social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Twitter Starts Rolling Out New Design: And there are new ways to embed tweets. Be sure to check out the new enhanced profile pages which are currently only available for 21 advertising partners. These new profile pages will slowly roll out to a wider audience of brands in the coming months. Learn more in the video below.

YouTube Adopts a New Design: YouTube redesigns the Home page “making it easier to find and follow great Channels when you arrive.” And there’s “an improved Channel design focused on what matters most.”

Introducing the New StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon redesigns “the experience, including a revamped site design, new logo, streamlined StumbleBar and even more ways to explore with the addition of Channels and a deeper integration of the Explore Box.”

Klout Improves Topics: Klout adds more topics and now lets you add any missing topics to your profile.

klout sashes

Klout adds sashes to your scores to show how influential you are.

Groupon Adds a Scheduler for Merchants:  Groupon merchants now have a tool to help them “manage their schedules and accept bookings directly from consumers.”

groupon scheduler

"Groupon Scheduler can accommodate schedules for different employees, services, and business locations, allowing consumers to book appointments without having to call or email."

Facebook Begins Rolling Out the New Timeline: After offering the new Timeline feature through the Facebook developer platform, Facbook is now rolling Timeline out to users in New Zealand.  Other countries are to follow “in the near future.”

Here’s an interesting social media infographic:

How Social Media Changed the Ad Game:

ad game

Check out how the social shift is redefining and redistributing the ad industry’s focus.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner presents Small Business Success Summit 2011! (online conference)

Join 25 experts, including including John Jantsch (author, Duct Tape Marketing), Anita Campbell (founder, Small Business Trends), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner and author, Launch), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies), Hollis Thomases (author, Twitter Marketing), David Siteman Garland (founder, “The Rise to the Top” and author, Faster, Smarter, Cheaper), Joe Pulizzi (founder, Content Marketing Institute and co-author, Get Content, Get Customers), Brian Clark (founder, Copyblogger Media), Lee Odden (founder, TopRank Online Marketing), Ramon Ray (founder, Small Biz Technology and author, Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses) and Lewis Howes (co-author, LinkedWorking)—just to mention a few (scroll down to see full list)!

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What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Steve Welsh

    This is what I love about social media at the moment, all the majors and wanabe’s are having to work hard to keep at the forefront of innovation. Which can only be a good thing for all us mere mortals.. Look at Facebook buys Gowalla just to get the talent within the company..bring on 2012..

  • I love your “week in review” posts, Cindy.  I look forward to them every Saturday, thank you for doing that.  I see Klout is making some meaningful changes, too.  Way cool.

  • I have seen a lot of negative posts about the new Klout algorithm. It seems they are putting the cart a bit before the horse. They seem to be working harder to brand themselves as the standard of measure than to actually improve the product for the users (i.e. us as Customers). 

    My biggest gripe is the fact that Klout completely ignores the traffic to a self-hosted wordpress blog. It doesn’t take into account social shares from users on a blog. Also, I guest blog frequently and none of the posts are taken into account on Klout. 

    As most know, I am not usually negative and only promote items I like, but Klout is a great idea that is so close to being useful, but missing the mark in many ways. 

    What do you think Ali and Cindy?

  • Thanks very much as always Cindy! All good stuff!

    Not too sure about YouTube yet and trying to get used to StumbleUpon. Whatever StumbleUpon does is OK because they provide such amazing traffic for bloggers!

    I hope it’s warmer where you are!

    All the best, Peter, aka MarketingM8

  • Great update. I look forward to your sat update every week =) keep up the good work guys!

  • Hi Cindy, did you notice that Twitter video is private? With all the YouTube excitement I totally missed the Klout update. Thanks.

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  • Hi Ileane – Twitter has taken it offline for some odd reason??

  • A great update and a little something to read on a Sunday 🙂

  •  we look forward to our daily dose of new ideas and info.

  • This reminds me of ABC Television’s policy of changing timeslots on a programme no sooner than it had an audience.  

  • Hi Michael, thanks. I’m hoping they are adding the Twitter list counts back to our profiles. 🙂

  • marctv

    Keith, super well said!

  • Hi Cindy! I am thankful to you for sharing these latest updates information. I like this post. Keep updating.

  • Steve, it’s definitely a time of change!

  • Thank you Ali!  Yes, Klout keeps adding on new things.  Let’s see where they end up.

  • You’re welcome Peter!

  • Thank you, Brian.  That’s great to hear  🙂

  • Hi Keith, I personally take Klout “with many grains of salt”. You know, it doesn’t help me in any major way.  And I personally rely on my own personal research for any real marketing intelligence (and I think it’s the same for all professional marketers).

    What’s interesting about it is that it’s out there and it’s super quick and easy to use.  With their constant updates, they might just have a useful marketing tool at some stage down the road.  Right now, I think marketers need to do their usual market research and then come back and look at this if they want to.

  • I completely agree with this. If people are involved with you on an emotional level, they will be much more likely to refer friends and family to your business, as well as talk positively about your brand.

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  • Cindy, I completely agree that it is a fast check and has potential future value. It will be interesting to see if people start using it for Social optimization. I the comparisons analytics are neat, however as a true measurement tool I see little value until it takes into account a lot more items related to traffic. For example, many of us guest blog and I have up to 1000 tweets on a post between a few sites and this is ignored unless the tweet contains my handle (Which I don’t control).

    On a side note, the wibya toolbar is messing up mobile browsing on SocialMediaExaminer. It anchors to the “fold” of the mobile browser an doesn’t adjust when I scroll down on my iPhone. Just an FYI.


  • I am sooo looking forward for the new twitter 😀 

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