social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Instagram Introduces Web Embeds: Instagram adds web embedding for Instagram content and brings you “an easy way to add Instagram photos and videos to the stories you want to tell.”

instagram web embeds

Now, when you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your desktop web browser, you'll see a new Share button on the right side of your photo (just under the Comments button).

Twitter Rolls Out the Ability to Sync Direct Messages Across All Apps: Twitter makes it “even easier with a coordinated update for seven different apps: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck.”

twitter direct message sync

You can now sync your direct messages across all of your devices and Twitter accounts.

Yelp Introduces Yelp Platform: It’s “a new way to transact on Yelp.” They have started to roll out the Yelp Platform category by category, “beginning with food delivery and pickup. Starting now, people can order food directly from a select number of restaurants supported by and Eat24.”

yelp introduce platform

Yelp Platform helps connect customers directly with businesses.

Tumblr Updates Mobile Apps With Improved Search and Explore Tools: “To help you find more of the stuff you love,” Tumblr is “bringing brand-new search and explore tools” to their “iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Now you can check out what’s trending on Tumblr and get suggested blogs for anything you search.”

tumblr update mobile apps

Tumblr brings new search and explore tools to their mobile apps.

Foursquare Releases App for Feature Phones: It’s “an all-new Foursquare app for the full range of Nokia’s S40 phones, including all the new Asha devices.”

foursquare all new mobile app

Nokia S40 phone users will now have access to the all-new Foursquare app.

Here’s more interesting news to follow:

Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search to U.S. Users: “Graph Search is now rolling out more broadly to everyone who uses Facebook in U.S. English.” They are “currently working on making it easier for people to search and discover topics, including posts and comments.”

roll out graph search

As Graph Search rolls out more widely, everyone on Facebook will see a notice on their Home Page with a reminder about how to control what they share and with whom.

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  • It is a good modification to make the competition among social services
    alive. With this move, Instagram seems to be taking steps to
    establishing itself as a real-time sharing platform. Web embedding
    has been a highly requested feature for the service. The ability to
    embed video makes it easier to share photos and videos on the web
    helps provide ubiquity to the Instagram brand.

  • Tadhg O’Erie

    Why has “social media” become “merchant media?” Don”t we get enough spam, pop ups, pop unders, unsolicited invittions to join this or join that, meaningless inviations to “like” this so your personal informatin can be shared with still others? There was at one time this thing called “privacy” but socialologists now say that Generation Twitter has never known privacy, and doesn’t miss it. There used to be what was called “back stage” activities. Things that went on behind the scenes that the audience was not meant to share. Now evrything from bathroom habits to bedroom habits are bein tweeted and put onto the social media which opens the Pandora’s box of ruthless advertisers to hawk their products.
    I can’t possibly expect you to understand this or agree any more than I can expect a gun owner to understand why he feels compelled to be armed and dangerous.

  • Marji

    I look forward to this every week, to help improve our non-profit’s social media outreach. Thanks!

  • Laura Mann Weed

    Well, all the commercialization is what keeps social media FREE for users. And there are LOTS of, admittedly time consuming, ways to make sure you don’t see what you don’t want to. Today’s generation knows how and why this works, AND how to control it.

  • Brandon


  • Ferb Huynh

    Yep, that is the amazing feature. I couldn’t use any of the beautiful images in Instagram at all.

  • What kind of non profit you are? I am interested in studying how non-profits are using social media for the social good.


  • HQ

    Is graph search available in uk? Ive been trying to no avail from business fan pages and personal pages too.

  • Great Instagram feature!! Insightful post. Thanks for sharing. Really
    helpful post and helpful feature too to develop competitions.