social media how toDo you want more leads?

Have you looked into SlideShare?

This article will give you 10 tips to maximize your leads with SlideShare.

Why SlideShare?

The rise of visual content marketing is forcing marketers everywhere to re-evaluate their overall strategy.

No longer can a marketing professional rely solely on white papers and blog posts to get their message to prospective buyers and customers.

It’s now vital to include a visual element across all marketing campaigns.

SlideShare is an essential part of any successful content marketing strategy for many businesses. It’s much more than just a place to upload your webinar slides, it’s a powerful social community with a reported 60 million monthly visitors.


Anyone can view presentations and documents on topics that interest them and download and reuse or remix material for their own work.

Here are 10 tips that can help you take advantage of this trend in visual marketing and turn SlideShare into a lead generating machine for your business.

#1: Base Your Presentation on a Topic on Which You are an Expert

The goal of content is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. SlideShare empowers the modern marketer to do this using a highly consumable visual element.

The idea here is to focus on creating SlideShare content that is relevant to your target audience.

But you should also try to push the boundaries a bit. Look for new content topics that you can tie back to your expertise. This is a great way to broaden the reach of your content and pull in new prospects on their journey to finding a solution to their problem.

Below is a great example of this from mobile app developer Kinvey.


Keep your SlideShare presentations in line with the audience you are trying to reach, while opening it up to new audiences.

Of course Kinvey has SlideShare content around their core topic of mobile apps. But they also create content that pushes beyond their initial audience, and this greatly expands their overall reach on SlideShare.

#2: Your Title Slide is Your Headline

Just as with any form of content marketing, you have only a brief moment to catch someone’s attention in the insanely fast-paced world of social.

Make sure the first slide of your presentation is easy to read and well-designed. Doing so will give your SlideShare presentation a much better chance of garnering views, as the topic is now reinforced as your title slide.

Pull in readers with the headline and keep them clicking through with the content.

your headline

Make sure your headlines grab attention.

#3: Optimize Each Presentation for Search Engine Optimization

In some cases, creating presentations that rank for certain keywords can be much easier to get than a good ranking for a post on your blog.

It’s important to include keyword-rich titles, descriptions and tags to give your presentations a fighting chance in the world of search engines, as well as inside the SlideShare search results.

include keyword rich titles

Make sure to include keyword-rich titles and descriptions to help your presentations rank higher in search.

Make sure you spend time writing strong titles and descriptions with these search engine optimization factors in mind.

The fact that your SlideShare presentation is easily embedded into other sites also drives SEO results. Each time someone embeds your presentation it serves as an inbound link.

#4: Integrate Your Presentations Across Multiple Channels

SlideShare is especially useful across the social sphere because it renders easily within a blog, landing page and Twitter. This allows you to keep your audience engaged without having to leave their platform of choice for consuming your content.

One presentation can be the core content piece to an entire campaign as seen below.

embed on blogs

SlideShare presentations are easily embedded on blogs and landing pages and they are viewable within Twitter.

In this example, the SlideShare presentation has been integrated and embedded across a company blog, a specific landing page and social platforms.

You’ll want to make sure you embed your SlideShare presentations across multiple platforms to get the most out of your visual marketing.

#5: Create Your Promotion Strategy before Publishing Your Presentation

Making an initial splash and gaining traction with a new presentation on SlideShare can be challenging.

Make sure you have a promotion strategy in place before you upload. Doing so will give you a much better chance for making the coveted front page of SlideShare and gaining “Hot on…” status.

hot on social channels

The more shares your presentation receives at a given time, the more likely it is to showcase on the main page of SlideShare.

Before you push that Publish button, check with the rest of your marketing team to see if there is any way they can utilize your presentation in their campaigns. Look for all of the opportunities available to you to promote your SlideShare presentation as it publishes.

Then make sure you have a social plan to drive shares and likes in order to make the biggest impact possible upon posting.

#6: Continue to Drive Viewers to Your SlideShare Presentation

As with any solid piece of content you create, it’s important to have a plan in place to make sure you get the most out of your content. This is especially important with SlideShare, since there are many opportunities to use your presentation and draw visibility to it, both on- and offline.

cusstom slideshare deck

Presenting a custom SlideShare deck at an industry conference can greatly expand your reach.

One great SlideShare presentation can be the star attraction in more places than one. Make your presentation part of something bigger by showcasing it at company meetings, user groups, social meetups, industry conferences and use it in a webinar or two.

#7: Repurpose, and then Repurpose Some More

Chances are you already have white papers and/or case studies that can be repurposed into visual presentations. This is a great opportunity to turn this content into a visual SlideShare presentation.

In the example below, Jay Baer turned a static white paper into an interactive SlideShare presentation.

repurpose content

Repurpose your existing content into a new visual SlideShare presentation for additional exposure.

This is a fantastic way to repurpose content and now have it hosted in multiple formats. Jay offers this content as an eBook and a SlideShare presentation, giving his audience a choice on how they prefer to consume the content. In addition, the SlideShare presentation is easily shared and embedded across the web for extra SEO juice.

You can look at your existing content to repurpose into SlideShare presentations, and also remember to consider repurposing your SlideShare presentations into other forms of content.

#8: Check the Analytics

SlideShare has a fantastic analytics dashboard for its pro customers that shows some very helpful stats for each presentation you publish. If you’re planning on using SlideShare as part of your overall content marketing strategy, then a pro account is a great investment.

check analytics

SlideShare’s analytics dashboard provides deep insights into your presentations.

It’s essential to measure the key metrics around your presentations to see which ones are performing well. You can view the referring traffic, a breakdown of where the audience is coming from and much more.

This type of info is vital for guiding the decision-making on what type of content to produce more of in the future.

#9: Turn on the Forms Option

SlideShare has the ability to embed a lead generation form at the end of your presentation. This is where SlideShare shines for lead generation.

You have the option to have a form pop up after your presentation is complete into which users can enter their information to download the presentation and/or learn more about your company.

lead form option

Turn on the Lead Form option to turn your presentations into lead generating machines.

You can then export these names and follow up accordingly. If you use a marketing automation platform, you can sync these names directly into your database and trigger alerts based on keywords that indicate the user is interested in buying.

#10: Add Your Presentations to Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn’s purchase of SlideShare last year was a brilliant move. In 2013, we will likely see many more integrated features.

For now, you can easily embed your presentations on your personal LinkedIn profile for additional views and credibility.

slideshare linkedin

LinkedIn now allows you to embed presentations directly into your personal profile.

Add SlideShare to Your Visual Marketing Plan

With a bit of careful planning and cross-functional alignment of your goals, the results are tremendous.

Visual is vital for breaking through the noise and reaching prospects and customers in today’s “attention economy.” Use SlideShare and implement the tactics mentioned above to both complement your static content and offer yet another way for your content to be consumed in a much more interactive and visually stimulating way.

When you consider the rich analytics and SlideShare’s overall flexibility, you’ll understand why it’s a fantastic channel to pull in new leads, while nurturing the ones you already have.

What do you think? Are you using SlideShare in your lead generation efforts? Do you have any tactics to share? Please join the conversation in the comment section below.

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  • Sapna

    The way you have explained the importance of Slideshare is really awesome. I was not aware of most of the things which you have covered.The best being, we can make each presentation page SEO friendly.
    Great shae.


  • Thanks for sharing Jason! I have yet to use Slide Share as part of my online marketing strategy, though I’ve seen it integrated on LinkedIn. One thing I noticed though is that when people log on to a social media sites, they rarely take the time to go through lengthy post, what do you think is the right length of the slide to embed on LinkedIn? Thanks for your answer in advance!

    Let’s keep rockin and rollin SME peeps!

    ~John Lee Dumas

  • Great post. I’m currently looking at ways to integrate SlideShare into my regular content publication strategy so this is incredibly useful!

  • Thanks for the tip on the forms option. I just signed up for a Pro membership but haven’t gone through all of my new features yet.

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  • Susan

    How does SlideShare’s lead generation compare with Videos? John also made a good point about length.

  • I’m actually quite amazed at the number of views and downloads my SlideShare presentations get. I wish I knew more about who and where they are being used.

  • Thanks for the comment Sapna, happy to hear that you found it useful.

  • Thanks for the comment Jake! Glad to hear it!

  • Hi Kristi. It is definitely worth the upgrade. Pro is really where it’s at for lead gen. Big fan of your work by the way.

  • That’s a very good question. I would say on Linkedin proper around 20 slides is idea. But, it really depends on the content. We have one Slideshare deck that we created from a whitepaper specifically for Slideshare that is more that 50 slides and it has just crossed over 310K views. Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks Jason! I’m enjoying your posts here too! 🙂

  • Many of my newer customers didn’t put the app on their LinkedIn profile before the switch in format at the end of last year, so they actually CAN’T add Slideshare yet. Apparently the beta of adding media to your summary is being rolled out slowly across 2013 with no promises of when each person might get theirs. I have asked if priority is given to paid memberships, but no-one can confirm that. Have you heard anything helpful in this regard?

  • Dave S.

    Is there a way to add audio to a Slideshare for use on a PC? I can’t seem to hear any of the presentations. Having to jump through hoops for that is likely to cost me some viewers.

  • @twitter-38329264:disqus How much is the Pro Platinum account. If I paid for the Pro account I would want way more than 75 leads a month. They seem pretty stingy on that volume.

  • You can upload and sync audio with any slideshare presentation, triggering the slides to transition when you want. Example here:

  • This is get information. I have yet to submit my first Slideshare presentation. I am currently working on an ebook that I could share as a Slideshare presentation. Thanks for the tips.

    Great article!

  • Great tips Jason. One other reason I enjoy using Slideshare in my content strategy is the ease of sharing my presentations through email in addition to social media It sure beats attaching a 20 Mb file to an email!

  • Great, what I’d like to know is companies that provide outsourcing production of visually appealing slides after you create content in a bulletted format on Word

  • Angela Booth

    Thanks for this article. I’ve been thinking about SlideShare for a while, with “thinking” being the operative word. You’ve just prompted me to go from thinking, to planning — and with a deadline for creation. 🙂

  • Glad to hear that Angela. Slideshare is the sleeping giant for lead gen right now. I think it’s vital to jump in as early as possible and utilize around any and every content strategy. Thanks for the comment.

  • I use Column Five Media. They build our How to Build a Better Inbound Marketing Machine deck from a whitepaper. The whitepaper received 16k view, the Slideshare presentation 300K.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • I believe they come in at $349 a month for the platinum account. That includes full customization along with custom apps that integrate social and our blog feed.

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  • Bill Hubbell

    Great stuff. This is a new form of ‘opt-in mass media’ which engages consumers where they are. Do you have examples where the core content applies to multiple audiences and the lead-in is customized to attract different demographics with unique targeted creative messages?

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  • That’s a pretty big question Bill. The answer is, absolutely. If you are using a marketing automation system (such as Marketo which I work for) they you can integrate Slideshare to pull the leads in directly and score them, segment the audiences automatically. It will also tell you how Slideshare is performing as a lead gen source. Happy to discuss more in depth if would like. Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for the comment Bernie! That’s a great point. I am a huge fan of your blog by the way.

  • Good luck with the ebook. That’s the perfect way to re-purpose content. Thanks for the comment.

  • Hi Juliet. I have not heard any news in regards to that. Although I do know that Linkedin is working on some pretty smart ways of integrating the two moving forward. I would be surprised if the adding media app wasn’t available to everyone over the next month or so.

  • Yes! That’s a great point. It’s another way for your customers and prospects to consume your content, AND it’s much easier to use cross functionally. Good content will find a way to get views if it’s part of the right strategy. Thanks for the comment.

  • You can add videos to Slideshare, but I would only do it in addition to Youtube. Youtube is THE place for video for sure. Slideshare can be a nice supplement.

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  • Thanks for this ideas Jason. I have been thinking using the Slideshare platform for lead generation and I have a better understanding of organzing the content now.

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  • Great tips

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  • Thanks, Jason. I love slideshare, I use it for PDFs and PPT to upload into the new LinkedIn media rich format. Great lead generation ideas. What’s the best book or video to learn more? You have any webinars? Be well, Anne Pryor

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  • This post can be very helpful to me since I just started using SlideShare as part of my content marketing campaign and what I like most here is the tips #9. Thanks +Jason Miller.

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  • Anna Maledon

    Thanks for that info, I was just wondering about that. I have videos on YouTube which are only slides 🙂

  • Anna Maledon

    What have you done?

  • Anna Maledon

    I haven’t seen any info about Pinterest. Apparently you can share your SlideShare presentation to Pinterest. The article came in handy, as I was just planning to use SlideShare to promote my IM-make money online blog and landing pages 🙂

    I love the layout and graphics of socialmediaexaminer, and this little explorer guy is so cute! It’s a second time I stumbled upon this site, and I will be coming back for more!

  • Anna Maledon

    One other info that’s missing here is that you can share your blog via SlideShare, not only put SlideShare presentation on your blog. It works vice versa too.

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  • I have incorporated slideshare into my marketing plan and your very informative post will help me take my efforts to the next level! Thanks so much Jason!

  • I have incorporated slideshare into my marketing plan and your very informative post will help me take my efforts to the next level! Thanks so much Jason!

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  • Thanks for the lesson!