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Finalists: Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages

We received over 1800 nominations for more than 500 business pages in our Top 10 Small Business Facebook Page contest.

Take a look at this list of 23 outstanding finalists!

The Judges: Our panel of Facebook experts includes Amy Porterfield, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare (co-authors of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies). They’re currently finishing up their reviews of these sites.
amy porterfieldandrea vahlphyllis khare

Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order):

How We’ll Pick the Winners

#1: Initial Qualification

A page must have a compelling Facebook presence, must have been nominated multiple times by multiple individuals and must be regularly updated. If someone nominated more than one page, only the first nomination was counted.

#2: Final Winner Selection

  • Quality of Facebook page: Our judges will examine and score the Facebook page of each finalist (65% of decision).
  • Fan engagement: Regular comments from readers are another sign of a healthy Facebook page. In addition, the number of nominations for a specific page plays a part in this (35%).

Congratulations to the finalists! We’ll announce the winners here soon!

What do you think about these Facebook pages? Leave your comments below.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Launches Sponsored Results: TechCrunch reports that Facebook has started rolling out Sponsored Results. This is Facebook’s version of Google’s AdWords, or pay-per-click search ads.

facebook sponsored results

"Sponsored Results gives brands the ability to buy ads in search results, bringing more awareness and traffic to your App, Page, or Place."

YouTube Launches Ads for Mobile Devices: “Mobile growth on YouTube has been phenomenal.”  YouTube now has “TrueView in-stream video ads on mobile devices.”

youtube mobile ads

Mobile YouTube viewers can skip ads they aren’t interested in after five seconds.

Discussion From Our Networking Clubs: Thousands of social media marketers and small business owners are asking questions and helping others in our free Networking Clubs. Here are a few interesting discussions worth highlighting:

Foursquare Lets Users Tag Friends on Facebook and Twitter: Foursquare users can now mention friends in Foursquare check-ins, and automatically tag them on Facebook and Twitter.

foursquare facebook twitter tags

Foursquare can tag your friends on Facebook or @mention them on Twitter.

Here’s a useful social media tool worth noting:

Feedspot: A social feed reader based on topics, currently still in beta.


Check out Feedspot to follow specific topics of interest.

GraphEffect: A collaboration platform for social marketers.


GraphEffect is a platform that enables marketers to work more efficiently together.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner presents Facebook Success Summit 2012 (online conference).

Facebook Success Summit 2012

Join 20 Facebook experts at Social Media Examiner’s big online conference! Go here to learn more.

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • David Parker

    Great looking Facebook small business pages that I hope to gain some tips from just looking at the content and layout. I wish I was in the running but I needn’t know about the contest nor do I think my page would stand against these wonderful ones listed, however it would have been a woot to try or at lest be looked at by the pros

  • Hengli

    So disappointed with the results.

  • WOW!!!!!!  It’s an honor to be in the top 23, thank you!!

  • Guest

    Great to see these businesses featured! Looks like a few of the finalist aren’t following the Facebook policy for cover images.

  • Agravlin

    Wonderful news! The Chicken Chick sent me!

  • Browneyedgirl104

    The chicken chick rocks so glad she made the cut!!!

  • Nativeblackwidow

    The #Chicken Chick sent me love her page so informative ,just love her

  • cyn v.

    I was sent here by  THE CHICKEN CHICK!

  • Tanya

    The Chicken Chick sent me! Her page is awesome….

  • Sister Palm Tree

    The Chicken Chick is cluckin’ awesome..:)

  • LexyLVT

    Kathy The Chicken Chick has helped me and COUNTLESS other backyard voyagers with either starting up or w/ the on going questions on poultry raising. Chickens, whether for fresh free-range eggs or chemical-free delicious meat, are a very rewarding and stess-relieving hobby (or business).

  • Chef J

    I love The Chicken Chick!  I have referred many friends and family to her page.  She does an amazing job with her small business and I am thrilled to see that she made the finalists…  She deserves it!!!

  • Beth Bechir

    #Chicken Chick

  • Oceancshells

    The Chicken Chick is the best!

  • Christy_lynn_jones

    Yes. Love your fb page. Great info for backyard chicken farmers

  • Kpvarsz

    Have to say I am a big fan of the Chicken Chick

  • Alex Turpen

    @a41d50d707ec1fbe27d418626ac48097:disqus always engages her fans. She definitely deserves to be in the top 10 in my opinion!

  • Melissastalpers

    I like your site! I love the Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz! So glad you included her in your top ten! Great job. I’ll mention your site to others. Chicken Chick sent me!
    Melissa Brain Stalpers

  • Diane Jordan

    The Chicken Chick sent me, she is great!!

  • Aepeare

    So excited for the Chicken Chick being one of the picks! Her page is AWESOME.
    Amy Peare, a fan from Facebook. *disabled my pop-up blocker, and it still isn’t letting me post.*

  • Mary Hysong

    Kathy the Chicken Chick sent me! So glad she’s getting this recognition; wonderful gal, providing great info and resources to all the new back yard chicken keepers! I’ve had chickens for years and have learned a thing or two!

  • Vickiw

    The Chicken Chick sent me!  I love The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz!  Definitely deserves to be in the top ten and should be #1!

  • Lisa of Vibrant Clay & Jewelry

    The Chicken Chick sent me!  Woot!  I just love the content of her page.  She is super engaging and is a wonderful resource.  Should be in the Top 10  🙂

  • Ewest13

    Chicken Chick sent me to look you over…. nice

  • Jleej86

    The Chicken Chick sent me. Awesome posts!

  • Michelle

    Wow thank you so much!! I am so excited to have made it this far *big cheesy grin* 

    Michelle x

  • Jackie Maphis

    I tell you, I have really enjoyed 
    The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz ,  Her pages have really been informative and helpful to me with my chicken hobby. 

  • Jackie Maphis

    I can think of no more informative and helpful Page

  • Becky

    I love your chicken chick facebook page…  read it every morning while having my coffee 🙂

  • RozRyan

    Very excited to make the finals that’s exciting in itself!! Roz from PhunkMySpace!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Honored to be in the running! Thank you!

  • Elaine Parks

    We love The Chicken Chick!

  • Congrats to Gorgeous Jewellery Ltd! 

  • Rprosebud

    The Chicken Chick sent me here. Great FB page! Very informative and entertaining!

  • Randi Thompson

    It is an honor to be in the finals with so many amazing FB business pages. Congratulations to all the finalists!   I have been looking at your pages and they are AWESOME!   ~Randi from How to Market Your Horse Business…or Any Other Business.

  • allanah
  • Utopiacakes

    I have been following Michelle at for a while now, her page is amazing and she really engages the follower!! She is well deserved of a place in the final IMHO

  • Jo

    I love Phunk My Space, she’s rocks!!!!

  • Jules

    PhunkMySpace is an awesome FaceBook page! Roz has helped me and many others set up their own business pages here.Roz is super helpful, professional, friendly and enthusiastic.Her PhunkMySpace page is always interesting and engaging and full of helpful information.She deserves this!

  • Debbiecade22

    You go chicken chick!

  • Kathryn Rollo

    Glad to see Roz from PHUNK MY SPACE made the finals. Awesome site and Roz has been a huge help in promoting my business through social media. Thanks Roz and good luck 🙂

  • Holman Brenda

    The chicken chic sent me,

  • Jagrut Lallu

    LoviNg phunk my space!!! Can’t wait to see you in the top ten…keep it phunky!

  • I am without words, beyond excited and humbled to have been selected as one of the finalists!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  • Downtownginab

    great page! Love the Chicken Chick and she sent me!

  • Amie

    The Chicken Chick is Awesome!

  • Terry Williamson

    You guys need to pick Kim Garst for sure. Hers isn’t just a page, its a real social media community.

  • I love @KIMGARST page 
    Social Media Branding with Kim Garst I started following her and join her coaching program in 3 months she helped me get my new site to an Alexa score of less than 100 worldwide.. She give tips to help you do social media..;) 

  • Debbie

    I love to read Chicken Chicks page. It’s so informative…..and I don’t even have chickens!!!

  • Roz  from PlunkMySpace  congratulations! You so deserve being nominated in the top ten.You have constantly worked so hard keeping your followers informed. You are very encouraging to try new ideas,keep us inspired to move forward with new ideas in social media,and simply love your sense of humour.your helpfulness is so refreshing.Just love PlunkMypage.

  • Roberta

    The chicken chick sent me here. She has one of the best pages full of information on the net about chickens!

  • Leighellen

    I like project 3/50 a lot but MY FAVORITE IS the chicken chick…. You go girl! There is always tons of info for me!

  • Christine Dixon

     Gorgeous Jewellery Ltd has made it to the 23 finalists for the Social Media Examiner top 10 small business pages of the year 2012….CONGRATULATIONS Michelle your page is Awesome and all your fans love your bright bubbly conversation and your Beautiful Jewellery you creatively make …..And all those Awesome Giveaways to all your fans on your page…Hope you WIN 🙂

  • Edmund Lee

    Love the fact that you chose Kim Garst!  Of all the business pages out there, she has truly built a community that helps her clients grow and get real world results.

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Leighellen!

  • Thanks Debbie! That is the highest compliment I could possibly get! ♥

  • Thanks Amie!

  • Thanks Elaine!

  • Thank you Mary!

  • Thanks Amy!! 🙂

  • Thanks Melissa! I’m just thrilled to be in the top 23 and sharing the excitement with all my peeps!

  • Hardyhens14

    Came over to show support for the Chicken Chick. She has such a informative , friendly and entertaining FB page plus her Blogs are super helpful to all of us Backyard Chicken Keepers!!

  • Bonnie

    My vote is for Kim Garst with Social Media Branding with Kim Garst. She teaches how to do Social Media with style. She has great information on her page and inspiration. She walks her talk. I love how she interacts with her fans and builds relationships.  She really cares about people! 1 great BIG vote for Kim from Me!!!

  • Congratulations Chelsea!!

  • So happy to see Kim Gart’s page in the running!  Her page is WONDERFUL and provides a wealth of knowledge!  

  • So disappointed the page that I voted didn’t qualify. My vote goes to the “Chicken Chick”. Great community. 

  • Hipgina

    The chicken chick sent me, she is your winner, is you ask me….

  • – congratulations wonderful effort and so great you are a NZ page Julie Lassen, Christchurch Marriage Celebrant

  • Shelleyj87

    Gorgeous jewellery is awesome!!

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  • Ryrie Wild

    Gorgeous Jewellery gets my vote!  Love seeing her beautiful pieces, lots of info and giveaways. 

  • Very proud and not at all surprised to see Kim Garst here in this fabulous line up!!! Kim has stood with me through thick and thin over the past 3 years. I have never met her in person however our relationship is authentic and I see this with all of Kim’s Connections, on every platform. Kim is the best of the best!!

  • ElizabethCorbin45

    Love Kim Garst much info, always easy to access and ton of info you can immediately apply!

  • Trickiredhead

    The Chicken Chick is awesome!!!

  • steveholtconsulting

    Ummm.. some of these pages have over 75% engagement rates. That is pretty unbelievable. They must be sinking alot of money into Promoted posts or ads. I would like to see some stats on that please.  Because if they aren’t paying for that engagement, then I for one would like to know how they did it.

  • Kim Garst is the best. She is working wonders for our company!

  • Anita Stuart

    Yay for Phunk My Space!  Looking forward to seeing you in the top 10 you deserve it!

  • Victoria Porter

    Chocolate for Breakfast consistently posts engaging information and humorous items. I love it!

  • Sue

    Love learning from Kim Garst.  Have learned so many things about Social Media and when applying what she teaches, the result show up.  She teaches how to engage with others in a way that builds relationships which results in the best kind of business!

  • Pauline

    Love it that Kim Garst is in the running! She is an amazing example and coach for social media. I would say that I’m amazed by her engagement on FB, but a better description is that I too am compelled to join in the discussion – the give and take she has with her followers is just that good. It’s not just a bunch of people, it’s a community.

  • chatzakity

    Kim Garst ROCKS!! She has to be the winner here!

    Not only is she an amazing woman, she is the best social media branding expert who helps people all over the world. Kim has helped and personally trained me and still continues to be my coach and mentor. Her generosity and love has guided many to build strong businesses. KIM GARST is not a woman to be overlooked. She needs to be the top!! She is the BOMB!!

  • Heathermaryirvine

    I’m loving Phunk my space right now

  • Lisa_m_nz

    Gorgeous Jewellery is awesome!  Sometimes I just go online to see what Michelle is posting today.  She has amazing products & even though I don’t know her she seems like a great person!

  • Stacy

    Social Media Branding with Kim Garst is not just a page, It’s a community. Not only does Kim provide valuable informations, but she knows how to engage, and Social Media is not about numbers, it’s a conversation!

  • PhilMershon

    Hey David, go to Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs and you can get dozens of pros to look at your page, including Andrea Vahl. Just ask for ideas on how to attack a specific problem and you’ll find people happy to help –for FREE. 🙂

  • Doug Cameron

    This is a great contest. Thanks for focusing on local main street businesses. This helps me with ideas so that I can better support my local businesses clients.

  • Jan Maskew

     I so agree Stacy. I go to Social Media Branding with Kim Garst everyday because she is real and the engagement is awesome. She knows what she is doing.

  • Jan Maskew

     If you want to learn how go to Kim Garst page. She will teach you how to do it right!

  • steveholtconsulting

    Well, I know how to do it right, and don’t get me wrong, Kim is kicking it with 33% engagement. Very impressive.But I was thinking more along the lines of Chocolate for Breakfast (82%) and Dog Pack Snacks (77%).  With Facebook limiting exposure of your posts to approx.16% of your fans, I am wondering which ad products they are using.  

  • Social Media Branding with Kim Garst handsdown. Not only does she post so much awesome content she is such a genuine person. Its such an honor to know Kim and how passionate she is about truly helping people with Social Media.

  • Social Media Branding with Kim Garst is an excellent resource. I’ve connected with Kim on her page and via her group on Facebook and she’s an amazing example of an excellent Facebook marketer!

  • creman4u

    People as Kim is very rare and I cannot think of anyone else who deserves more to win than Kim. I feel as we are close colleagues and friends which got me to decide to travel from Sweden to Tampa and attend her Social Boom and meet her and all the great people in her tribe.

  • creman4u

    Kim Garst is outstanding! I know from 7 years work at IBM with international collaboration on all levels where I participated in Blue IQ Ambassadors group as an Early Adopter testing and learning all kind of applications and teaching colleagues about IBM’s tools. I worked also as an Innovation Catalyst Lead. I have been guided in 3D virtual worlds by IBM’s top leaders. When I left IBM 2 years ago I noticed it was quite lonely outside and I started to search after the best people in the world to learn from and interact with and I got in contact with Kim a year ago. After that has my knowledge increased and I have learned more than I ever could expect. Alexa from no rank to 215 000 global and pagerank 3 and Naymz Elite level 80, Topblog No. 1 several times for marketing. Everything has moved from an unknown to getting Swedish and International requests for collaboration and seen as a leader within social media.

    Even though we haven’t met face 2 face is Kim’s presence genuine and she is really caring about the people who are following her journey. I can promise it’s no money or any kind of attempt to manipulate the votes for Kim. She is simply the best and always there for me or anyone else when needed. What impress me most is that she has a very big audience and interaction daily but keep coaching and encouraging on a personal level. I have also decided to travel to her Social Boom from Sweden to Tampa and booked the ticket before I got to know Gary Vaynerchuk should attend as the key note speaker.

    People as Kim is very rare and I cannot think of anyone else who deserves more to win than Kim. I feel as we are close colleagues and friends which got me to decide to travel and meet her and all the great people in her tribe.

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Terry!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Liz!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Edmund!! 

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Totally appreciate you, Bonnie!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Jennifer!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Hey my beautiful friend from down under! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you so much Liz!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Sue, thanks so much!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Awwhh, thanks much Pauline!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    You are the bomb, Tara ;-)! Thanks much!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Mucho appreciate you Stacy!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Appreciate you Jake!! You are one of the best young entrepreneurs out there today!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    awwhhh thank you Christer!! I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Lynley Ward

    Gorgeous Jewellery – Michelle makes lovely pieces of jewellery suitable for everyday and very special days.

  • kelly hunt

    Sent by Gorgeous Jewellery!

    Hope she makes the next cut <3

  • Kim Garst to me it the best example of how to relate to people; she is genuine, always approachable and on top of that she is a great teacher; her content is always right on the   I love the fact that she is on this list and I know you will see more of her no matter what.

  • Cath

     I have just started keeping chickens and I have to say the Chicken Chick’spage is the best resource I have come across.  Added to that, no matter what comments she gets her replies are always patient, friendly and courteous.  My aim in life is to be like her!

  • I hate youtube video ads, and now they’re going to be in my phone? 🙁 I don’t like it, I tend to hate the brand just for putting their ad in a way I can’t take it away. I don’t know anyone here that actually likes it…

  • Heather Turner

    Does it count as a disqualification if one of their FB banner headers violated FBs TOS?

  • Kim Garst, my vote goes for you as you have got natural talent to serve and engage your followers/subscribers. Good luck!

  • Kelixpartners

    Way to go Precision Paddlebaords! The site really has a family, friendly feel to it!

  • Talking Finger

    Great catch…I just saw that 🙂 Definitely disqualification imo

  • Earthegy (aka Chrisy)

    Woot woot!  I’m honored to be in the top contenders and it’s all because of my FABULOUS fans!!!!  Luv you all ~Chrisy from earthegy : )

  • Talking Finger

    SO ecstatic to be nominated 🙂 Thanks so much to all of our fans, friends, family for nominating us…you all rock the socks! Couldn’t be here without you! We would be talking to ourselves and worrying everyone with our mental state. 

  • Deb Johnston

    Precision Paddleboards – not only an awesome Facebook Page, they are also an awesome store. I love my morning Fort Lauderdale SUP Report, always brings a smile and a pang of envy!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Yasir!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks so much, Olga!

  • Josh Vajda

    On behalf of everyone at Precision Paddleboards, THANK YOU for the recognition. We love our fans/friends/ohana and what our sport has to offer – our Facebook page is merely our way of connecting one to the other.

  • I’m one of those pages, Steve, and I can tell you that my fan engagement is not due to promoted posts or ads. It’s all about meaningful, useful content, entertaining and relevant images and connecting with people on a topic of shared interest. Genuine people, genuinely connecting- that’s what drives my engagement numbers.
    Come on over and visit for a little while, you don’t need to keep chickens to enjoy them. ;)Kathy Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  • steveholtconsulting

    That’s pretty impressive Kathy! Facebook has not been very forthcoming about this. They have ‘governed’ the % of your users who see your posts for a couple years now, but this tells me that perhaps they are lightening up on that.  That is good news indeed.

  • D. D. Falvo

    Woohoo, Talking Finger! You are the best. 😀

  • Debbie I

    Wow!!! We are excited to be on this list.  Thank you.  Can’t wait to check out the other pages and learn from them.  Deb and Coco at Dog Pack Snacks.

  • So proud and happy to cast my vote for Social Media Branding with Kim Garst! She has such a fabulous page that really shouts community. She really engages her fans and gets us all involved.  I have learned so much working with Kim and modeling her teaching and I love it that she always inspires others that they too “CAN DO social media!  

  • Michelle

    thanks so much Paula x

  • Michelle

    Thank you Allanah, I am so stoked! xx

  • Michelle

    jenn you are a rock star, thanks so much!! xx

  • Michelle

    Thank you Christine, you are such an awesome supporter and thanks for sharing my work xx

  • Michelle

    Hi Ryrie, thank you!! x

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much, really appreciate your support x

  • Michelle

    Hey Kelly,. thanks so much for your support xx

  • Michelle

    Hi Lynley, thank you!! xx

  • Chamita00

    Love Precision Paddleboards! They are so friendly and nice! Their page is always up-to-date with the latest weather forecast and lots interesting posts! Get it team- you guys deserve this!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks DD 🙂

  • Sharon Crescent

    I’m so excited that BeStitched Needlepoint is one of the finalists!! A frequent visitor to their delightful shop and a much deserved finalist! 

  • get_info

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, on behalf of the thousands of locally owned, independent brick and mortars (read: mom and pops) that make The 3/50 Project FB page sing. Every one of them is a gem…we couldn’t be more thrilled!

  • Debbie I

    Hi Steve, I do very little advertising and I have only once paid for a promoted post.  The key is to ignore the ‘Like’ number and and look at your insights.  Find the posts that work and the times that work and capitalize on those numbers.  The ‘likes’ will follow and the engagement will go up.  That is just my experience.  I also do very little selling of my product but 90% of my sales come from Fb.  Also, take all the Mari Smith courses that you can.  Not an expert but doing my best.

  • steveholtconsulting

    Absolutely. That advice is the same advice I give my clients all the time. I have a client that drives a tremendous amount of traffic from Facebook to her e-commerce site because of the engagement practices that we do. You are to be commended for your good job!

  • Debbie and Coco at Dog Pack Snacks rules!  Debbie, you do such an awesome job with your page.  *Everyone* loves your goodies.  Ruff, ruff!

  • Julie

    SO happy to see made the finals. If we are talking Small Business presence on Facebook, I can tell you my small business looks to the 3/50 Project for daily support and advice. Nobody does it better than Cinda. Always on trend, always on target, 3/50 is like my news feed for the day in what’s going on with small businesses.

  •  Hi Steven,
    It’s possible. I’ve never run a facebook ad and other than a few T-shirt contests, less than five, I haven’t sunk a penny into my page. I think the secret is just to have as much fun on your page as your fan!
    Sue Ann
    Chocolate for Breakfast

  •  No ads at all, Steven, seriously. 😉

  • So happy to be part of this wonderful group of fan page enthusiasts. Thank you so much for including me!

  • Shelly Kuipers

    Love the Zox Straps FB page!!  Lots of interaction between them and their fans!  They also have a unique and fun product : )

  • somethingaboutcupcakes Beverle

    So amazing and so well deserved…your page is always so vibrant and up to date…you endeavour to reply to all your comments and I just love your enthusiasm for everything Chocolate.  love ya!  Beverley xoxo

  • Carrie

    I LOVE Chocolate for Breakfast!! What a joy to find that page listed here. I’m looking forward to checking out the others – good job, Social Media Examiner! You’ve nicely curated a wonderful list.

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  • Beth Heilman

    Without question, my vote is for Social Media Branding with Kim Garst. Not only does Kim know her craft when it comes to Branding and Social Media, she is totally involved with her community and never hesitates to get involved when one of us needs help or guidance. Kim ROCKS on a professional AND personal level like no one I’ve ever met. I’m blessed to know her and work with her. We all are!! Thank you Kim, for everything you do… 🙂 

  • David,
    Interest list of finalist…our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page has more than 275,000 Facebook Fans,
    we post three times a day, have ten of thousands of Facebook views a day, have had more than million Facebook views in a day, and hundreds of thousands of Facebook views in every 10 day period
    and we were not even mention.
    Make us wonder,
    Jim Cummings
    Cowboy Magic

  • Jess

    Dog Pack Snacks!  I love the page because it is a great mix of information, from food recalls to funny photos, to dogs looking for homes.  I am also a big fan of the product itself!