social media expert interviewWelcome to Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith. In this episode, Mari reviews the new Twitter user interface.

Mari shows you how the new design impacts the way you use Twitter and how you can use popular Twitter clients and apps in conjunction with it to improve your Twitter networking. And at the end of the show, Mari gives you a hot Facebook marketing tip.

Share your feedback and read the show notes below!

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this show.

How to Use the New Twitter User Interface

Mari shares how this new interface was designed and guides you through the whole layout.  She shows you how it works and how you can use this new setup to improve your Twitter marketing.

new twitter user interface

The new Twitter UI (user interface) is a vast improvement on the old one.

What’s Better With the New Twitter?

The best thing is the new side panel because it improves your Twitter experience in a variety of ways.  As you look at your tweets on the left, you can click on the tweet, or the person’s name, and see extra information in the side panel on the right.

This new side panel is so useful because you can now see what’s referred to as inline media. This means you can see the different media links without leaving Twitter.

twitter rich media

In this example, the side panel on the right opens up the YouTube video mentioned in the tweet.

But this isn’t the only thing that’s useful about the new Twitter, so be sure to listen to what Mari has to say.

What’s the Downside of the New Twitter?

There are only a few downsides to the new interface. One of them is that you can’t add a comment with the new Retweet button.  Another downside is that you can’t automatically reply to several people at the same time.  Listen to the video to learn more.

How to Use Your Twitter Clients With the New Twitter

Mari also shares how you can use the new Twitter user interface with popular Twitter clients.


Find out why you might like to use HootSuite with your new Twitter user interface and the value of HootSuite’s Hootlet to make social bookmarking easier.


You can also use TweetDeck for a full central command on a variety of different platforms.

Mobile Apps

This is becoming more important as most users access Twitter on their mobile devices.  Here are the Twitter apps Mari mentions:

Hot Facebook Marketing Tip

Here’s the code for the fab Ninja Facebook tip Mari shares at the end of the show. When emailing your list, you can ask your readers to share your content on their Facebook wall right from your email.  Here’s the exact code you need to use:
Just replace “URL” with the link you want your readers to share with their friends on Facebook and create the link as you would normally!

share on facebookFor example, here’s a link for this Social Media Examiner TV episode to share on Facebook! (Click the link or the image and a new window/tab opens up with the option for you to write a comment and post on your wall!)

If you’ve enjoyed this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, make sure to tweet about it (use hashtag #SMEtv), share it on Facebook or even embed this episode on your blog.

We want to hear from you! How do you like the new Twitter user interface? What has been your experience? Leave us a comment below.

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  • Love the facebook marketing tip!

  • em606

    I’ve found the new interface still doesn’t work properly if you’re using Firefox on a Mac, which is annoying for those of us that do.

  • What kind of issues are you having em?

  • Oh, that’s odd – I use Firefox on a Mac and haven’t found any challenges. Sometimes the Twitter UI itself is buggy… well, more to the point, it can be slow! 😉

  • Enjoyed the video! It flowed very smoothly and I enjoyed the FB marketing tip at the end with the link. I agree with Mari though, I prefer Hootsuite to Tweetdeck. Better functionality. The new Twitter design is actually more Hootsuite and Tweetdeck like.

  • It’s great to see Twitter putting some good work into their site..and I think it’s going to make life as a Twitter member that much easier.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • oOo fantastic Facebook tip! Getting ready to email my list, will make sure to include that as well. Thanks!

    Btw, did anyone else think Fibonacci? 🙂

  • The golden ratio caught my attention and I traced it. haha
    BTW, thanks for the Facebook tip!

  • How does the FB code work? Is it the url in anchor text format? i.e.

  • Jeff

    How about a Friday open session webinar where Mari shares some of her tips and we get to ask her questions about the new interface while she shares her desktop screen with us?

  • Enjoyed your twitter tips Mari, thank you. Love your energy. In my next newsletter, I will share a link to facebook, great idea…

  • deb1221

    Thanks for the great Twitter tips and all the Twitrecommendations. And love the Facebook tip, too!

  • This is exactly what I needed! I have been so busy to spend time familiarizing myself with the new Twitter format. Also, the FB code to share is a must! Google and other search engines will also be indexing on popularity of content (how many likes did you get). Thank you!

  • I loved the video. I hadn’t had time to really look at the new version and this was very helpful. TKS 4 sharing!

  • I see that Twitter has improved their interface and I think it’s a step in the right direction. However, what they’re painfully lacking is listening tools. That’s where HootSuite and the other advanced monitoring tools are still superior. And, without the ability to listen efficiently, Twitter just becomes noise-city. I’ll be keeping my other tools for now 🙂

  • Tasha – So glad you found it helpful!

  • Jeff – We recently had one of those. We call them Facebook Friday events and they happen twice a month on our Facebook page. Subscribe to our free newsletter (see sidebar) to stay updated on the next one.

  • I use Mail Chimp for my email blasts and they have their own merge tags for sharing on Facebook. It’s quite nice!

  • Do you happen to know how to utilize the Facebook share feature with an RSS Campaign that generates based on your RSS feed? I don’t create separate manual newsletters for each blog post, but would love to add this share feature. I’m currently using the Like button – so maybe that is just as well. 🙂

  • Ok – yeah I use that too. Is that the Like button? I just posted a question about using the Share functionality noted above but think it might make sense to stick with the Mail Chimp built in feature.

  • Thanks Mari,
    Awesome content, I’ve been waiting for someone to explain the new UI and I especially like the FB share tip at the end!

  • loved the fb tip by the way ! thank you for sharing this

  • It’s funny – I hardly ever use the new Twitter interface anymore. I manage everything with a new tool called Sprout Social ( )

    I find new Twitter is still good when making a new list, however.


  • Ann

    I am reasonably new to twitterdom, but it looks like there are lots of neat things to learn and apply with twitter for my business. Thank you

  • Nicole

    Awesome FB tip Marie….I love your Ninja tricks!

  • Lorne

    Marie, great post. I’m currently using Tweetdeck but want to move onto Hootsuite. How easy is it to switch?

    Thanks, Lorne

  • Amy Kinnaird

    Thanks for the great Twitter updates, and the Facebook tip! You are amazing, as always!

  • Laurademeo

    Love this post Mari- -and love the whole tv show. great stuff and a ton a great info!

  • Great intro to the new Twitter Mari, and awesome Facebook tip at the end!

    One thing I’d like to add is a little quirk I’ve run into when creating Twitter lists in the new version. It seems like you’re now required to add a description, otherwise the list isn’t created.

  • Mari Smith now as the Facebook Ninja :)Great info and your are so ‘Tweet On’ in your info Mari 🙂 Yeah I learned also that you needed to be a little more creative with your background, plus use more transparent colors to show what’s hiding behind your profile. But I like all the new features Twitter has added here. And Twitter is getting more streamlined, which is good for us that focus on the Customer Service/Loyalty aspect.I also use Favorites a lot. But I still would liked to seen some color coding, or similar to a bookmark option. Then Twitter would really rock. Beside TweetDeck I also think Seesmic Desktop 2 really rocks. Some great tools there too. Seesmic so far only has where I can in one click get to my Evernote account. But O’boy that would be a rock’n roll feature if I could connect my Evernote account with Twitter. And your FB tip was just golden.. Cheers.. Are

  • Mari,
    Always learn something new from your tips. Thanks for keeping us updated, and love the last tip on Facebook. Awesome. 🙂

  • While I like the new functionality/features of the new interface, IMHO, another downside is that there is very little room for branding with the new interface. The new design makes most current Twitter backgrounds obsolete. At a common screen resolution of 1280 x 1084, you only have about 100 pixels to work with on either side, which doesn’t allow for much of anything. Yes, there’s more room on wider/larger resolutions such as 1440 or 1600, but you still have to design for people with smaller resolutions of 1024. While the new format gives more relevance to information, I used to enjoy looking at the background visuals and the creativity behind them.

  • w00t, thanks Nick!! 🙂

  • Cool – thanks, Rosemary!! 🙂 I was a diehard Twhirl fan for a couple years… but find myself using the new Twitter more and more.

  • Truly!! Just a couple more tweaks and it would be almost perfect. Lol!!

  • Sweet – glad you like the Facebook tip. Btw, indeedy, the new Twitter design is based on Fibonacci – The Golden Ratio!

  • Neato!!

    Glad you liked the FB tip too!

  • It’s Facebook’s own code with the “/share.php?u=” part instructing to open up the Share window and share the URL that comes after the “=” sign. Give it a try with any URL!

  • Intriguing idea about the desktop sharing, Jeff!!

  • Excellent – glad to hear it!! 🙂

  • My pleasure!! Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

  • Yay, Carrie – glad to hear you got good value!

  • Ya, good point – however, I do love my saved searches on Twitter and they port over to all apps including mobile.

  • Sweet – that is a great feature MailChimp offers for sure!

  • Ya, Mail Chimp have it down to a science!!

  • I’m not quite sure of your question — you can add the Like button and or Share on Facebook to any piece of content.

  • Wonderful, glad to hear it!! (Love the name of your biz, btw!)

  • Awesome, glad to hear!

  • Oh cool – I’ll have to take another look at Sprout Social!

  • Enjoy the journey in Twitterland! 🙂

  • Lol – you’re very welcome!!

  • Hey Amy – thanks heaps for saying!! Big hugs. xx

  • Hi Lorne – aha, I just never got into using TweetDeck. But I would say you’ll find the switch easy enough!

  • Ahhh thank you so much, Laura! Much appreciated!

  • Oh wow, that’s good to know!! I long since maxed out my lists, so hadn’t realized about this description enforcement. Hmm!

  • Thank you so much, Are!!! Ahhh, yes, I’ve played a bit with Seesmic but always preferred the “light” version – Twhirl. I’m not a big “columns” person and don’t like taking up my whole screen (27″ iMac!) with content. I nice simply column, one at a time. 🙂

    Re Evernote – I think there are features that allow syncing with Twitter? Like you can send a DM to update your Evernote, that kind of thing.

  • Hey thanks, Blair!! Glad you enjoyed!! 😉

  • Hey Nina – ya, I 100% agree!! I’m still working on a redesign (with my graphic guy) for the new Twitter. I love my big 27″ iMac but the background has to be optimized for much smaller screens/lower res. Hmph. 🙁

  • Well, I am a column guy.. tehe..

    And for sure you are right. Looks like I can send Tweet to my Evernote account. So have to do some minor changes there. Looks also now like they have a blog function where visitor can store your article in their Evernote account. Have to digg into that.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Zkhan144

    wonderful work, Mari … lady in blue 🙂

  • Mari, I have to say, I’m very impressed with how you follow up with everyone who leaves a comment. Very rare, very polite and very appreciated!

  • Mari, I have to say, I’m very impressed with how you follow up with everyone who leaves a comment. Very rare, very polite and very appreciated!

  • good job! But why is there a facebook marketing plan below the twitter topic?

  • Elliott the web design guy

    Fantastic as usual, I been avoiding the use of the new twitter but now I’m full on -thanks

  • Dr. Nili Marcia

    Mari covered 3 hours worth of information in 9 minutes. Whoo. My head is still spinning. Great video, great FB tip. Thanks Mari and Mike.

  • Saber Muslim

    I agree with Dr. Marcia, Mari. I was able to adapt quickly to the “new” Twitter because I think I signed up JUST before they revamped it; I don’t think I noticed the difference. There is SO much information and the entire Social Media Universe is all new to me. I have to take each “new” bit of information one at a time; step by step, otherwise it gone right over my head. Then I have to reach back and grab it before it gets out of reach.

  • Saber Muslim

    I agree with Dr. Marcia, Mari. I was able to adapt quickly to the “new” Twitter because I think I signed up JUST before they revamped it; I don’t think I noticed the difference. There is SO much information and the entire Social Media Universe is all new to me. I have to take each “new” bit of information one at a time; step by step, otherwise it gone right over my head. Then I have to reach back and grab it before it gets out of reach.

  • Mari great video tutorial, good content that I will share with my network. Keep up the awesome work

    Doug Lehman

  • Keep up the good work my friend!

  • What a great Video. Lots of great tips. Thanks
    Stephen Bookspan

  • Pierre

    Wow great stuff, I listened to your Twitter interface
    it was time well spent.

    Thank you,

  • Good stuff as usual

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