social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Mari Smith, author of The New Relationship Marketing and Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

Mari shares how relationships have evolved and why businesses need to focus on P2P (people to people) marketing today.  You’ll also discover the story of how Mari came to Facebook marketing and pick up some useful social media marketing tips.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why businesses need listening skills
  • What businesses are doing well in relationship marketing
  • How to let the human side of business come through on social media
  • How to create mutual like relationships
  • The best mix for a successful Facebook strategy
  • How much time you need for a good social media strategy
  • An awesome app to use on your Facebook page
  • How to create customer advocates
  • The best tips to start a relationship marketing campaign

Connect with Mari on Twitter @marismith, on Facebook and check out Mari’s books and her website.

What do you think? Do you focus on building relationships on social media? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.

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  • Melanie McCraney

    I love this concept of P2P- Mari is right on target and I love how she simplifies things. 

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Person to person is a smart concept :)

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  • Karen

    In the video, Mari comments about  personal response and it’s importance.  She evens gives kudos to Social Media Examiner for their responsiveness…I’d like to verify this.  When I started reading Social Media Examiner, I had a few questions I posted regarding the material and stats. I expected some ambiguous response sometime.  What I received was a direct answer from Michael himself, within minutes!  I’ve been a fan since!

  • Ivan Temelkov

    Excellent advise here for anyone in business generally.  I remember when Mari introduced her book and watching some initial interviews/videos on that. Need to pick up my copy very soon.

    This all goes back to the fact that you do business with the people you like.  On most instances, that’s the case really here.  Relationship are critical in the initiation stage and the ongoing nurturing it takes to maintain them.

    Great Post!

  • Mari Smith

    Thanks for your kind words, @ivantemelkov:disqus . 😉

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Karen! :)

  • Karen

    Oops, I forgot to thank you Mari for the great info! Coincidentally, Mari, you were just recommended to me to check out your FB page- excellent source you have there. 

  • Mari Smith

    Awesome – thanks a mil, Karen!

  • Patty

    Would you mind sharing the website for the Leader Board you were referring to?

  • Lisa Fish

    I love the P2P concept! My business is offering a service but I want my customers to know that I am there for them without an agenda. I want as many customer advocates as I can get!!

  • Linda Coles @ Blue Banana 20

    Being nice really isn’t rocket science yet our etiquette goes out of the window when we jump online. Good point Mari, we need to remember people to people, not computer to computer :)

  • Adorable BannerCo

    My business is smaller than a small business, tiny business, but this information is still relevant for me. I’m trying to build my Facebook fan page and it is intimidating not knowing if I’m sharing too much about myself. I feel like we are warned all the time about being too exposed. What I hear Mari saying is that it’s ok to be myself and talk to people like a real person. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Colleen Jorgensen

    Mari, you rock. As a small biz – small as in just me! – I often wondered about being too personal while building my brand. This makes such great sense though. Thanks so much!

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  • Are Morch

    Greta interview here Mike with Mari.

    Mari for sure wrote the P2P Bible. Awesome book. 

    I work a lot on telling my friends in Hospitality industry is that customers not only want to connect with the brand, but with the people that represent the brand. My friends at Ritz Carlton do a brilliant job rotating among their various Hotels and always puts in the name of who the actual person is that tweet from their Hotel. 

    I said in one article I just recently wrote that many brands should model Fords Customer service profile on Twitter. This is P2P at its best.

    Some still want to skip to the end results knowing how to solicit, prospect – ”just show me the ROI’. But this is part of the challenge we have to work with. And Mari is right Empathy is the new Hot Skill all of us need to learn.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

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  • Miriam Illions

    Just want to say thank you, that was very enlightening. I’m glad I joined this forum! :)

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  • Chris Picanzo

    Thanks for the great info Michael and Mari, I’ve been a big fan for the last couple years almost becausse the content is always relevant to my business. There are a lot of sites out there and the one I read most is right here. Mari your not afraid to tell it like it is and in such a nice voice too :) I always learn something when I am reading your content as well. Thans again!

  • Eddieographer

    Mari Smith rocks hard! She is the queen of social media and the most trusted source in the FB game.
    I wish I could pay her a big fat salary to sit on my advisory board and pontificate.
    Thanks again!

  • Mari Smith

    Hi Patty – sure thing, it’s :) 

  • Mari Smith

    Yay! You got it!! Everyone wants the authentic you, anyway. As Dr. Seuss says, “There’s nobody youer than you!” 😉 

  • Mari Smith

    Hey @Are_Morch:disqus thank you so much for your kind words!!!

  • Mari Smith

    Very kind of you – thanks for saying, Chris!!

  • Mari Smith

    heheeee now that made me laugh!! Hey you can pay me a big fat salary anytime! ;D

  • Nick Messenger

    Hi Michael,

    Like the rest of the world, I really enjoy ALL your posts  –  thank you ! 

    I have often wondered HOW you develop a relationship with someone on-line !?!? Then it struck me that with you & Mari you both do a lot of head & shoulder videos &, over time, it feels as though we really do know you both !!

    What do you think is your best way of developing on-line relationships Mike ?


  • Ranjan

    Just would like to say thanks and after watching video I think it would be great to build even great relationship with customers.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Nick!

    Indeed Mari and I are good friends.

    The best way to develop a relationship is to help out others without asking for a thing in return.  And get on the phone a lot, that helps as well.

  • Lorrainemorganscott

    Mari, good of you to share your resources and an excellent interview. Besty to you, Lorraine

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  • Kyle Kam

    For me, it’s not good to treat people good just for business purposes. I avoid that kind of thing. In any aspect of life, it’s good to build relationship with other people. Especially, when you are in the line of business marketing. It’s what may bring you up from where you stand right now. Just don’t take advantage of it. Maybe, things might go upside down and you’ll be the one who’ll fall in the end.

  • rc jets

    Before thinking of making relation with people just for the business profit, one need to build relationship truly and need to develop emotional relation. And first try to develop relationship with them just as friends and then if possible slowly drive them to your product or service but not forcefully and if they attract to your service then provide them the best service so that due to the strong relationship and best service, they come to you again and you can get benefit for the long time.

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