social media how toYou’ve created a blog for your business. Now what? You’re probably asking yourself, “How do people find out about my new blog?”

The simple answer is: You have to promote your blog and let people know it exists.

Optimizing your blog for search engines is critical, but just like any website, product, book or service you create, you have to promote the launch of a new blog.

ribbonThere are a lot of ways to promote a new blog and I’m sharing 14 tactics to help you get the word out about your new baby. Heck, you could use these tactics for an established blog as well if you want a boost in traffic and subscribers.

But before you tell the world your blog exists, make sure you have completed these essential tasks first:

  1. Does your masthead (banner) make it easy for new readers to know what your blog is about and if it’s right for them (target audience)?
  2. Is your name as author/publisher easy to find?
  3. Do you have an About/Contact page?
  4. Do you have subscription options (RSS and email)?
  5. Do you have a call to action to get more info (join your mailing list, get a free report, etc.)?
  6. Do you have social sharing buttons on your posts?
  7. Do you have links to your social networking profiles?
  8. Do you have comments enabled?
  9. Do you have 7 to 10 posts published?

Point #9 is important because you don’t want to send people to a blog with only one or two posts. New readers will want to get a sense of your style, content and expertise before they commit to subscribing. I strongly recommend having a minimum of seven posts published before you start promoting your new blog.

Implement the Obvious First

Before I get to the 14 creative ways to promote your blog, implement the obvious and see #12, 13 and 14 in this article.

  • Syndicate your blog content to your Twitter stream.
  • Link your blog to your Facebook business page.
  • Link your blog to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Submit your blog to the appropriate blog directories.
  • Write and post a media release.
  • Send an email announcement to your list.

The Not-So-Obvious

When I was thinking about this topic, I decided to “tap the wisdom of the crowd” to get the best of the best ideas. I posted the following question on LinkedIn Answers:

question on LinkedIn

Question posted on LinkedIn Answers.

There were 27 responses in 7 days. There were many similar recommendations and a few that stated the obvious (like using social media and writing engaging content). I’ve culled through them and offer you a selection of tips I feel are the most effective for launching your new business blog.

#1: Host a Live Streaming Video Event

When Mike Stelzner launched Social Media Examiner, he created buzz and a lot of traffic by hosting four back-to-back video chats with the initial contributors (me, Mari Smith, Jason Falls and Chris Garrett).

#2: Use Offline Marketing

Boris Mahovac recommends going offline and sending postcards to your existing clients, asking them to promote your new blog to their contacts. Using a unique URL will allow you to track new visitors/signups, and this can be a way for you to reward the one client who sends the most traffic to your new blog. You need to give your clients an incentive to promote your new blog—say a chance to win an iPad, or something more expensive, depending on the business (model).

#3: Create a Video to Promote Your Blog

Apryl Parcher suggested using to create a video about your blog. Post it on your YouTube channel and Facebook page. Send the video link to your email list as well. Several others also mentioned creating videos and with the popularity of video, I encourage you to include it in your launch plan.

#4: Use Remote Blogging Sites to Extend the Reach of Your Content

Brandon Uttley uses to post excerpts from blog posts with links back to his main blog and other social media sites. Remote blogging sites often have high traffic and this puts your content in front of potential new readers.

posterous example

An excerpt of the original blog post is published on a Posterous blog with a link back to the original post.

#5: Host a Live (In-person) Event for Your Announcement

As Barry Hurd says, “I think a lot of people forget the social part of the media. Launching a new blog is really about reaching through your relationships.” Host a private reception, dinner or cocktail party with industry leaders in your niche. Or, go big and host a meetup or tweetup and cross-promote with a charity. Live events are an opportunity to connect face-to-face, get to know the needs of your target audience and build a lot of goodwill.

#6: Repurpose Your Content

I could relate to Kathi Browne‘s suggestion to submit blog posts on article sites like  There’s more on repurposing your blog posts here.

#7: Feature Experts

It comes as no surprise that Liz Strauss , a master at building community, shares a tip about featuring other people on your blog. Start an interview series that features experts who folks want to know better. Invite a wide range of people to participate in short interviews that ask unusual and insightful questions. Include the expert’s name in the blog title.  Additionally, make heroes of other people who are just starting out. Point out their work as well.

#8: Comment on Other Blogs in Your Niche

This suggestion was offered by quite a few people, and with good reason. As Janet Fouts says, “Commenting on other blogs with useful (not promotional) information and insight can pique the interest of other readers and also build those treasured backlinks.”

#9: Do Some Guest Posting

This idea came up many times as well. There are two sides to this: inviting other bloggers to guest post on your blog and offering to guest post on complementary blogs. Both ways can generate visibility for your blog. The value is in creating connections with colleagues and creating win-win-win for you, other bloggers and your readers. The links and buzz will support your blog launch.

#10: Host a Webinar

Along the lines of a live video chat or an offline event, create a webinar or teleseminar to introduce your blog. Rather than simply announcing your blog, make it a learning experience by teaching or demonstrating an aspect of your expertise. Remind your audience they can continue getting the same great content by subscribing to and reading your blog.

#11: Run a Contest

Dawn Pigoni offered this excellent idea: Run a contest based on the content of the blog. Have an “answer hunt” where the answers to win the prize(s) are found within the blog posts. That will get people reading the quality, content-rich posts while attempting to win a prize. Then use Twitter to post questions and the winner(s).

#12: Host an Online Radio Show

BlogTalkRadio is a popular and free site that provides the tools and foundation for creating your own show. Because of high traffic and the syndication options on Blog Talk Radio, a show focused on your niche could generate an ongoing stream of visitors to your blog. If hosting isn’t for you, most radio hosts are always looking for guests to fill their time slots. No doubt you can find many shows that are in alignment with your blog’s niche.

#13: Create a Related Special Report

Brian Clark of shared his secret: Release a valuable piece of “extended content” such as a PDF report or video tutorial (without an opt-in) fairly early after the blog launches. While the content itself is valuable, it also acts as a “sales letter” for subscribing to the blog, due to the promise to keep expanding on the themes presented in the extended content in more detail. This allows you to create a “content event” early. And it’s a natural way to attract long-term subscribers if well done. Just be sure to have the opt-in call to action at the close of the extended content, because that’s the action you want people to take.

#14: Advertise Your Site

Clay Franklin recommends using Craigslist, eBay classifieds and Facebook ads to boost awareness of your new blog. This will depend on your budget. If you do want to spend some advertising dollars, you can test a Google Adwords campaign and see what kind of results you get.

If you were to implement just three or four of these ideas, you would see a boost in visibility, traffic and blog subscribers.  Pick the tactics that fit with your business model, style and intended audience and you’re sure to experience success.

Now it’s your turn. What creative tactics have you used or observed to launch a new blog? Share your ideas in the comments box below.

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  • Very insightful post! Thanks for sharing!

    I think that these days, many people have started a blog for hobby or business. The trouble is, with so much competition out there, your blog really has to stand out from the crowd. In fact, not only does your blog need to stand out from the average ones that are popping up every day, but you also need to compete with established blogs, with their loyal fan bases, that have been around for years. In short, in order to have any impact whatsoever, good is just not good enough. Your blog has to be excellent.

    The points you’ve mentioned are extremely helpful, and if one follows them, it’ll surely lead em to success!


  • Benmaxime

    Amazing advice, going to use for my new blog 🙂

  • I agree with socialcubix! because of the crisis many of people start to search other money earning ways! And it works! Helpful article for new bloggers! 🙂

  • Nat

    Denise ~ LOVE this post! Whilst I have heard of, considered and are even doing some of these things, its a great list. I have printed this out to add to my overall blog/business strategy I am currently working on.
    Thanks for the awesome tips!

  • Great Post Denise!

    I really like the offline ideas. I think sometime we get stuck thinking too much about just promoting our blog online, but if we do something like a meetup for our local market we can bring a lot of awareness there. The postcard idea was good one as well!

    Jason Kienbaum

  • Just reformatted the website at our company to include a blog, and we are so excited! Thanks for the great tips. We do direct mail and postcard marketing, and planned to promote with it, but didn’t expect to see it on this site as a blog promotion tactic. Great stuff!

  • Denise, thanks for including my tip! This is excellent advice.

  • CoachJaneLee

    Perfect timing. You must be psychic. With so many entreprenuers and home based business owners building a business blog. These 14 tactics will definitely increase visibility and exposure for their online and off-line business. I have to go through the list and do each one of them. Will let you know how it goes. Thank You Denise.

  • Denise,
    You always offer such sound, usable advice for blogging. While the tips you offer here are ones I’ve seen before, you have made me look at several of them in new and exciting ways. And certainly, cross “pollination” possibilities are truly endless – i.e. interviewing an industry expert on a blog talk radio show, then repurposing that content etc. Like Nat, I’m printing this out to add to my overall business blog planning strategy. As usual, great info, Denise. Thanks!

    (P.S. – As I solidify my plans, may I contact YOU for that interview? 😉 )

  • Thanks for this great insight, Denise!

    I love that your search for creative blogging techniques led you to linked-in questions. To me, this has become an extremely valuable tool in receiving completely free, top-notch advice from experts! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking out I’m actually in the process of making a video, and using a service such as this would more than likely seriously cut down the amount of time needed for this task.

    Thanks again!


  • Barbara Pender

    I like number #5 and need to get on IT!! STAY tuned…

  • Nice post Denise. Some very good tips, that can be applied immediately. The idea to use Posterous is a very good one; my only concern would be penalization from Google for having duplicate content on the web. I suppose if there are only a few versions of your content floating around, it probably would not be a big deal however. Great article

    Jason (Follow us on Facebook for more entrepreneurial advice)

  • Thanks for the pointers.


  • Hi Jason,

    I have recently started using posterous for my business and I love it because I can autodistribute my posterous post to all my other social media channels. But you said Google penalizes you for having duplicate content on the web? Is that true? Should I not connect everything to my posterous account then?

  • I really like this, thank you Denise. I am revisiting Animoto at your suggestion.

  • Great post, Denise! Thanks. This is so timely for me because I’ll be launching my new blog very soon. This gives me a solid action plan to get the exposure I think it will deserve. Thanks!

  • Love the idea of using Animoto. I didn’t know about EzineArticles. Thanks!

  • Thank you, Denise! I was just re-reading my notes and open action items from your Blogging Mastermind that I attended, so I’ll add these suggestions as well.

  • Thanks, Denise, for gathering up all these ideas for promoting our blogs (and for using mine!). I particularly like the fact that some of these are out-of-the-box thinking, such as Clay Franklin’s idea of using Craigslist and/or Ebay as promotional tools. Cool! Using our offline channels like Direct Mail, networking, etc. is also overlooked, too–so great to mention those, Boris!

    Nice effort, everyone!

  • great article denise, this can also be applied to a normal website, thanks for sharing.

  • yes, it’s takes a lot more commitment and consistent effort to rise above the noise, than it did 6 years ago when I started by blog. Yet, whether you’re blogging or doing other things to market your business, you’ve got to keep at it and you will attract the people who want what you offer and value the info you share. Blog on!

  • You’re welcome, Nat. The thing is that even though we know what to do, often we don’t do it so seeing a list with old and new ideas may help spur ACTION. Blog on!

  • I confess, I focus 99% of my promotion online so I was happy to hear ideas about going offline. One thing I didn’t mention is using special cards, like from that promote only your blog. Good for giving out at tweetups, meetups and conferences.

  • Brandon, thanks for responding to my Question on LinkedIn. Appreciated all the input I got.

  • Jane, I know you’re an implementer so I look forward to hearing about the results you get from your blog promotion.

  • Thank you, Leah. Even though many of these ideas are not “new”, it’s a matter of what gets implemented. Sometimes we need to hear/read the same thing over and over before it hits us just right and becomes the perfect tactic to implement.

    I’m always open to interviews. You can contact me through my support desk at

  • I love both LinkedIn Answers and Animoto. Both are great tools. LinkedIn Answers always reveals gems of info and new contacts. Animoto is a really fun and EASY way to create video. Blog on!

  • I’m tuned in…let me know how a live event goes for you for promoting your blog.

  • When I use posterous, I usually change the title of the post, a little bit, and I don’t duplicate the entire post. I give a snippet and then link back to my original full length post.

    FYI – there is no Google duplicate content penalty. Read this post to learn about this myth:

  • Congrats on the new blog, Maureen. I’d be interested in hearing about the success you have with the promotion. Blog on!

  • You’re welcome, Carla…how’s that new blog coming along?

  • Apryl, thanks for responding to my query on LinkedIn. I really appreciated all the responses I got. Many were similar so I pulled the best. Blog on!

  • Absolutely, these tips can be applied to a website, as well as to a blog that’s been around for awhile. Ongoing promotion, using various tactics will bring in a consistent flow of traffic.

  • You are the maestro when it comes to blogging, Denise! I really leaned in and devoured all these great tactics for presenting your blog to the world. I would like to add that taking the initiative to participate in blogging challenges is a very effective way to get lots of new eyes on your blog.

    Write On!

  • Melanie, thanks for mentioning the blogging challenges. I agree that’s an excellent way to get exposure for your blog. Not only do you create a lot of content in a relatively short time, you’re also engaging with a community who can help you spread your message well beyond your immediate sphere of influence.

    Blog on!

  • This is a good post Ms. Denise!

    Sent you a pingback. 🙂

  • Thanks for the excellent tips Denise, I’m in the process of trying to attract traffic to my business blog and I found your tips very helpful.
    To Success and Prosperity
    Toni King

  • “#2: Use Offline Marketing” – I agree but first I would suggest to be sure you can recover your small investment. If you blog but have no success, stop investing time and money!

  • Denise,
    Great info and how very clever to follow your own advice while writing this! Asking for input through Linked In then sharing the info that 27 others offered means that you have at least that many who want to see if they are featured. Add to that some excellent content and great tips, and those 27 (who are active bloggers themselves) are inclined to tell their audiences! How awesome!
    Brilliant! And a terrific example of something that WORKS!
    You rock.

  • 14 Attention-Grabbing Tactics for Launching a New Business Blog – As always, solid stuff from Denise Wakeman.

    This is great stuff for anyone looking to promote their blog. And its all in one place…thnx Denise 🙂

  • As usual on SME, this post is very content-rich, practical and helpful.

    Many thanks.


  • Denise, thanks for clarifying the issue on whether duplicate content is detrimental to your site rankings. I certainly haven’t found that to be the case, but like you I don’t repost entire content from my blog on other social media sites. I usually just use Posterous for quick, short content updates.

  • Great ideas, however, I would point out that some ideas like competitions would only really work if you have sufficient traffic or following to begin with, unless you could get it featured on another site with a lot of traffic or even offline in a magazine. Otherwise, it would be terrible having to give a prize out to the only entry.

  • Rachel Karl

    Definitely some very useful tips! I’ve added several of them to my blog/business strategy. Thanks, Denise!

  • Hlawrenc

    Great article Denise…where were you a month ago when I finally launched our university’s small business development blog? Thanks for this great information looks like we batted just about 50% on your list of 9 essential first tasks so have some changes to make best info on promoting some things we need to work on to get our blog noticed. I have a question though since we work in a very specific geographic territory (our Small Business Center is part of a state-wide network but we cover only 15 counties) while love to have anybody read my blog it is really aimed at those small businesses we can help. Any suggestions to drive up local readership?

  • Very useful, thanks for the links for other articles as well.

  • Lavenderuses

    Thanks for this very definitive and helpful article. I have bookmarked so can check off I am doing as suggested with my new blog.
    Did wait till I had 10 posts published then I have joined Twitter where I have had some great contacts and also links back to experienced bloggers to learn from them and then comment on their sites.
    Getting to know others in the blogging community is proving to be a really effective way to both learn and connect with others.
    Still heaps to learn but I am enjoying the journey.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  • These are all really good tips. I have been doing my companys blog for 1 year now and it’s always usefull to find out new ways to increase traffic!
    Felicity Marsh

  • This article accurately captures the blast information received when we were getting ready to take our blog live, wish I could have gotten my ‘hands’ on it sooner.

  • Jared

    I made an animoto video for my company and added it to our welcome tab. What do you think?

  • Recommends that people disconnect and send postcards to existing customers, asking them to promote his new blog to your contacts. Use a unique URL that you can follow the new visitor or registration, and this may be a way to reward the customer that sends most traffic to your new blog.

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  • all of the tips are great, i did all, and now i am concern with some gust blog posting, they charge me some, but now i do have expectation from them… the time period for my project is about 5 months, and some of the keywords are in top 10, but for some still i am waiting to come!!

  • Boris Mahovac recommend going online and sending postcards to existing customers, asking them to promote his new blog to your contacts. Use a unique URL that you can follow the new registration, and this may be a way to reward the customer that sends most traffic to your new blog.

    personal loans

  • That is really really awesome content. i never would have thought of most of these ideas.

  • Lexi Ramos

    Amazing Post! Getting a business started is a lot of work and can help you with that

  • wow.. great post.. i will use it on my blog..

  • There are many ways to promote a new blog and he is sharing 14 tactics to get the word out about the new baby. you can not use these tactics to create a blog, if you want to increase traffic and subscribers.

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  • There are many ways to promote a new blog and he is sharing 14 tactics to get the word out about the new baby. you can not use these tactics to create a blog, if you want to increase traffic and subscribers.

    divx torrents

  • Great info. These tactics can apply to every blog.

  • Nice guys its really nice post thanks for good one

  • Nice guys its really nice post thanks for good one

  • Sumner

    May people overlook the importance of marketing offline as well. Placing a QR code or scan tag on your business card is a great way for people to easily find your blog.

  • I’m sorry this didn’t end successfully for you. After reading through your blog, I am sure you are a person of integrity. It’s just too bad that the DOJ decided your contest did not “comply”, whatever that means …

    Good luck in your other work.

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  • Commenting on other people’s blogs is definitely one of the good ways to connect with other people and a good chance to promote your business, even without actually promoting it per se. If you participate actively in those kinds of blogs, you have a higher chance of being considered as an authority of your niche, and the number of people following your updates will increase as well.

    — Ray

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  • Hazel Manlosa

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    Dirk Kettlewell

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