social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

HootSuite Enhances Facebook Management: The popular scheduling tool HootSuite now supports Facebook Groups and Events, exclusive search streams, plus photo uploading directly to Facebook. Hootsuite has also enhanced refreshed the process for posting to Pages and Profiles.

Facebook Streamlines the Photo Viewer Tool:  Facebook has made a few changes to their photo viewer, including bigger photos (720 pixels to 960 pixels) that load faster.

new facebook photo viewer

In response to user feedback, the Facebook photo viewer is now set against a white background.

Facebook Ends Facebook Deals After 4 Months: Facebook Deals was launched in a few cities last April. This daily deal product (similar to Groupon) was only available in those cities and has now been discontinued. As Mari Smith notes, this is not the same as Facebook’s Check-In Deals which remain in service.

Blogger Gets a Fresh New Look: Google has refreshed their blogging platform.  Blogger has both a new design and improved functionality.

new blogger design

In the new “Overview” section of your dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly see how people are reacting to your blog.

Here are some social media tools worth noting:

Jig: A new site where you post your needs and get replies from others.


Simply tell others what you need.

Zaarly: An innovative social networking platform.


TweetResponder: This tool allows you to send direct messages on Twitter to multiple followers at once.


You can also schedule up to 10 follow-up messages.

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What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Awesome roundup as always!! Cindy ROCKS!

  • I agree!  Thanks for stopping by Mari!

  • Thank you Mari!!

  • Cindy, thank you for the updates. I had no idea that Blogger got a new look, I’m going to go check it out. Have a great day!

  • I noticed some irritating issues with Facebook’s new photo-feature, but it seems to be sorted out now. The other changes are very exciting indeed, especially HootSuite.

  • itag

    Great stuff…I hadn’t heard of tweet responder and have been looking for something like this, so thanks for sharing this. Loved the rest of the round up’s.

  • Ana, the first few times I saw the new photo feature the glitches stopped me from realizing there was a new design!  And I thought the white background was part of the glitch 🙂  Still, it must be challenging to roll out changes like this on a platform the size of Facebook.

  • Glad you found something useful, David!

  • Please let us know what you think Karla!  I don’t use Blogger, but it looks like they’re making an effort to really improve their platform.

  • Great article, thanks Cindy!

  • Hoot suite is a really good tool to scheduling and I love it. Thanks for the updates Cindy…

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    Virtual Assistant

  • Cindy,

    Thank you for the round-up of groovy updates and new resources.The updates to Hootsuite are nice – though I’ve been trying post to Facebook organically as much as possible.  The updates to the photo viewer are nice, once you realize the white is intentional.  My first experience, I couldn’t find the “X” to leave the photo! 🙂

    TweetResponder – Any feedback from users on this?  With all the discussion surrounding Twitter DMs, I wonder how the tweet community will do with this one.  

    Zaarly looks interesting – Nifty idea.

    Thanks for the info & insight!


  • Thanks Cindy!  Most of us who have too much on our plates truly appreciate this awesome roundup.  Are you doing this on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis?

  • I feel like Jig and Zaarly seem very similar. You are basically posting a need and waiting for a response. What would you say are the main differences and does anyone have an experience with one being better than the other?


  • Hi Aaron, glad you like the updates 🙂  They come out every Saturday and you can find them here:

  • Hi Keri, we seem to have similar first impressions  🙂 

    I thought the same with TweetResponder until I looked at it as an “Aweber” for Twitter.  If you are doing some serious marketing with your Twitter lists (ie you’ve got reasonably well targeted lists and know your audience well) then I can imagine some companies would find a short series of Twitter DMs interesting to try out. Sort of like an email autoresponder series via DM tweets. To make this work well you probably need a certain level of marketing skills.

  • Georgia, I’m quite interested in following Jig… because it was founded by Joshua Schachter who was the founder of the popular bookmarking tool Delicious

  • You’re welcome April!

  • I’d love to know when social media tools are going to start implementing the LinkedIn Groups API. It’s going to be a big decider in finding a social media communication tool that takes advantage of it. I know it’s only been available for a few month – but that’s a long time in today’s world!

  • Ohhhh….  That makes a little more sense.  Still not doing backflips, but will process and maybe even experiment a bit.

    Thanks, Cindy!

  • ConnorKeating

    Who would have thought 5 years ago that social media would become the next big thing? And now it’s bigger than almost anything on the web. When I first read Yury Mintskovsky’s articles about the expansion of social media and where it was heading I thought to myself ‘yet another doomsday prophet’ but if I stop a bit and analyze the situation I realize we was right.

  • Thanks Cindy!  Just bookmarked the link 😉 Have a wonderful weekend then!

  • Great list ! I really like the “new” facebook image viewer