social media how toIn the competitive world of search engine optimization (SEO), your business blog is a critical tool for your success.

Why is blogging so important to your search engine visibility? Because search engines serve up web pages—not websites—when people ask a question. And here’s the important part:

Every blog post is a new web page and every web page is another opportunity to rank well for another search term.

einstein theory

More groundbreaking than E=mc2!

In other words, every time you blog on a subject you want to rank well for, you create another opportunity for your best prospects to find you.

What You Need to Get Started

There are three things required for you to succeed in your business blogging:

  • Use the right blogging platform. While I don’t believe that you can’t succeed using platforms such as Joomla, Drupal or TypePad, my recommendation for blogging is WordPress. It’s powerful, easy to learn and has plenty of SEO plugins that increase your chances of topping the search engine results.
  • Own your domain. Don’t run a business blog from an address like or When you do that, you’re just building up trust and inbound links to someone else’s property. You want to blog from your own property, such as or This is also critical in case you ever decide to move to another blogging platform as it allows you to retain all the inbound links you’ve gathered over the years.
  • Be committed. Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s not like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising where you can immediately appear on the first page of Google. However, it also lasts a lot longer. PPC ends the day you stop paying, while my company has blog posts written years ago that still deliver hundreds of new leads each month. That’s great ROI!
top 10

Posts from as far back as 2006 still drive thousands of new visitors each month to our company blog.

What Affects Your Search Engine Ranking?

All search engines have a unique algorithm for determining how relevant your blog post is to a given query. To oversimplify this process, it comes down to two main factors:

  • On-page optimization: how the words in your post match up with the search that was just done, and
  • Off-page optimization: how many quality inbound links you have (links from other websites, blogs, directories, etc. to your blog post)

How to Improve Your On-Page Optimization

If you want to create content that’s relevant to your business, answers your prospects’ questions and helps you rank higher, there’s a simple three-step process to help you get there:

1.     Brainstorm your keyword phrases. Whether you do this by yourself, include co-workers or survey your current clients, you should start by brainstorming as many keyword phrases—the words you want to rank well for or you believe your prospects are searching for—as you can.

2.     Test your beliefs. Too often we think we know what our prospects are searching for, but we’re off the mark. If you’re blogging about divorce lawyers and everyone out there is searching for how to save my marriage, you’re not helping anyone.

You’ll want to use keyword analysis tools like Raven Tools, Keyword Discovery or Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you determine what people are searching.

All of these tools work in a similar fashion: they determine how many people are searching for your phrases, and how much competition you have for each phrase. You want to first target the phrases that have good search volume, but maybe don’t have as much competition.

find keywords

Bacon queries at Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

found keywords

The keyword phrases most likely to bring home the bacon for your business. #groan

3.     Start blogging! Running sneakers gathering dust in your closet don’t make you fit, and keywords you’re not using won’t get you good rankings. Start creating new blog posts of 300–700 words 2–3 times a week.

Blogging for Search Engine Success

While knowing what keywords to target is half the battle, here are a few tips to maximize your results:

  • Start your post title with your best keywords. Page titles are the most important variable in how well you’ll rank. Search engines give more weight to the first three or four words in your title, so you’ll get better results from titling your post Super Bowl Commercial Reviews: The Best and Worst Ads, as opposed to What I Thought of Last Night’s Super Bowl Ads.
  • Use your keyword phrase through the body of the post. Try to use your phrase in the first sentence or two, and then a couple of more times in the post. Put it in your meta-description, the meta-tags, the image alt-tags, the post tags and anywhere else that seems appropriate.
  • Link to appropriate pages on your website. If you’re blogging about the boots some B-list celebrity wore on some reality show last night, make sure you link the boot name to the page on your website where they can buy those boots. If you’re blogging about how to retain employees, make sure you link “employee recognition” to your page on employee reward programs. This will help increase the search visibility of your web pages; just make sure you link your keywords, not “click here” or “learn more.”

E-commerce sites can benefit from blogging around their customers' interests.

SEO Tools and Plugins

Here are a few tools to help you create posts that will rank well and attract qualified clients to your blog:

Keyword Questions: Struggling with blogger’s block? This tool from WordTracker returns popular search engine queries based on your keywords.


Each result is another post for your blog.

All In One SEO Pack: One of many plugins that improve your blog’s optimization, this is the one I use on my own web marketing blog. This plugin allows you to easily add unique meta-descriptions, meta-tags and titles to each post, improve the page title format and reduce the chances that the search engines will get confused by duplicate content on your blog.

all in one

Use SEO plugins to improve your titles and meta-information.

Scribe SEO: Scribe is a plugin for WordPress that requires a monthly fee. Once installed, you can run keyword analysis on each post from directly within the admin. Scribe will also score your blog post before you post it, and suggest improvements.


Scribe shows you where you can improve.

It will also suggest other blog posts and social media resources that may be sources of inbound links to your post.

Off-Page Optimization

As mentioned earlier, the other half of the search engine equation is inbound links: links from other web pages to your blog posts.

Search engines see inbound links as “votes of confidence.” The more quality incoming links, the more confidence that the search engines have that you’re providing a valuable resource to their searchers.

Not all inbound links are created equal, however. There are a number of variables that affect how important each link is.

  • The linking site: sites deemed trustworthy will provide more value than new or untrustworthy sites.
  • The number of links on the referring page: each page has a limited amount of “link juice” to pass on. If you cut a pie into four pieces, everyone gets a good-sized piece of pie. If you cut that pie into four hundred pieces, everyone goes home hungry.
  • The context of the linking page: If you’re blogging about burritos, a link from a taco blog will give you a bigger boost than one from a bicycle blog, all other things being equal.
  • The anchor text: the words in the link are critical.

Admittedly, you often won’t have any control over these variables, but Google and Bing take them into consideration. Which begs the question…

How Do You Get More Incoming Links?

Ah, I thought you’d never ask. The obvious—and aggravating—answer is create quality content that’s valuable to your audience. If people find your content valuable, they’ll share it and link to it.

That being said, here are some techniques for getting more inbound links:

Videos make how-to posts even more link-worthy.

  • Guest blog: Blog at a related blog—bonus points if it’s more well-read and influential than your own! From your guest post you can create keyword-rich links to your blog or website. If you’re not sure where to start your guest blogging, check out My Blog Guest, a marketplace for guest blogging.

In conclusion:

  • Perform a keyword analysis to know which keywords will drive qualified traffic to your site.
  • Put your keywords in your titles, content and throughout your post.
  • Create content that will encourage people to link to your blog.

This post just skimmed the surface of what you can do to improve your search engine visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your blog. What techniques and successes have you had with your blog and search engines? Please share your stories in the comments box below!

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  • Rich..its bay far a must to own your domain. I see so many people with these free sites and ask myself what are they doing?

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • That’s great info Rich,
    but I think Blogger is a powerful blogging platform as wordpress is…
    don’t you think so?

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  • Hi Luca, 

    I started on blogger but moved to WP as there are more plug-ins and, more importantly, it’s easier to allow guest posters access.


  • Agreed; it’s like when someone hands you a business card and you flip it over to see, “For your 50 free business cards….” It just doesn’t inspire trust.

  • Luca,

    I feel that ultimately content wins out, but I don’t feel that Blogger is the right tool for business bloggers. Yes, a number of people and businesses have succeeded on Blogger, but because of the huge number of developers and plugins that WordPress boasts, I feel it’s the best tool for businesses serious about blogging, online marketing and SEO.

  • I didn’t Perform a keyword analysis before, now have plan to do first

  • Great article, Rich. I’ve shared it on my page, on Twitter, and sent it to one of my coaching clients. We’re working on her blog today, so the timing is perfect!

    I agree with you on the power of WordPress. They’ve really made it easy to use with lots of great plugins. We use Headway for creating great themes and building WordPress websites. Headway is designer-friendly, but also has a nice, built-in SEO options in its dashboard that are easy to use—even for a novice blogger.

    Again, thanks for writing such a great post! You have all the essentials in there nicely laid out, and SME makes it super-easy to share. 🙂 

  • Great article on blogger’s tips for SEO.

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  • Fantastic article, Rich. Seriously. I’m sharing this right now I found it so helpful.

    I recently posted and shared a SEO Periodic Table of Elements (, but found this post to be a phenomenal “fleshing out” of that chart.

    Thanks again.

  • It’s never too late to do a keyword analysis! In fact, I’d recommend that you should be regularly performing some type of keyword analysis (even a mini one) every few months…more often for some industries.

  • Apryl, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Thanks, Justin. Will have to check out your Table of Elements. Cool idea!

  • Brandon Andersen

    Rich, thank you for such an in-depth how-to on SEO for bloggers. I wrote a two-part series that covered SEO mistakes that bloggers commonly make in the last week, but you really went into a lot of detail that I didn’t get into my posts.  Thank you for taking that extra time to put together this guide. 

    I’m with you on the WordPress bandwagon too.  I started using WP as a base for all other websites that I create too…not just including blogs.  I also got a recommendation from @shonali:twitter yesterday to check out Platinum SEO for WP instead of All In One SEO.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but thought I’d share to see if you had any experience with it.

    Thanks again for the great post!

    BTW, if you’re interested, here are the two posts that I wrote about SEO mistakes that bloggers commonly make:

  • As far as WordPress SEO plugins go, I have tried pretty much everything out there both for my own personal sites and those I help run in a professional capacity. After fairly extensive testing, I’ve found that Yoast SEO is far and away the best of them. As well as providing a full onpage feature set, it also includes great additional usability tools like breadcrumbs that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Probably my favourite feature though is the self-check functionality included in the plugin that checks that your preferred keywords are present in the post URL, post title, meta description and various other essential places. You can download it at:

    It’s also worth pointing out that Yoast’s creator, Joost de Valk (@yoast:twitter ) , is a great guy and a true SEO expert and definitely somebody you want to have on your radar!

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  • CattyCave1

    As a how to article, I enjoyed reading this. As someone who writes both a business blog ( and a food blog ( I have a bit of an issue with trying to write ONLY to please search engines. It seems to be the old ‘art’ vs ‘science’ debate.  How can you write effectively, AND with humour and heart?  Frankly, if I had to write every business blog post as containing a numbered list…I just wouldn’t.  And I don’t like to think most people would like to read posts that are so blatently formulaic, either.

  • Great post, rick. I agree to use wordpress as a blogging platforms. A lot of huge online business that are successful, particularly blogs are using wordpress. Owning your own domain gives branding. You must first do the on page optimization with website like meta-tags, keyword research and so on, then work on with off page optimization which means building and gaining backlinks for your website. 

  • This is an excellent post!! 

  • Great article and very helpful. I love the idea of numbered lists in blog posts.  I ghost write a blog and this has given me some great ideas.  I’ll be sharing this article on my FaceBook page too.  Do you think outgoing links are as valuable as incoming links? Will they help rankings?

  • This is  a very informative article. It has a lot of insight as well. Very Interesting indeed. Great website. Thanks for the great post. Keep on posting such articles like this. Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.Maybe you may also want to visit this site too thanks.

  • Great post Rich! Having some sort of blogger relationship management system in place is great for building links (and relationships) as well. I love All-in-One SEO Pack.

  • Ever since I started blogging, our company’s site,, has brought in lots of organic traffic. Here’s the key to creating a blog post that brings in quality traffic.
    (1) Write high quality content that provides useful insights, ideas, and information. You don’t have to come up with your own original thoughts. Just do some research and get ideas from others. Just make sure you add value by adding your own thoughts.

    (2) Make sure you content is pleasant to read! Use headings, short paragraphs, large font size.

    (3) Use high quality, relevant images. The images make it more inviting.
    (4) Make sure your target keywords are incorporated in the title tag, headers, and in the body.

  • Great stuff as always, Rich. So informative and to the point. Thanks for the screenshot examples. I love Scribe SEO. After you’ve done the work, it a great tool to validate your post and make sure you’re doing it right. 

    WordPress makes it so easy for you to blog. Takes the guess work out of having to do your own coding. Plus everyday, there is a new plugin to make working with WordPress even easier. Thanks

  • I think WordPress is more powerful, in large part because you can put it on your own site, and there’s much more flexibility. Blogger gets indexed well, or so I hear, but when I went from Blogger to WordPress, I never looked back. No comparison in my opinion.

  • Well said Rich.  You had me smiling more than once because we see the same mistakes over and over!

  • I hate to crash the party but TypePad is so 1995.  Nowadays if you’re lacking a proper blogging platform and not using Joomla or WordPress for example to create a buzz and establish visibility on the web then you’re missing out on quite a bit.  Hands down WP has the most advanced built-in ping which helps index your content quicker than any other open source cms available on the web.  Also some of the tools mentioned here in this post are for general/broad keyword research such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool shown above.  Eventhough that’s a great tool to use it offers data based on volume and search from the Google AdWords platform for the most part.  It doesn’t actually crawl search engines such as Yahoo and Bing to give you an overall KEI as oppose to Google’s data metrics.

    Nonetheless great post for SEO beginners here.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Bed and Breakfast Internationa

    Great article, very informative

    Thank for the updates

  • A great list and a big help to bloggers new & established! I agree that WordPress is fantastic!

    From experience I find that it can take a while to find your voice and that only comes with practice. Always be original, offer value and keep at it!

    However, in my experience the actual writing of original posts is only about 60-70% of the job, getting it out into the Blogosphere is the other 30-40%.

    Join groups, add links to BizSugar, Blokube and Blogengage and use StumbleUpon, Digg and Posterous for additional coverage. Send links out via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc too!

    Always keep your writing fresh and look at the competition as often as you can, avoid rehashing the ‘same old, same old’. Oh, and come back to Social Media Examiner and get lots of great tips and updates.

    Thanks very much Rich, great post, best regards, Peter

  • Fantastic post Rich! 
    I’ve shared it all over the place! :o)

  • Sometimes you read a post that just cuts through all the fog and delivers a crystal clear message.

    This was one of those Eureka moments, thanks for sharing it.

  • Bradon, thanks, man! I’ll have to check those out. Haven’t had any experience w/Platinum SEO; not evangelistic about All in One, but I’ve found it to be easy to use and understand.

  • I’ve recently discovered as well, and started subscribing to his newsletters. Great quality content for all bloggers for sure.

  • Good points. I don’t (think I) write for the search engines…after all, Google doesn’t need my website design skills. However, Google does refer business to me. Just like I take care of friends and businesses that refer business to me, and make it as easy as possible to refer business to me, I do the same w/Google.

    I agree that not all life can be boiled down into top ten lists, I do enjoy writing occasional posts like that. Just like I enjoy trying to be clever in 140 characters or less on Twitter…it’s not the only type of writing I enjoy, but it does help me sharpen my skills.

  • Thanks, George!

  • Thanks, Alesha! Are you blogging already, or just getting started?

  • Susan, great questions. Some people are big proponents of outbound links to trusted sources as it helps place them in “trusted neighborhoods”, other people feel that any outbound link leaks page rank. Since I’m not as smart as either of these groups I just link out as I feel is appropriate and try not to worry too much about the SEO component of it.

    Unless, it’s my own article on my site…then I totally link to it. 😉

  • Thanks, Nick. Is that what you use at SocialMediaHQ?

  • Great advice, Peter…thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks, Jacqueline! I’m definitely addicted to WordPress. We just recently moved our website (which is separate from our blog…long story) over to WordPress. I was tired of paying for expensive HTML software when WordPress is free. And WP gives me so much flexibility, even for a site that has no blog to speak of.

  • Well, if there’s a blogging mistake out there, I’ve made it. I’ve even created an article called The 11 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Bloggers Make. You can check it out here (email reg required):

    Keep blogging!

  • Ivan,

    Appreciate the feedback. I love WP, but I’ll be honest that I’ve been hugely unimpressed w/Joomla’s blogging platform…maybe you know something I don’t. We’ve ended up installing WP on top of Joomla for our clients who want to blog and use Joomla together.

    There are definitely more tools that Google AdWords Keyword Tool…which ones do you prefer?

  • Peter, those groups are great ideas. I use SU quite a bit, and play around w/Posterous, but didn’t even know of some of the others. Will have to give them a look.

  • Appreciate it, thanks!

  • Glad I could help, Martyn.

  • You can also integrate WP with Joomla to work with your existing userbase as well and be fully upgradable.  It just takes a little bit of Googling and some detailed web development knowledge.  I’m a fan of WordTracker, AWR, ALM, Link-Assistant for the most part and have had great success with those.

    Joomla offers a lot more functionality than WP hands down in particular when it comes to e-commerce and building community websites.  I’ve been using Joomla for about 6 years now and WP for about 4 and love both but if I had to choose between the two for an overall best choice it would be Joomla.

    Glad you found my input helpful.  Stop by my blog when you have a chance at 

    Have a great day!

    Ivan Temelkov 

  • Yes sir. Its pretty much our core link building strategy.

  • Great article, Rich. Everything I know about SEO I’ve learned from smart articles like this one. You made my bloggers heart go pitty-pat. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the great tips Rich!  Do you think that companies should make their blog their home page?

  • René Power

    Quite simply, ESSENTIAL READING if you want a blog that aspires to some tangible return. Thanks Rich.

  • I love this article, I think I might just print it and frame it, hahaha. Seriously, this is just one of the simplest yet greatest article I’ve ever read about SEO. Thanks for this! 😀

  • Great article, Rich! I plan to start blogging at my company within the next month or so and this information has been quite helpful.

  • Sunita

    Thanks for this article. I just started a blog and these points will be very heldful. 

  • Great sharing Neil!
    Have been writing blogs and not knowing SEO is so important to get traffic
    in. Learn a lot from your article and will start to pay a lot more attention
    on on page and off page SEO!

  • Excellent information. Making sure that when you are working on SEO that you are working on your long term goals and not just your short term goals is the thing that we tell our clients the most. You want to build a powerful site that will be trusted and something that will offer your clients excellent information over the years to come.

  • Thanks for the mention, Brandon!

  • Charlene, great to hear, but you may want to see a doctor about that. 😉

  • I’m not a fan of one size fits all…while that technique may work for some businesses, for other businesses visitors might find that overwhelming. I might recommend creating a traditional page and having a script that teases recent blog posts from your home page.

  • Glad you found it helpful…now put it to work! 🙂

  • I was just checking out WordPress and in their TOU they highlight the following:

    the Content is not spam, is not machine- or
    randomly-generated, and does not contain unethical or unwanted
    commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or
    boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further
    unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source
    of the material (such as spoofing);

    don’t many people use their blogs to “drive traffic to [their] third party sites or
    boost the search engine rankings of  [their] third party sites”? What do they mean by “unwanted
    commercial content” in this context?

  • Rich,
    It took my months to understand how to choose the right keywords. I was choosing the ones with the highest numbers, not bothering to factor in the competition. You’re the first blogger to explain it so clearly. Kudos to you.

    Your tips on blogging for search engine success were excellent. Thanks for writing such a concise explanation of SEO for bloggers.


  • Sunil Gandhi

    Yes. Bloggers needs to be a great marketeers. Best selling along with best writing!!! 7 Ways to Promote BLOG ( Anything on the Internet

  • Ed Troxell

    Excellent post! I can’t wait to share it.

    Thank you!

  • Saba

    This was extremely helpful… I wasn’t sure about whether to own my blog or just run it as is…because even though I try to blog once a week, I fail miserably (..after every 2 weeks 😛 )  But now I think I should own my blog, as the information shared by you has helped me understand many of the technical terms that i would usually come across, but could never really understand.

  • This is a brilliant article – bringing all that we need to know together. Some of it I was already aware of,  but I learned new stuff too – i hadn’t heard of the Keyword Questions tool,  so will definitely be using that in future.  Thanks!

  • Fantastic article, will definitely try out some of those keyword tools to research my keywords even better. I sometimes use Google’s keyword tool, but it never hurts to try out something new!

    I must admit I’m not much of a researcher when it comes to checking out proper keyword usage for each and every post, maybe I should expand on this 🙂

  • Gisele

    What an efficient summary!
    I also recommend keeping track of:
    – blogs you’ve linked to (you can ask them to link back to yours when the time is right)
    – blogs I’d like to approach so they link to mine
    I handle other blogs like “leads” with a CRM approach. Although they are not “potential customers”, managing the relashiponship properly can be very fruitful.

    WordPress rules
    Tip: In my eagerness to start my blog, I learned the hard way that there is a difference in starting your blog at and => if you want the plugins, you need to get your blog at (among other benefits).

    Your article reminds me why SM Examiner is among my favourite sources. Thanks!!

  • Thanks Rich, this is a great run down of basic SEO. I’ll definitely refer to it in the future.

  • Your blog shared great information. All of your information
    is updated and interesting.


  • Your blog shared great information. All of your information
    is updated and interesting.


  • Search engine optimisation is a very essential for development of one’s website. At sizzle media seo manchester we make sure that your website’s profile is raised.

  • Search engine optimisation is a very essential for development of one’s website. At sizzle media seo manchester we make sure that your website’s profile is raised.

  • This is a very comprehensive post. I will definitely reference it when i start my customer appreciation program blog. Thnks a bnch

  • This is a very comprehensive post. I will definitely reference it when i start my customer appreciation program blog. Thnks a bnch

  • AntonioMecca

    Rich, a very actionable post!!!!

  • Ollin Morales

    Wow, this is probably the best SEO post I’ve ever read. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • sky

    Except businesses I think Blogger is the best platform for individuals for blogging. Reason is that, first we don’t have to spend money on Bandwidths, Second you can get Analytic for free, while in WordPress need to setup with care and third most important, Search enginee friendly templates which you can modify at any time.

  • I did deep research on this subject and have published on my site, but we also thank you very important steps! da üst sıralara çıkmak

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  • Uncle Naira

    Dear Rich, Good One! I was able to do just few things you stated here, now I have MAJOR Hit on my site:

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  • Dynamicwbsltns

    Great post Rich.  I agree with many of the comments I’ve seen here, it’s shocking how many companies are hosting their blog on a account.  Especially considering many of these companies own a website and a domain for the main business.  Umm, just install WP to your main site when you build out the site.  Many hosting companies now offer one click WP installs so there is no excuse not to!
    virginia seo company

  • Jency Jockob

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  • Jency Jockob

    Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info.Through this bloge we should know that how can we make our business marketing strategy in year 2011. For more information you can visit ou website Advertising Company Perth 

  • So how is the video in wordpress gonna help Offpage optimization?

  • If you are using Internet most of the times, there are chances that you use search engines to check about your favorite topics, find contents and get answers to your questions. Social media is becoming more of an accepted part of the online marketing mix because of its ability to drive website traffic and inbound links to sites.

  • Eric Hartman

    When you say have your own domain, do you mean it is not enough to pay wordpress the small annual fee to drop “wordpress” from the name – or is that enough? 

  • As long as you own the domain, whether it’s hosted at WordPress or not, you should be OK. You need to be able to take that domain with you to another hosting environment.

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