-time dashboard for GoToMeeting, which provides brand-specific Facebook Insights data, YouTube Analytics, Twitter and Twitter Search information, SEOMoz, Google Trends, Google Analytics and a number of other social or search data points.

As a social media team, we’re often asked for such information from team members who are curious about the community, channel interactions and other related questions. Cyfe has enabled to us to make that data easily accessible to our team members.

Going one step beyond social and search, Cyfe also enables you to bring in your CRM, email marketing and blog data, with new integrations shipping on a regular basis.

Justin Levystrategic advisor on all social media activities at Citrix Online and editor-in-chief of

#6: Cloze

The newest tool that I’m most excited about is Cloze, recommended to me by Jascha Kaykas-Wolff of Mindjet.

Imagine an aggregation and curation system for your social network and that’s what Cloze provides. I’m able to view the activity of people by date in my network and then check them off, respond to them, like them or retweet them directly from the Cloze interface.


Cloze helps you increase your interaction with those most important to you.

It’s absolutely genius and is already saving me tons of time, increasing my interaction with those most important to me and reducing the clutter and wasted time of having five channels open that I’m constantly trying to stay abreast of. This is the inbox of the future! Cloze is currently in beta.

Douglas Karr, founder and chief blogger at the Marketing Technology Blog, founder of DK New Media (an inbound marketing agency) and author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

#7: AgoraPulse

There is no shortage of social media marketing tools these days, that’s for sure. But despite the overwhelming number of tools out there, it’s still very difficult to find the ones that will really deliver while remaining accessible for a small-business budget.

When it comes to managing our Facebook Page, I’ve been very impressed with AgoraPulse. It focuses on Facebook (at least for now), but provides everything your Facebook Page will ever need.

In addition to contest and promotion applications that are a “must-have” for every Facebook Page, AgoraPulse offers unique features that really make a difference, such as:

  • Detailed benchmark with competitors

    AgoraPulse shows you a detailed benchmark with your competitors.

  • Fan ranking and qualification

    The fan management feature shows you fan ranking and qualification.

  • Advanced statistics and personalized content recommendations

    You can also track average users reached by day of week.

They also offer a ton of other great features such as advanced statistics, automated moderation and even admin rights and workflow management. These are the kind of features that used to be only available in expensive enterprise-level solutions. Getting access to such advanced and useful features for a price that every small businesses can afford does make a big difference.

Aaron Kahlow, CEO of Online Marketing Connect and chairman and founder of the Online Marketing Summit and its related educational arm, the Online Marketing Institute.

#8: GaggleAMP

One application that I’ve recently been exposed to and am excited about is GaggleAMP. I talk to many marketers who say, “If only our sales and business development team would share our social media postings, it would help us reach a greater—and more relevant—audience in social media.”

This is especially relevant in B2B companies where you traditionally have a large sales force compared to a small number of people in marketing. That sales force represents a potential army of internal brand advocates who can help make a company’s social media marketing efforts much more effective.


Leverage employees, partners, customers and fans to share your company's social media messages on your behalf.

With the emergence of GaggleAMP, social media and marketing directors can now utilize the reach of their internal staff to help spread their message in social media, and internal employees have complete control in deciding exactly which messages they would like to share on which platforms and how frequently.

Companies simply sign up to GaggleAMP, create a “Gaggle” (a group revolving around their content), and then request that interested employees join the Gaggle. Employees then authorize their social networks and decide which content they would like to share with their network.

GaggleAMP can send notifications when new content is available to be posted, and there is even a “point” system to gamify social sharing and reward those internal employees who are good sharers.

googleamp member

GaggleAMP tracks activity, allowing you to report on the impact and ROI for every message and campaign.

B2B companies are sitting on a goldmine of brand advocates who work at their company. By using GaggleAMP, they can organize and leverage their internal tribe while ensuring control over social media messages that are sent out externally.

For employees, it’s internal content curation served up on a platter to give them more timely and relevant content to share with their networks and maintain mindshare on whichever social networks the company’s customers or clients are on.

I expect to hear about more companies adopting GaggleAMP in the months to come!

Neal Schaffer, founder of Windmills Marketing, is a leading social media strategist and teaches social media marketing at Rutgers University.

#9: SproutSocial

I’ve been enjoying the statistics and tools available on SproutSocial, and am using it to get good Twitter and Facebook overviews of my accounts and for some of my clients’ statistics.

You can also do some Twitter account comparisons, schedule content, bring in your Google Reader to watch for content and share accounts with others.


Deliver beautiful detailed reports to your organization or customers.

If you manage many accounts, you can easily create nice-looking reports that give a good overview of activity and growth and SproutSocial is reasonably priced.

Andrea Vahl, social media coach, speaker and strategist and Facebook community manager for Social Media Examiner.

#10: Reachli

Reachli (formerly known as Pinerly) is the hottest new Pinterest analytics tool. Similar to Facebook and Twitter apps such as Buffer and HootSuite, Reachli allows users to pre-schedule pins and view feedback data such as click-through rates and number of repins. Creating social campaigns on Reachli is easy with its clean and simplified design.

Although the site is optimal for Pinterest analytics, it also allows users to post on any social platform and benefit from similar analyses. Boasting comprehensive capabilities, Reachli is an ideal page-management tool for any brand or community manager.

pinerly analytics

Reachli helps you understand what works and what doesn't to help you optimize your posts.

Social media analytics are essential in providing users with optimal content, as well as discovering hard data to support social initiatives. Offering real-time analytics and best practices data, Reachli helps you optimize your Pinterest content based on the analysis of click-through rates and repin feedback. This beneficial information can result in more effective scheduling and more engaging content.

For a low cost, brands can also employ Reachli advertising, a service that uses a unique algorithm to match content with its most relevant online audience across the social sphere. As Pinterest grows in popularity, brands will find the capabilities of Reachli to be extremely beneficial in most effectively leveraging the social platform.

Dave Kerpen, cofounder and CEO of Likeable, author of Likeable Social Media and the forthcoming Likeable Business.

#11: Instagram

For the team here at Sony, one of the new platforms we are most excited about is Instagram. When we launched our brand channel (@sony) 4 months ago, we couldn’t have imagined the wealth of beautiful, funny and creative content we would find. We’ve seen everything from the cutest pups and kitties with Sony products to gorgeous, artistic shots taken by professional Sony photographers.

But the best thing about all of this content is that the community has been more than willing to let us share their work (crediting them, of course).

We’ve asked hundreds of Instagrammers if we could share one of their Sony-related photos and have never once been declined. The result is that we get access to authentic and cool content while honoring this community of artists.

sony instagram

Instagrammers share their photos with Sony.

We’re also exploring holding contests on the platform and have just recently launched our very first #SonyX contest. Although we’re only two days in, we’ve already received a lot of enthusiasm from the community and are building awareness for our new X headphones via the photo entries and the use of the hashtag.

Callan Green, senior social media specialist for Sony Electronics.

#12: Buffer

Buffer is to social media marketers like what a wand is to Harry Potter—it’s one of the coolest and most useful social media tools I’ve ever used.

As you know, in order to benefit from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you have to actively be posting things—an account with no life is not going to be very interesting to those who follow it. With Buffer, you can schedule your tweets and posts ahead of time and create a consistent social media presence on your accounts.

Often, I’ll schedule a week’s worth of tweets, which will automatically drive traffic back to my site or keep my audience engaged throughout the week, without lifting a finger.

Of course, it’s best practice to follow up with those who reply and you may have specific time-sensitive tweets to share in between your scheduled posts, but anything that allows me to be more efficient in my business and ensure that I am posting stuff when I might not have the time otherwise is gold in my opinion.


With Buffer App, you can schedule your tweets and posts ahead of time and create a consistent social media presence on your accounts.

In addition, the team behind Buffer is always friendly, responsive and looking to improve, which speaks highly about the tool and what kind of company created it, and where it’s headed in the future.

Pat Flynn, founder of the Smart Passive Income Blog.

#13: SocialToaster

I’m excited to see some of the advancements in using social media to increase brand advocacy. SocialToaster is making great strides in combining gamification for sharing brand-related content with superfans to drive reach and engagement.

Brands like QuickenLoans, JustFab and the Baltimore Ravens are leveraging these tools to connect with fans in an authentic and mutually beneficial way to increase brand loyalty and advocacy. It’s exciting to see social media used in a way that drives and enhances brand passion.

step by step social toaster

You can use SocialToaster to amplify your message.

Nichole Kelly, president of SME Digital, a division of Social Media Explorer and author of How to Measure Social Media: A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI.

#14: Pop-Ups

In the past, pop-ups were hated by many marketers, and rightfully so due to their unprofessional look and feel, plus the fact they were so disruptive to readers each time they came onto the site.

But if you look around today, some of the most professional websites—like Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and others are using pop-ups for lead capture.

The main reason for this shift and “acceptance” is as follows:

  1. Pop-ups today can be set on delays and scheduled. In other words, you can set a pop-up so that once a viewer closes it out, it does not reappear on their screen again for whatever amount of time you’d like—be it a week, a month or forever.
  2. Now pop-ups look much more professional than in the past. Great visuals can be added, they can fade in and fade out depending on how long someone has been on the site, and their custom options are plentiful.

I added a pop-up feature to The Sales Lion a few months ago and the results have been exceptional. Instead of getting 15-25 signups a day for people downloading my eBook and subscribing to the newsletter, I’m now getting 25-40 a day, which is a huge increase.

At the same time, I haven’t had any long-time readers complain that they had to see a pop-up one time, which was a fear I initially had.

the sales lion pop up

The Sales Lion saw a huge increase in opt-ins from the use of this pop-up.

If you’re looking at adding a pop-up lead capture to your blog, you may want to consider Pippity, PopUp Domination or others.

Marcus Sheridan, co-owner of River Pools and Spas, founder of and founder of the popular sales/marketing blog The Sales Lion.

#15: LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise Page

What if there was a social media tool that could tell you:

  • The best keywords to use in your social profiles?
  • Who the key influencers are and how to get in touch with them?
  • The exact companies you should be targeting with your particular skill set? What kinds of groups you should join for optimal relationship-building?
  • What companies you should work for and who you know at those companies?

Of course by now you’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about LinkedIn. But the tool I’m talking about in particular is LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise page. After entering “Facebook Marketing” in the search box there, this is what came up:

linked in skills

The LinkedIn Skills and Expertise page helps you find experts in different fields.

Keywords: “Related Skills” show up on the left-hand side of the Skills page when you search for a skill to add to your LinkedIn profile. Think of them as relevant keywords. LinkedIn will also show you the popularity of those particular keywords (the higher the number, the more people are using that skill) Hint: Use the less popular skills too!

Influencers: LinkedIn will show you the influencers in your particular skill set by name, picture and title. It will show you how you’re connected to them. If they are a first-degree connection, send them a message. For a second-degree connection, ask for an introduction. Outside of your immediate network? You can still reach them through InMail or a shared group. What a powerful way to build your network and find mentors or advisers!

Companies, Groups and Jobs: The Skills page will also highlight the companies, jobs and groups that are recognized by LinkedIn as being relevant to your skill set. This can save you an enormous amount of time when you’re looking for companies to offer your services to, for groups to engage with to build your strategic relationships or jobs that will suit you. And of course, because this is LinkedIn, you’ll see who is already in your network and can give you access to that company, group or job!

Skills is truly a doorway into stronger connections and better business.

Viveka von Rosen, known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert” and author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day.


I originally thought was just another curation tool, a platform that allows users to gather together great content that they’ve discovered online. A button on the browser window can now rest besides those for and Pinterest, so that as you go around the Internet and find great content, you can simply click and share.

scoopit is a powerful curation tool.

When you “scoop” a tweet, a blog post, or any other content, you’re creating a post that is added to a category, or a “topic.” You can easily create new topics that others can follow. In turn, you can follow the topics of others.

At any point, a post can be re-shared through a number of other social platforms. People can add comments to a post, or give it a thumbs-up. Combined, these features make for a robust content curation tool that allow you to build community around topics, and to nurture relationships with influencers by sharing and discussing their content.

When you create topics, suggests content for you to add. You can manage how recommends content based on keywords or the feeds of particular users. Those feeds can include their blogs, Twitter feeds, Twitter lists, hashtags, and Facebook.

In this way, becomes a powerful social discovery tool and if focused on an individual, can even act as an influencer outreach management tool.

If you’re a HootSuite user, you can now integrate your topics right into HootSuite. With or without HootSuite, though, can act as a central hub to discover great content, build community around that content, and nurture relationships with influencers.

Ric Dragon, CEO and co-founder of the digital marketing agency DragonSearch and author of Social Marketology.

#17: Pocket

The hottest social media marketing tool I’ve discovered in the last 6 months is Pocket (formerly known as Read it Later).  At first glance you may think that Pocket is simply a private online bookmarking tool, but it’s actually much more than that. Pocket is a centralized mobile content curation and social media sharing control center!


Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket for later.

You can save and tag content from anywhere (your smartphone, tablet or computer) to your Pocket account. You can even save content to Pocket from Google Reader and Twitter using the browser extensions.

pocket browser extensions

Save content to Pocket from Google Reader and Twitter using the browser extensions.

The real power of Pocket, however, is that it integrates with over 300 web and mobile apps. This means that you can collect the best content you discover on any device and share it whenever and wherever you wish through Pocket.

Pocket drives my entire social and mobile content curation and social sharing system, whether I’m sitting at my desk or on the go.

pocket 300 apps integration

Pocket integrates with over 300 web and mobile apps.

Here are three tips for using Pocket:

  1. Download the Pocket app to your mobile device and/or tablet and install the bookmarklet to your web browser. If you have a Mac, be sure to install the Mac application. (You can now share content to your social networks directly from the new Pocket Mac Application.)
  2. Save the content that you want to share with your social networks to Pocket from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Be sure to add the tag “Share” to the particular articles you save that you later want to share with your social connections (you can add as many tags as you like).
  3. Each day, login to Pocket on your smartphone or tablet and push the articles tagged with “Share” to Buffer (my personal favorite), or literally to almost any social network of your choice. Don’t forget to insert your own insights or comments when you share!

Note: Typically I share from Pocket to Buffer because it integrates with and enables me to track the links I’ve shared. Buffer also distributes my social shares at optimal times so that they can be more visible with my network connections.

Pocket is a smart content collection and distribution tool that allows you to become a master social curator!

Stephanie Sammons, founder and CEO of Wired Advisor, a digital strategy and marketing agency for financial advisers, business professionals and professional services firms.

#18: Crowdbooster

What if you had a system that informed you exactly when your best times to tweet are in order to reach the maximum audience, based on how your followers respond? And what if the system showed you the Klout scores of new influential followers so you can follow up? And how about spotlighting @mentions that you hadn’t responded to yet?

Look no further than Crowdbooster!


Crowdbooster always shows your best times to tweet at the top of the dashboard. The times are adjusted as your followers respond.

But this awesome tool doesn’t just analyze Twitter. You can also dig into your Facebook Fan Page metrics to analyze your top posts, number of impressions, fan growth, top fans and more. You can even schedule posts via Crowdbooster for both Twitter and Facebook.


Crowdbooster displays colorful "bubbles" showing how well your tweets (and Facebook posts) are doing. Hover over any bubble for more information as shown in the black box.

You get one Twitter account and one Facebook Page for free. Upgrade levels include up to 10 or 30 total social accounts (currently only Twitter and Facebook Pages) for a reasonable fee. Give it a try and see what you think.


See at-a-glance metrics for follower growth, influential followers, retweets and more.

The nice thing about Crowdbooster is the team is super helpful, friendly and approachable… and they’re always iterating, so stay tuned for even more awesome features in the pipeline!

Mari Smith, leading social media strategist and premier Facebook marketing expert. Co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and author of The New Relationship Marketing.

#19: Lithium

We use Lithium for our new community platform. Its phenomenal capabilities allow for a lean team to rally users, influencers and our own associates to participate. From an organic growing knowledge base through the ability to reward frequent contribution, it is state of the art with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) functionality and a truly object-oriented environment that makes it easy for a layman to customize.


Lithium helps companies unlock the passions of their customers to build brand advocacy, drive sales, reduce service costs and accelerate innovation.

Lithium also has the capability to do private moderation areas so we can all learn what FAQs need answers, solution creation both by us and by users to populate the knowledge base with good content and the ability to co-create content with guest bloggers.

Kat Smith, director of social media and commerce at Petco.

#20: Tweetbot

Tweetbot is a Twitter app that allows you to do everything you can do on any other Twitter app with an extra killer feature: the ability to filter out tweets.


Tweetbot allows you to filter out tweets.

This app allows you to focus on the tweets that matter in your Twitter stream. It’s available at the Apple App Store.

Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner.

#21: PostAcumen

Facebook is one of our brand’s primary social channels. Our goal with that channel is to deliver content that begs to be engaged with. We’ve had tools to measure how well our own content performs, but we also wanted to know how well we performed relative to the competition.

Thanks to a brand-new tool called PostAcumen, developed by the same folks who made EdgeRank, we’re now able to perform extensive competitive analysis on Facebook posts. We can see how our content resonates with our fans and how those metrics stack up against our competitors for Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.

post acumen

With PostAcumen you can see how your brand compares against direct competitors, or even industry leaders.

There is a nominal cost for the service, but so far it’s provided great insights, is easy to use and understand and helps us get better at delivering engaging content to fans.

Liz Phillips, social media manager at TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, where she manages social media for TaylorMade, Adidas Golf, and Ashworth brands.

#22: Facebook Pages Manager App

My favorite social media tool is the Facebook Pages Manager App. This tool allows me to manage multiple pages while on the go. Not only can I post, comment and engage with my fans on multiple pages, but this app does so much more. I’m also able to create Facebook Offers directly from the app, which allows me to promote my programs and services anytime, anywhere.

In addition, I can instantly get a greater reach for my most important posts by buying Promoted Posts on-the-go directly from my mobile phone.

facebook pages manager app

This is what it looks like to buy Promoted Posts via a mobile phone using the Facebook Pages Manager app.

With these features, I can make real-time decisions for my pages based on my fans activity and my current marketing goals. If you’re like me and often on the move, this app is one you don’t want to go without!

Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and a social media strategist.

#23: Vocus

One of my favorite social media tools is Vocus. Vocus is a suite that helps manage your social media profiles, monitor what is happening in real time and other key functions.

One of the key elements that makes it different than other services is that it incorporates the very popular Help A Reporter Out (HARO) website. HARO is a site where reporters can post their requests for information and interviews anonymously, and where you can respond. If it’s a good fit, the reporter contacts you. It’s a great way to get additional free PR. Combined with the rest of Vocus’s platform capabilities, this provides a powerful one-two punch.

Michael Crossonfounder and publisher of and founder of the fourth-largest LinkedIn group, “The Social Media Marketing Group.” 

#24: Quozio

Can’t find an image to pin on Pinterest? No problem! I recently came across a simple, slick tool that allows you to take some text, like an inspirational quote or a particularly helpful blurb from a blog post, and turn it into a beautiful, pinnable image. The tool is called Quozio.

You can use Quozio to create cool quotation pins for Pinterest, but it also solves a common problem.

When you find a great article, or blog post, you want to pin it to one of your pinboards. But sometimes when you use your Pin It bookmarklet to try to pin it, the bookmarklet can’t find a pinnable image on the page. This is where Quozio can come to the rescue.

All you need to do is highlight a snippet of text from the blog post you want to pin, copy it, then use Quozio to create a pinnable image from that text. You can pin your new image directly from the Quozio interface.

To make sure your new Quozio pin links back to the original blog post you want to share, you just need to edit your pin after you’ve posted it. You can click on the “edit” button in the corner of any of your pins to edit that pin’s settings and add the URL of the original blog post.


When editing your pin, make sure you add the URL of the original blog post.

Then just click on “Save Pin” and viola! You’ve got a beautiful pin that links back to an awesome blog post.

Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest.

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Social Media Examiner recruited the biggest and best names in the world of social media marketing for this conference. Only the best for you!

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What do you think? What’s your favorite? Have you found any useful social media tools recently?
Please share yours in the comment section below.

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    I would give a big thumbs up for as well.  I’ve really started to love the way I can slice and dice my Twitter contacts, and keep an eye out for prospects in the same interface.  My current fave.

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media

    Super list, Cindy!

    A handful I’ve tried, but a few really look groovy, and I can’t wait to check them out.  Unlock To Share & Pocket.

    Thanks for the insight!


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    Honored to have Crowdbooster in the company of Instagram and 22 other great tools!


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  • Kiky Tsy

    I’ve just discovered and I love it so far. Fortunately I got in early so I could still get the topics I wanted.

    I’ve been using a combination of Addict-o-matic ( a BRILLIANT content curator, and SocialMotus (, a new social management dashboard similar to Hootsuite and SproutSocial that has all the regular features you expect but has added bells and whistles (lets me track actual sales conversions from posts, priority messaging system, better twitter follower tools etc).

  • Chimezirim Odimba

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    Cool! Thanks for the feedback! is popular!

  • Cindy King

    Hi Keri!  Yes, I actually watched one of James’ videos, went through the process and saw this in action before he shared this Unlock to Share tip with us, and it’s a cool little marketing tactic. There are opportunities to really make this work for you!

  • Cindy King

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    We are utilizing SlideShare within our social media campaign which is one of the effective social media platforms. Thanks for sharing this hottest social media tools. I’m sure, these can be quite a good investment for our company to have an assortment of this tools.

  • Stuart Wooster

    Well deserved! Love your platform, I use it for personal use and work.

  • Kristy Cartier

    Amy, Is there an Android version of Facebook Pages Manager App? What’s funny is that I can use the Facebook app to post on my page but the same app doesn’t work on my tablet! It could be different Android versions…


  • Francisco Meza

    I like Sprout Social, but the reason I don’t switch to them from Hootsuite is SproutSocial doesn’t integrate with Google Plus. Thanks for the post!

  • Bill Nad

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    You may want to add our tool quintly (formerly AllFacebook Stats) as well. We also offer a free version to be used by everyone :-)

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    Couldn’t read past the first item. The idea of holding clients, customers, or even casual visitors hostage by forcing them to “LIke” us, for whatever reason, reeks of the worst high-pressure sales tactics imaginable. It’s up to the customer/client/visitor to make the choice, on their terms, not ours. It’s not an obligation. If we can’t capture their loyalty and attention without resorting to this kind of thing, I say we’ve already failed.

  • Feuza

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     Marr International has been using helps you discover your influential customers making online forms social and easier to manage

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    Wao, several tools that I did not know. Good collection, thanks.

  • Justin Wheeler

    Nice post… Glad to see your first recommendation was for a Like to Unlock plugin, although I have to say that my Viral Bait plugin is really the best!  I think it was the first Viral Like plugin although originally called Blog Like Reveal.
    Since then we have gone on to make sure we are integrated with FB’s open graph, and we also reveal on Google Plus, Linked in and Pinterest.

    We have some exciting new updates coming out shortly too! :)

  • Andreas Ostheimer

    Quozio is really nice – solves a common problem – will use it right away. Thanks, Andreas

  • Cindy King

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    Yes, I think we all have different needs AND different work preferences… and there are lots of tools for everyone :)

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    Hi Maegan!  Thanks for sharing about SlideShare. It’s definitely the sleeping giant.

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    Bill, the Bufferapp is addictive. It’s just so easy to use. Unless you need more functionality, you’ll probably enjoy it.

  • Cindy King

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  • Cindy King

    Hi Francisco, yes it’s super frustrating when your favorite platforms don’t have all of the functionality you need. I wonder what things will be like this time next year.

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    Cindy. Great post! Currently using a lot of the techniques you mentioned to promoting IP education and knowledge. Thanks for making my day!

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  • Cindy King


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    Very much enjoyed the LinkedIn Skills & Expertise page tip. Using those related, relevant keywords is certainly a smart thing to do, but having them provided by LinkedIn is like gold.

  • mutie

    Great resource. “Unlock to Share” is misnamed, though … it should be “Share to Unlock.” If you have to pay visitors to like you, maybe there’s something wrong with the quality of your content. I know it’s good “marketing” but it seems overly manipulative.

  • Daniel Sisson

    SlideShare really is an awesome tool and it’s only going to get bigger in use too. Do you guys gather leads from SlideShare as well?

  • Liad Guez

    Nice list, I would say that if you’re a B2B marketer, Oktopost would be a great addition to this list, because its a great tool for social media publishing and capturing leads.

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    thanks for the eye opener!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I absolutely agree with you about the first one. The best social marketing tool ever! Do you know of any plugin for PHP developers? Everything I’ve found is for wordpress, however, I would like to have this function in one of my own developed PHP sites.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Great article. I currently use SocialFlow to optimize for Facebook and Twitter and fill in the blanks with some of the free tools. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

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    I’ll definitely be looking into a few of these further, especially CrowdBooster and Quozio, both sound intriguing.
    I know it’s commonly used, but I cannot get enough of TweetDeck, especially now they’ve updated their interface and allow tweets to be filtered. Now if only Twitter would utilise these features…

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  • Kassie

    NeoReach is another great social media tool to add to this list! It allows you to set your target audience, cost-per-click, and the URL that you want to promote and then they match your campaign to optimized influencers who can then choose to share your content if they like it. I’ve seen really low CPC’s too, much better than AdWords and FB.

    I highly recommend checking it out!

  • CiCi Elle

    I am one of those who has multiple Facebook business pages. The Facebook Page Managers App has helped me keep control of what I do on the go with my phone. Very helpful tool to use. I am very interested in many of these tools. I have only heard of a few. Thank you!

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    I would like to recommend a software that I’ve been using
    recently named Capzool. Running a small business, I was mainly using social
    media, but once I discovered the different campaigns possibilities and how easy
    they were to activate, I covered all grounds. Now I’m able to broadcast
    promotions, sales and special events in SMS, emails, voice messages and all
    social platforms, all in one. They also offer site tools which was fairly new to me but easy to use.

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    Sorry, its just my realization that I am not keeping up with this shblitzkrieg… and an outcast losing out the race to a more dynamic vibrant and fast-paced IT players…

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    Personally, as a newbie in social media marketing, I’m having difficulty in managing all our social media platforms. Your post is a great help for me and these gave me options on applications or tools I should try. Currently, I’m trying this list I found In the market, there are thousands of applications or tools that are available to use for free or at reasonable prices. Hope I can find which tools can make my work easy and can help me manage my time well. Thanks again.

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