social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Twitter Introduces the Follow Button: You can now add this Follow button to your website or blog to encourage readers to follow you on Twitter.

twitter follow

Follow Twitter accounts directly from their blog or website in one click.

Google +1 Button Rolls Out: You have to opt in to see the Google +1 search results, but Google now has a +1 button for publishers to add to their websites, very similar to the Facebook Like button.  This new button allows readers to share your content with their contacts on Google. You can grab the code and find out more about putting one on your website here.

Google +1

The Google +1 button is initially rolling out on a selected number of publishers.

‘Google Offers’ to Compete with Groupon: Like Groupon, the new Google Offers gives you daily deals at heavily discounted prices. Google Offers is expected to integrate with Google Wallet, Google’s new mobile payments system.

Twitter Includes Photos and Videos: You’ll now see the pictures and videos when you use the search function on Twitter.  And you won’t need to rely on third-party applications to share your photos and videos anymore.  Twitter will be rolling out their own photo and video sharing features over the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of social media tools worth a look:

Crowdbooster: A free social media dashboard that gives you the information you need to grow your communities on Twitter and Facebook.


Crowdbooster now supports Facebook Pages so you can access useful data such as your most active Facebook fans.

Shoutomatic: Allows your followers to hear your actual voice in your Twitter and Facebook feeds when you share these audible voice updates. Allows anyone to instantly copy, edit and share any web page. You can change the text, photos, videos and the byline.

And don’t miss this opportunity:

Social Media Examiner will host a free online broadcast Monday, June 6.

You’ll be able interact live with four marketing experts over three hours of free online video broadcasts. Join Michael Stelzner (author, Launch), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Joe Pulizzi (co-author, Get Content Get Customers) and Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution) for three hours of FREE live instruction. You can ask all of your content, relationship and social media marketing questions live. Click here for details.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Exciting! I just saw the Google +1 option for my site. I had no idea it was already out. I wonder how many people are going to jump on it. 🙂

  • Irene, I’ve already seen a number of blogs where the Google +1 is beside the other social sharing buttons. If you’re interested, have a look at this:

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  • Cindy, thank you for combining a list to very useful information, we’ve installed Google +1 button and today we’re going to implement Twitter’s “Follow” button. Will look forward for your more useful posts.

  • Irene, everyone jumping into it. It is very simple to install Google +1 on any site. If you still need any assistance let me know!

  • Oooeee, I heart buttons!! hehee – good roundup as always, Cindy. I just installed the Google +1 button on my blog this week after seeing a great tutorial on ( – he recommended this WordPress plugin which I used and it’s super easy:

    Aww, just checked out CrowdBooster and it’s in private beta. Looks very interesting though! There are many apps out there doing similar Facebook analytics… hmm. 🙂

  • This Google Button is amazing and it might change the way to book marking and suggest site to this famous search engine.

    From CAB360

  • For those who uses joomla here is a plugin that can take in consideration

  • Karen

    I could use some help with the google +1 install along with the new Twitter Follow and Facebook and Twitter login for my site.  How can I reach you?

  • Awesome tools! I think I am most excited about Shout-o-matic. I haven’t been able to find an application that is as integrated as this program.  I tested it today! Great program

  • Awesome! Thanks for another great post, trying all of these tools right now, ha ha 🙂 
    PS. how good was the track on Twitter’s vid? really cool

  •  Thanks for the feedback Michael!

  • The Twitter video is fun 🙂

  • Thanks for the Google +1 links Mari! I’m looking forward to hearing whether this improves Google search results or not.

  • Lois Raats

    Valuable new Twitter marketing ideas here, @CindyKing:disqus  …thanks!

  • Hi @CindyKing:disqus , thanks for including Crowdbooster in the round up! We are in private beta, but happy to give Social Media Examiner readers a sneak peek. Please use this link to sign up (good for the first 50, let me know if I can give more!):


  • Hi @MariSmith:disqus – happy to invite you in our private beta. I participated in your class on Slideshare a few months ago when Facebook first came out with the changes to the profiles and have been following you ever since. We’ve been serving social media professionals with an analytics and optimization solution on Twitter for a while now. We are excited to get experts like you to check out our new Facebook offering.

  • Excellent tools and resources, as always course.

    I just installed Google plus today, hope it helps to get my page rank out of the crapper.

    Also interested to see what twitter integrating video/photos is going to do.

  • I have been using Crowdbooster and I love it, specially the visual presentation. I also like the facebook data related to who your most engaged fan is, and the timeline of fan growth.
    Thank you for the plugin tip Mari.
    Thanks Cindy for the great summary.

  • This updates are great. I added both buttons to my site and there is one problem with +1. Browser compatibility, and OS compatibility as well. I tried it on IE 8 and the IPad and it won’t show.

    On Chrome or Firefox is great. One thing is well worth mentioning is that Once you click on the +1 button you can go back and click it again even if you try a different computer as it records your IP address.

    The Follow button from twitter is actually really cool as it will let you choose to display the number of followers or not. For some of those who have many followers is a great thing as it will show your site visitors that you are sharing some valuable content.

    DJ. Perez.

  • Thanks for your feedback DJ!  Let’s hope Google gets those browser issues sorted out.

  • You’re welcome Sherry and thanks for sharing your experience of Crowdbooster!


  • Brittney, so far I’ve enjoyed the video/photo integration on Twitter, although the sound from the video surprised me the first time!  And yes, Google always keeps us on our toes with regards to ranking.  Like you I’m really interested in seeing how this new button impacts search results over the next few months. It’s going to be fun to follow social search.

  • Glad you got value out of them Lois!

  • You’re welcome Ricky!  Thank you for the invites for our readers!

  • Hi cindy. Great list of tools and information about it. I didn’t knew much about some but through your guides, it makes more informative. Truly a great way to share content with readers and users of  social media.

  • Hi Cindy, as always you are well ahead of everyone!  Thanks for the information!

    I added the new Google button yesterday (WordPress plugin makes it easy, details on my blog tomorrow!) and the Twitter button late last week and I have seen an increase in Twitter follows but I think that’s more down to Empire Avenue connectivity than anything else.

    What will the Google button actually do for us??  Can’t be sure!  Is just helping Google decide on business direction? We shall see, the jury is out!

    I’m publishing my Social Media satire 13 on Monday (tomorrow) and it’s called ‘The Battle of the buttons!’  typically though you are just ahead of me!  

    Great stuff, keep up the great work!

    All the very best, Peter 

  •  Google launching +1 to improve its search results is so good and already so many blogs are having it. We have to wait and watch for its results.

    Recently posted:

  • Peter, it sounds like you have been busy!  

  • Great lists of social media updates here Cindy. The Google +1 button is a very promising tool and I’m as excited as the others on how things would go with it. I strongly believe it will go far in its effectiveness. I just love it when things are made easier. 

  • WOW! So much to keep up with. Feel like I need to clone myself. Will be interested to see how Google’s +1 button goes. Hoping WordPress has a plugin for this already.

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  • The google like button was such a much talked about feature – we just need people to catch on to it… not many are using it, yet. Also, I cannot wait to see what this new feature will be on Twitter in regard to the photo/video uploading…. about time! 🙂

  • Bahadur

    Google +1 feature is going to affect search engine rankings so it is
    definitely something that businesses should incorporate on their website and
    see how it works in favour for them. Social media signals ( ) are something that Google & Bing highly consider as one of their strong ranking factors.

  • Davesor1

    Dave Sorrendino
    Director of Business Development

  • Karen, sorry for late reply you may visit our site and fill out your contact details… looking forward to hear from you…

  • There are awesome sites I have never heard about!
    Some truly innovative ideas.
    What will they think of next??

  • Thanks for this post, do you know of a plug in for wordpress that will automatically put a +1 after or before all of my blog posts at my site The Home Buyer’s blog so I dont have to add in the HTML everytime, thanks for all you do

  • Thanks for the  links I’m looking forward to hearing whether this improves Google search results or not.

  • Awesome tips there, it reminded me to add the +1 button to my site. I’d love to give crowdbooster a try, too! 

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