social media how toDo you have a Facebook Page and a Facebook personal profile?

Are you trying to figure out how to work your business life into your personal life on Facebook?

Well, have no fear. I’m going to lay it all out for you and dive into some of the reasons the two sides of your Facebook life should be linked together.

You may also want to review your Facebook privacy settings to help you understand what’s visible on your personal profile.

Here are 9 tips for understanding how your Page and your profile work together.

#1: Understand That Your Page and Your Profile Are Very Separate

Even though you log into your profile to get to your Page and they look like they are linked together, no one else knows which Pages are attached to your profile.

When you log in using the email address you use for your personal profile, you can then switch to use Facebook as your Page. Think of it as having to get to your Business Page via your personal profile.

You can switch to using Facebook as your Page by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook. Then select the Facebook Page you want to log into.

use facebook as your business page

Switch to using Facebook as your Business Page by clicking the down arrow.

Remember, no one can see that you are the admin of these Pages except for you.

#2: Access Your Page From the Left Sidebar

Your Page is also bookmarked on the left sidebar of your Home page so that you can easily access it with one click.

pages on left sidebar

Access your Pages from the left sidebar of your Home page.

All you need to do to navigate to your Page is click on the name of the Page. But remember, when you get to your Page, you’re logged in as your personal profile.

See the next tip for more information on how your personal profile affects your Facebook navigation.

#3: Watch How You Are Logged Into Facebook in the Top Right Corner

How do you know how you are logged into Facebook? Look at the top of the Page to see which name appears—either your personal profile name as shown in the image below, or if you are logged in as your Page, you would see the name of your Page in the top blue bar.

logged in as profile

Watch the top of the Page to see how you are logged in on Facebook.

When you are logged in as your personal profile on your Page, you can see by the Voice indication how you will post on the Page.

Right now the Voice indicator shows that if I post on the Page, I am posting as the Page. You always want to post a status update on your Page as your Page, not as your personal profile.

If I were posting a status update as my profile, the post would appear in the Recent Posts by Others section with my personal profile name and would not go into the News Feed of all my fans. So it’s important to always post status updates on your Page as your Page so they go out into the News Feed.

To avoid any confusion on this point, always switch to “Use Facebook as your Page” with the arrow in the upper-right corner when you do any Page activity, just so you are always clear what account you are logged into.

Also remember that when you’re logged in as your Page, you’re acting as your Page on Facebook. So any Pages you like and any comment you make on other Pages will be as your Page.

I highly recommend you use Facebook as your Page in the same way you use your personal profile. Comment on posts, connect with other Pages and be social as your Page. Your Page will be much more visible to other Pages and the fans of those Pages.

#4: Comment as Your Profile on Your Page

The default setting is to always comment as your Page when you are on your Page (even if you are logged in as your profile as shown in the image above).

But you can either switch your Voice by clicking on the link at the top of the Page, or you can change your posting preferences.

change your voice

Make a comment as your personal profile by clicking the link at the top of the Page.

Access your posting preferences by clicking on Edit Page, Update Info, then select Your Settings in the Page dashboard.

Note that you will only see the posting preferences when you are logged in as the Page and have navigated to the section titled Your Settings. Yes, we know Facebook is confusing!

check your settings

Check your posting preferences and notifications in Your Settings.

You may want to be able to post as your profile from time to time on your Page if you want to add your personal profile’s voice to the conversation. But for the most part, you will probably be carrying on the comments and conversation as your Page.

#5: Get Notifications on Your Personal Profile for Your Page

If you notice in the image above, you can also get notifications about activity on your Page on your personal profile’s Notifications bar by checking the Onsite Notification checkbox.

This can be very handy if you want to see what is happening on your Page without switching back and forth. No one else sees these notifications on your personal profile. They are only visible to you.

page activity in personal profile notifications

See your Page activity in your personal profile notifications.

If your Page gets a lot of activity, this can become overwhelming. You can switch notifications off by unchecking the Onsite Notification checkbox. Also, the email notifications can be turned off in that same section.

#6: You Will See Your Page Updates in Your Personal Profile’s Ticker and News Feed

One thing that is sometimes confusing for people is the News Feed. Remember that your personal profile’s News Feed is your own and is private.

You’ll see updates from everyone you’re friends with, you subscribe to and Pages you like. If you like your Page (note that you can be an admin of a Page you haven’t liked), then you will see updates in your News Feed.

page updates in newsfeed

Your Page updates appear in your News Feed if you like your Page.

You will also see activity from the Pages you like in your Ticker, including your own.

Ninja Trick:  It looks like more Page activity is appearing in the Ticker than before. To have your Page more visible to your fans, be more active as your Page!

page activity in ticker

Notice the Page activity is showing in the Ticker.

Again, remember that no one can see your Ticker, only you.

#7: Highlight Your Page as Your Employer in Your About Section

You can intentionally add your Page as your employer in your About section to highlight your Page as we mentioned in tip #4 of this article: 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following.

If you’re interested in letting people know about your Page, I highly recommend doing this. But if you want to keep your Page separate from your profile, this is optional.

about section

You can highlight the Pages you are the admin of by adding them as your employer.

#8: Have a “Business-Only” Facebook Page

I highly discourage this option, but you can have a business-only Facebook Page. When you go to without logging in, there’s a link to Create a Page underneath the signup form. This will create a “business-only” account.

business only page

You can create a business-only Page.

If you create a Page like this, it will not be linked to your personal profile at all. You will use a separate email to log into this Page. A business-only Page has several limitations including:

  • No Search bar at the top of the Facebook Page. You will not be able to search for and navigate to other Pages when you are logged into this account.
  • No way to like other Pages as your Page. If you have a business-only account, you can’t like another Page to show your support for that Page or connect with that Page.
  • No Page Home Feed. Since you can’t like other Pages as your Page, you won’t get updates as your Page through your own Page’s News Feed.
  • You may have to provide a separate cell phone number to verify this account. This feature is different and not consistent, but many people who have created a Page this way report that they need a separate cell number that is different from their personal profile account to verify this business-only Page. Not everyone has two different cell numbers.
  • No ability to use the Invite Friends feature on the Admin panel. Obviously if you are intent on keeping your Facebook profiles separate, then this may not be a feature you are interested in. However, it’s an easy way to connect some of your personal friends to your Page.

I don’t think there’s any need to create a business-only Page. The Page and the profile are very separate on a Page that is attached to a personal profile. No one can see who owns the Page and the limitations of the business-only Page are significant.

If you have created a business-only Page and want to rectify the situation, all you need to do is to add a personal profile as an admin and you will have all the functionality of a regular Page.

#9: Feature a Page Owner

If you want to be able to showcase the personal profile that is attached to the Page, you can feature a Page owner.

Just go to Edit Page, Update Info and select Featured. You can highlight Pages you want to feature in your likes and the Page owner.

featured page ownew

Feature the Page owner if desired.

page owner on the about page

The Page owner appears on the About Page.

Ultimately know that your Page and your profile are separate, even though they look connected.

Hopefully we’ve made the navigation of Facebook clearer and easier to understand so you know how you are interacting as your personal profile and as your Page.

How about you? How are you using your profile and your Page? Do you find yourself using one more than the other? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • John Lee Dumas

    Hi Andrea! Thanks to you and SME, I am able to maximize the use of my Facebook profile and page. SME has provided me with enough knowledge on social media to help me reach my goals and potential as an Entrepreneur, and it is a continuous learning process for me because the info is constantly updated!

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media

    Great points, Andrea!  Once people understand the points above, leveraging each together can be more successful… :)

  • DonnaGilliland

    Great tips Andrea. I think many overlook these features. A very well written tutorial Andrea – as always.

  • Mike Gingerich

    I often have small businesses that are “newer” to social media asking me questions about profiles versus pages as we get them started with Page tools.  This will be a great resource to send them to!  Thanks Andrea for the fine detail, screenshots, and concise overview!

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  • Devesh Verma

    I am familiar with all points mentioned by you but after reading the
    complete post I think this point is new for me “it’s important to always post
    status updates on your Page as your Page so they go out into the News Feed”.

    Andrea Vahl thanks for posting such a wonderful tips for us.

    Keep Writing for us.

  • Kim Lavigne

    Wonderful tips!  Thanks for sharing these!

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  • Kumar Gauraw

    Great tips Andrea. So many useful tips. I love the way you laid out step by step process. I personally have overlooked many of these features. A very well written tutorial Andrea – as always.  Thank you for sharing!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks John!  Facebook is definitely a moving target!  Glad to bring some clarity.

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks so much Keri!  Yes, it’s a confusing area for a lot of people and I do think that it’s a good idea to use both your profile and your page to increase your success!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks Donna :)

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks Mike!  Glad to help!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Glad to help Devesh!

  • Social Media Temp

    In regards to “I don’t think there’s any need to create a business-only Page”, wouldn’t it be necessary for a larger company or organization who do not want to tie themselves to any specific employees?  For example, a company that hired a temp to set up their Facebook Page, etc.

  • Angelika

    I find it so time consuming to have to post on both. I would love to just post on my fan page rather than my profile page…..but I have over 1600 friends on my profile page, but only 98 on my fan page (it is rather new)…so that’s my challenge. I often post on my profile page and share it on my fan page. Does that make sense?
    Wish I could just MERGE them 😉

    Thanks for the tips though.

  • AnnieintheSun

    Always helpful content from Andrea!
    Regarding #5: Get Notifications on Your Personal Profile for Your Page, it may be obvious but the place to set up these notification is under SETTINGS for your Page > Onsite Notification (not under your own Profile). I’m glad to discover this tip and have just set my notifications for this!

  • Devani Anjali Alderson

    Great tips Andrea! Would you recommend sharing a lot of what you post on your page, onto your personal profile? (e.g., if I post some photo onto my Page, would it be okay to promote it to my personal profile?)  Are their any regulation against that. 

    Also, when you manage more then one page  (like I do) should you list them all under your personal profile? (even if you’re not the owner, you’re just managing it on their behalf)?

    Thank you!

  • Robert Seth

    Thanks for the clarification Anne.  I was curious about this as I read through the article.

  • Bob Green

    Good set of tips. I especially liked linking my personal and business pages as well as listing my page as my employer. Good stuff. Thanks!

  • Ravi Shukle

     Always learn something new with SME posts :) . With Facebook pretty much changing daily great to have these golden nuggets to stay up to date. 

  • Guest

    Great and very useful tips, thanks! The only concern I see is when you try to link a few social platforms together. For instance, if I want to set up my company FB page to link to my Pinterest company profile, than I can’t have a personal Pinterest profile link to my FB personal/company pages if they are under one email address. I recently had to separate my email from being an Admin user on my company FB page in order to link it to my company Pinterest profile. Let me stress that in my case, I have both a personal FB, personal Pinterest profile and company pages for both platforms.

  • Joyce4648

    Andrea, I have a personal facebook page and a Business page. I also have another page I need to delete. How do I do that?

  • Petra Muchova

    Great post Andrea, thank you so much, I will use at least 2 or 3 steps you reccomend. Bye Petra

  • Andrea Vahl

    No, even in the case of a larger company, I think it should still be tied to a personal profile in case you want to Like another Page.  Many large companies do like their sister companies or other branches of their company pages as a way to support those pages.  A company should be able to trust the people in their marketing department who will have control of the Page.

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks Ann!  Yes, I think I mentioned that in tip #5 – the image that shows it is actually in tip #4.  Glad to help!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Sometimes it does seem challenging when you are maintaining both for sure Angelika!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Great point!  Yes, it does become very challenging when you have multiple social platforms and really separating out how they link together!  

  • Andrea Vahl

    Glad you liked it Petra!

  • Andrea Vahl

    You can delete your Page if you go into Edit Page in the Admin Panel and select Manage Permissions. There is a place to delete the page right at the bottom of that form.  Hope that helps!

  • Lynda Dickson

    Thanks Ann. I’ve just set this up, too.

  • Mark Walker

    I’ve been dealing with an issue on my pages for awhile now…I manage several pages and a few of them have disappeared from the top-right corner. They still show up on the left side, but that does not allow me to see the newsfeed as the page.  

    Have you heard of this happening before, and if so, any thoughts on how to address it?

  • Celina Johnson

    A great post Andrea! Like you I really do not like the option to create a Facebook page without linking it to your personal profile.  I find that option really annoying and always encourage people to go in and make themselves an admin so they have access to their pages newsfeed and other business page likes.

  • Bettestevens

    Thank you!

  • Corissa St. Laurent

    Thanks for this post Andrea! I agree that liking other pages, as your page, is really beneficial and a deal breaker when it comes to choosing between a business-only page or creating a page that’s linked to a profile. 

  • iVision Mobile

    Thanks for providing such a great article. I found your post to be of such great help. You sure resolved some questions I had about this matter.

  • J.R. Picklo

    Great post as usual. I am wondering if you can Buffer to your Page instead of your profile. Will have to check that. 

  • Andrea Vahl

    Yes, I do recommend keeping everything under your own profile, Devani.  When you manage a lot of pages I think it’s just easier.  If you are managing Pages for someone, they will have to approve that arrangement.  

    I also do like sharing from my Page to my profile but I don’t do that for everything – just occasionally.

  • Andrea Vahl

    That is strange Mark – I haven’t heard of that issue before.  Are you able to switch to use the Page as the Page once you get there?  

  • Andrea Vahl

    Thanks!  You definitely can use Buffer for your Page, JR – you just have to have it as an option in your Buffer account.  

  • Andrea Vahl

    I think people do get confused by this and want to have their accounts “separate” and don’t realize how separated they actually are even though they look connected in Facebook.

  • Paul Wood

    its ridiculous the way it is set up – why not have a separate business page with fanpage functionality ? It would eliminate all the confusion and allow business pages to be run independently of someones personal profile. I get the impression that business is like a second class citizen and there not sure if they want to be friends with them or not.(they want the revenue of course) but maybe as its a social network first and foremost they are treading very carefully to avoid being seen as overly commercial ?

  • Moin Shaikh

    Great! Just the only concern is, i have seen many people adding incorrect employer page names and thus indirectly creating duplicate pages for the employer which ultimately keeps them away from the original and authentic page. 

  • Mark Walker

    That’s the weird thing, I can’t do that. I can respond to posts to my page, but can’t actually make the switch. If they keep disappearing, I’m going to be in trouble! 

  • Lisa Buller

    Thanks for posting this! #8 explained some issues we’re having with some client accounts who either created a Business-Only account or who converted a personal profile into a business profile. Two more things on that list that you cannot do (from my experience) with a Business-Only account is create a new Photo Album and/or Tag other companies in posts. It varies from account to account, but most cannot do either of these

    One issue we’ve had since personal pages began converted to the new Timeline, is we cannot make any account with the new Timeline (now everyone) Admin/Manager.

    Have you heard anything about this?

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  • Joyce Feustel

    Thanks,Andrea for yet another of your information-packed articles! Good thing I have a 4-day weekend to digest it all (along with my Thanksgiving dinner). :)

  • angelina dom

    Great tips some of are there. Very well written like the way you explain this step by step got fueled some of very useful tips are there.

  • Mahesh Verma

    thanks for sharing this post. it is useful.

  • Rahul Kashyap

    great information for my Facebook page. it Awesome information and valuable tips thanks for sharing this article :)

  • stargaterich

    Wow, this is a fantastic post with valuable tips on integrating Facebook profile with the page.  Logging in as a page instead of personal profile will help in some ways to increase traffic to my site.  Great tips and for a sure fact I am going to book mark this post so that I can go back and review all the tips again at a later date.

  • Devani Anjali Alderson

    okay, thanks!

  • venkatachalam

    Wonderful tips for people who have a business page to promote.

  • Rachel Bennett

    Working with small business owners who are unfamiliar with Social Media but know they need to be engaged in social media, are often in fear of their personal profile being attached to their business page. Thanks for the tips being explained in everyday language that anyone can understand.  Also, as far as maintaining both and the time it takes….Andrea is this a correct way of thinking?……I generally post on my business page, then share that post on my personal profile….to help my edge ranking of my business page, where as sharing my personal post on my business page does not help my business page ranking at all. 
    Thanks again for great content.

  • Linda

    Thanks for a great post Andrea. A question about #8. Is it correct that it is ok with Facebook’s rules to have both a business-only account AND a personal profile as admins? Which means that I create two profiles – 1 for my business and 1 for my self?

  • Petra Mouw

    I am the manager of a couple of pages. Though I have changed my account setting, I still cannot comment on some of my pages posts personally. Even if I comment from the newsfeed in my personal profile. With some other pages I am the manager, I can comment personally. Might it be a bug in FB?

  • Andrea Vahl

    Good to know Lisa – I haven’t played around with business only accounts that much so interesting to hear what other limitations there are.

    I haven’t heard the problem about making someone an admin who has the timeline.  Sounds strange.  Not sure what to suggest.

  • Andrea Vahl

    Yes, that is definitely a big problem, Moin!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Very true Rachel – I do like sharing from my Page to my profile from time to time to let people know what’s going on and to help my stats :)

  • Andrea Vahl

    Yes that is perfectly acceptable.  As long as your personal profile is your name (a personal profile cannot be set up as a company name).  

  • Andrea Vahl

    Have you gone in and unchecked the “Always comment as your page” under Your Settings in the Admin area?  You have to view this page when you are logged in as your Page to see this box.  If you’ve done this, then I would say it probably is a bug.  

  • Laurel Dagger

    Actually you can turn your personal profile into a page… That might be the route you’d rather go since you have so many friends…and you’d hate to start over.

    My old band did that because when fb first started there were no pages… And we had set up a profile. Now FB makes it easy to convert profiles into pages. Hope this helps.

  • Michal Smetana

    Thanks for writing this great post, Andrea. I mean, it is really insightful with very truthful points in there that, from my own experience, many people overlook. I think that every Facebook Page owner should read this, at least to see that he is doing everything right (I’d doubt that). Thanks again.

  • Maya Mendoza

    Thank you Andrea.  Really great post. I’ve given it to my support team to implement for me. Re 
    Rachel Bennett’s comment ”
    Working with small business owners who are unfamiliar with Social Media but know they need to be engaged in social media, are often in fear of their personal profile being attached to their business page. Thanks for the tips being explained in everyday language that anyone can understand.”

    I could not have said it better. 

    Thank you again Andrea
    (and Rachel)

    ~ Maya Mendoza

  • RibbonPrint

    This was very helpful and clarified a lot of questions I had. Thanks Andrea.

  • RibbonPrint

    Thanks Andrea. This answered some questions I had for a while now.

  • Alexandra Brown

    I have lost more sleep, time, and hair over this very issue – page/profile, profile/page, life/death…

    I have also exhausted every ounce of sanity I have trying to find someone to fix this for me – an apparent impossibility since I have never been able to express in any coherent fashion, exactly what my problem ‘was.’

    Notice the ‘was.’

    You. Are. My. New. Hero!!!
    A thousand thanks. (I must go drink champagne now. Seriously, you have no idea what a ridiculously horrible time I have had with this…)

    Alex Brown,
    New FB Aficionado

  • Laurine Hamid

    Thank very much,these i good, my inisict were alway attracing that failure,, i was searching for that
    it very great you were of help..

  • Priya Rajasekaran

    Nice article there Andrea. But i would like to know from you, if it will be possible to monitor the pages on a social media tool like Hootsuite? I tried to sync the profile page on Hootsuite, but couldn’t get the pages monitored. It just synchronizes with the profile page and not the pages associated with the profile. I hope i am not going wrong somewhere! Thanks

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  • Susan

    I was confused by having my business page on my personal profile so I tried to merge them into my business page.  I stopped halfway when I realized that FB was going to merge everything into my personal profile instead (having more likes)!  FB then converted my personal profile into a business page and I have 2 business pages. I would love to change the personal back to personal (we had used it for business before we found out we could create a business page) and keep the business page. What can I do to fix this?

  • Jay

    Thanks Andrea! One drawback for me when using my Page’s voice is I can’t tag people, only other pages. This has been making it hard to just use the company page solely. Any chance you’ve discovered a way around that?

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  • Linda Hugues

    Great article.  Thanks!  One question:  I’m understanding that when I post on my profile, all of my friends can see it, however when I post on my Page, only a small fraction of my fans can see it (unless I want to page Facebook for more distribution.)  Is this true?  This would really limit the effectiveness of using a Page to promote my business.  Suggestions?

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  • Glenn S. Ferguson

    Great information… 

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  • Robyn

    Excellent article.  It’s not an easy area to master but a growing channel for all business owners

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  • Gary | Facebook

    I have a few pages that I manage. It can really be a great source of traffic if you know how to manage it. This is really an awesome tutorial here. It took me a minute to get the hang of it when I first started out. I wish I had this way back then. I am all over it now though. :]

  • Gucunskisava

    I have problem with messages from page…I do not get theme on mobile…is there solution or app? THANKS

  • loredana bobei

    I need a little help, please. I made my page by clicking that ”create page” before signing in on facebook, the way you said that is created a business-only page. I don’t want to be a business only page and I don’t know how to change it. I noticed that I can’t tagg my profile  friends when I post a photo on my page. Shoul that be because i made a business-only page?

  • Lunch On

    How can I add my existing business page, to my existing personal page? 2 different accts. Thanks for the help!

  • Nelson

    when i login to my  personal profile my business page is displayed (which i had created a business only page) and i am unable to view my profile  or post on my profile.  how do i rectify this? pls help…..


  • Jiles

    Thanks for all the tips but I’m still confused about point 8 about Business Only pages.
    I guess I’m not sure if I have a Business Only page, or not, and how do I check ?
    I DO have the invite Friends feature on my admin panel and I  DO log-in and access my page via my profile. I DO have a search bar at the top of my page, but I DON’T have the ability to Like other pages as my page – this is particularly frustrating because when people like my Page I would like to contact them and say Thanks but the best I seem to be able to do is to switch to my profile, search for the person in question and message them to say Thanks for Liking my page. Often and bizarrely they don’t even show up when I do a search. Can you suggest a better way and what mistakes am I making?
    Profile Jiles Halling
    Page My Man In Champagne


  • Nick Nalley

    This is a nice tutorial, though I see you’re using Windows XP and haven’t turned on ClearType. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the old blocky text of XP’s standard type… I’d recommend you turn ClearType on to smooth out the fonts on your screen. Newer versions of Windows have it turned on by default. To turn on ClearType in Windows XP:

    Start > Control Panel (classic view) > Display > Appearance tab > Effects > In the dropdown menu under “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts” (The check box should be checked), select “ClearType” and click OK on the open display properties windows.

    Now, the screen fonts will look smooth as they do on printouts and no longer look blocky and difficult to read at high resolutions, not to mention it’ll help make your screenshots look better. Hope this advice helps.

    I have a facebook page myself.

  • brian vassallo

    “site bookmarked..very good “

  • RedRobin

    Hi Andrea :) I have read your well illustrated and explained tips above and have a perticular problem. I have a page as a Musician/Band – – but I am not a commercial musician or business and Fb isn’t providing me with an option to create a Personal page. It also doesn’t reproduce my profile image when I can post Comments on other people’s Fb pages.

    I thought I had found the answer when I read your Tip #8 but I’m not offered an option to “add a personal profile as an admin”.

    I have tried asking for help in the Fb forum but no-one responds. Are you able to help, please?

  • Jaclyn

    Hi Andrea, thanks for this. Learned something for sure. One thing I’m stuck on though. I can’t seem to find a way to share posts from my page to my personal profile.

  • Jaclyn

    Hi Andrea, thanks for this. Learned something for sure. One thing I’m stuck on though. I can’t seem to find a way to share posts from my page to my personal profile.

  • Maggie

    Hi Andrea. I hope you can help me with an issue I am having. I have a personal profile and a page that I run for my organization. I rarely post new information on my organization’s page. Instead, I like to “share” things that have been posted to my personal profile onto my organization’s page. Now, I have an iPad and I am having trouble doing this. Can you help me?

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  • Tammy Lober

    Loved tip #7! Thank you!

  • Sylviana Herrin

    Thank you Andrea for your detail explanations. It makes more sense to me know why my business page does not react the same way as my personal page. I setup my page as a “business only” without knowing its limitations. No wonder I never received any news feed. I have followed your guidance to rectify the situation, by adding my personal profile as another admin, but it does not seem to work? What did I miss?

  • V

    Hi Andrea, thanks for the info. I accidentally created our non-profit page into my personal page, which I prefer to remain personal. Is there a way to transfer this or is it better to create another personal page that I wouldn’t mind being seen by the public?

  • Nance

    Hi Andrea! I am a bit stumped and need a hand. I have a FB profile and a page for myself as a musician. I put them both in the same name….Do I need to separate the profile with a little different name ..say with a middle initial to have them different? Seems I am trying to post a link to a song through Reverbnation and it can’t find my page :( Thanks!! NAnce

  • Profiles Intl

    Hi Andrea, great article. I would love if you could answer a question for me! We set up our FB company profile a few years ago connected to our personal accounts. Working great, but now my boss is concerned and wants us to add some one else as an admin using just an email address, these other people dont have facebook accounts. Is this possible? or do ALL admins have to have a personal FB account? Thanks so much!

  • Ann Buik

    This article has given me great insights into how to set up a Page. Can anyone tell me though where to find a button or link within my profile that ‘creates a new page? There use to be More to the RHS of Pages, but it no longer seems to be there. Do I have to now go to the Facebook website to create a page?

  • Romina Garcia

    Hi Andrea, thank you for the post It was very helpful! great information for my Facebook page!

  • Rob Dutton

    Andrea, first, thank you for the clearly written information. I think I understand the inherently confusing facebook semantics now…I hope! Secondly, I hope my forthcoming questions are not overly burdensome for you to respond, but if I understood everything
    correctly, I still hear of no way to handle my particular desire with regards
    to leveraging business (page) and personal (profile) vis-à-vis each other. Specifically, I want my posts to my page to also become visible to my profile friends on the newsfeed (without duplicate postings to those friends who have liked my page, though the page alert should,ideally, take precedence in those cases) but NOT the other way around. So, I
    wouldn’t want my own posts to my profile “going to” the page friend-set, only the profile friend-set (whether or not they liked my page). Another way of putting it, I want to grow my
    business from my friend side, not the other way around. I could control that behavior, sort of
    inversely, myself, if it were technically possible to make a profile post that
    linked to an actual post made on my page (but that kind of functionality does not appear endemic to FB design. Am I making sense enough for you to take a stab at my quandry?

  • TAPE

    Hi Andrea, could you tell us how to get posts from a Facebook page to appear on the walls on the Facebook profiles of the two admin managers? We are baffled!
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Alan Johnson

    I’m having problems with pictures and status updates on my page. I can’t see them on my page’s timeline but can see them on my personal accounts newsfeed and on the actual pages app.

    At 1st I wasn’t able to post a picture to my page’s timeline and had to do it via the app. I was able to post and see pictures on the 28th March 13 (today’s date 1st April 13).

    Any help would be amazing guys. Hope to hear back from you very soon. Alan, Belfast.

  • Lark West

    This is a great resource! Thank you. Andera, is there any way to upload more than one image through the Admin Panel of a biz Page? For the life of me, it appears only one image can be displayed with each posting. I want to show BEFORE and AFTER in same posting.

  • Kelly

    Thank you so much for this! You’ve answered all the questions I had about keeping them separate (or at least as separate as desired). Really helpful!!

  • Susan

    Why do my personal friends not show up as friends on my business page? How do I bring the personal friends over to my business page?

  • polar bear

    Wish I’d read this earlier!

    I’ve already created a business page. I do not have a personal profile.

    Is that why I can’t create events?

    It appears that a BP is basically useless without a PP. Given this situation, I think I need to create a PP and somehow link it to my BP, right? What do you think is the best way to proceed with that?

  • Suky

    Thanks Andrea – that really helped!

    Kind regards,

  • Downtonian

    Hi, Andrea! I really appreciate the advice you’ve given here and in the article called “How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business.” However, I have a question: I am doing freelance PR for a business. Shouldn’t their business page be just that, THEIRS, and not linked to my personal FB account? Most your directions seem geared towards folks developing a FB page for their own business, so this is a different situation. What do you recommend? Thanks very much!

  • Lori

    Please help…spent hours trying to figure this out…
    I do not have a personal page on facebook and created a fan page for my new website. I have found that there is limited function w/ a business fan page (i.e. search bar). Do I need to create a personal page under a separate email or should I submit a form to have my business page converted into a personal page? I would like to keep the same email for both but finding I can’t create a personal page w/ my existing email now. Any direction would be much appreciated :)

  • Marylynt MK

    I am a new Facebook entrepreneur (just started a few days ago). I am finding that I love the challenge to get more Facebook users to like my page – especially from the public. Thank you for making this a easier. I plan to read all your posts here!

  • Milan Recknagel

    I have a Facebook page issue – I want to be added as an administrator to my works facebook page as part of my job, but when my colleague tried to add me I wouldn’t show up, even though I have ‘liked’ and messaged the page so I would look ‘active’. I went into my privacy settings but nothing made a difference, I just wouldn’t show up when we tried to add me as an administrator on the page. I manage a page for my website, so I don’t know whether the issue is that I already administrate a page from my account? From searches I can see that you can set up multiple pages though, so this shouldn’t be the issue. Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue? thanks, Milan

  • Dan

    “I don’t think there’s any need to create a business-only Page.”

    I can think of a good reason: if you have someone else manage your social media efforts, you don’t want them to be logged into your personal account and/or have access to other business pages they are not managing. Right?

  • No Skinnies

    While logged into my profile can I make comments on others posts as my page? I have a fitness page, No Skinnies. I follow many other fitness pages via my profile. Should I instead be following them on my page? If I follow them on my page will my fans see the posts from other pages that I am following?

  • sherry

    I just created a FB fan page but I want that one to be public and my personal one to be private is there a way I can do that?

  • basenine

    Hello Andrea,
    I mistakenly Signed up as a Business-Only page… and have run into the issues you mention – oops!
    Is there a way of merging/re-creating….setting it up properly(!) now that I’m here?

    Kind regards – Brett

  • basenine

    Ohh…Just read the last bit….add personal profile as admin…will try that

  • AQeelah

    I’m having an issue where I can’t share items on my personal account to my page. I hate it because ppl give me great reviews on my personal account then I can’t share to my page! Plz help!

  • Shelley

    I started a page for a company under separate name and account. I want to give myself manager access, but I have to like the page first. I can’t find my business page in search, so I can’t like it and give myself access. Help. It’s been 6 days since I made page.

  • Eliane Vanderborght

    Hi Andrea, this is very useful!
    This is new to me and I have just started managing the Facebook page for a small business (I’ve been added as an administrator to the page profile). They do have a FB page but which is pretty stale. So my goal is to revive it and create interest on other social media platforms as well (i.e. mainly Instagram, FourSquare and Google+ as it is a local brick&mortar business).
    I am having problem linking the Instagram account, as well as the Foursquare ones to the existing Facebook page (I’d like them to be able to share/crosspost content on those platforms, at least until they become more comfortable with them).
    The problem I have when linking those profiles, is that neither Instagram nor Foursquare allow me to link to the FB page. It automatically links to my personal FB account.
    Would a pure business-only FB page be a solution in this specific case?

  • Riff Axelerator

    How do you add a personal profile as an admin? I can’t select myself as an admin. I tried unliking and reliking – still can’t select myself as an admin of my business only page.

  • bonnie

    I’m not sure I want my 2 accounts linked. What happens if I leave my job?

  • Fran

    Are there any drawbacks to converting your personal profile to a ´´page´´? I have the same problem — I have many friends on my personal profile, and I when I ´´Like´´ or ´´comment´´ I want it to be with my PAGE profile…

  • Boyd Dugan

    Andrea, I am so happy I found you! If you have time can you answer me this. I have a personal page and a business page (that I am struggling with). Should I delete my business page that is new, and just start to develop my business as you say from my personal one?

    Boyd Dugan
    owner of Harvest Creek Winterset, Iowa

  • Craig Casey

    #8 Have a “Business Only Facebook page” If you have created a business-only Page and want to rectify the situation, all you need to do is to add a personal profile as an admin and you will have all the functionality of a regular Page.

    After signing into the admin page and trying to add an additional Manager Facebook with the personal name or email address and hitting save a message is displayed you have entered the wrong password. I entered the same password to sign into the Business Page.

    Can you help or spell it out for me to rectify the problem?

  • Ned

    Andrea – I did number 8, ACCIDENTALLY, creating a business-only page. If I had a personal page (and I could go create one) I could do what you suggest. But is there also a way to convert my business only page to a more flexible personal/business timeline/page that you suggest in the first place?

  • Vanda S

    Thanks again for this post Andrea! I have other problems then this with my fan pages I can’t as my page to use any apps that is given in Facebook such as Instagram. Facebook is asking me to switch as my personal account maybe you know what to do ?

  • Sam

    How to add personal profile as an admin for a Business only page??

    It has become such a frustration making an independent business page..This is simply no soicalizing with other groups and pages.Even it doesnt find my personal profile to ”make an admin”. what should i do to admin that page??Thanks

  • Elaine

    Andrea. You have great posts. Thanks! Can you tell me if there is a way to follow the pages you “like” on your business page when on mobile access? I often share posts on my business page from my desktop when I see great tips for my following; however, when out of town, I cannot view the many pages I follow. Thanks!

  • Andrea Vahl

    Hi Elaine – no unfortunately there isn’t a good way to do that! Very frustrating. Occasionally I’ve been able to force the browser to the non-mobile version of Facebook but I don’t always have good luck with that. They used to have a way to switch more easily but that’s gone. Sorry I don’t have better news!

  • Cazz

    Hi Andrea.

    Great page. I have a question about business pages with
    facebook. I am sure if you dont know the answer, you can point me in the right
    direction to the right person.

    i have set up a business page that is not linked into my
    personal profile. I have linked it via ‘my workplace’ which gives me limited
    access to the page from my personal page. I have now worked out that a page can
    be created through your personal profile.

    I have found the Administrator settings, but it wont allow
    me to add myself as an administrator.

    Apart from being able to use your friends list to gather
    likes, is it better to have it all linked or a stand alone business page which
    I currently have.

    If I was to later sell my business, I would guess it would
    make things easier if my personal profile isnt linked as I dont know if they
    can be separated.

    Can you point me in the right direction.

  • Nico

    Hello i have a business page #8 and i want to turn it into a real profile where i can like and invite friends however i need directions “add a personal profile as an admin” didn’t help me much.

  • Matthew Gibbs

    The last paragraph in #8 really helped me out. Id been struggling to find a solution for a while. Thanks for your great post. Regards, Matt

  • Wayne Stiles

    Great post, Andrea. One question: I recently converted my profile to a page (all my friends became “likes”), but now I can’t seem to find the news feed any place. The only thing I can access is my admin panel. What am I missing? Thanks.

  • CFox

    Thanks for all the great information. I would like my pages to not show up on my home page and keep my pages separate from my personal profile. How can I do this. Or is this a feature no one else sees.

  • carloritschl

    Did Facebook get rid of their Business Only pages last week?

  • jess

    If I deactivate my personnal account, will i still be able to use my business page?

  • Duddioman

    Great guide, Andrea, I appreciate the info. The only drawback I’ve run into is #8. I have found that when we created our business page through our personal profile, I couldn’t use some apps and marketing programs because they would always hit my personal profile and not the business page.

    Even when I tried through the business page, FB would stop me and force me to switch to my personal profile before signing up for some apps. I don’t know why they want to limit business access like that, but it’s what I have found.

  • Chilled Living

    Hi Andrea
    I need help and cannot find it anywhere maybe you will be able to help me. I am logged in and am using Facebook as my page but yet everything i do outside of Facebook goes to my personal profile. Just like here it is my profile not my page that indicates i have logged into this system via Facebook? Please can you help me i need to get this resolved.


  • Melissa Hernandez

    Thanks for the affirmation! Question – any way to set up a page post to update your personal profile status?

  • baebay

    I have a problem. I have several FB pages. On all but one of them, I can
    ‘share’ something from my personal timeline, choose share on a page a
    manage, choose the page, and the ‘share’ posts as the page like it
    should, the other page does not. I have checked and double checked
    settings and I can’t figure it out. Can you help? Thanks

  • Linda

    Hi Andrea,

    I am a new entrepreneur trying to build a facebook to build some brand awareness. Your tips above are very useful, especially after I created a business page and had been struggling w/ the limited features. :( I will certainly follow your blogs and going to give share it w/ my friends.

  • Sai ji

    Hi. I wanna tell you that i have created a business only page as i was not knowing at all about how to create pages..Now, i ma having business only page..I have read now to your article about the limitations a business only page has..Please tell me how to change the business only page to some Facebook profile page..Is it possible to do so….?Please help me in this regard soon…

  • Quincy

    I have a private facebook account with a hotmail address attached to it. Then later down the track i created a new e-mail address (gmail) and when i created my like page i used the new address. I would like to have them attached but they have different e-mail addresses. Is it possible to merge them? I have tried changing the e-mail address but it says it is already in use. I don’t want to lose all of the likes i currently have by creating a new like page. Or is it possible to attached two pages with different e-mail addresses and not change one so i can update on both at the same time. Maybe an app i can download that updates all social media when you post on one…
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Kind Regards

  • Brian Reed

    I have just done what you dont recommend. My profile page was getting to ” businessy” for my friends who started to make it known to me, so i set up business page and then merged it with my profile name and gave it another name. Trouble is I have now lost all my forums and group likes so need a new profile page. From reading the above it seems I create a new page which has all my personal stuff in. Is this correct?


  • Amy

    Hi! Do you happen to know why as the manager for my page, I cannot successfully like to it from a status update on my personal page? When anyone else uses @ThePageName in their status update, it shows up under “Recent Posts by Others” on our page. But when I reference our page in my personal status, nothing happens!

  • ldubs

    Thank you for this article. I am an actor and am creating a fan page. I think what I’ve been reading so far (your article as well as others), suggest that it is safe to create my fan page with the same log in info as my personal page. Is that correct? I keep my personal page, very personal, as in not that searchable. It’s not an issue now but as my fan count increases to complete strangers, is it safe?

  • Ceramic Matters

    Hi. I opened a “business only” page on the business name.
    Only realised after that it should have been in a persons’ name. Is there a way
    we can rectify this and change it to a personal account or do we have to start
    all over again with a new account? (I do not have a personal face book acc)
    Thank you.

  • Linda c

    Hi Andrea I’ve tried to add my new personal profile to my original business only page and it tells me an invite has been sent but on the personal page I can’t find the invites button. I set up the personal page to set up my new business page but the first one I created is business only (I have two business pages) and I want to have both linked to my personal page as you suggest. What do I do next? Thanks Linda

  • Guest

    Ack, please help! I think I created a ‘business-only’ page by mistake. I only have 16 followers so I could just delete the page but it’s all set up with the proper url, custom tabs and everything. Is there any way to link my personal account or is it too late?

    Now I understand – I kept saying, where’s the search bar, why don’t I have a newfeed, etc. Thanks!

  • Peter Tarimo

    I have just fineshed reading the article and without wasting any time as i finish writting this comment i will open a page for my new business using my personal account. God bless you!

  • Cindy Tippie

    Hi….I am so totally confused…I have a personal profile and 3 fanpages for my direct sales businesses, I can only connect one of those fan pages to my employment section….help help help

  • British History Tours

    Your page has been so helpful thankyou!
    I have another question though – can I set my privacy settings for my personal page different to my business page? When I go to try and set them on my business page it gets me to log in as my personal page to do it. I’m confused :-)

    Hope you can help.


    British History Tours

  • Patrick

    My biz page is linked to my personal page. Problem is that my biz page does not show up in any internet searches maybe because it’s linked to personal page which has a privacy setting because I don’t want my personal info open to the public. The only way I can see having the business page come up in an internet search is to separate the two. Is this right? Also I’m trying to link my biz page to personal and all info on the net is based on older FB program.

  • Shawn Alain

    Unfortunately you can no longer create a business only account. I know you say you discourage it but it was a valuable tool. You create one and then add personal profiles to be admin. You also do all your ads through the business profile which is especially useful when managing multiple advertising campaigns for different clients and you don’t want the wrong clients CC to be billed.

  • Cyndi at Creative Sparks Metal

    Great post Andrea. This is the first site that has clarified my Page versus my Profile because I have been pretty darned confused. I had set up my brand page completely separate from my personal page using a different email and password (so to switch I actually have to log out of one and log into the other) so the two sides was pretty confusing. Thanks for clearing this up!

  • Elvin

    Please HELP…Thank you for your illustrations and assistance!!! I’m trying to convert to a business page and completed the steps and downloaded my personal profile…My frustration now is trying to UPLOAD all my messages/photos etc and I know in one of your comments you stated this has to be down manually. Can you please provide the process? This is GREATLY appreciated!

  • Troy

    The company I work for wants me to set up a Facebook page for the company. If I set it up under my account and then leave at some point how would they access the account? Is there a way to set up the page and then pass it along to them? Or should I just set up a personal account for the business and then build the page off of that?

  • JAK

    Thanks so much – I am a bit of a FB novice and I’ve just discovered you. Your posts are so helpful and well illustrated. Brilliant.

  • lary

    Hi Andrea. Thank you for this article. Right now everytime I post from my Facebook profile, it’s posting automatically to my page too and would like to change this. Could you please guide me in how to do it? Thanks

  • BK Alley

    I wish you had actually explained how to go about the correction in #8. That’s the problem I have. It’s a stupid function on FB, and if they insist on keeping it they need a huge flag warning new users about how crippled they will be.

  • N. R. Champagne

    Thanks for the very useful article. I made a personal profile and then added my business Page. I am finding that all of my contacts relate to mostly to my personal profile and rarely see my business page, I had to cajole most of them into “liking” my Page, and when I did I found that they have no convenient way to click over to my Page when they’re on Facebook. Also, my Page posts don’t seem to appear on their walls. I’m having a hard time seeing the value of having a Page at all. Also, how do I get people outside my family and friends to find my Page?

  • Neev Goldkin

    Great Stuff! Thanks for all the help. It amazing how complex something seemingly so simple can be. I guess that is why I have a job!

  • Jeremy Lee Ross

    QUESTION: why wont my page come up when i try to ad it as employer in the about section?? Its stopping me from being able to link to my band page.

  • Rose

    Has anyone come across this one …I have just set up a quick shopping cart with Godaddy who have a fb app which when clicked on in my godaddy set up page should connect your website products to your fb page (I have added a fb page to my personal profile page). The app adds a our products tab to my page but when I publish the products in Godaddy they do not link with the fb page under our products. I have contacted Godaddy several times & no one can work out why it doesn’t work. Is it because I need a separate business page???? If so is it worth it or do other advantages out way showing my products on the fb page?

  • Amy L. Terrell-Marek

    Hi Andrea! Thanks for the tips!

  • Jude Ideas

    thanks Andrea, this has been insightful.. Nearly got stuck

  • Sprite

    Hi Andrea, thanks for the great article! I have a business-only page after having successfully converted my private profile into a Page (sportsperson). Now I have separate email addresses linked to my Page and my newly created private profile. I have added my new private profile as admin to my Page, but would like to remove the email address linked to my page. Do you know how I can do this?

  • Arjun

    Thanks… Useful TIPS

  • PhuqEwe

    How come my musician page can only share a link “On this Page’s timeline” and not someone else’s page like my regular page allows?

  • lot less closeouts

    I have a fb profile I use for my business, with several pages I use for each of my business locations. I’d it possible for me to have a drop down list at the top of my profile page for navigating to each location, or am I stuck with using the pages navigation on the left?

  • Isabelle Gendron

    Good morning. I am trying to join private pages and send a request from my public page on FB and I am never able to do it. Is there something I can do about this? it is really frustrating since I ought to comment under my personnal name and then I have friends request but that should have gone to my public page. I hate to have to refer the request to the public page cause that means I have to refuse to have them as ¨friend¨but I want to keep my personnal page personnal…any idea how I can do that?

  • Carmella James

    I have a lot of friends who say they can not find my page. I want my page to have a link for people to click on. I tried adding a company under Work & Employment but it does not find my page. My own profile does have it there for me to click on to go do stuff. But my friends can not get to it….It is so frustrating.

  • Owltalker

    Step back and take a look at what you have to go through to try to straighten your pages out! Why are these people so thankful for info that is so complex and ridiculous to try to put in play. Facebook is a disaster. Just try to set up tweets or other media to post to your business page. It goes to the personal page and not the business page. It’s a joke!

  • ramsdesk

    Quite useful post. What there is one more limitation. From the page, if you share a photo, say with any group, the original profile name gets displayed and not the page name in the target group’s timeline. While ‘like’ and ‘comment’ works fine, ‘Share’ has this limitation. Anything can be done to overcome this? I need to see my page name displayed when I share anything to anyone.

  • Jenny Azevedo

    I disagree with linking personal to business. If you are an active Fb user and you post funny things on a friends facebook wall such as a penis halloween costume etc… it WILL show up on the wall of your business page. Highly unprofessionally. Always keep business and personal seperate for this reason alone. You cannot choose what can and cannot be seen unless your very mum on your personal FB account and rarely post anything to anyone.

  • Jenny Azevedo

    I disagree with linking personal to business. If you are an active Fb user and you post funny things on a friends facebook wall such as a penis halloween costume etc… it WILL show up on the wall of your business page. Highly unprofessionally. Always keep business and personal seperate for this reason alone. You cannot choose what can and cannot be seen unless your very mum on your personal FB account and rarely post anything to anyone.

  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jeremy

    Hi Andrea, is there a way so that when I “like” a post when I’m in my business Facebook page, it wont show my personal name, instead it will show up as my page name? eg. Geo-Hortus Herbals likes this instead of Jeremy ***** likes this?


  • Jesssay

    I have a business-only account and I want to know if I can link it to my profile without starting all over again.
    Also if I do this am I able to tag people who aren’t my friends (people who have ‘liked’ the page)?

  • Vaishali

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for the article. I have a query and need your help. I have a separate business page in Fb and there are two different company pages under that for different units of my business. I want to link only one account to Pinterest. However every time I log in from my Pinterest account it leads to a default page with no address. Is it possible to link pinterest account with one of the two pages? Please help

  • godders

    i have linked my buisness with my personal page but as there is many of us who update the work page i have set up another personal page and was wondering how i transfer my buisness from my personal accout to the new one??

  • Lisa Hinson

    What if your page doesn’t show up in the left sidebar? I’ve stumbled into how to do it before but I don’t remember :(


    Hi Andrea, Great articke but I am still confused as I am not facebook literate. As an author I have a fanpage and want to be able to share with other facebook groups. This means I have to create an indiidual page as well which I don’t want to do as I get thousands of people who are not my friends and I don’t want them following me.
    Is a business page a fanpage? If so can I add the personal profile as an admin to get the above functionality? Tried to do that and couldn’t find where to go into my page as admin to add a personal profile. Many thx for any help you can give me

  • Luis Manuel


    I need to merge my profile facebook page with a business page.

    I´ve changed my profile name to the same name as my page as i was sugested. Now when asked to merge i received a message that i´ve already a page with that name and can´t find way to go over it.

    Message “It looks like you already manage a Page named Relaxe na Linha. Please choose a different name or go to your current Page.”

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks for your time.

    be happy


  • Kevin

    should I or do i have to create a business FB page via my personal one? Or should I open a business page sereate

  • troy

    Hello HELP i try to convert my friends page to my like page but it says error what am i doing wrong??

  • Sue

    Hi Andrea! I have a question – I have always been able to log onto my business pages and then view the “home” button for that particular business and see what is going on with all the related people/businesses I am following. Now under my business pages if I click “home” it takes me to my personal home page and does me no good. This is a recent problem. Has Facebook changed something? Or do I need to update a setting? Please lmk your thoughts! Thanks!

  • Cristina Martins

    I really need some help here!
    I’m having problems with switching between my profile and my pages. Always had pages and never had problems switching between them and my personal profile using the arrow in the upper right corner but since last week I don’t have the option “use facebook as page” anymore, it just shows “your pages”. When I click, I can still see my pages and I can still post as page but I’m still using my personal profile. Any idea what can be going on?

  • kaelash

    Hii I want to ask u that how to I promot my page in other groups and pages without mentioned page link.
    I show many time that people posted that ‘Plz like my page ‘. And their page’s name appear in blue color . anybody can click on that they are reached on the page.. Plz help me to prompt my page on facebook

  • Just Me

    yeah, NONE of this is valid anymore

  • charan

    Hi, i have a question — when some one search for my company name two pages are appearing in the search results, one is my profile page it seems, second one is my business page which we update regularly, how can i remove my personal page from search results. what we did earlier is unknown when creating the account..but we did something unwanted i think, please help.

  • Tinara


  • Sunni Madrasa

    Dear Andrea,
    I have a problem while using facebook page. Long time back, I have created a page in facebook without creating a personal profile on the same Email ID. Now, I am unable to use some facilities in the page due to this issue. Can I create a personal profile page based on the same Email ID what I have used for creating Page and Can I link both of them. Or else, is there any solution for this? Thanks

  • ProgChik

    Here’s my question: when I comment in forums like this, but log in under my Facebook account, can I comment as my Facebook page name and not my profile name?

  • George Padvorac

    I have a personal account, and then created a business page. Now I have someone I want to work on the business page for me, but I don’t want them to have access to my personal facebook account. How can I manage this?