social media how toHave you noticed the new images at the top of LinkedIn profiles?

Do you want to grab people’s attention and really show them who you are?

LinkedIn recently released header images, also called hero images, to its premium account holders and is slowly rolling them out to everyone.

In this article you’ll discover how to choose what to share in your header image and how others are using theirs.

Know Your Header Image Basics

linkedin hero image

Learn to use the LinkedIn hero image.

LinkedIn’s new header image allows you to increase your branding and visibility, showcase who you are and attract new followers and connections. They are a lot like the banners you have on Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook.

If you are not sure if you have the hero image feature yet, take a look at your profile. If you have a big blue rectangle and the Edit Background button above your normal profile, you’re good to go.

edit background feature

Don’t have hero images yet? Be patient! LinkedIn is rolling out this feature slowly.

To get something up immediately, LinkedIn offers 25 different stock images you can use, but you will probably want to create a custom image for your page. That way you can share more about yourself and your business (I’ll talk about that in a minute).

choosing a stock background image

Even if you don’t have a design created yet, add one of these stock images.

I had my graphics guy at Fiverr (no, I’m not giving you his name) who does all of my LinkedIn hero images (company, showcase and group pages) do my new profile hero image since I am graphically impaired.

But if you have Photoshop or even PowerPoint skills, you can probably put an image together pretty quickly.

The hero image is 1400 x 425 pixels. When you create your custom image (or have your graphics guy do it), make sure the image has a very high resolution and is less than 4 MB.

If the image isn’t high resolution, it will look blurry; if the file size is over 4 MB, LinkedIn won’t let you upload it.

loading an image that is too large

Too small and your image is blurry, too big and it won’t fit!

I have tested several images and let it be known that less is in fact more. If your image is too busy at the top and sides, your attraction turns into a distraction.

Choose Your Header Image Content

As my friend Donna Svei points out, when creating your profile you want to ask yourself, “How can I use this feature to help people understand what I do and how well I do it?” You can apply that same question to your hero image.

If you want to use your hero image to drive more connections and followers, include aConnect with me!call to action and provide your contact information. And don’t be shy about showcasing your own position and expertise.

At its most basic, your hero image should include your logo and contact information, but the banners I’ve seen that I like the most are more eye-catching—even shocking.

While my own image is less arresting, it is in alignment with all of my personal branding.

branded linkedin hero image

Help people recognize and connect with you by keeping branding consistent.

My banner includes both the business focus (logo and contact info) with a more casual image of me, so people get the feeling they know me. Because as my favorite Bob Burg quote goes, “All things being equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Find Your Inspiration From Others

Here are a few more examples of how others are taking advantage of LinkedIn’s new visual marketing opportunity and using it to promote themselves, their businesses and more.

Show Your Personality

Bryan Seely capitalizes on his name (Seely) sounding like “silly” and infuses his hero image with his sense of humor, while still hinting at his business. (He’s an ethical hacker, writer and engineer.)

bryan seeley linkedin hero image

The new hero image feature allows you to show more of your personality.

Bryan’s informal take on his branding draws people in, while his As Seen On section reinforces his established reputation.

Focus on Design

Danusia Malina-Derben juxtaposes her eye-catching (really, it’s all about her eyes) hero image with her whimsical profile photo.

danusia malina-derben linkedin hero image

Add an image to capture the attention of your audience on LinkedIn.

Design elements that complement each other (e.g., different colors, image sizes, etc.) make your hero image much more interesting.

Share Your Mission

Elena Petrunina owns a thriving company in Italy that sells cranes (yes—as in construction cranes). Her business recently changed its branding, so she keeps the new imagery and her mission statement front and center in her LinkedIn banner.

bsl machinery showcase page hero image

Showcase your mission statement.

Visually reinforcing commitment to mission and vision strengthens your positioning with current and prospective customers.

Promote Products and Events

Because you can change your hero image as often as you want, you can use it for a variety of promotions. Craig Fisher uses his hero image to highlight live events.

craig fisher linkedin hero image

Craig Fisher uses his hero image to promote his upcoming event.

Creating a custom header with dates, images and information helps to showcase new books, ebooks and product launches.

Provide Value

You can add value to your customers and leads—and keep them coming back—by changing your banner frequently and offering a quote or tip of the week.

viveka von rosen linkedin hero image

Use your banner to bring people back to your profile.

Over to You

Back when I started using LinkedIn in 2005, it was a purely text-based social site—not a picture to be seen except for the LinkedIn logo and your photo. Over the years that has changed, and you’ve likely evolved with those changes.

It’s time to do that again. To take full advantage of LinkedIn’s new hero image, get your visual storytelling strategy in place and highlight the best of your business.

What do you think? Do you already have a LinkedIn hero image? Do you have any other great examples of hero images on LinkedIn profiles? Please share them in the comment section below.

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  • I’ve had one for a while but I’m glad to hear they’re rolling out to non premium members. I wasn’t aware that was the case yet.

    The most important thing to know when creating a cover image is that the page design is responsive and the image enlarges and shrinks as the size of the monitor changes. The main issue is that the area above your profile will be taller or shorter, depending on the size of the viewer’s monitor. I’m seeing a lot of images that look good on a smaller monitor, like a laptop, but get covered on large monitors. Most people don’t know to check how their page looks to different people so assume it looks the same to everyone as it does to them. On LinkedIn and Twitter, that’s not the case.

  • Great points, Hugh! All of the visual marketing options available to us now are keeping us busy for sure.

    Not sure which link you are seeing as broken…

  • Found and fixed the bad link 🙂

  • linkedinexpert

    Thanks Kristina 🙂

  • Natalie

    I didn’t know about such feature. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alicia Henderson

    I changed my header the other day. It is consistent with all of my branding material. I’m glad LinkedIn decided to allow us to display our business in a more graphic way.

  • Annabelle Drumm

    Excellent article thanks, Viveka. Can’t wait for that blue box to appear on my own LinkedIn page.

  • Wasn’t aware that they were rolling out to non-premium members, was one of my problems with the whole header image thing.

    The LinkedIn header image game is going to be pretty interesting. A lot of people visit profiles on LinkedIn and no doubt the header image will catch their attention now, the question is whether people to choose to sell themselves in their header image, or sell their company’s services.

  • Very helpful post, Viveka. Nice reminder about Fiverr for those of us, including me, feeling daunted by lack of Photoshop skills! And an excellent suggestion about “another view” photo to show more about us. Thank you.

  • soli

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    Elect the govt. with half Israelis and half Palestinians and together develop the area which will benefit all the people.

  • Great stuff about header images. I will try to update mine.


  • Dr. Christian

    I’m assuming this feature will be rolled out to company pages as well?

  • Monica C.

    Hasn’t been rolled out to my non-premium profile yet. Do I just wait patiently or is there something I must do?

  • Gordon W

    Thanks Bob! That is exactly what I was going to ask.

  • Gordon W

    Bob Hebeisen posted this great link above to request early access:

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  • Barry Wallace

    Is LinkedIn fully Responsive yet, or does that come when you get your new hero header access? I tried the standard test with my profile page pulled up (gradually shrinking the width of your browser so the page shifts to [laptop], tablet, then phone width) but it didn’t seem to be using Responsive Design. I haven’t pulled it up on my phone yet, but just thought I’d ask here since it was handy…

  • DonnaGilliland

    Good post Viveka. You are the LinkedIn expert. 🙂

  • Why is the panel of social media links stuck across the top of this article so that it cannot be read properly?

  • ClippingPathIn.Com

    Helpful post. It would be more more helpful if describe by a sample pixel wise area for use. BTW… thanks for this post! 🙂

  • Jessie

    Hi there Viveka! Great examples!
    Did you run into a problem with the cover image not sitting right? I created one for a client and on my screen you can see the call to action, but viewed on his screen it is chopped off. The image is the recommended size. Any ideas? Thank you much!!

  • Patrick Michaels

    People who user fiver should be thrown off a bridge,

  • Zane

    Your site has too many popups, it’s quite annoying…

  • Calla Gold

    Thank you for the great ideas. I just added three images to my Linked in profile thanks to you. Here these options were open to me and I wasn’t aware of it! Yay Viveka, you done good!