Are you trying to build an engaged loyal following that loves you and your business?

Have you tried to use video, podcasting or social media to build engagement?

I explore these questions with Pat Flynn for our new Social Media Marketing podcast.

More About This New Show

Social Media Marketing Podcast w/ Michael Stelzner

The Social Media Marketing podcast is a brand-new show from Social Media Examiner.

It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode, I interview Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income.

Pat shares insights into his tactics and strategies and how social media content contributes to the success of his business.

You’ll learn how to create content to publish on different social media platforms to connect to a large audience. And you’ll discover the techniques to use to build a loyal fan base.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Social Media Content for Business

The business strategy behind Smart Passive Income 

Pat explains how content plays a key role in his business. You’ll learn why his focus is to provide valuable content for those looking for information. You’ll hear how you can do this when you share content based on your own experiences.

Pat shares the results his business has had from his different content platforms: blog, video and podcast.

Listen to the show to discover Pat’s personal stories behind his successful business.

How to make a personal connection with your audience

Pat talks about the different ways he shares personal information about himself to connect with his audience and how he incorporates this into his business content.

Pat shares the reason why he gives his audience strategic insights into his personal story.

hello my name is pat

Pat lets his audience know he is a father with this image placed at the top of his site.

Pat shares how he connects with his audience on Facebook. You’ll find out the strategy behind the different components of Pat’s Facebook page photo and how this strategy helps him connect with his audience.

pat flynn facebook page

Pat's Facebook page shows him on a personal level and also on a brand level.

People like to connect with people. You’ll pick up some useful tips on how to build affinity online.

Listen to the show to discover why Pat leverages his “trifecta” content creation strategy (blogging, video and podcasting) to connect with a wide audience.

Pat’s video strategy

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Pat explains how he uses videos to respond to questions from his audience.

Pat explains how this strategy works well for his business and drives traffic back to his website.

Listen to the show to find out how Pat intentionally uses keywords in his videos for great results.

smart passive income youtube

Check out the Smart Passive Income YouTube channel.

Pat’s blogging strategy

Pat blogs three times a week. He publishes content based on his own experiences and explains what he does wrong, what he does right and the results he gets. He’s very transparent with all of the different processes.

Pat talks about the Niche Site Duel, where he was challenged to build a website from scratch. Pat publicly displayed the process and how it reached #1 in Google.

Pat explains the role email marketing plays in his business model and why it’s crucial for business. You’ll discover why email is still the best tool to use to connect with people in a direct and personal way.

Listen to the show to discover insights into the business strategies behind Pat’s successful blog.

smart passive income email subscription

This email subscription box on the Smart Passive Income blog plays an important role in Pat's business strategy.

Pat’s podcasting strategy

You’ll discover how Pat was surprised by the extent that podcasting helps his brand. Learn how Pat discovered that 20% of his readers find his website through his podcasts.

Find out how to train your podcast audience to get to your blog with calls to action in your podcast. Pat uses the Pretty Link Pro plugin and domain names for easy redirect URLs to get podcast listeners to come to his site.

Pat explains how you can create a podcast that can then become a blog post and how this can work in both directions.

Listen to the show to find out what podcasting can do for your business.

smart passive income podcast

Many Smart Passive Income podcast listeners discover Pat's website through the podcast.

How to create a content strategy to brand your business online 

Pat talks about why it is important to publish content on multiple platforms. By putting yourself out there, you give people multiple opportunities to find you.

It’s essential to be consistent in publishing content, be consistent in your message and be consistent in your branding.

Listen to the show to find out why you need content on different platforms and in different formats.

Survival Tip:

Screenflow is software for Apple users to record what’s on their computer screen and also for recording videos using the computer camera. Camtasia is an alternative for Windows (it also works on a Mac).

Listen to the show to find out how to integrate video into your content strategy.

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Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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  • Pat Flynn

    Michael, thank you again for the interview and for featuring me and my work here on Social Media Examiner. I’m incredibly humbled and honored to be here and if anyone has any questions about anything I do, please feel free to ask! I’m an open book and happy to help. Cheers!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Pat! I hope folks listen as you share a TON of tips…

  • Mansi

    Awesome tips Patt! Wait till my questions jam your inbox 😉

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Glad you enjoyed the show!

  • David Willden

    This is very helpful. 

  • Mike Hlatky

    Great interview. I love visiting Pat’s blog and he laid out his excellent strategy to getting visitors through social media!

  • Pat Flynn

    Thanks! I look forward to it!

  • Pat Flynn

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate that! Social Media FTW :)

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  • Marnie Hughes

    Really, REALLY enjoyed that interview Michael and Pat! Some wonderful, real-life strategies that are accessible to the regular joe. Thank you. Heading over to Smart Passive income now…

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks much Mike!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Marnie – really appreciate your feedback.  You should listen to Pat’s podcast as well :)

  • Maria Brooks

    Another great podcast Michael!  Pat, thanks for sharing your social media strategies.  I learned a few things and plan to implement right away.

  • Pat Flynn

    Cheers Marnie! Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to seeing you over at SPI! 

  • Pat Flynn

    Thank you Maria, and I’m glad there was some actionable takeaways for you and your business!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Maria!  Be sure to not delay :)

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  • Steve Eason

    Really liked the interview.  I have started my own site after learning so much from Pat.  I’ve modeled my business plan after his, being open, transparent and giving to my readers.  I appreciate all you share and I hope to pay it forward and one day grow up to be like Pat.  

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  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Steve and I wish you success with your new business

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  • Murali Ravikanti

    Hi Micheal, Its really a nice post, you are true that more following make more reliable to explore the business.It is true that for social media content plays a major in every business. Thanks for the great post. please keep updating with new tips……

  • Stanley Rao

    Great Interview Michael. And Pat Thank you for sharing these great insights of social media strategies.  I learned a few things and planning to implement right away.

  • jsncruz

    I’m getting ready for “caveman” jokes, but to be honest, this is my first exposure to podcasts… =/

    I have to admit, they’re different and a lot more interesting than just ‘reading’. Great experience for me, at least. :)

    – Jason of

  • Melanie Duncan

    This was AMAZING! Got so many great ideas! Thanks Pat & Michael!

  • Emily

    Any negative reactions to the “I’m a family man” posturing? I’ve always been told it’s a huge NO in business- biz is biz and keep the family out of it, but then again, that was by the tycoon types, so maybe it applies to a different type of business. I personally, can’t stand it, but of course there are plenty of people who go for that.. And puppies. And all that jazz- but I like to see the business skills, and bringing an adorable kid around to me is cheating. I don’t want a personal story- I want skills.

    Everything you say seems great Pat, I’m not personally attacking you. I just don’t understand this trend of selling oneself instead of skills… I know it’s the way the US works now. I’m not a fan.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Murali!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks for listening Stanley and I’m glad you found some actionable tips

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Jason – Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasting :)

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Hey thanks a ton Melanie!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Hey Emily – You know Pat does this in a very subtle way that in no means turns people off but rather builds affinity.  It is really a branding exercise and it has worked wonders for him.  But it not necessary to achieve success.  I don’t talk personal except on Facebook and that works for me.  Just do realize that Pat is a young guy talking to a lot of his peers who grew up in this new social age.  So it is very appropriate for his audience.

  • Confesssuccess


    I look forward to learning from your site as I enter the world of internet marketing with open arms an open mind and heart.  It should be fun!

    Pete H.

  • Miriam Christof

    Mike, I think this podcast is the best so far! I immediately started reading Pat’s blog and subscribed to his podcast. Really like his style of open, transparent, sharing and everything he mentioned, especially serve multi-platforms is so right, I have to learn and improve a lot in this area, but will get there step by step. 

  • Jayden Chu


    Insightful post here. I have to remember this important notes so that I can get the best results from a quality content to build an loyal readers. I will always keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thoughts.

  • Mikel Lito

    Great tips to increase the blog comments. Replying to each comment on your blog really helps build the espacially when you are just starting out.

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  • Trudy Gray

    Great read thank you..

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  • Francisca

    Hi Michael, It’s really a nice post to read about social media marketing. As it’s the best activity in SEO techniques to get good results. When you are promoting your business you should think about user interests.