social media expert interviewIn this video I speak with Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of Technorati. When you hear the name Technorati, you probably think about—the world’s largest blog search engine and directory, helping people find blog content and enabling bloggers to be discovered.

But Technorati is also—the largest ad network focusing on social media where businesses can purchase ads.

Watch this video as Richard shares:

  • How bloggers use Twitter and video to promote their blogs
  • How bloggers can now publish their articles directly on Technorati to reach bigger audiences
  • The difference between mainstream media content and blogging
  • And insights into the future of blogging

Be sure to check out Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere reports. As Richard Jalichandra tells us in this video, this year’s survey was double in size compared to the one used last year to create the State of the Blogsphere report. This year’s report focuses on professional blogs today, including part-time bloggers, self-employed bloggers and corporate bloggers.

Now, over to you…

  • What do you think of the current blogsphere and the future of professional blogging?
  • What other social media platforms do bloggers use to promote their blogs?
  • How do you like the new option of publishing your articles directly Technorati?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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  • This is awesome Michael – thanks so much. You’re doing such an amazing job here…. <

  • Thanks Clement!!

  • Anonymous

    Great interview, Mike. Very interesting to hear about the ability of bloggers to publish on Technorati (like HuffPo). (As an aside: super production quality, terrific sound — was the video professionally shot?)

  • Thanks! Yes the video was professionally shot. All my best!

  • Superb interview!! Great coup – Richard is one savvy guy. I love his teeshirt and pin branding!

    73% of all bloggers are using Twitter vs. 14% of the population. Hm, interesting stat! heh

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michael,

    Ian here from Dublin, Ireland. Great video interview, I’m amazed that 28% of bloggers are making money. That just shows where blogging is going. It’s also interesting that he said he’s no idea how many blogs there are because it’s becoming all a blur what a blog is!

    Thanks again, Ian

  • Hey Ian,

    I know, that’s a pretty high percentage. The real question is how much are they making from blogging.

  • Hi Michael
    I love your Social Media examiner and have sent it to dozens of friends and business owners.
    Great interviews adn content

  • Hi Michael,

    Just came across your site can’t believe my luck 🙂 for some reason tho the video doesn’t load, do you perhaps have a link I can try?

  • Hey Tereza – Give it another go. If it doesn’t work try – Mike