social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Tom Webster, vice president, strategy and marketing at Edison Research.

Tom shares insights into current trends in social media.

You’ll also discover why you need to know how research is carried out and how to interpret social media trends.

Tom gives you the questions you need to ask before following these trends to drive your business forward successfully.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Where to expect growth in social media in the future
  • The challenges of conducting social media research
  • Why you need to know what you don’t know
  • How non-response bias impacts research data
  • How businesses should make sense of social media research
  • Why you should not develop answers based on research
  • Ask your customers “Hey, is this a problem or not?”
  • The roles of social media monitoring: real-time data and “slow data”
  • Why you need to also do research on changes over time
  • Why you need to look at data and ask what’s missing

Connect with Tom on Twitter @webby2001, at Edison Research and check out Tom’s blog: Brand Savant.

What do you think? Do you do any research on your social media activities? What’s been your experience? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Eshannon

    This is a fantastic video, refreshing to see someone who understands how to use information. Never put to much into any statistic…stats all have their place within the whole but never show the true picture. 

  • Thanks so much 🙂

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  • Drpike

    I’m going to listen again. I know I’m not using FB properly but I’m way ahead of a year ago. Baby steps. As for tracking stats, the same learning curve exists…I’d like to see a video on the proper way to create a targeted FB advertisement.

  • It is really wonderful interview to be seen. Lot of interesting points have been discussed. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Elizabeth Horlemann

    Very interesting perspect of looking at social media as a place and tool that you can use to ask questions and not look for answers.  This is really deep and if put into place will definitely change the outlook for businesses across.

  • Re the growth rate demographic in age brackets, Did the only take into account ‘new’ users or simply look at the ages as at today of all users and then say… last year = 10 this year= 20 therefore growth = 10 …. as this would not account for those already a user and naturally ageing ?? i.e. I want to make that the fact that people move from one age range  to another by getting older does not skew results

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  • “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

    Social Media growth data is not interesting. Conditioning your community to take action around your product or service, IS interesting. Learning how to accomplish this conditioning requires good monitoring.

    Tom Webster talks about the value of “slow data trending” and the unexpected naturally occurring data to learn what to do next. This is a good quick interview to watch.

  • The huge business building lesson I’ve taken from this video isn’t from the core answers to the questions about social media.

    The most significant and instructive lesson I think there is to be had is in Tom Edison’s anticipating people’s objections to his strategies, anticipating them, adapting to them, and responding to them so that he gets the desired results.

    Most people let objections and obstacles kick their ass into bankruptcy or mediocrity and this guy’s thought process isn’t allowing this to happen to him. Very cool have this important lesson reinforced unintentionally for me. 🙂

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  • Nice video here Michael.  With the importance of social media on the rise, it is imperative for business to understand how to use it effectively.  Great explanations across the board. 

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  • JFarshtey

    It’s good to hear that social media is being used increasingly by older age groups. One key comment made by Tom Webster is the importance of understanding how to properly interpret data and research materials. I believe this video will be beneficial to public relations practitioners, because it will help make sense of what is going on in the field and how it will impact your organization or company. With the right data, you can create a good strategy to execute your business goals.

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  • I especially enjoyed Tom’s focus on slow moving data.  I completely agree with him that too many decision makers are concerned about real-time data and not so much the big picture.  Great interview Mike!

  • Hi Michael, 

    Thanks for having Tom here;) Will have to agree that we need to treat social media as another research tool and not as replacing our other research tools.  Asking customers the right questions is also very helpful if we seek to better ourselves.  If there’s a problem, then it is better we hear about it than being unaware.  We can also take action to fix the situation if there is a problem.

    All the best, 


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