2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report : Social Media Examiner

social media researchDo you wonder how your peers are using social media?

Wondering if you should focus on Instagram or Snapchat? Thinking of getting into live video?

In our eighth-annual social media study, more than 5,000 marketers reveal where they focus their social media efforts.

This industry report also shows you which social tactics are most effective and how content plays a role in social media marketing.

2016 social media marketing industry report

Discover how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses.

How are marketers using social media?

To understand how marketers are using social media, Social Media Examiner commissioned its 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Watch this video overview:


We set out to uncover the “who, what, where, when, and why” of social media marketing with this report.

A significant 5,000+ marketers provided valuable insight you won’t find elsewhere.

ReportThumb2016In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • What social platforms marketers will focus on in the future
  • The top social media questions marketers want answered
  • How much time marketers invest in social media activities
  • The top benefits of social media marketing and how time invested affects results
  • The most common forms of content for social media marketing
  • And much more!

We examine how B2B social media marketing differs from B2C businesses, and much more.

If you’re responsible for marketing your business, you’ll want to closely analyze all of the information in this free 56-page report and use it to persuade others.

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Tips on how marketers are growing their businesses using social media.

Tips on how marketers are growing their businesses using social media.

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