social media toolsHave you kept up with the new Twitter changes?

In an effort to dramatically increase overall user engagement, Twitter launched a number of very interesting new features.

And on top of everything, Twitter also has a brand-new logo.

After playing with the new Twitter features for a while, I have quickly grown very fond of them. Take a look yourself and see how Twitter can make your daily information intake easier.

#1: Find Out the Week’s Top Twitter Stories

After Twitter acquired popular email digest service Summify a few months back, they made a strong point that email is not dead.

Recently Twitter announced a brand-new feature. It’s a weekly email digest filled with great stories from your stream.

Or to put it in the words of Twitter’s VP Othman Lakari, you will get “the most relevant tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.”

When the first Twitter email hit my inbox I was very excited. What you’ll notice immediately is a list of the top five stories from your stream this week.

5 best links

The five best links will land in your inbox.

I was pleasantly surprised with the content of the first email. The top story was about “”

It seems there are still a few things with the stories algorithm that Twitter needs to resolve. But it’s also great to be able to click through from each avatar to the actual tweet.

click through to avatar

Click through any avatar and see the original tweet about that story.

If you can’t spend time during the week on Twitter and still want to get the gist of what was going on that week, these stories are gold. I’m definitely looking forward to using these email digests.

#2: Discover the Top Tweets of the Week

What Twitter has now introduced, on top of the original Summify format, is a list of the top tweets that don’t contain links. And frankly, this was a very pleasant surprise too.

Although the value of these tweets from a business viewpoint is rather low, they are very entertaining. These tweets tend to be funny status updates or pictures that were retweeted hundreds or thousands of times.

funny and most tweeted

The funniest and most retweeted tweets now in your inbox.

It seems that this feature is intended to pique your interest and encourage you to spend some time on Twitter’s site instead of providing you information. It’s a great combination to have these top tweets and the informative stories by email digest.

And if you want to turn off these emails altogether, you can always go to your Twitter settings and switch them off.

easily turn off email digest

Turn off the new email digest very easily in Settings.

#3: Get Tailored Trends From Twitter

Another very powerful feature Twitter launched recently is called Tailored Trends. So in case you never got any value out of #JustinBieber or #LadyGaga trending, Twitter’s trend feature is now much more closely related to what you care about.

What are Tailored Trends all about? According to Twitter, “Trends offer a unique way to get closer to what you care about. Trends are tailored for you based on your location and whom you follow.”

tailored trends

Twitter asks you kindly if you want to swap to their new Tailored Trends.

The idea behind Tailored Trends is fantastic. The results are a vast improvement and have already helped me to stay on top of news from my industry. Check out the list of new Tailored Trends I received.

customize trends

Customize trends for you by country or following here.

You can easily click on “change” anytime to customize them further.

#4: Get Follow Suggestions in Your Inbox

The last feature in the list for new emails from Twitter is one to send you suggestions on whom to follow. Twitter picks out a few accounts that you might enjoy following based on whom you already follow.

follow suggestions

Check your inbox for follow suggestions from Twitter.

The suggestions from Twitter are still very general and don’t quite go into too much depth connecting them to my interests. I’m sure this is something they’re working on though.

You can use the Follow Suggest feature found on the left-hand side of Twitter. This was improved a few months ago and works very well.

existing follow suggestions

The existing follow suggestions are still very useful.

Personally, I believe this suggestion box is very useful—especially if you’re trying to expand your network by following new accounts that are highly relevant to your business. Try it out and spend a few minutes following people from the suggestion box.

#5: Expand Tweets in Your Stream

The last new feature that Twitter has introduced is expanded tweets. In Twitter’s official announcement, this feature is described as follows:

When you expand tweets containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more.

Now this is nothing new, as this feature already existed with images, YouTube videos or Instagram pictures. But if you’re a blogger or author, this could become very interesting for you soon. Twitter plans to open this up, so any website can display previews to articles very soon.

Expanded tweets work both for your mobile phone and for the web.

preview story on phone

See a preview of the story easily on your phone.

Twitter has only launched this feature to work with a handful of websites, including Time, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, BuzzFeed and a few others. On the web, this is what you get:

picture previews twitter

Get picture previews right on for specific publishers.

This is definitely another effort to keep users coming back to and keep them engaged longer on the site.

Personally, I am very excited about how Twitter continues to hammer out new features, even though it’s a very established company.

The new email digest feature can be extremely handy if you suffer from information overload like I do. I’m also keeping an eye out for when I can add my own blog post previews inside expanded tweets.

Over to You Now

What do you think of Twitter’s new efforts to make the site more compelling? Which of its new features will be most useful for you? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • I didn’t knew twitter had these features :p

  • Tiffanyfinkton

    Great story Leon, I think that the Tailored Trends part will really help my company and clients out. There are so many trending topics throughout the day and majority of them never pertain to my interest or our necessary interest. It will be good to see trends that might actually be relevant to interest! Thanks again for this post!

  • LeoWid

    Glad I could help out, especially the email digest is very handy I believe! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Tiffany,

    Great to see you here and yes, I think the Tailored Trends part is really a terrific new feature. You are right, finally adding some relevance to that section is the same that happened for me, I especially love changing it by country, a great way to see what’s going on everywhere! 🙂 

  • Thinkitmedia

    Good Stuff! Thank you for this information!

  • MAC Design Inc.

    Thanks a lot for sharing these new Twitter features. Great stuff!

  • I am pleasantly surprised by the changes of Twitter. I would strongly caution the Twitter team to be careful and cautious with their changes. I mean how many times have Facebook “improved” the overall use of their social networking platform and have it backfire? You will of course still have a huge user-base, but I would caution them on their changes.

    These changes seem to make sense and seemed like they listened to those of us who are trying to compile worthwhile social media and can’t monitor what goes on with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, and Pinterest to name a few 24 hours a day.

    Thanks for this post, Leo. 🙂 Very informative. 

  • Good Stuff

  • 50+

    I was noticing the changes and enjoyed reading your article on to utilize them better! Yesterday I had a great twitter experience and attribute that to the new changes! Thank you for summing up and clarifying!

  • I love tailored trends. It’s nice to see things that are relevant to my interests instead of whatever Justin Bieber’s fans have decided to trend that day. Thanks for the explanations, Leo! 🙂

  • Liz King

    Leon, thanks for the timely update.  I’m just new to twitter and glad to know how best to use these new features.  Thank you!

  • BethRFinch

    When will we get the expanded features? It’s been about six weeks, and I haven’t seen any emails regarding that.

  • Thanks so much – regarding number 4 how do you get to be the account suggested to follow… will they perhaps monetize this. For Example: I pay “whatever” and then Opera Bracelets is suggested to people who have an opera interest based on their following opera companies, etc…

  • Frances

    So here you are again, writing for @smexaminer. Good for you, Leo! I was also unaware of these new features and as I was reading this post I thought to myself, “I bet Leo wrote this.” Sure ’nuff — it is you! Thanks for sharing this info. Best to you!

  • Cameron Volker

    I think all of their email features are brilliant in terms of their goal. Most of my friends only take quick peeks on Twitter compared to the amount of time they spend on FB, all of these features are great ways to capture traffic. I agree with you, I think these features could do better with attracting us to our immediate interests, they’re still rather broad

  • Guest

    great tips thanks leo, i really enjoy twitter. havn’t tried your bufferapp yet but have heard good things about it, maybe i check it out a little later this week.

  • Tklcstg

    Good idea. Let me try.

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  • Sounds fab but does not appear to be available to us in the UK.

  • Great article.Many thanks for the really useful info

  • LeoWid

    Awesome, glad you like them! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Elleen, great to see you here and I think you are absolutely right, the frequent changes can really be very frustrating at times. One thing I believe is that the people behind the company of course always try to improve the product or the best when missteps happen. 

    Yep, you are right, I think Twitter is changing very thoughtfully and I agree, we can definitely work a lot more efficiently, especially with Tailored Trends and the email feature I believe! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Awesome to hear it and glad you already spotted the changes! 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Mandy, great to see you here! 

    Ha, yes, that’s what I thought, no more Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and more stuff that’s relevant. Glad it was insightful! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by and glad I could help out with these tips for you as a newcomer, hit me up any time I can help with any Twitter questions! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Great question! I think Twitter is taking their time to roll some of these features out to make sure that it all works nicely! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Cindy,

    Fantastic to see you here and yes, that’s a good point. I believe in fact that Twitter already does that and you can pay to promote your account as a suggested follow! 

  • LeoWid

    Hi Frances,

    Awesome to see you here and yes, I’m back! 

    Yep, Twitter was quite quiet so I thought a bit of summing up could do with a good post. 

    Ha, that’s amazing! So glad you could tell from the writing style already that it was me. 🙂 

  • Yeah I saw all features 😛 I am very active from last 3 Months on Twitter.
    BTW Thanks for this article.

  • Great recap article Leo.  The only new feature that brings additional value to me is the “Summify” email and Top Twitter Stories.  I was hoping that Twitter wouldn’t just acquire Summify and kill it off, too cool of a service that I’ve grown accustom to over the past year.  

    see ya on a twitter chat soon  @JeffTincher:twitter  

  • bberg1010

    Am I the only one who is still seeing irrelevant trends in Tailored Trends mode? I’m thankful that I’m seeing less Bieber Fever, but a lot of the trends coming up are things I know people I follow aren’t tweeting about

  • m0i

    I totally agree, Summify was a great service.

  • Thanks so much for the useful twitter tips!

  • I love using tweeter and its been great that its adding new features and you have explained the updation in details, thanks for sharing great tips!

  • LeoWid

    Hi Darren,

    Awesome to hear from you and wow, that’s amazing, sure thing, just give me a shout anytime if you try out Buffer, would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 

  • Just another reason to love Twitter. Tweetin since Beta!

  • Think Tailored Tweets – really anything to filter out the noise and irrelevant are long over due. On the flip side, I want the connection tool to do more connecting to ‘different’ voices. I can easily find people tweeting about the same things I am, find those who my friends follow or follow my friends. I’d like to see Twitter think outside the box a little, expand my network not just in numbers, but variety and breadth of interests. FWIW.

  • Vicky

    Hi Leo, As noted above, these don’t appear to be available in the UK. Any idea when they will be?

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  • What happens on Twitter (for me) stays on Twitter. It’s great you like receiving those digests in your email but I immediately unsubscribed from those, not caring about old news.

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  • mathewsimonton

    Great post, #3 is especially important.

    As a tip for anyone else reading, you can get a similar functionality like with tailored trends in Tweetdeck. You can actually set up different columns organized by a search query (i.e. one for #pr, another for #mktg or #marketing, etc.)

  • Lynn Ruby

    Thanks for the info Leo.  We can always count on you to keep us up to date!

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