social media how toWould you like to get free exposure across thousands of people’s Pinterest pages?

Are you concerned you don’t have the time to manage a Pinterest account on top of all of your other social media efforts?

In this article I’ll reveal a solution to make your Pinterest marketing easier and get the results you want.

Introducing Pinterest Contributor Boards

Pinterest contributor boards are a little-known feature to get others to contribute to your board.

The image below is an example of a contributor board. When you see the symbol of a group of people next to the number of pins, you know that board has contributors.


Note the symbol that identifies that this board has contributors.

Benefits of a Contributor Board

Save Time and Energy

On contributor boards, other people create content and do the work for you!

One of the most common struggles business owners face when it comes to social media is the time and energy it takes to maintain a presence on their social media accounts.

This is an opportunity to let others pin, stay active and interact with your audience.

Get Exposure Across Multiple Pages

Contributor boards are an effective way to get more followers from the exposure you receive across your contributors’ Pinterest pages.

When someone accepts your invitation to become a contributor, that board is automatically added to his or her Pinterest page as well. This is why it’s important for you to add pinners with audiences similar to your own.

You can check any board to see if other pinners are contributing simply by looking at the top left of the page.

contributors other pinners

Circled are the icons linking to the board's contributors.

Automatically Get More Followers

When users choose to “follow all boards” on your contributors’ accounts, they’ll automatically follow your board too!

So you not only get exposure on your contributors’ pages, you also get more followers from them.

follow all

Anytime users click the Follow All button on one of your contributor's pages, you will automatically get followers for your board too.

My Story

When I saw that Whole Foods and Jetsetter had started contributor boards, I decided to create one of my own. Instead of inviting customers, I chose to invite some of my colleagues.

It’s amazing how quickly and easily I was able to get hundreds of new followers in just a few weeks.

Even though it wasn’t the most popular topic with the most pins, this contributor board quickly had my most overall followers!

Keep reading to learn how to create a contributor board of your own.

How to Add a Contributor

1. Click Edit Board.

edit board

The first step to adding a contributor is clicking Edit Board.

2. Type in the names of the people/brands you want to add as contributors. You must be following them on Pinterest to do so.

add another pinner

Second, you must type in the name of the pinner you would like to add.

3. Click Save Settings. Now all you have to do is wait for the contributor to accept your invitation.

save settings

Finally, click the Save Settings button to save your changes.

If you want to remove a contributor from your board, click the X next to his or her name.

remove contributor

The X next to a contributor can be clicked any time to remove him or her from the board.

Whom Should You Add as a Contributor?

First, contributors should share a similar audience to yours, and the bigger the better. Your goal is to get in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Customers

Customers like it when you recognize and reward them for their contribution. Call attention to superstar customers and add them as contributors to one of your brand’s Pinterest boards. Email them and decide on a particular topic or interest and then let them pin away!

Some brands have contributor boards that allow customers to pin the different ways they’re using the company’s products.

Get creative and engage your community!

Shape your boards around your audience. This is a surefire way to ensure your content is valuable and relevant.

Your other fans will also start becoming more active pinning and repinning your images, hoping that they could be a board contributor one day too.

2. Colleagues

Delegate a Pinterest board to your staff, employees and interns.

Reach out to bloggers within your industry—they’re sure to have a sizable following.

You can also add other business owners in your industry. This is a great way to get in front of new potential clients and customers.

3. Competitors

This is one time when playing nice with your competitors can really pay off.

Introduce yourself and invite competing businesses to be contributors.

They have access to customers who are interested in services similar to your own. What better way to showcase your offerings to them?

With strategic choices, this can be a win-win for both business owners. You’ll be surprised how customers interested in one brand will also purchase additional similar items from another. In many cases, there’s no loss of sales, only overall growth for both brands.


As you can see, contributor boards are a great way for you to make it easy to create the content for your Pinterest account.

When you add more pinners, you’ll have a wider range of valuable pins to keep your audience engaged and active.

When you have multiple contributor boards on your account, expect to see a faster growth rate in terms of your followers as well.

So what are you waiting for? Do you see the exciting opportunity that awaits you? Add some contributors to your boards and increase your followers and exposure today!

What do you think? Are you using contributor boards on Pinterest? How are they working for you? Have you seen contributor boards work well for businesses? Please share your comments and thoughts below.

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  • Hi Melanie! 

    Awesome! A very interesting concept! I really want to get more followers on Pinterest and you just gave me a great idea on how to get them. My problem however is that I only have the edit profile and rearrange boards options which did not provide me the page I need to add contributors. Do I need to come up with more pins to get the edit boards option?Thanks Melanie and SME!

  • Hmm interesting. I may have to try this since I am not on there much. No time

  • I’m loving Pinterest and looking for ways to increase my followers and people who are interested. This is a great strategy to do just that. I’m going to implement this right away. Thanks for such great direction and advice.

  • Rein

    Real nice tip. Thanx!

  • When viewing your boards page, look at the bottom of the board you want to edit.  There should be a big gray button that says Edit.  It does not matter how many pins you have on the board (it will even be there on boards with 0 pins)

  • Miriam

    Great article. Melanie! Indeed, this works. We have quite a few contributor boards on Hometalk. Through this, and other initiatives, our Pinterest following has grown from 4,000 to 14,000 in about two months.

  • Hi Melanie,

    Nice post, I just wanted to ask, do you think that Pinterest  could also be helpful for B2B companies?

  • namitapatel

    Thanks for a nice tutorial – I’ve been thinking of starting a group board after someone invited me to join theirs. Another way to make Pinterest even more addictive!

  • Julie

    I’ve been doing this with a client and it has been great for exposure and for collaboration from the client’s followers. (involving the community in contributing “ideas” for a large urban redevelopment/park area) The only problem I would mention so that everyone is aware is that you cannot delete a pin from someone who is listed as a collaborative pinner on your board once they pin it without deleting them as a contributor. (even though it is technically your board) It would be great if Pinterest would fix this glitch and make sure it was something you could control for spam or pins that are not wanted. Otherwise it’s great! 

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  • Thanks Deb!

  • Yep, Michael got it right!

  • Absolutely!

  • Great addition Julie. Thanks!

  • Joann

    Great info and valuable if used correctly, I had a contributor on my Pinterest board that started to add porn.
    So I think that it is important to monitor what is going up on the board.

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  • Gordon Robinson

    Very cool post Melanie – picking up my Pinterest activity and will use this as a launch pad .. thanks ~ Gordon

  • This is the best tip I’ve heard yet on Pinterest. Great idea! Thanks Melanie!

  • Lesley Hollywood

    At first I thought this was a really great idea, but then what happens as a user is when I follow one of these boards, it floods my Pinterest feed non-stop, overwhelming other people or boards that I really do care about.  I unfollowed the ONE I was following for this reason.  It was out of control.

  • Thanks Louise! I really appreciate that.

  • Yikes! Absolutely. You should only add contributors that you trust to represent your brand properly.

  • Thanks Gordon!

  • Thanks for the feedback Lesley. You are right, you definitely want to make sure that there is not a landslide of activity, but most contributors actually pin less and not more than desired.

  • Victor Vegh

    I already printed articles of roughly over 35 pages of several social mediums, but I still have to learn the basics of these mediums.

  • Was looking out for ways to engaging on Pinterest and this one is brilliant way of doing it. Thanks! look forward to more tips on Pinterest. 

  • I am still working on other social networking websites and just started with Pinterest. I have heard it has a vast traffic aswell.

  • This tip really works. Went I started contributing to other boards, my traffic went up. I should learn how to leverage this for my own brand. Thank you Melanie Duncan!

  • Hi Melanie, great tip. Keep it up. Regards from Germany

  • At the first sight, Pinterest just didn’t seem like something a
    man would use. It’s just too “fancy”. However, as a marketer I couldn’t
    overlook the enormous potential it has for marketing purposes. You can use
    Pinterest to optimize your site and it can boost your SEO very significantly.
    Especially, if you are publishing lot of visual materials like infographics,
    etc. Every marketer should really consider using Pinterest as an important
    marketing tool.

  • I accepted an invitation to join a contributor board some time ago and I now want to delete it as it is adding nothing to my Pinterest site. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to delete it in the same way as the boards I have created myself. Please can you tell me how to get rid of it Melanie…it is putting me off setting up my own contributor board.

  • I have been invited as contributor to a few boards and it really is fine because those boards are growing so fast… time to implement this strategy myself now

  • Laci Lewis

    I love this concept b/c it makes it easier for our sales guys to add pins while they are travelling. I have a question about adding competitors though. We make pretty specific farm equipment. I’m afraid if I invite a much larger manufacturer (like Case IH) for example, to share on our “farming” page, it would just be filled with Case equipment and prove more competitve than helpful. How would you handle this situation? Make it more of a specific board like “farming landscape?” 

  •  This was the problem I immediately thought of when reading the advice about adding competitors as contributors.  It does seem an awful lot like you would be walking your customer through the aisles of a competing store.  Why would you want to do that?

    I would be interested in seeing what others have to say about this.

  • That is awesome!

  • The idea behind it is that you share a similar audience. In most industries people buy multiple products, so unless you compete directly on the exact same offering it could be beneficial. Definitely depends on your industry though.

  • Valarie H.

    Love The Idea.  

  • I’ve never used a contributor board before…I’ll have to check it out.

  • Thanks!

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  • The other issue with this is how following works (unless Pinterest has changed this also recently), because the way Pinterest has it set up doesn’t really add that much in terms of who you reach.

    Whomever creates the board, all of the people “following all” of their boards then follow the new group board. So for instance, I have about 4k people following all my boards. If I create a new board, those 4k people are automatically following my new group board.
    That isn’t true for the new contributors to the board that you invite. So even if you invite someone else that has 25k followers — those people aren’t following your group board. Sure, if people following that person then go in and manually follow your new group board, you get them. But that happens far less often than you’d think. I am part of 2 group boards with over 500k followers (of each board).I’ve picked up a nice number of new followers from posting on those boards — far more than I would without them for sure — but its hasn’t been a massive increase. 

    Basically right now Pinterest is doing what it can to artificially jack up the follower numbers of a few, select people, via the sign-in process that I mentioned in the earlier comment. Group boards are a nice feature, but they aren’t going to massively increase who is seeing your pins, unless Pinterest changes how the followers of contributors follow boards.

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  • Another way to increase your Pinterest content’s mileage is by bringing the content back to your brand’s page. That way, people who aren’t on Pinterest that are engaging with your brand can still engage with the content you’re pinning on Pinterest. 

  • That’s the sort of thing that has kept us from doing this, but I think your article has convinced me! I’ll have to forward it to my colleagues ASAP. They will also see it on our pin board of course!

  • Laurent

    Enjoyed the reading of this article

  • Interesting. I’d never noticed a contributor board. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Just did it, hope it works.

  •  I created a Contributor board on my client’s page…added myself as a contributor…accepted the request. But I am unable to actually pin to the board. Can someone explain how to do this.

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  • Laci Lewis

    So for my example: tillage and fertilizer injection equipment – Share with smaller manufacturers who only make tractors or planters and not tillage or injection…? That would still be targeting farmers, but sharing the tillage market with that competitor. 

  • Tranquilwilderness

     Hi Ian, You can leave a contributer board any time you wish. All you have to do is go to the edit section of the board and click leave.

  • Tranquilwilderness

    I joined Pinterest less than 5 months ago. At present I have just under 95,000 followers. Just recently Pinterest changed how they did things and that has dramatically reduced the growth we see from contributer boards. I only get around 400-500 new followers per day now, compared with almost 1500 per day just a month ago. By the way, this is almost totally organic as I spend very little time on Pinterest at all. Group boards definately work! I found this out about a month after joining and went from 0-95,000 in about 4.5 months.

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  •  wow this is great, that means Melanie is not just writing a theory. it has been applied by Miriam and it is success in 2 months. Thanks Melanie and Miriam, I’m going to implement this soon.

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  • Colette S @jamericanspice

    Wow that was an awesome read! 
    Thank you! 

  • I recently signed up with Pinterest and I am exploring its usage. Getting followers is definitely a challenge, especially if you want relevant followers for your area/topic/business. Thanks for your useful information.

  • Kirk

    Hi, Great topic! I am wondering request to become a contributor to a board on pinterest. Also how do i go about asking. Is there a proper etiquette you would use as in the right words to say. Many Thanks!

  • Kirk

    Hi, Great topic! I am wondering request to become a contributor to a board on pinterest. Also how do i go about asking. Is there a proper etiquette you would use as in the right words to say. Many Thanks!

  • Kirk

    WOOPS!! The previous question was suppose to be how do i request to become a contributor to a pinterest board. Thanks!

  • Wejulie

    Maybe I am being dense—as a contributor, how does joining someone else’s board grow my boards’ viewership? I see the benefit of being the contributor board host; what is the inverse benefit? Thanks.

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  • Laura

    Do you by chance know how to unaccept an invitation? I was flattered when I got an invite so I hit accept. Problem is now I’m seeing all their pins that really don’t interest me in the least. Thanks in advance for the hlep.

  • krishna

    I dont know why i struck hear, by seeing Contributor board, i felt that there is some thing to learn..

    At last i found a pretty good technique to improve my followres,


  • Kevin

    Thank you for this information. I find Pinterest to be very friendly and resourceful so I will spend more time inside.

  • Leah

    hi, I have a question, how can I post on an shared board, only when she or he add me as a contributor? If she/he did not add, i just can not post on that board??thank you.

  • Hi Melanie, thanks so much for another great article. Your previous podcast with Michael & this article are what I am using to kick start Pinterest for my business.

  • Jeff Chen

    Very useful

  • Ann

    Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for the post, it was very good.

    Question, I hear people say you have to follow a person to get the invite working, but it seems that I only have to follow one of their boards to get it to work? Is that right or is something broken, or an I just not seeing it right?



  • Very interesting . I have been struggling with pinterest account for while now , and now i have noticed that this is a perfect way to use pinterest ! Thank !