social media how toDo you want more people to watch your videos?

Have you thought of integrating your YouTube channel with your Pinterest account?

When you combine the power of YouTube with Pinterest, you can boost your business and increase your subscribers.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to add YouTube videos to Pinterest.

This is a great way to leverage the power of both of these platforms.

And this tactic is easy to do and can easily be outsourced.

pinterest with videos

You don't even need to leave Pinterest to view a video.

Here are 8 steps to add YouTube videos to Pinterest:

#1: Download Google Chrome

You can pin from any browser, but Google Chrome’s Shareaholic for Pinterest plugin makes pinning a very easy process, because you simply need to click on the red Pin button and it will automatically fetch all pertinent details from your YouTube channel.

If you’ve not yet downloaded Google Chrome on your Mac or PC, you can click on this link: Google Chrome Download.

Here’s the direct link to the free plugin: Google Chrome’s Shareaholic for Pinterest.

#2: Make Sure Your YouTube Video is Fully Optimized

You want to make sure to leverage the traffic that comes from Pinterest; therefore, you’ll want to fully optimize the YouTube title and description box before you pin your first video.

Don’t forget to start any copy you put into your YouTube description box with a URL/link back to your blog, opt-in page or offer page.

Since that link is active (clickable) and it’s the first thing that viewers see, it’s important to include it.

optimize youtube videos

Optimize your YouTube videos before you post them.

#3: Make Sure Your YouTube Channel is Optimized and Ready to Take Viewers to Your Opt-in Pages

Once viewers land on your videos, they may want to know what else you have to share.

If they click on your YouTube profile name, they’ll be taken to your channel’s landing page.

Make sure you optimize the channel name and description box, add a photo of yourself and that you list links on the right-hand side of your channel that take viewers to your opt-in pages.

optimize youtube channel

Optimize your YouTube channel.

These simple steps go a long way in leveraging the traffic you’ll get from Pinterest.

#4: Select the First YouTube Video You Want to Pin

Once you’ve downloaded Shareaholic for Pinterest and you’ve made sure your YouTube channel is ready for traffic, you’ll simply need to go to your YouTube channel, select the video you want to pin and use the handy one-click button.

shareaholic pin button

Use the Shareaholic Pin button in the Google Chrome navigation bar to share your video on Pinterest.

#5: Create a Board Specifically for Your YouTube Channel

When naming your board, make sure you take SEO (search engine optimization) into consideration. Pinterest can bring you traffic from both inside their community and from Google search.

With that said, you’ll need to take the time to do a bit of research to find the most appropriate keywords to use.

create pinterest board

Create your Pinterest board using keywords relevant to your business.

Since I use this Pinterest account to solely feature video content, I’ve created different keyword-rich boards for different types of videos.

#6: Add Keywords in Your Description

When you share your video, don’t leave the description box empty. You’ll want to take advantage of targeted keywords related to your niche.

You have 500 characters to add a complete description.

add good description

Add a good description when you share your videos on Pinterest.

#7: Add a Link to Your Blog or Offer Page

If you have a relevant offer page or an email subscription page, you’ll also want to add the complete URL here inside the description box. This not only gives your page a backlink from Pinterest, a trusted source, but it also makes it easy for people to click on your link and land where they can opt into your offer or list.

By making all links active from the description box, Pinterest makes it easy to build a community of loyal followers!

add link

Remember to add the link to your offer page or your subscription page inside the description box when you add your video to Pinterest.

#8: Pin All of Your YouTube Videos

Now that you’ve added your first YouTube video onto Pinterest, make sure you keep a consistent flow.

We add all new videos we upload on YouTube to our Pinterest account as well, as it’s now part of our overall backlink strategy.

When you leverage your YouTube videos on Pinterest, you’re able to take advantage of what I call a double-backlink. When you pin a YouTube video, you automatically create a backlink to your YouTube channel.

This is powerful for SEO because the more backlinks from trusted sources you send to your YouTube channel, the more YouTube will raise your ranking.

The same applies to your website, because you’re creating backlinks to subpages from Pinterest (which is the 38th most-viewed website on the Internet and the 15th most-viewed website in the U.S.), and we all know as marketers that Google loves high-quality backlinks from reputable sites.

Another advantage of this tactic is that you can send Pinterest traffic to your YouTube channel. If you’ve taken time to optimize your channel and videos, you’re able to increase your YouTube subscriber base.

In time, as you continuously produce high-quality video content, you can migrate that original Pinterest traffic to any of your opt-in pages and get those viewers to your email list.

And of course it’s the same scenario when you send Pinterest traffic to your blog or website. As long as you include a strong call to action and obvious opt-in boxes on each page of your blog, you’re able to direct traffic to a place where they can opt into your list.

Combine Your YouTube and Pinterest Strategies for Better Results

When you follow these steps and share your YouTube videos on Pinterest, you’ll multiply your marketing results.

By posting your YouTube videos on Pinterest, you’ll give your Pinterest followers easy-to-click links to your YouTube channel. This means you’re likely to also grow the subscribers to your YouTube channel.

By including links to strategic pages in the pin descriptions, you’ll create useful backlinks to your site. This will likely increase the visibility for your site in Google search results.

Give this tactic a try and combine the power of YouTube and Pinterest to boost your marketing almost effortlessly.

What do you think? Do you use YouTube? Have you posted videos on Pinterest? Has this worked well for you? Please share you comments below.

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  • Thanks a Ton for the share..Had been implementing this concept on my Pinterest Boards.. 🙂

  • Love the combination Krizia! Youtube and Pinterest are really good social media sites for online marketers to increase traffic to our business.  It’s really great that you’ve included a step-by-step guide to do it, so if ever I have a video to share on Pinterest, I’ll have your guide to help me, thanks!Keep rockin SME peeps!

    ~John Lee Dumas

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  • Talking Finger

    Interesting…however I was told by several people that this actually hurts SEO by using an extension for pinning, rather than copying the URL of the video and using that. If you notice when you pin from extensions such as this, the “source” is listed as “Pinned just now via pinmarklet” instead of a direct URL link which would instead say: “Pinned 6 days ago from” which when explained to me several times by trusted sources it does not hold the same “weight” in a Google search or for how Google’s algorithms find and rank by relevance…since YouTube is owned by Google. Blogs and other contnt it doesn’t matter, but for some reason it matters for YouTube. Thoughts?

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  • Sandra Sims

    Like this article Krizia!  Wish I could afford to take your class that you are offering, but just can’t at this time.

  • This is a GREAT idea and a super practical article.  I’ll be sharing it with all my nonprofit clients.  Thanks so much!

  • Dara Khajavi

    I really enjoy when different social media outlets merge together. I enjoy finding interesting YouTube videos that people tweet and post on Facebook. This is an exciting combination of social media. Recently, Alicia Keys joined Pinterest. She proceeded to use Pinterest to post her music videos. I am excited to see how this trend will evolve and grow.

  • Sarah Bauer

    Great suggestion, Krizia! Visuals in social media marketing has become huge, especially with the recent influx of mobile web users, harnessing the features of their devices, and accessing their platforms for on-the-go entertainment. It’s important to build connections between these platforms to create cohesive experiences for these users.
    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  • Gordon Robinson

    I really like it. It has never occurred to put videos on Pinterest. Will get it set up. Thanks

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  • Good tips!  I just recently started adding our YouTube videos to Pinterest and I need to also add our Slideshare presentations to take advantage of that as well.  I was hoping Facebook videos could be added to Pinterest but it doesn’t look like that is the case presently.

  • Pull in your Pinterest Pins to your rebelmouse page for extra juice over time.

  • I so over neglect Pinterest…

  • Krizia

    Thanks so much for sharing. That’s awesome!

  • Krizia

    EntrepreneurOnFire – and may I say how much I love that name! I totally agree … Pinterest + Youtube are quite a perfect combination!

  • Wow, really great article about stuff I knew nothing about.  Have not been using any of this stuff.  Thanks for the information. Oh and great tips on how to do this stuff!

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  • Krizia!

    I la la LOVE this post! Over 10% of my website’s traffic comes from Pinterest… it’s a wonderful SoMe platform. Thanks especially for Tips #6 & #7… I’m off to improve my descriptions!

    FYI: From the first day of joining Pinterest, I set up my account as a brand… knowing they’d eventually get Business Pages started. As soon as website verification happened, traffic took off. 

    Will share this post – it’s the best tutorial!!



  • Hi Krizia, super post and strategy! I think I’m already subscribed to your YouTube Channel, but I’d better follow you on Pinterest now too.

    Do you know if any of the other Chrome extensions will do as good a job as Shareaholic? What’s the difference in what gets pinned if we use the Pin it extension instead? I haven’t really tested the outcome of using different extensions for pinning but in general I’m not too fond of Shareaholic.

  • Wonderful post. Pinterest was a great traffic channel before, but now it will gain even bigger value. Thank you for step-by-step tutorial, very helpful and informative.   

  • Amy Kinnaird

    This is great step-by-step information. I need to get some new videos created and do everything you suggest. Love the idea in #5 of having multiple YouTube boards, based on keywords and content in the videos. Super!

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  • Thanks for your feedback! It’s awesome to read that you’re doing this already!

  • Hey EntrepreneurOnFire! I so agree. Pinterest and YouTube are great. I’m working on new combinations as well to get the word out about what I do and how I serve others!

  • Hi Talking Finger! Thanks for this tip. I had not heard of that. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I’ll test it out and see if there’s a difference in terms of results in the search engine!

  • Thanks Sandra for the comment!

  • Claire – I’m really humbled by your comment 🙂

  • Dara – wow! That’s great news about Alicia Keys. I didn’t know and thanks for sharing. I believe it will be huge. Have you seen YouTube’s page on Pinterest? That was my inspiration to change how I was doing things.

  • Sarah – those are words that warm my heart. You are so spot on … it’s not even funny 😉

  • Gordon – it’s so awesome that you now have this strategy that you can use in your business!!!

  • Mike – you seem to be ahead of the game 😉

  • Robin – I had not yet heard of rebelmouse, but it seems there is a new social media every second. That said, thanks a LOT for the tip and I’ll look into this for sure!

  • Hey Scott – it’s never too late :-))))

  • Steven, it’s my pleasure and I hope you’ll try this tip out!

  • Hey Ande – you are so smart! My brand is me in many respects and I’ve set things like that as well with the 2nd account! I still play around with the first account, but don’t spend too much time there!

  • 😉 Thanks Ileane! I’m quite honoured by your comments and humbled that you’d follow me!

  • It would be great to connect with you on Facebook as well!

  • Sergey – I love your words and the way you think 😉 For me Pinterest is really all about that double backlink from a trusted source 🙂 With Google slaps, I know it will never happen on my Pinterest backlinks.

  • Amy! Yup! I grabbed that idea straight from YouTube. If they are doing it … so am I!

  • I’m so humbled by all of your comments and I hope you’ll connect with me on Facebook, as I’d love to know what you’re working on! Thanks so much for your feedback, comment and encouragement! 

  • Herman

    Krizia…does using the Pinterest share button under each YT video have the same affect as what you describe here?

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  • Steph

    Awesome article with fantastic tips! One thing I would love to add – which is probably in phase 2 of this conversation – is creating an attractive thumbnail (the static image before your video plays) that actually interests people enough for them to press play. It’s often hard to know what will work and what your audience will like, so being able to a/b split testing multiple thumbnails will give you insight on what your audience finds interesting/intriguing and so forth. In the end, you can set everything up correctly, but that doesn’t guarantee you will receive the views you are aiming for. 

    Thanks again!

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  • Thank you for the useful as well as easy to understand and follow information.  Once I read your article, I started implementing the strategies you suggested.

  • just the instructions i needed for engaging customers with Pnterest (or at list to try for).

  • This is great Krizia… thank you for sharing. I never thought to integrate my YouTube videos with Pinterest. I’m sure this will work for any video sharing website like Vimeo?? I’ve got work to do… this is great 🙂

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  • mjconstruction

    Oh my gosh! This is wonderful and Thank you for the great information! I
    love that you can use “Backlinks” We all need to put these to use more
    often when available. Love Pinterest and that we jumped on board early
    on. Facebook we jumped on a little too late so it is hard to take
    advantage of people liking us…. now they want us to “Promote”!

  • hardikjoshi

    Great post, thanks for the dope 🙂

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  • Talking Finger

    Thanks, let me know. I go back and forth between them. I am finding a slight better ranking with direct URL. Not significant enough for me to agree with the SEO experts at this point, Id love more input/testing!

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  • Pijush Kumar Saha

    I have taken a course on SMM. Youtube and Pinterst two of those platforms. Truly speaking, this is awesome. If I would follow from outset, maybe i could save my money. You really change my prospect. I learned a lot. Really thanks to Kirzia de Verdier for this informative medicine for online marketer as like me.

  • thank you for advice