social media expert interviewIf you live the U.S., then you’re likely thinking about next month’s tax deadline.  You’re also likely using TurboTax Free Efile to file you tax returns.  In this video I interview Christine Morrison, Social Media Marketer at TurboTax.  Christine shares some of the social media tactics TurboTax uses to engage their community.

Be sure to check out how TurboTax uses the social media platforms listed below.

Here are a few ways TurboTax is using social media:

  • Leverage reviews to help people improve the buying decision.
  • Provide  tax assistance on Twitter. TurboTax’s social media support community has already helped over 10 million people.
  • Engage people with the TaxCaster widget on their Facebook Fan Page mentioned in the video. It’s a fun interface to get people to interact and buy from TurboTax.
  • Answer questions in a variety of YouTube playlists.

You can check out the TurboTax Social Hub to see all of their social media activities.

Here’s Christine’s tip for people starting out: Listen to what people really say and do.

How does TurboTax’s social media marketing inspire you?  Please leave your comments below.

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  • This is an interesting post, Michael. I think it’s a great way to use Social Media. TurboTax seems to have understood some key details about people and social media. Your post does give me some great ideas to use while working on campaigns for tax preparation and filing systems in India. So I must say, great post and thank you for an inspirational pitching idea! 🙂

  • Thanks Vinod – I agree TurboTax is doing some innovative stuff

  • Wow! Great move for TurboTax. Engaging with customers through social media makes it more easy to have an access to information about tax issues. I appreciate the idea.

  • Yeah, this is a good move! I have used them the past few years, but I am thinking about using someone else this year, simply because its cheaper…So, for me, it comes down to price 🙂

  • debfegueroa

    Thank you again for more great information that I can impliment into my To do list this week..Engage the audience…

  • Jayme

    I think Turbo Tax needs to focus on tax questions and not play in the political politics of the Nation, you have employees and customers that all do not support one position, that is why corporations need to stay out of it, you do not represent one voice in our country. You recently left a terrible message on TWITTER stating that you have heard the feedback therefore you will pull ads from the Glenn Beck Show alienating a HUGE part of America and customer base, he is the most watched man in news, Fox News the most watch news channel in our Nation, there is a reason for that TurboTax.

  • I’m a big fan of TurboTax! I just used it this year for the first time. What really pushed me to use it were the reviews that Christine mentioned. Great job!

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