social media how toDo you want to grow your blog? Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain more readers? We asked the finalists of our Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest for their best tips on how to grow your list of blog subscribers.

Here are their best tips. I think you’ll agree there are some excellent ideas here.

#1: Be Active in Other Communities First

Here’s what Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation and the blog at Twist Image, recommends:

You’ll have no semblance of community unless you’re an active community member in other spaces. If I had to do this all over again and start from scratch right now, what would I do?

Without question I would start a blog and fill it with relevant and valuable content for the community, but I would spend ten times as much time adding value to the five or ten existing communities where my potential members might be hanging out, reading and connecting.

It’s not a ploy and it’s not a trick—I would do this because I’m interested and want to engage with the other community members. I would also be hopeful that those community members would appreciate my contributions and take a chance on checking out what I’m up to on my own space.

Give more than you get.”

twist image

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Laurel Mackenzie likes Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation blog because "not only is his written content intelligent and thought-provoking, but his podcasts feature discussions on relevant topics with true industry thought leaders."

#2: Write About What You Love

Here’s how Michael Brandvold grows subscribers on his blog:

“The best advice I can give anyone who wants to grow their subscribers is write about something you love and are passionate about and keep writing.

Readers can tell the difference when someone writes about a topic because they feel it and love it, it’s their life, versus someone who writes about a topic because it was just assigned to them. No magic formula, no secret trick… just hard work on something you love.

Since my first website in 1995 I’ve learned that users will find and continue to return to content which is genuine and created with a passion.”

michael brandvold

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Anthony Best says Michael Brandvold "knows his stuff and presents marketing and social media concepts in ways that are simple to understand and execute immediately. Not only does he share what to do, he also explains specifically what NOT to do."

#3: Write Insanely Great Content

Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter and the popular marketing blog {grow}, recommends:

“Blogging is not my full-time activity. I have a thriving business, I teach and I have family activities and charitable efforts I’m devoted to. So when it comes to the blog, I only have time to concentrate on one thing: INSANELY GREAT CONTENT.

I tend to look at things from a unique perspective that seems to set fire to interesting conversations. That’s all I know to do, really! Celebrate smart conversation.”


Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Neicole Crepeau likes {grow} because "Mark combines insightful and useful information with posts about his personal soul-searching as spurred by his social media work. His community is amazingly engaged."

#4: Answer Questions for Your Audience

Mark Robertson, founder of ReelSEO, recommends:

“The number-one way that we’ve been successful in driving readership to ReelSEO, though I realize this is a bit cliché, is through creating compelling, informative and unique content. For ReelSEO, we’ve found that the most read and most compelling content usually comes from two sources.

First, we respond to our readers’ requests and often solicit feedback both on and off the site. When a reader reaches out to us to ask for advice, we can often safely assume that all others would be interested in the topic. As a result, we often write articles that specifically address our readers’ requests.

Second, we try to write about those things that we (internally) are interested in learning more about but can’t find sufficient information online to address the learning.

For example, I searched everywhere for a list of apps to record video with Skype in order to do some video interviews. I was unable to find any useful resources on the Internet. So, I assigned this topic to a writer and not only did I learn what I wanted, but our readers were extremely pleased that we offered up this resource.

Additionally, because it was a question with few results in search to address it, we obtain new readers every day through long-tail search.

If you’re truly passionate about your blog’s area of expertise, you can successfully grow your audience and continue your own learning through answering all the unanswered questions.”

reel seo

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Jayce likes Reel SEO "because it's super-intelligent and the place to go for video SEO!"

#5: Offer Real Value

Danny Brown, award-winning marketing and social media blogger and founder of For Bloggers by Bloggers and 12for12k, recommends:

“Offer REAL value to your readers. Instead of just offering generic simplicity—like the Top 10 Twitter Management Tools—offer reasons and strategic comparisons why.

What sales benefit does this have? How can you use something like HootSuite to manage campaigns? How can you then track this using Google Analytics? And how should you use this information to adapt future campaigns?

Don’t just offer an easy top 10 list—get deep and explain the mechanics behind your choice, and really give your readers a reason to come to you over generic blogger X.”

danny brown

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Martyn Hodgson likes Danny Brown's blog because he's "always prepared to say what he thinks."

#6: Be There for Your Readers

Mike McGrail, owner of the popular blog The Social Penguin, recommends:

“For me the key to building a strong and loyal readership is to create content that matches their needs.

I know that many small business owners read the Social Penguin, so I look to ensure that the majority of our posts will appeal to them and most importantly will help them.

Having an opinion is also hugely important, as well as showing a willingness to respond to comments and questions. People take the time to read your content, so make sure you give them time back.”

social penguin

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Geoff Kennedy says the Social Penguin has a "no-nonsense approach and takes a different angle on a lot of topics."

#7: Say Something New

Deb Ng, conference director for the BlogWorld and New Media Expo and author of Kommein, recommends:

“The best way to grow blog subscribers is to write content that’s useful, creative and original. Blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays and most bloggers are writing the same thing. No-one has time to read a dozen blogs saying the same thing.

If you want more subscribers, say something new, say something helpful and say something awesome.


Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Andy Hayes likes Kommein because "while many focus on tactics, Deb takes a step back and forces you to ask the tough questions—Why? Who? Where? What? And she doesn't shy away from difficult topics."

#8: Make Your Readers Feel Good

Gini Dietrich, lead author of the popular blog Spin Sucks, recommends:

“People want to feel like they’re part of something and that what they have to say is smart and well-regarded. When they take the time to comment on your blog, they want to know you’re reading and considering what they have to say, even if you don’t agree.

But the real magic happens when people begin commenting to one another and the blog takes on a life of its own. As the blogger, your responsibilities are to pose one side of a debate and open the conversation. At times, it’s even important to continue the conversation in the comments.

But if people begin commenting to one another and you can be graceful about differing opinions, your subscriptions will increase because people will be coming to your blog for their daily brain food.

I always say that blogging is mostly about stroking other people’s egos and making them feel good. I get A LOT of pushback about that because most people don’t want to take the time, nor do they consider it part of increasing their readers. But, if you scratch others’ backs you’ll be amazed at what you get in return.”

spin sucks

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Justin Brackett says Spin Sucks is "trustworthy and way outside the "clutter of the ordinary." You'll always get a reply to any response that you leave on their site. That's why they're the best there is!"

#9: Respect Your Audience

Francisco Rosales, author of SocialMouths, recommends:

“The single most effective method I’ve used to build up my subscriber list, both RSS and email, has been always to respect my audience. I made a couple of decisions earlier, such as not using pop-ups or not abusing the frequency that I send out email, among others. The intention is to grow organically.

Sure, my growth rate is not as explosive as I’ve seen with other bloggers, but I believe I’m compensated with a higher-quality base of subscribers and with an “unsubscribe” rate of 0%. I think for now I’m happy with the results.

What I do recommend to everybody is setting up Goal Conversions on Google Analytics to be able to track what percentage of your visitors are actually signing up for any of your subscriptions.”


Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Kristi Hines says, "SocialMouths has been a favorite of mine for a while because the content is always useful. I haven't visited a post yet that didn't give me some great ideas to implement.

#10: Focus on Evergreen Content

Stanford Smith, author of Pushing Social, recommends:

“From my experience, I’ve found ‘problem-focused evergreen content’ to be the killer bait for attracting blog subscribers. This content is useful year after year—hence the ‘evergreen’ title. Evergreen content works because it rewards readers with comprehensive answers to their problems.

Readers eat up this content and reward the blogger with their attention and subscriptions. For maximum effectiveness, build your editorial schedule around writing 10 to 12 in-depth posts. Your focus on solving problems will appeal to readers, get shared, garner high search rankings and fill your list with loyal subscribers.”

pushing social

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Jay Baer says Pushing Social is "always topical, not afraid to tackle big issues, prolific, interesting and useful."

#11: Know Your Goals and Stick to Them

Tom Webster, author of BrandSavant, recommends:

“In a lot of ways, I’m the last person on this list you should ask about growing subscribers. While mine have grown considerably over the past year, BrandSavant certainly doesn’t attract the kind of traffic that some of the other Top 10 Blogs do.

I marvel at the ability of people on this list like Jay Baer have for not only producing quality content, but producing it prolifically!

If I could offer some advice, though, it would be this: know exactly what you want to accomplish with your blog, and do not waver. I don’t have advertising on my blog, nor do I have any information products or reports to sell. So traffic does little for me.

I get paid when people hire me to ask smart questions and develop insights around the answers. So I made up my mind early on that I would not be a curator of content (which is a fine approach, of course), but would only author my own original insights, and I would only hit ‘publish’ on things that I am proud of that adequately represent the quality of my thinking to prospective clients.

Some weeks I get two or three posts up; others (like this week!) only one. What I’ve found from this approach is that often when I first publish a post it may or may not get traffic immediately. People might click over from a Twitter link, see some gigantic discourse and not read it right away. But they come back to it—sometimes weeks or even months later. That’s when I know I’ve accomplished my goal.”

brand savant

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Eric Boggs says BrandSavant is his favorite social media blog by far because "Tom is a brilliant marketer and he always publishes high-caliber and thoughtful content. The comments are usually just as good as the content, which is the hallmark of a quality blog."

#12: Deliver as Promised

Lee Odden, author of the TopRank Online Marketing Blog, recommends:

“The most important thing a blog can do to grow subscribers is very fundamental: give readers a great reason to subscribe every time you publish.

That means making a promise about what you’ll deliver (promotion of your blog overall as well as promoting individual posts) and keeping that promise (great content that leaves readers satisfied and wanting more).

There are numerous functional ‘tricks’ like using plugins that detect new visitors and then solicit them to subscribe or contests that incentivize subscriptions. To build real value among a community of readers and inspire buzz about your blog, being able to ‘deliver as promised’ goes a very long way.

Social Media Examiner and the Top 10 Social Media Blog winners do this very well. They understand who their audiences are and make an effort to both create and promote great content on a regular basis.”


Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Stacey Acevero says Lee Odden and TopRank blog "research and provide some of the more technical aspects of social media, such as SEO."

#13: Give Each Reader Opportunities to Interact With You

Jay Dolan, author of The Anti-Social Media blog, recommends:

“Always remember the little people. You can’t build your readership one reader at a time. That method, while it sounds nice, is too slow and time-consuming. You have a life off of the Internet and you can’t spend your days coaxing one or two new readers.

However, you can give each and every reader a chance to interact with you and make that interaction special and memorable. Not every reader will take that chance, but when it happens and you exceed their expectations, you’ll gain a reader who will bring more readers than all of your efforts to court one person.”

anti-social media

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Christine Choi says "The Anti-Social Media blogger Jay Dolan provides regular posts that are witty, fresh and relevant. And it's very evident that he cares about his readers and has made many efforts to initiate dialogue and create productive forums for social media haters and lovers. In a culture that is increasingly embracing, testing and reinventing our notions of "social media," Jay consistently leaves his readers with questions and ideas to chew on in regard to how that media is reshaping old conventions or reinstating new ones. And he draws his own illustrations, too. You can't find that kind of heart everywhere."

#14: Ask for Subscriptions at the End of Your Article

Jason Keath, president of Social Fresh (a social media education company), recommends:

Prominently place the subscription form. If it’s above the fold and the clear call-to-action on the page (the CVI, center of visual impact), then people will see it more and in turn subscribe more. This same concept holds true for pop-up subscription forms, but I rarely advocate these, as they are usually an annoyance to the user.

Emphasize email, not RSS. More people know email and check it daily than RSS. And if someone really wants your RSS feed, they’re used to looking for a smaller RSS icon.

Ask for subscriptions at the end of an article. If a reader makes it to the end of the article, he or she has gotten value and will be more likely to sign up for more.

Post daily, or at worst on a regular schedule. People subscribe to a regular schedule of content and daily blogs get way more subscribers.”

social fresh

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Brandon Uttley likes Social Fresh because "it's full of timely and actionable social media information, aimed at business professionals.

#15: Place Your Subscriber Box at the Top

Mack Collier, author of the popular social media blog, recommends:

“My best tip is to move the subscriber button/box to the TOP of the blog, or at least make sure it’s ABOVE the fold. I did this on my blog and instantly noticed a 30% increase in email subscribers.

It also helps if you have a Google Reader button at least, in addition to the standard RSS button.”

mack collier

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Jonathan Saar says Mack Collier "creates great discussion, is very much engaged with his readers and his content is supremely timely and helpful."

#16: Offer a Benefit

Ricardo Bueno, author of the popular social media blog for real estate and small business, recommends:

Offer a free eBook. Don’t know what to write about? Well, what’s your blog about? Think of ways to share some of your best ‘how to’ content.

For example, I author a blog on social media for the real estate industry. So last year, I interviewed eight top real estate bloggers on their methods and techniques for building a successful real estate blog. I compiled these interviews into an eBook that I could give away for free and offered it to my opt-in subscribers (I had 73 subscribers in the first day).

If you use AWeber to email your content, you can easily set up a follow-up email with a download for your PDF. If you’re using FeedBurner, you might try the RSS footer plugin to provide a download link for your PDF.

Bottom line is to offer a benefit (something of value) to people who subscribe. Then, deliver good content consistently to keep their attention.”

ricardo bueno

Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Adam King likes Ricardo Bueno's blog because he "cuts through the BS, gives you the foundations of effective social media practice and helps the newbie get off to a great start."

#17: Let People Follow You in the Way They Prefer

Kristi Hines, author of the popular social media blog Kikolani, recommends:

“My best tip for growing blog subscribers is not to focus so hard on forcing readers to pick one particular method of subscription, but give lots of options.

Personally, I subscribe to different bloggers in different ways including via my RSS reader, email and StumbleUpon. For some blogs, I know I’ll want to share their content with my followers, so I ‘subscribe’ to them by setting up their RSS feed in Twitterfeed to automatically share their latest posts on my Twitter account.

If you want people to follow you, let them follow you in the way that best suits them. Make sure links to your RSS feed, subscribe via email, Twitter, Facebook fan page and other social networks where you update your latest posts are easy to find on your website. The top spots would include your sidebar and the end of each of your blog posts.

Some other great ways to grow your subscriber list would be to include your subscription links in author bios for guest posts, social networking profiles, email signatures, free reports/eBooks and pretty much any other place where you can insert them. The easier you can make it for readers to find your subscription links to your blog, the more subscribers you will gain.”


Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Sarah Arrow says Kikolani "is very useful and well thought out."

Now It’s Your Turn

These tips are the beginning of a great foundation to grow your blog audience and blog subscribers.

What do you think? How do you grow your blog subscribers? What other tips do you have to share? Please leave them in the comment box below.

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  • These are all excellent words of advice, and more so, a great compilation of great bloggers. I follow most of these people but you have introduced some new to me. Thank you, much appreciated!

  • Great tips here! Anyone looking to start or make more of their blog should be reading this. Thanks for asking for my input Cindy! One thing I have been doing recently is to go to my most loyal readers and ask them what they would like to see content wise, or even offering to answer a specific questions for them. I’ve had great feedback and will start to post responses soon. People love a tailored service!



  • Mike,

    You offered excellent insight – thank you! I’ve clipped to Evernote so I can refer back to the information above from you and others.

    My blog is fairly new. I’ve already begun to ask readers and commenters what they would like to see, and have begun scheduling guest posts. Questions from clients is often the inspiration for my posts, and those have gotten better response.

    I agree that people love tailored service. Can’t wait to read your posts with findings and feedback! 🙂


  • Hi Keri,

    Thanks very much for the kind words! Sounds like you have made a very social start to your blog, great work! I look forward to reading it in due course.

    All the best,


  • I am relatively new to blogging so found your tips extremely insightful and useful. It has given me some good ideas to put into practice. Thank you Cindy

  • Love this post. I have been pushing my clients to reward subscribers with more content like E-books and White Papers. BSS11 totally changed my thinking about the power of blogging!

  • Yes, these are all blogs worth following!

  • That’s a great tactic Mike! And I think it’s something all blogs should do at regular intervals because things change so fast online and this is a great way to keep your pulse on what your audience wants most.

  • Vera, welcome to the world of blogging 🙂 The tips here are a great place to start.

  • Nick, glad to hear you liked BSS11 and blogging!

  • i believe that you are right. but honestly i didnt know that people before reading your post. will find out who they are) thanks for the information))

  • It works for The Social Penguin Blog. You don’t have to say ‘Mr X asked me to write this’ (many don’t want you to) but make sure you thank them for the questions, as often they can be very inspirational.

  • thanks for this compilation Ms.Cindy,ive been blogging for 4 months now,unfortunately,im still walking into the dark worlds of blogging 🙂 ,thanks for this post

    btw,this is my blog

  • I’m looking for ideas on growing your blogging community and visibility for your blog when I’ve encountered this post. I guessed you wrote it all and my compliments to such an informative post. Now, the real challenge is implementing these awesome tips. Thanks!!

  • a tip i have is: once in a while, write about a fairly large brand with a good social media presence. i didn’t really do it on purpose, but the two times i did the brands reposted my article on all their networks which led to a lot of traffic. obviously traffic isn’t king, but it’s a nice boost if you run a quiet blog like mine.

    one post was a list post on ways musicians can use evernote, and the other was about how soundcloud runs a good community.

  • Cindy, I’m glad I was invited to participate, it turned out to be a great post and a great pool of ideas and different points of view.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Cindy,

    GREAT list of tips to follow for growing your blog! Thanks for including mine in there as well. I think that if you can turn around and implement even just a few of these, you’re well on your way 🙂

  • Happy reading!

  • A well written ebook with rich and relevant content is a great way to start building that database. But I also think it has to be followed up by a consistent post schedule on the blog.

  • Michael Brandvold

    Thank you so much for asking me to participate, I am honored to be included. The article is filled with some amazing tips!

  • I absolutely agree with you. Well said.

  • Cindy, thanks for the great article and thanks for allowing me to participate. 🙂

  • Great article! I love how each of the Top 10 provided a specific nugget that together make up a wonderful list of tips! Nice job, Cindy~thanks to SME and Mike for always putting out top notch content w/top notch writers!

  • A super great sharing for Us. Thank you for this post. I’m totally agreed with the subscription part. We must kept a long strong relationship with all of our subscribers. Hence, we can gain the ‘believe’ soon. Create a good relationship and do offer some free stuffs (eg: eBooks or etc) for a better marketing conversion & blogging experiences. People love FREE items much. Remember that. Be a good soft-seller! – Zulh, MALAYSIA 🙂

  • I like #4 (I like all of them BTW): Answer Questions. Sometimes the key to great content is finding out what people are asking. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I don’t. It’s easiest when people are actually emailing or commenting questions to you, but finding the questions out there that haven’t been spoon-fed to you is something I’m still working on. Thanks for this great article!

  • Thanks Cindy for the fantastic tips. Mark – you’re absolute right. Answering people’s questions using a blog post (or video blog post if you can) is an amazing way to connect and make your readers come back for more…that’s why I’ve been coming back to daily 🙂


  • Jeffrey, congratulations on the 4 months of blogging! Don’t worry, I think there’s a growing curve to blogging if you’re doing it on your own. Another couple of months and you should be feeling more confident.

  • Great advice especially for young bloggers. Noone wants to read same old same….fresh, new relevant content is priceless. Thanks for the tips!

  • Aaron, I’ve found that it’s easiest to implement one at a time. And just a few of them can make the difference 🙂

  • I really like and agree with your 17 tips. I have a long way to go….but we have to work our way up the social ladder.

  • You’re welcome Francisco. Thank YOU for participating! It was so cool to see how the variety of tips came together nicely.

  • Number 4 is my favorite. Social media is about listening. If we listen to conversations, comments and question from the new feeds, we would know what content would be valuable to our audience.

  • awesome recommendations. I now follow the majority of these bloggers. Most echo the same sentiment about creating unique and compelling content. I have found this true too. Also giving away e- books, whitepapers etc helps. I find people like blogs with lists or numbers in them too

  • I think if I have to read one more blogging tip that says “insanely great content” without defining what that is, I’ll scream! The best tip for me was the one about continually delivering on, and deepening, your promise to subscribers. It’s so easy to get sidetracked and just write about whatever interests you on the day. (I try and get clients to use Posterous for that!:-)

  • You know what I love most about this? The quotes from nominations. Thanks for giving us a peak into that – it almost made me cry!

    I read all of the bloggers listed here and I learned a few new things. Great tips, Cindy!

  • Great work Cindi – The very simple tip that has worked for me is to stay with it – consistency works. Also, give every comment your full consideration – because there may 1000 others just like them that have the same question.


  • Jim Winskowski

    This is an AWESOME post. Worth every second of reading and THEN SOME!

  • Excellent rundown- thanks Cindy! Many of these are common sense…AND also the little things that just keep getting pushing down the “to-do” list. It’s helpful to be reminded of how powerful the little things can be!

    All the Best,


  • Fantastic tips as usual Cindy. Inspired me to be a little more vigilant with my blog posts. *takes a deep breath* Here I go!

  • Rock it. Work it. Own it!

  • Heather: I present to you a (friendly) challenge… Take one or two of these tips and implement them before the end of the week! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  • Gini: I thought the quotes from the nominations was a nice touch… In fact I saw one that I’m not sure I noticed submitted by a good friend from the Twittersphere… I wont’ admit to getting teary eyed, but it sure was neat to read.

  • Great ideas. Can’t wait to use them and see results! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Juliet: Yep, the second you lose sight of what interests your subscribers, is the second you start to lose their attention. Your content should always be relevant to the promise you delivered when they hit the subscribe button.

  • Hi Jody,

    As long as the content always remains timely and relevant, you’re in good hands. I ask myself:

    – Is this post helpful? How so?
    – Is it relevant? How so?
    – Is it fun? How can I rewrite it to make it a bit more fun to read?

    If I pass those tests, I hit the publish button.

  • Karen: My (friendly) challenge to you… Pick one or two of these tips and implement them this week! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  • Glad that this post has helped so many! Great work by Cindy in pulling it together. I would agree with the others, make sure you don’t try and implement all of these tips at once, you will just get mixed up and it may actually take away from your enjoyment.

    If I could add another tip – always write when you are feeling energetic and relaxed, your best work comes out at these times. I like to write on my morning commute as I am sharpest first thing. On the other hand, if you want to rant… seriously though, don’t rant too much and always have just cause. Blogs full of flaming create a really negative reader experience.

    Thanks again for asking me to contribute Cindy!

    Mike (Social Penguin Blog)

  • If you are trying to read The Social Penguin Blog at the moment and are experiencing difficulties this is due to a error, huge apologies! Hope you can take the time to read it later.

  • But did you get teary eyed?!?

  • Maaaaybe… 😛

  • penpointer

    Thanks for a helpful, meaty post, Cindy. I know these roundups are time-consuming, but from a reader’s standpoint, this one was worth every minute. And I have to second the comment by Caffeine Keyboard: Thanks for pointing out some terrific blogs that weren’t on my radar. I’ve added four of these to my source list for SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs.

  • Gini, soooo happy you noticed 🙂 This really is a wonderful collection of tips for us (in addition to being fantastic advice). Because these are tips from the people behind the blogs nominated by Social Media Examiner readers. It was only fitting to try to get the voters in there too and show why these blogs were nominated. You can tell these blogs have great communities!

  • I knew it!

  • Yes, good point Mr. Tunes. This often works to get traction and it sounds like you gave valuable content to your audience.

  • Francisco, I asked all the finalists in the Top 10 Social Media Blog contest, so it’s not surprising everyone came up with great tips 🙂 I love seeing the community around all of these blogs!

  • Hahaha!

  • So true Ricardo! Implementing just a few of these tips on a consistent basis is a good start. I think I’m going to take up on your challenge that you mentioned in another comment here, and implement one of them on my personal blog before the end of next week.

  • You’re welcome Michael! Thank YOU! It is indeed inspiring 🙂

  • You’re welcome Mark. This was a way to hear from all of the finalists in our Top 10 Social Media Blog contest. 🙂

  • w00t w00t! Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  • Hani, that’s also the one tip I come back to regularly no matter what. Great advice!

  • Pamela, you know at first I thought we were lucky to have such a good selection of tips, but then you can see that these blogs have strong communities even though their audiences may be slightly different. So in the end it’s not a surprise. This was fun putting together.

  • CINDY,

    Greetings from rural Australia.

    I love your posts. They’re always a smorgasbord of quality information.

    I resonate with Francisco Rosales and Tom Webster.

    I hate busy blogs that distract me from the content I want to read. And I rarely stay on them for very long.

    There are few bloggers who reinforce the values of no advertising, no pop-ups and no information products on your blog. And who also practice what they preach.

    And fewer still who support the theory of growing one reader at a time. Or more slowly than most other bloggers.

    I don’t use my blog to sell. I have a website that does that for me. And does it very well.

    But emails from my customers always ask for more stories and photos about my rural lifestyle.

    And that’s what my blog does.

    Tells stories about my life on my remote property in rural Australia.

    It’s reasonably new. Less than 12 months old. I post every Sunday. And by request from readers, I now have a Feedburner email subscriber form in my left sidebar. So I hope I’m correct to assume that I must be doing something right.

    I uploaded the subscriber form on Sunday afternoon and have 3 subscribers so far.

    I look at my stats daily and know I don’t get hundreds of readers every day.

    I get excited when I see that my first blog post still brings traffic to my site.

    And even more excited to see that quite a few visitors are repeat visitors.

    Some visitors have returned more than 30 times.

    And my visitors come from all over the world. Courtesy of Google. And the Share button at the bottom of every post.

    And as I become better educated through my attendance at Social Media Examiner Summits and also using this site as a knowledge library, I’m improving my technical expertise.

    I now put links at the bottom of every post to the products on my website. I wait for my visitor to get to the last word on my post before the see a link.

    Ditto for a link to my podcasts.

    Learning how to use the WordPress SEO plugin from the SMEBlogSummit has rocketed my appearance in Google. The post I published on Sunday was in Google within 20 minutes!

    And what’s even more exciting, is that the links at the bottom of every post to my individual products on my website have created a crescendo of traffic to my website.

    I also notice that the number of visitors to my website who bookmark it as a favourite has reached a steady 80% or more.

    It’s heart warming to read Francisco and Tom support the theory that slow growth is good growth.

    That you should stick to your agenda. And keep working at it because it’s a work in progress.

    And to point out that blog sites shouldn’t distract and/or irritate.

    We’re all different and march to a different drumbeat, but some of us seem to be more outside of the box than others.

    Working solo from my remote rural property is akin to working in the dark at times.

    And Francisco and Tom absolutely made my day.

    I also love your work, Cindy. You resonate well with me, too!

    Best wishes and take care,


    Carol Jones
    Interface Pty Ltd
    Designers of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

    Ironing Diva’s stories are at

  • Welcome Zuhl!

  • Mason, I’ve also found that my audience changes fairly rapidly, so it’s vital to ask questions. I also like when I have the time to get on the phone or skype too. And I also used Twitter Interviews as a way to connect with my audience on my personal blog. Questions don’t always need to be blog posts or tweets.

  • Absolutely. The challenge is maintaining the fresh, relevant content over time, isn’t it?

  • Well, I’m taking Ricardo up on his challenge, but for one tip and it’ll have to be next week on my personal blog 🙂 Want to join me?

  • Nan, you’re not alone. Number 4 seems to be a favorite in the comments here 🙂

  • Good tip about using Posterous for posts that are off topic, Juliet!

  • Great tip Jeff.

  • Glad you liked it Jim!

  • Heather, I’m often in the same boat on my personal blog… the little things get pushed further down the to-do list. But it’s the little things I miss most when I don’t get to them.

  • Good luck Stacey! I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

  • Me too Alex! I’m taking up Ricardo Bueno’s challenge here in the comments and implementing one tip next week on my personal blog 🙂

  • Great points Mike! It’s true when the mood is right writing is so much easier. But I worked for a while in publishing where my colleagues used to say that publishing attracted people who liked working on deadline, and I have to admit, I also do well on a short deadline 🙂

    And I appreciate your comment about being wary of ranting and flaming. I’ll go one step further and say that I think you’ll build a better long term community with positive content. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve learned to avoid rants and flaming altogether. It doesn’t “age” well online.

    Besides, my personal tolerance for “ranters” is short: everyone has a bad day once in a while. But I totally ignore everything the chronic “flamers” say, even when they’ve got good things to say. Because I prefer getting those good things from positive people.

  • You’re welcome! And glad you got such value out of it. You know, it was the bloggers (finalists in our Top Social Media blogs contest earlier this year) who did most of the work in providing such good tips 🙂

  • Wow Carol! I loved hearing your story! Congratulations on finding your blogging path! And making such progress! I hope you continue to blog, it sounds like you’ve got lots to share that would interest others 🙂

  • Hope you get it sorted out quickly Mike! It can be so frustrating when this happens.

  • By the way, I’m taking up Ricardo on his challenge to implement one tip on my personal blog… but next week only. That’s the earliest I can do it. Want to join in?

  • Alicia Castillo

    here comes another one from Australia. I had two different blogs – actually three. Following my passions: creating wealth (instead of the shallow becoming rich), living with purpose (as a platform to beat unhappiness and depression) and the wealth blog in Spanish.

    Few weeks ago I did what many people asked me to do: merged the blogs, I set up a personal web and now I post there. the results have been amazing… and this is the lesson I learned:

    BE PERSONAL. people want to connect with another fellow human being. So, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you.

    greetings from down under,


    (the blog?

  • GREAT tips. Seems like common sense but it’s great to read it put so plainly..

  • I’m interested in what you do for “Twitter Interviews?” Do you have an article on this? Or maybe I just gave you a question you can “Answer” for a future article : )

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  • This is an awesome Post! Great Value! I will Use your subsciber at the end of articles technique! Thank you

  • Thanks Cindy for compiling these great tips. They couldn’t have come at a better time for me, for I’m working at developing a following and need all the advice I can get. It sounds to me like there is a real sense of family and all the bloggers have a genuine respect for their readers.


  • Anothe tip

    “write some epic shit”

    For example ,blog about MARK Z is gay,,…but be sure you can fool evrybody,haha,just kidding

  • drago kajtuzovic

    drago kajtuzovic – great reading !

  • nupurmaskara

    Useful post. I always thought short blog posts worked best, but I was wrong!

  • Cindy you have made my day in the following ways.
    1. Super Super Like article for an amateur blogger
    2. Basic, simple but relevant tips by the best in business
    3. Provided loads of blogs to find, read and more above listen to those 100’s of comments that occur after every post.


  • yes i so agree to ur thought @TSP. People love to be treated different and tailor made services are preferable.

  • @Nuttyupur my thought(not a blogging champ)is the length is not so crucial. what matters is the value to ur loyal readers and for new readers is the motivation to stop by. it’s all about experimenting and falling ahead. do what u love 🙂
    happy blogging.

  • Great post with very useful tips. Look forward to following your success tips.

  • Outrageous post. Read lots of articles about this topic but this one seems more promising than the other articles out there.

  • Two great stories from Australia! That’s fantastic Alicia! And an important tip on being personal!

  • Ed, you’re right many of these are “common sense” but I think we get off track when things get busy.

  • Way to go Joshua! Implementation is key 🙂

  • Connie, that’s what stood out most for me too!

  • Jeffrey, I wonder if that example is “sensational” as opposed to “epic” 🙂

  • Glad you liked it Drago!

  • Ahhh… the debate between long and short posts! It’s been around for a long time 🙂

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  • So happy you liked this! Have fun checking out all of the blogs! But why not join me on the challenge Ricardo Bueno left here in the comment section, and try to implement one tip by next week?

  • Glad you find them useful Annie!

  • Totally agree, ranting is a major turn-off! I also agree that deadlines can help, sometimes the most creative thoughts can come out when under pressure, but I still advocate trying to write when chilled!

  • All sorted now thanks, very annoying.

  • I think that the length of a post needs to reflect the subject, don’t let your writing suffer via trying to create a short post.

  • yes Cindy you have shared my thoughts here. i am going to have a look on all blogs and then take up the challenge that has been thrown by Ricardo Bueno. And i will make sure to check user comments, i get lot of ideas by reading them 😀

  • dont mind it Ms.Cindy,just kidding. 🙂

    btw take a look at this

  • Thanks for compiling and shares these tips. Great content and blog followers seems to be an art.

  • Thanks for the reminders . I would strongly suggest to add . DON’T SELL yourself or your organization. This includes self referencing . Deliver your message . Readers will come you if you deliver value and innovative thoughts.

  • This is a fabulous list! I really like #2. You want to love what you are blogging about. Why waste your time blogging about a topic you are not passionate about?

  • Absolutely! I’m updating my plan of attack now! 😉

  • You betcha! Can’t wait! 😉

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  • Rgbatson

    Now this is solid meat, and I will refer my writers to it to upgrade their skills ansd focus. Tx much.
    Bob Batson

  • Aurelius_Tjin

    I agree with all these stuff you wrote here. At the same time thanks for this tips. I hope it will help me to grow my blog and be a top blogger. 🙂

  • Hi Cindy, excellent post and what a huge response from Bloggers! To me, enthusiasm and passion are key, as is writing about something you know! (sounds obvious!) I have also recently found that using a little humour makes a massive difference. My Social Media satire 2: The world needs a laugh, Social Media to the rescue!, turned out to be very well received. I really wasn’t sure if my ‘niche’ in the construction and property sectors would really appreciate the laughs, but no complaints so far! Construction and property people are still coming to grips with the real benefits of Social Media, I didn’t want to appear like some flippant marketer, but the world’s a tough place right now, a little humour has gone down well! Over the last week or so, I have found that StumbleUpon is SO very good for Blog traffic!! Thanks for a great post Cindy. Peter

  • “write about something you love and are passionate about and keep writing”
    I love this one!!
    It’s so true. People can definitely see through your content if you are being fake or copying someone else’s work. When there is passion, people will be more attracted to you and your content!
    – Lark Miller

  • These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a blog. It seems self-evident to write what you love, to direct your content toward your community, etc. but these simple goals can often be pushed to the side in pursuit of sheer number of readers.

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  • Hi,
    Great tips. I loved what you have done here. The design is elegant, your stuff classy. Yet, you have got an edginess to what you’re offering here. Ill definitely come back for more if you keep this up.I will definitely do these to improve our blog.

  • Just be yourself and have your own voice, that’s my nº1 advice for all baby bloggers.

    Until you find your voice, you can’t really connect with your audience. It does not sound, feel and taste true and genuine

  • Thanks for the great compilation of tips Cindy.

    I didn’t know some of these bloggers. Time to add them to my RSS reader 🙂

    – George

  • Great collection of bloggers (except that Scottish guy…) and it’s great to see so many different tips on how to grow your blog as well. Just confirms there is no magic formula – it’s truly what works best for you that really matters.

    Cheers, Cindy, great stuff. 🙂

  • Couldn’t agree more – it’s done when it’s done has always been my motto, whether that’s 200 words or 2,000. 🙂

  • thanks @DB and yes the passion of writing has kept me alive 🙂 and i am trying to implement your tip when i am talking about any apps on our blog though with small steps.

  • Dang!!!

    There’s 17 sites here that I NEVER knew existed!

    Thank you so much Cindy for bringing them to my attention and for doing your awesome synopsis on each that gives me their view and yours. My inbox is now 17 more authors deep and I trust it’s all gonna be awesomeness.

  • Wow! Quite a long list! But it is an amazing article providing interesting insights on how to become a great blogger! thanks.

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  • from the 17 ways which is the most effective to do first for the new blog to increase the traffic

  • Great post. I think it gets so easy to focus on what to write next that simple things like connecting with the rest of the community and finding out what people really want get missed.

    Also the idea of not being able to find the right articl for hour question so creating one. A simple idea but something I needed to be reminded of. Thanks

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  • Rob Shoesmith

    Great article. I’m new to blogging and will implement these tips into my blog. One other tip is to put your name and occupation when commenting on other blogs as this will help help with indexing.

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  • Aurelius

    Great Tips. 🙂 Thanks.

  • denvy

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    Thank you for the great tips!!

  • Excellent information to help grow our blogs and a handy photo list of decent sites throughout the post.  

  • Onyxsafaris

    Have been wandering how i can grow my blog to the top, now that i have an answer. i am going to add more effort as much as i can

  • wonderful tips. I needed this because i am new to blogging.Thanks for sharing this:)

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  • I got the info what I was looking for, this post is really helpful.Thanks for the great tips.

  •  Great advice for young bloggers.Great tips, I loved what you have shared, very useful.Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Great tips especially the “be active in other communities” and “give before you get” recommendations

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  • BOOM! Love it, great tips thanks

  • Shauna

    This is a very informative post. I’ve only recently begun blogging. I built a website, the main focus of which is to gain paying clients for my freelance business. I have a blog I maintain regularly as well within the site. I will use the tips provided here to help increase readership, which is the name of the game, right?

  • thanks for your help and support that you have given and are still given… I just read this article and its so wonderful and true …….

  • Uganda Safaris

    Well done, we appreciate your work

  • This article might be old, but it still covers a lot of fundamental and basics that have been forgotten in today’s blogging world where people are only focusing upon “quantity production” of articles. For any successful business (including blogging), it’s very important to have a strong foundation.

    Was definitely worth a read 🙂

  • Very useful advice. I follow your article because I really enjoyed reading it.