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social media expert interviewAre you struggling to understand how to get the most out of your Facebook Page after the recent upgrade?  Do you want to know how to build your brand through Facebook Pages?

Then be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith.

In this episode, Mari gives you an in-depth look at Facebook Fan Pages, all the recent changes, what they mean to you and lots of new Facebook marketing tips.

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Editor’s note: This video was shot shortly after the big upgrade – so at minute 1:30 where Mari talks about “the big thing people are most up in arms about is that posts are no longer in chronological order” is now no longer accurate. Due to mega pushback from users (as is often the case with Facebook’s changes!), Facebook has since added the ability to have your wall posts as “Top News” (popularity order) and “Most Recent” (chronological order). Also, Admin View has since been replaced with “Hidden Posts” and is basically your spam filter view like it was before. There is no longer an Admin View.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Mari in this video:

The Changes To Your Facebook Page

The last Facebook upgrade included the biggest changes in a long time.  Mari reviews what these changes mean to you and what you need to know:

  • How to post comments and updates as a Page on other Pages
  • What the new Tab navigation means for you
  • How to set keywords to create your own spam filters
  • How comments show up when they’re flagged as spam
  • How to change your settings to get notifications by email
facebook photo strip

Mari shares how to manage your photos in the new photo strip at the top of Facebook Pages

How These New Changes Impact The Best Practices On Facebook

Mari covers what you need to be aware of and how these recent changes will impact the best practices for your business networking on Facebook.  Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to increase engagement when you comment as your Fan Page on other Pages
  • What you should do to make sure you come across the right way
  • Where you’ll get the best results when networking as your Page

Some Great New Facebook Marketing Tips

The new Facebook upgrade gives businesses some new marketing tools.  Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to create a call to action visible to all your visitors
  • How to reorganize the links in the new navigation
  • What you should put at the bottom of your navigation list and why
  • How the new iFrame features can help your business
  • How to use Facebook Ads to drive readers to specific tabs
  • How you can create a free ad for your Fan Page
custom graphics

Mari explains how to upload a custom image to use as a powerful marketing tool.

Listen To Mari’s Hot Marketing Tip

Most of your fans will only see your updates in their News Feeds and not on your Page.  So be sure to listen to Mari’s hot marketing tip on how to increase your visibility in your fans’ News Feeds.

Watch the video to learn more about how you can improve your Facebook marketing on the new Fan Pages!

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