social media how to Does your business have products or services that target unique audiences?

Do your customers spend time on LinkedIn?

Finding an effective social strategy to reach the right audience for each of your products and services can be challenging.

LinkedIn helps you solve this problem with its LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

In this article, I’ll show you how your business can benefit from LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

Today, few businesses are islands.

Many companies are complex, offering various and disparate products and services for which they must create multiple marketing campaigns to reach different audiences.

This can make social media marketing resemble a juggling act. And that’s fine, even unavoidable; but while juggling, you need to make sure you don’t drop any metaphorical balls.

Showcase pages allow companies with multiple brand messages to segment them easily and deliver them to the right audiences.


Showcase pages allow you to deliver different content to your different audiences. You can have up to 10 different showcase pages associated with your business page.

Showcase pages are extensions of your company’s main company page for branding tie-in and easy navigation.


Visitors find links to your showcase pages in the right sidebar of your business page.

Your main company page still serves as a central messaging hub for LinkedIn’s millions of members.

Each showcase page is the ideal place to deliver engaging messaging to distinct target audiences with particular goals and needs.

Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

The more layered a company’s business offerings, the more segmented its target audience can get.

When a company attempts to use its social media channels to broadly promote every single product and service to every eyeball, it risks alienating an audience already over saturated with information. This is obviously something marketers want to avoid.

Consider Adobe, one of LinkedIn’s customers. Its Creative Cloud audience is quite distinct from its Marketing Cloud audience, and each needs to be—and is—treated as a separate entity.


Adobe has created a showcase page for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud to target their communication with these very different audiences.

The needs of Adobe, and companies like it, are best served when they cultivate distinct audience segments.

In order to target these various audiences on LinkedIn with the most relevant marketing content, it’s ideal to create an independent social media presence for each segment. This allows companies to dial in on precise messages—and the audiences that are keen to receive them—while stripping away all that’s irrelevant.

Of course, like many marketers, you’re already aware of many of these principles. But it’s the application of these principles that can become challenging. With so many unique audiences, not to mention your own products and services, multilayer marketing can quickly get complex, particularly when you consider that it’s imperative for a company to present a unified brand front.

Showcase pages provide you with a solution to deliver the right message to the right audience on LinkedIn.

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Showcase Page

Setting up your showcase pages to highlight individual brands couldn’t be easier.

Here’s how to set up your showcase page.

  1. Identify your brands, business units or initiatives that need a showcase page.
  2. Click the Edit menu on your company page, and then select Create a Showcase Page.
  3. Start sharing your content.

On your company page, click Edit and then select Create a Showcase Page.

With showcase pages, you can offer targeted, relevant content that builds relationships with your selected audiences.

An extension of company pages, showcases pages allow you to:

  • Post organic company updates
  • Create sponsored updates for greater reach
  • Attract followers to your showcase page

What You Can Do With LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Because the presentation of content is critical to engagement, showcase pages allow you to include a large image—what is called a “hero image”—across the top of every page, along with information about your company and links to your other showcase pages.

Below this hero image, content is formatted in two columns. Your feed is front and center, with the last several updates always available above the fold.


The showcase page has a hero image at the top and two columns of content below.

Some of LinkedIn’s first showcase page adopters—Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe—use the feed to keep followers updated with:

  • Product announcements
  • Relevant company and industry news
  • Information about upcoming webinars
  • Links to blog posts

Adobe shares an update targeted to people interested in their Creative Cloud product on their Creative Cloud showcase page.

Showcase Page Analytics

Monitoring the performance of your showcase pages is a crucial part of your content marketing strategy. Page administrators can track and view analytical data to gain deeper insights into:

  • Engagement—see the engagement value of individual posts.
  • Trends—identify patterns across key metrics.
  • Demographics—understand more about your follower demographics and sources.
showcase analytics

You can access analytical data to see how well your showcase pages perform.

Showcase pages can be used for optimizing your campaign effectiveness with A/B testing. Just make sure you use LinkedIn’s analytics tools to track the traffic and content reach of your showcase pages separately from your main company page.

Closing thoughts…

You can use the new LinkedIn showcase pages to accurately target content to your different market segments and enhance your company, product and industry trend information. Your followers will be able to follow the showcase page or pages of interest to them.

For more information on showcase pages, take a look at LinkedIn’s solution page. Or jump right in and create your showcase pages in minutes.

What do you think? Have you set up a showcase page? What has been your experience? Please share your comments below.

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  • Very informative & well explained! This will allow high-end brands to target specific audience for a specific product. I hope LinkedIn adevertising will also allow to promote a particular brand extension.

    LinkedIn showcase pages are surely going to be very useful for brands who have lot of sub categories.

    This feature is very different from other Social Networks.

  • Owen Hemsath

    Totally new info for me! I also love how @jasonmillerca jumped right into it without a fluffy intro. Will save this as a favorite

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Wow! I didn’t even know about LinkedIn Showcase Pages. But I do know and will check it out.

  • Thanks for the comment Dave! Glad you found the post useful.

  • Thanks Owen! I’m not a fan of the fluff either : )

  • Thanks for the comment Amanda. Much appreciated.

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  • This is very helpful for businesses that have multiple products. Good to know that LinkedIn has this kind of feature where you can present your product to a more specific audience- over-saturation is definitely a concern for many marketers in today’s online space! Thanks for the great post Jason!

  • Sunayna Gupta

    That’s an information for me. I would definitely check out the Showcase page. Thanks…

  • great information.Hope it will serve the purpose.Thanks Jason Miller

  • I love to see how LinkedIn is building out their channel and differentiating in a way that other channels aren’t. The showcase pages are a great way for a company with diverse products to really highlight each.

    Great guide for setting up, Jason!

  • Guest

    Great information! Thanks Dave!

  • great info and easy to follow. Thanks as always!

  • This is very very informative to create Linkedin showcase pages. Thanks

  • guptaabhijit318

    Great post!! I will keep everything in mind when I will promote my business. . Thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding linkedin. You have added a lot of information to us. All the information given here is very helpful and clearly explained .This will surely help us.

  • Tracy Sestili

    I think this feature sucks. I created one of these for a large B2B company that has several divisions and products. But I don’t need product pages because LinkedIn already has that feature in regular Company pages. On top of that, the mere fact that you need to get followers on these new pages or steer your existing followers (over 100K in this case) to sign up for this page too, seems tedious. Why can’t I just use LinkedIn’s built in targeting feature for status updates? What would have been better is if these pages were actually tabs within the company page so that folks could go to those tabs to get more information. But they are disparate pages. I didn’t see any way to link the two pages together or to easily send people to the showcase pages. So now, LinkedIn’s company page search is just going to be cluttered with these now, making it difficult to sort through and find real content. #epicfail

  • Lina Saoumaa

    Very useful post!
    Will a user still be able to view the main company page updates if he decides to only follow a showcase page?

  • Rachael Barone

    Thank you! Great how-to and quick pick up on a new LinkedIn feature. Already shared with some clients!

  • Interested in how this different then the current functionality that comes with a LinkedIn company page? I can already tailor content by picking different audience views. So I guess I am wondering why they have two different approaches. So do I rework company pages with different audience views or create new showcase pages.

  • Raveendranath Thalapalli

    Well explained on how corporates can do simple changes to their Linkedin showcase pages and derive value

  • melindamoses

    @Tracy, I’d be curious to know if your position has been clarified on this. They are very valid points … you don’t want to cannibalize or confuse that which you have fought to get in the first place, eh?!

  • I wasn’t aware of LinkedIn Showcase pages, thought seems very good way to create a showcase page for our company page, will definitely set up one now…

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  • How is a showcase page radically different than the Services subpages of a company page? Other than the Showcase pages allow page specific updates (Service does not) they both seem to offer the same functionality. What am I missing?

  • Nichole

    I just took over my company’s LinkedIn profile and we recently began a podcast. Is it appropriate to create a Showcase Page for the podcast or should each new podcast be used to update the main company page? Thanks bunches for the insight!

  • Bridget

    LinkedIn got rid of the Services subpages in April 2014. I think they definitely made more sense than having separate showcase pages because they were right on the main page!