social media researchDid you know you can broadcast LIVE on YouTube in a few simple steps, right from your webcam?

This is great news for businesses. Imagine what this could do for you or your brand!

YouTube is a social media heavyweight, so you should give live broadcasting on this popular platform careful consideration for your social media marketing plan.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider live streaming on YouTube.

The Google+ Back Door to Live YouTube Broadcasting

Regular readers of Social Media Examiner will remember Mike Delgado’s excellent article “Google+ Hangouts On Air: What Marketers Need to Know.” In it, Mike walked through all of the steps needed to do a Google+ Hangout On Air.

Here we’re going to look deeper into the power and position that your business can achieve by using these same features to publish on YouTube.

The popular web series GeekBeat.TV (part of the Revision3 Network) does a live show almost every Friday afternoon that broadcasts on YouTube. Here’s a direct link to a playlist of the archives of many past episodes.

At the time this was written, their YouTube channel boasted more than 2.7 MILLION VIEWS—and YouTube isn’t even their primary channel of distribution.

geek beat tv

Geek Beat is one of the world's most recognizable tech news brands, delivering a daily news show three times a week and a weekly LIVE show every Friday.

YouTube Opens a Whole New World for You

Why should you care about getting your videos on YouTube?

You can be sure that a sizeable portion of your audience is on YouTube. YouTube is reporting 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. And you can now broadcast live, inside of that stream. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for their business?

Live YouTube streaming is not just on a computer platform. Most modern smartphones can take a YouTube live stream and more and more smart television sets are coming with that capacity as well.

Not only can you partner with the biggest video network in the world, but you can also broadcast, through them, to every screen that can take a live Internet video feed. Google’s billions in profit is making that possible for you.

Live streaming, even free, is not new to the Internet. But it’s now much easier and allows more businesses the opportunity to reach a wider audience by integrating live streaming into their marketing plan.

Consider leveraging this infrastructure for your business now.

youtube mobile

YouTube Mobile (seen here on an iPhone, but this is true for any mobile device) lists "Live" before event "Playlists" or "Subscriptions"—it's a big deal!

Consider your live-streaming content options.

Spend some time to find the right live-streaming strategy to suit your personality and needs. You are about to share your video content on a social media platform that could potentially bring lots of exposure to you and your business.

In addition to live streaming while you are directly in front of the camera, you can also share your desktop content.

Does the idea of a camera pointed at your face broadcasting to the world scare you bit? Don’t worry. There are a variety of tools that exist to help you.

For example, you can use a PowerPoint presentation or a Keynote slide deck to share content on your desktop during your live-streaming broadcast.

And you’re not even limited to these pricey office suites. Products like Prezi or Mind Mapping products all make for compelling screen presentations.

Embedded below is a quick video that shows the live broadcasting process using the free Google Docs Presentation app.

Don’t let your fear of the camera get in the way.

5 Steps to Stream Live on YouTube

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Log into Google+. If you want to broadcast as yourself, stay in your own personal stream. If you’d like to stream as one of the Google+ pages you administer, switch to that page.

Step 2: Click the “Start a hangout” button. At the time of this writing, that button is in the upper right-hand side of the screen; but as Google is always updating Google+, the position might change.

start a hangout

The "Start a hangout" button is hard to miss.

Step 3: Check the “Enable Hangouts On Air” checkbox in the “Start a Hangout” screen. This simple checkbox tells Google that you want to simultaneously broadcast your Hangout on YouTube.

enable hangouts on air

Check the "Enable Hangouts On Air" checkbox.

Step 4: Verify With Google That All Is OK. If it is your first time with Hangouts On Air, you’ll need to link your account with the appropriate YouTube channel and promise Google you won’t abuse the system. They’ll walk you through everything.

confirm channel

YouTube will confirm with you what channel you will be broadcasting on.

Step 5: Click the “Start broadcast” button on the screen. Once this is done, you’re live on YouTube. As an added bonus, you’ll have a link and an embed code that you can share through all of the other social networks.

start broadcast button

The "Start broadcast" button and "Embed" link are right next to each other.

You’re now live! Say something awesome—the world is watching.

Make This About YouTube, Not Google+

Technically you’re broadcasting on both Google+ and YouTube. So it would be a tremendous marketing mistake to only focus on the Google+ side of things.

First let’s take a look at what happens on Google+. Anyone who has circled you or the page you are broadcasting from on Google+ will automatically see your Hangout in their streams.

But you want to leverage your social media platforms more than this. Don’t forget those who haven’t circled you on Google+!

The reality today is that the majority of your social media audience is more likely to follow a link to a YouTube page than anything else. So offer them one.

Use the YouTube Embed links mentioned in Step 5 above and share it throughout your social networks.

The choice of which platform to share with your audience, Google+ or YouTube, isn’t about which social network is considered best. It’s simply about marketing and positioning your content.

The brand recognition of YouTube surpasses Google+ many times over and the bigger the platform you are associated with, the bigger the impact that association is going to make.

Take Advantage of the Great SEO Value

You get a bonus the second you end your broadcast. YouTube will start encoding your broadcast to archive it on your YouTube channel. This is great because over time, you’ll build up a library of content and this archive is there forever.

YouTube does the first step of putting your live broadcast video automatically in your YouTube archive for you. But you’ll still want to retitle the video and add a good description and tags to optimize your video for search.

Of course you can choose to delete your video. But I recommend you don’t, because the more videos you or your brand has on YouTube, the better. Over time, you’re sure to appreciate the SEO value of building your video archive on this powerful social media platform.

eton corporation youtube

The etón Corporation YouTube channel has 15 playlists, 42 videos, 5,282 subscribers and 379,952 video views. They've spent considerable time and effort creating great content (they do very well from search engine traffic). Do one live show a week for a year and you'll have more content than they do.

What do you think? Does the ability to broadcast to the world on YouTube change your streaming video strategies? Is there a reason why you haven’t added it yet? Comment in the box below and let’s get this discussion going!

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  • Hi Paul!

    Youtube have got lots of traffic and that can become a great source to any site in terms of increasing traffic and you have given away here great tips and I will certainly works on your suggestions. 

  • paulcolligan

    I know this topic is a bit more “techy” than some of the others, but trust me, the impact is worth it.  If you have any questions, go ahead and post them here and I’ll do what I can to answer them.  

  • $44796859

    Hi Paul, 

    I don’t think it’s any “techier” than a lot of the other information posted on this site, and as you rightly say, YouTube (and video in general) is fantastic for exposure. I post regular YouTube tutorials (promoting my book on the back of them) and they’ve garnered nearly 10,000 views in a couple of months… that’s thousands of people who wouldn’t know about me otherwise. 🙂 Never tried the live thing, but definitely share your enthusiasm for it, and the impact it has over recorded stuff is really apparent. 

    Thanks again for the article! Andrew.  

  • paulcolligan

    Thanks for the mini case study.  Have you done anything live?  Considering anything live?

  • $44796859

    Hi Paul,

    I don’t think I have a large enough captive enough audience for a live broadcast yet – I’d be worried that no one would turn up even with promotion, haha – but it is definitely something I would consider for the future.

    Edit: On that note… any idea how you would make sure a broadcast you were doing was actually noticed? For example, I created an infographic the other day and have promoted it at several times of the day on my Facebook page, and with hashtags on Twitter and Pinterest, but it isn’t “catching on” or getting noticed in the way others seem to. Any tricks of the trade you could share?

  • paulcolligan

    The thing about live on YouTube is that you don’t have to worry about how big the audience is – because you get the automatic recording for everyone else.  I often see THOUSANDS TIMES more views on the recording than I do on the live event – but that recording wouldn’t have ever happened if the live event didn’t.

    It’s almost rock and roll like.  Some of the biggest audiences come from recordings of live events where only a percentage of people were there when the thing was recorded.  

    Think the end game on this one – not the actually moment of recording.  

    With that said and done, the two big ways to get noticed live are to – A) have an update list where you can text people a few minutes before the event or B) Have your live events on a predictable schedule so people can schedule you in.  Geekbeat (mentioned in the article) is a perfect example of that.  Actually the combo of A and B is the perfect fit – but not everyone has it in them to do a live show at the same time every week. 

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  • $44796859

    Great advice, Paul, will definitely consider it for the future. 🙂 Thank you very much for sparing the time to reply. Andrew.

  • paulcolligan

    Great to hear!

  • paulcolligan

    No problem.  

  • Awesome idea! I am going to try this out. I have been doing a weekly tele-seminar but this sounds more fun to me.
    Thanks for the cool article!

  • pagepate

    Is there any way to do this with something other than a webcam?  In other words, can I broadcast an event with a minicam, as long as it’s properly connected?

  • Great information – thanks! Quick suggestion – Would love to see more share tools on your articles – namely LinkedIn now that LinkedIn won’t take a twitter feed. thanks! 

  • Cristina Muntean

    Hi Paul. I would love to share your article with my clients and the world of opportunities this opens to them. However, what should I tell when they ask me what to do when they say something wrong? Should they just stop the video and do it all over again? Live broadcasting isn’t for everyone, and my feeling is that many companies will refrain themselves from this for fear of crisis communication.
    Thanks, Cristina

  • Shana – See the end of our article for LinkedIn Share and many others 🙂

  • It’s funny because last week a group of us made an appointment to practice this today. I’ve been lining up various suppliers to interview and allow them to make presentations, as they would in trade shows.

  • paulcolligan

    You are quite welcome.  I think moving from a teleseminar to this will completely distinguish you from your competition and produce an archive on YouTube of tremendous value.  Go for it!

  • paulcolligan


  • paulcolligan

    This is a big issue.  People always freak out about the “whatifs” – and the idea of things being live will cause some people to honestly, curl up in big ball and whimper like a little baby.  

    You can always delete the archive if things get bad but, honestly, a chance to see that they’re human is incredibly powerful.  

  • paulcolligan

    Awesome.  Glad to hear.  

  • Powermusic14

    Thanks for the great article Real Talk Real Words ” it go so ” Jah Blessw

  • paulcolligan


  • MamaRed

    Great info Paul…sure appreciate you sharing it. Since I don’t have many folks on Google + OR YouTube, yet, do you still feel it is worth going ahead with. I was getting ready to do some screencasts on different products, etc. and this seems like a great way to use this functionality. I presume it is a like  teleseminar in that there doesn’t have to be anyone “on the other” end to keep on movin’ and groovin’.

    Hey @Cristina:disqus …I know I’m not Paul AND I know folks don’t like to say something “wrong” or make a “mistake” live. AND I’ve been doing live classroom training for almost 30 years. One thing I’ve learned is to acknowledge the mistake, have fun with it, and move on. During my first presentation, I couldn’t get my lips to work for nuttin’…I was soooooooooo embarrassed. I stopped, asked the class to hang on for a minute. I turned to the back of the room and came back pushing on my teeth, saying I had new dentures and couldn’t do a thing with them. The room busted into big belly laughs and on we went. I still teach that to new trainers…and it helps a bunch! We are, after all, humans, eh?

    Big blessings to all…Mamared

  • This is great however, I have a YouTube account that I’ve had for about 5 years and it is so complicated to link it to my Google+ account. In theory, this is a great idea but Google makes everything so extremely complicated. After spending several hours this morning trying to link accounts and running into issue after issue, I moved on. Let me know if Google decides to un-complicate things. That would help a lot. I keep rooting for them. 

  • Interesting perspective: “Make it all about YouTube Live and not Google+”… perhaps that is where I’ve been going wrong! I do a lot of work in both places and have helped lots of folks with what I call ‘GooTubePlus’ but have not approached the Hangout on Air thing as ‘all about YouTube Live’.

    I’ll have to ‘noodle’ on that and see how it sits, with others or how it works out in the long run!

    One BIG issue however is that fact that (at least until now) the ‘YouTube Live Video’ shows no public view count. Do you suggest we ‘download’ it and upload it again? That way we can get a public view counter. The (old speak: HOA {hangout on air} ) video shows the view count to the account owner when you are in the Video Mgr. but the public never sees any view counts for videos that were LIVE on YouTube, and then live on (at least those created with the Google+ Tool called Hangouts on Air – HOA).

    Nobody at YouTube cares to talk about that, but from a marketing perspective, that number is an important number to see…. don’t you think?

    If you ‘disconnect’ the YouTube Live Video from its roots and edit or simply re-upload it into your YouTube channel, it will start showing a new view count from that point on. Curious on your take about what to do about this pesky little issue 😉

  • I’ve helped many on G+ figure out what to do to help connect or rename (when possible) the YouTube/G+ connection. I’ve also got some other tricks to use when renaming is not possible. let me know if you want to try to make it work on G+. (True… it can get messy at times!)

  • paulcolligan

    You are completely right MamaRed – nobody has to be watchin.  

  • paulcolligan

    Michelle, I did this YouTube video on the topic – – and there were a bunch of people having the same problem as you had.  Many of them suggested some workarounds in the comments – go ahead and take a look there – might help.

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to recreate the problem here so I don’t know specifically what works in that sapce – maybe Ronnie here can help you on that one. 

  • paulcolligan

    Thanks for recognizing the subtlety there, Ronnie, this is exactly what I’m talking about.  It’a a whole new game when it is about  YouTube, isn’t it 😉

    On the view count – yeah, if that’s important to you, delete the automatic archive and put up one of your own.

    There are times when viewer count is EXTREMELY important, yes.  

  • Cool, that is what I thought you might say (re. view counts) – thanks for your confirmation there… I wish it was not so as when I edit/cut the connection from the original YouTube Live Video, I also cut the connection from G+ or other places that showed the original vid when live so those links need to get shut down, etc.

    But when this stuff is new (like it is) you gotta take steps to make it do some of the stuff it (hopefully) will do on its own later (like show a view count from the ‘get go’)!

  • Wes

    Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for this article… I cant seem to find anywhere that tells me if YouTube Live plays ads during your broadcast like Ustream does (on its free accounts). Do you know?

    Thanks again!


  • paulcolligan

    I’m with you here – and thanks for bringing it up.  I would encourage you to make sure that the “view count” is worth the sacrifice.  I think it will be different for each case.  

  • paulcolligan

    At this point, no they do not.  As with anything Internet – this can of course change 😉

    But, honestly, I don’t see it doing so. Google doesn’t need to make money from this. uStream only has uStream to make money from.

  • Would love to see more share tools on your articles – namely LinkedIn now that LinkedIn won’t take a twitter feed. thanks! 

  • normaserrano

    This is awesome Paul, I’m new to YouTube videos, but seems like a good strategy to follow.

  • Margie Jordan

    You mentioned streaming presentations from your screen vs. being on camera. Is that possible with Google+ Hangouts on Air? I actually love being in front of the camera but every now and then I’d love to show my screen and do a quick tutorial or “how to.”

  • We conduct a lot of Interviews and hold different tutorials via GoToWebinar, but I would like an Alternative option as well. If I want to conduct live interviews via Google+ Hangout On Air, how would that work exactly? Do I need to have the person I am interviewing be a part of my hangout somehow? Sorry for being lazy just haven’t played with this enough like you probably have, and figured it might be an easy answer. Thanks for this article, and very informative

  • Ginny Carter

    Hi Paul thanks for this.  Am I right in thinking that the Embed link to the live broadcast can only be obtained when you are ready to broadcast?  I’m just thinking of how you could advertise the broadcast in advance.  Thanks.

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  • Beau P

    This does not appear to be a “live stream” like Ustream or is it??
    Can I delete my Ustream account now and do all my live events via YouTube? If so, that would be great… But looking at your video it still shows you uploading the video, not streaming it live…
    Any help would be great

  • An excellent idea and some great, practical advice for making it work.  Thanks for this, Paul!  I really appreciate it!

  • paulcolligan

     Thanks.  It is 😉

  • paulcolligan

     The video embedded in this article shows an example of that (and how to do it).

  • paulcolligan

    Yes, to interview someone on Google Hangouts On Air, they’ll need a Google+ account.  Invite him/her to your hangout and go from there.  The article is a good read and the video embedded will show you the flow as well. 

  • paulcolligan

    Great question – yes.

    But there is no reason why you can’t create the embed page way ahead of time and just update it with the embed code 10 minutes before you go live.  Have a big “REFRESH THIS PAGE AT START” and you should be in a good place. 

  • paulcolligan

     I’m curious – how does this appear not to be a live stream?  What am I missing?

  • paulcolligan

     No problem.  Thrilled to help. 

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  • Paul, you’re the man, and thanks again for the article. Truly exciting to now have this knowledge. Cheers!

  • Yes, Just like @twitter-511283:disqus said… you can do a ‘screen share’ from within the Hangout on Air…. just realize to ‘turn off’ that screen share you have to press the ‘screen share’ button again, it is a Toggle Switch.

  • Like @twitter-511283:disqus said, you can have a dedicated page on your site to always show your latest YouTube Live Video (it would hold the embed code you are given just before you ‘start broadcasting’)… but you can also use a cool tool new to Google+ called Events to alert the public re. your Live Event.

    I made a post on how to do that, and I’m sure Paul can help there as well. The advantage of the Event Method is that it will send a ‘Reminder’ alert if someone has said that they would like to ‘attend’ the event.

  • As a musician, this is something that has been in the back of my mind for awhile. the tricky part for singing and playing guitar will be sound quality. Know anyone with any insight into that?

  • Hopefully you’ll put this on Kindle! 

  • paulcolligan

    No, you’re the man 😉

  • paulcolligan

    Honestly, it’s not a YouTube issue – it is a good mic / audio issue.  Look up the names and – both of them are musicians who have done very cool things on Google plus.  

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  • As always Paul, awesome content. Love those G+ Hangouts!

  • Great tips Paul. This essentially makes Google+ Hangouts much more relevant and accessible to a much broader audience. I’ve got a live event for my client planned in October, will need to test it several times first.

  • paulcolligan

    Uh ;-)?

  • paulcolligan

    Thanks Dan – that’s exactly what I was going for.  

  • Wow this was such an eye opener! Thank you so much for this valuable piece of information. I was thinking of using Hangouts to answer FAQ’s for my clients but now that I see it connects directly to youtube I can use it for so much more!

  • Hangouts alone is a great way to address people (Q & A, etc.) but if it is a Hangout on Air (HOA) then it is recorded for you so you can easily let other’s replay the Q&A session in the future, etc. Be sure to give the resulting video some Video SEO love so it works well for you moving forward!

  • Paul, thanks for the great article!  My business partner and I took Google+ Hangouts with LIVE Youtube Stream for a test drive and noticed a 14 second delay.  We were hoping to use this to facilitate meetings/presentations to share our screens and presentations.  There is no delay within the Hangout, however, we realize that not all of our business prospects have Google+ accounts so we were hoping this could be an end around for live meetings/presentations.  Are we doing something wrong or have you also noticed this delay?  Any suggestions?  

  • paulcolligan

    perfect.  and imagine the legacy on content you are going to produce as a result

  • paulcolligan

    Thanks all for your questions – these have been great so far.

  • paulcolligan

    i’m assuming you mean the 14 second delay between the hangout and the live stream?  no, there isn’t anything you can do about that – that’s shat happens as they set it up to transcode to the much much bigger network.  
    the delay time will go up and down with network congestion.  for suggestions, i’d just say make that part of the culture of these presentations and encourage people to get G+ accounts to get on the instant fun 😉

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  • can this be done from a Google plus business page?  thanks, great article Paul 🙂

    Mountain Jim

  • @twitter-275094133:disqus yes, a G+ Business PAGE can hold a HOA (Live YouTube Video) as well as a Google+ Profile can. There are some slight limitations mainly in the area of Hangout Apps not working properly (i.e. the Lower Third) right now, but ‘they are working on that’.
    Generally using a +Page to host your hangout (YouTube Live Video) is a great idea IF you have your YouTube Channel (one place where the live video is streamed) using the same Business Branded Name. That can get a bit tricky but there are ways to make it work (at least I’ve figured them out)!

    Think: Managers and Multiple YouTube Accounts, etc.

  • thanks @videoleadsonline:disqus …I see some definite possibilities here…:-).  Do the names have to be exact?

  • Not really, but if they are, then the branding is more powerful IMO. (Sorry so late with the reply)

  • Gregtuke

    I have now tried this, and have two questions:  When I sent the embed link to folks, they can then see my live broadcast, but cannot see the chat, nor do I get their chat comments showing on my chat box as the presenter?  Can you tell me how to fix? 
    Second, even though I add someone to my google friend or circle list,or type name in the box that says to alert folks I am about to broadcast, they do not get notified, either by email or instant message.  Only way they know is if I send them the embed link.  any suggestions?  thanks for this great article and video training piece!

  • I realize that this is @paulcolligan:disqus ‘s post, but if I might offer some insight here…
    Your comments are valid and correct… the system to watch for comments to a live event is not very good to date.. comments can and will be happening all over the place which adds to the difficulty of tracking them. There are Plugins (Apps) used in the Google+ part that can help you track comments but none of them seems to find all locations of comments easily.

    re. point #2, in my opinion the best way to Alert viewers about the Live Video, is to use a recent tool offered to us by G+ called ‘Events’.. I have posted on G+ about that very need and how to use G+ Events to Alert the Public about your Live Video Event.

  • johnsandjohns

    i am glad to hire youtube have live broadcasting service i thinks that more help ful news channel international channel have a grate opperchunity to provide their channel if i have own channel i am defenatly try to shire to all over the world watch free my channel  that way i can make money from advertisment and some tax redection too so don’t forget  if you have a desh network you can do this way you do not want pay money from you poacket and more people get a happy face 

  • HollywOOd HooP

     Broadcasting 101–when yOOu make a mistake pretend it didn’t happen and just move oON; keep gOOing.  MEe?  I ‘Like’ tOO have fun with it.  Much ‘Like’ David Letterman, self-deprecating humor shows our huMANity.  III! STILL can’t figure out MYy left from MYy right while lOOking into the monitor.  III!’ve ALLmost conquered UP & DOWN but III! need mOOr practice.  lo

    Be gOOd. See ya in HollywOOd, HooP
    on facebOOk &
    at YahOO!

  • Michael Tucker

    Hi Paul,
                When Google announced that they would be testing out livestreaming last year, there were a few like me who given the opportunity would have jumped in straight away!
    The idea for some that going on camera can be scary is a real one, but then having a mobile phone 20 years ago was a new experience too. 
    The biggest part of all this new technology is the education of how to use it. There are so many variables to make the hangout work and most just requires methodical practice. (lighting, sound, cameras, keeping software up-to-date, clearing out the cache & sufficient bandwidth for the broadcast. ) 
    Fortunately, there are several articles and videos on all these subjects. If all else fails, go to the help button on the bottom right of the hangout screen which leads to the Google Hangout blog – how-to’s. The count for videos is in the video manager, even for live Hangouts.

    There are several apps that are coming online for Hangouts-on-Air (streaming to YouTube) in order to help the experience be a pleasant one.. Changing perceptions about placing hour-long shows on YouTube rather than 3 minute videos is going to be the most challenging thing for viewers to understand. I find that some of the best information/conversation can take place well into the hangout. “Chunking up” the video into short highlights is also another way to entice viewers to watch the whole show.

    Combine this with Google Events Calendar which will help announce your show to your communities. The URL can be linked to Twitter & Facebook.
    Also ask your visitors to comment on your YouTube channel where their comments will go directly to Twitter ( with an @name for a mention) and Facebook to let them know that you are live. This is much easier than trying to chase 5 different places to comment) as I have seen people try to do.

  • Michael Tucker

    Tony, If they have a GMail account, then they have the ability to install the Google Talk plugin. It has become that simple. Gmail even asks you if you want to create a Google+ profile.
    Remember Google + is everything about Google, not just a social network and that does include YouTube.

  • Michael Tucker

    Dan there is better equipment available for ingesting broadcast cameras into the hangout which will help with your live event. A Logitech C910 just won’t cut it for more than a boardroom style presentation.

  • And that ‘chunking’ up of a long video into smaller bits can be done fairly easily with YouTube Playlist Trims … a great idea IMO.

  • paulcolligan

    I think the question answered fully here.

  • paulcolligan

    I think the question well answered.

  • paulcolligan

    happy face good

  • paulcolligan

    I think we go this one answered as well.  

  • Jeremie

    Does anyone have concerns over the terms of service for streaming on YouTube and the ownership rights others get with your material?

    Am I worrying too much about this?

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  • Sabee

    Great article Paul, thank you very much!
    I was wondering if there were any limitation as of the numbers of simultaneous connection of viewers on our live stream? Can we offer this as a solution for large events without any connection problem on the user side? 
    Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

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  • I2muchtobeg

    Can I use an extended camera for my broadcast?

  • Thanks, very resourceful. I’ll find out how to get around this and come back for more information.

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  • Elizabeth Goudeau

    Ok so I’m trying to set up an event but I can’t…. I want to test to make sure it goes ok but I can’t… My YouTube channel lets me change layout to live but I can’t set up or broadcast from live. Help

  • You do the live stream by starting a hangout from within Google Plus… not from YouTube. When you start the hangout from G+ the video stream shows up inside YouTube (assuming you’ve got things set up properly there as well). Start the process from inside Google Plus.

    I post tons and tons about how that all works on Google+

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  • Local community events in a small market not served by television, cable is an excellent application for this live streaming on you tube to broaden the market, expose the turf for great reach, frequency!

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  • CityofLouisianaMO

    Is this the only way to live stream on Youtube?

    I’m thinking about doing it for my city’s council meetings.

    Thank you for this information & article! Very good!

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  • don rua

    Excellent article Paul. You covered the topic very well, and covered many issues. Solid.

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  • ST

    Hi Michael! Could you throw some light on the Google Events linking with Twitter and Facebook? Im a newbie and am looking for information on promoting a live stream, and engaging the audience during the event!
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Andrea Elliott

    Hi Paul, If you are streaming through YouTube, Google+ and embedded into Twitter, Facebook, own website etc. how would you best manage the comments – assuming that the comments are also live?
    To embed into social media do you just hit the share button or do you have to pick up the link and drop into each one?
    I think it’s safe to say that you would need an extra pair of hands, just to share/embed the live stream 🙂
    Many thanks.

  • Martin Willis

    Hello, I do a show that I record now by using Skype and interview guests. Can I do this through the program?

  • Aaron Lujan

    thank you!

  • Sam Helm

    What would this cost for the city council to do this for all of its bi-monthly meetings?

  • Arlinda Henderson

    I am looking for a streaming option that allows for one full week of uninterrupted streaming between US and UK. Google Hangouts only allows for 8 hours at a time and it would not be viable to restart it across so many timelines. Also, I don’t need, or even want, the stream to be recorded. Any suggestions appreciated.

  • Karl Watson

    Great tips! Thanks! Is there a way to get the live stream on my facebook like page at the same time without going through a live stream account ?