social media how toAre you up to date with all of the latest changes on Pinterest?

Pinterest recently made several changes to their site.

They modified some features, added new ones and even got rid of a few.

In this article I’ll share what you need to know about these changes and the impact on your marketing strategies to make sure you continue to generate sales and leads through Pinterest.

How to Switch to the New Look

To get the new look, scroll over your business/profile name on the top right corner of your account. A drop-down menu will appear. On this menu, click on the last option, Switch to the New Look.

Pinterest switch to the new look

Click on Switch to the New Look to get the updated version.

A pop-up will open up asking you if you are “Ready to switch for good?” If you are, click on the red Get It Now button.

Pinterest click to switch to the new look

Click on the red Get It Now button that appears.

Another pop-up message will appear on your screen welcoming you to the new look. Click on the red Okay button and the new look will be set up.

Pinterest welcome to the new look

Accept the changes by clicking on the red Okay button.

What Has Changed: Modifications, New Additions and Removals

Now that you know how to set up the new look, here are the important changes that make it easy for you to use the newly set up site.

1. Larger pins: Pins used to have a width of 600 pixels when enlarged. They are 735 pixels wide now.

Pinterest bigger pins

The pins are bigger in the new look.

2. The Categories section: One of the most obvious changes you will notice is that the Categories section has been moved.

Pinterest old categories section

Categories used to be located in the center at the top.

In the earlier version, the Categories section, along with Everything, Popular, Gifts, etc., was located in the center right, below where it says “Pinterest”.

Pinterest new categories section

The categories section is in the top left corner.

Now it’s on the top left, right next to the search field. Under this menu, you will find the Home Feed, Popular Section, Everything, Gifts and all the other categories. You will also notice that there’s a new Videos section.

3. Comments button removed: In the earlier version, when you hovered over a pin, the Comments button appeared. You could then click on this button and leave comments. This button has been discarded. Now, to leave comments click on the pin and enlarge it, and you’ll see a comments box appear where you can enter your comment.

Pinterest pin it button on pins

Repin images by clicking on the red Pin It button.

You will also note the Repin button has been replaced by the Pin It button. This button does the same job as the Repin button—you can click on it and repin the pin.

4. More options when you expand pins: On the right side of the expanded pins you’ll see more pins from the same board. You’ll also see pins from the same website.

Pinterest expanded pin

You can see the number of pins, repins and the link to the image above the pin.

You will also find a Share button on the top, which makes it easy to share the pin on other social networks. To the right side of the pin you will find other pins from the same board and website.

Pinterest below expanded pin

Below the expanded pin you will find a collection of pins called “People who pinned this also pinned”, which helps you find pins that might interest you.

Below the pin you’ll find a collection of pins made by the same people who pinned the expanded image called “People who pinned this also pinned” section.

Another change to note is that the number of repins and likes has been moved to the top. And the link to the pin can be found under Website. There’s also a Share button that makes it easy for you to share pins on other networks and by email.

5. Settings method changed: Earlier, all of the settings changes could be made under one settings page. But now the settings have been divided into Profile Settings and Account Settings.

Pinterest pencil icon for profile settings

Profile settings can be modified by clicking on the pencil icon.

Profile Settings can be changed by clicking on the pencil icon on your profile page. Here you can edit your name, username, about section (you might need to change this as the character limit has been reduced to 160 characters), location and website.

Pinterest edit account settings

Edit your Account Settings by clicking on Settings on the drop-down menu.

To edit Account Settings, hover your cursor over your profile/business name on the top right corner and click on Settings, which appears on the drop-down menu. Here you can edit email address, password, language, business type, contact name, search privacy, notifications and social networks. You might want to take a close look at notifications as they have made it easy for you to manage the notifications you receive.

6. Analytics: This is probably the best feature introduced in the new Pinterest, especially for businesses, marketers and bloggers. It provides an opportunity to see if your efforts are converting into results.

You can only view your analytics if you’ve verified your website. If you haven’t done it, you should do it now. You can learn how to verify your website by reading this post by Kristi Hines.

Pinterest click on analytics

View your analytics by clicking on Analytics on the drop-down menu.

After you verify your website, scroll over your profile name on the top right corner and click on Analytics, which appears on the drop-down menu. Here you can see:

Pinterest analytics

You can view your data in the form of easy-to-understand graphs.

1. The number of everyday pins and pinners from your website
2. The number of everyday repins and repinners
3. The total number of times your pins have appeared on the site and the number of times they were seen
4. The number of clicks and website visitors
5. The most recent pins from your site
6. The most repinned and the most-clicked pins
7. You can also download all of this data

For a detailed post on what each term is and how to use them to promote your business, check out this post.

Note These Important Changes:

  • You cannot currently like boards on Facebook.
  • The Rearrange Boards button has been removed—you can easily rearrange boards now by simply dragging them around with your cursor.

These are the main changes that have been made to Pinterest. When you’re ready, switch to the new look and make the most of them.

What do you think about the above changes? What changes are you happy and unhappy with? Did I forget to list any of them? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Great post Mitt! I noticed the change a few weeks ago and I was surprised to note from your article that I still have to make manual changes, because in my Pinterest account’s case, the change was automatic. Has that happened to anyone else? Also, with regards to the analytics, I have already verified my website in the past, but I could not see analytics from the selections in the drop down menu? Is there another way for it to appear in the selection? Thanks for your answer in advance!

    Keep rockin the social media world everyone!

    ~John Lee Dumas

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  • Dara Khajavi

    I really enjoy using pinterest. It is a great way to find unique images, recipes, and so much more. At first, I did not like the new changes. However, this post has really enlightened me. Thanks for the post!

  • Not a huge fan of these changes as there are a couple of real big annoyances. Now the pins are TOO large. Having to scroll to see each image in full (if you click on it from the feed or a board) is really annoying (if your computer monitor is small – like an average 14″ laptop). You can’t see the image in full unless you’re using a large monitor.
    >>If you upload a pin and tag another user, beware. It looks correct as you do it. When you go and check the pin, it will often change your tag to a completely DIFFERENT, random user with a similar name. This has also happened when I have re-pinned a tagged pin.
    >> Before, when you uploaded a pin, Pinterest would say “see it now” and you could go right to the new image you uploaded, click on edit and add the source URL. The “see it now” function is currently gone when you upload an image from your computer, causing you to have to do additional steps: go to your home page, click on the board you uploaded to, click on the new pin, then edit. Very annoying.

  • Jorgen Poulsen

    Can you verify two different accounts with the same website?

  • Karen Horrigan

    Thank you, That helped me find all the changes.

  • Erin O’Riordan

    Does anyone else feel that it’s HARDER to track down the original source of a pin now? I feel like it defeats the purpose of a social bookmarking website if they’ve made it harder for me to find where a pin came from.

  • Thank you for your comment @google-386442252cb2e87d914f3b0f5cb967cb:disqus! You’re welcome.


  • Hi John – @JohnLeeDumas:disqus!

    The changes weren’t automatic for me. I go the chance to preview the changes before I switched to it permanently. If you have verified your account. It should appear automatically. Could you please check it again? It’s the drop down menu under the business name.


  • Hi Jorgen!

    I think you can. I was able to do it for two different accounts when they first introduced the verify feature in November.


  • You’re welcome @784a9d9fed0fe01b8275410c5510dad8:disqus ! Thank you for your comment.


  • Hi @twitter-20826970:disqus !

    I actually think it is better now as you can locate the board and the website the pin came from right away (they are right beside the pin). This way you can easily find more pins of the same type.


  • Angela Booth

    Thanks for this. I’ve been using the new version for a while. However since I just dip into the site for a few minutes here and there, I told myself I’d find out where Pinterest had hidden everything “later”. You’ve saved me time. 🙂

  • MamaRed

    Appreciate having a summary of the changes. There are a couple of things I don’t like and for the most part I’m good with it. One thing I read somewhere else was that Pinterest no longer used hashtags for threading and search terms. Are you aware of that one? Another thing I learned (the hard way, of course) is that embedding the full URL in the description no longer works as a clickable link. It shows the big (sometimes ugleeeeeeee) URL instead!

  • MamaRed

    It did take me a while to get used to, although I’ve always clicked on the link to see the original source of the pin anyway. So from that perspective, I do appreciate the website link at the top of the pin.

  • Ellen

    Thanks for the post. This compiled information is really helpful for us.

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  • Wow! This is amazing and well presented guide on Pinterest new look, it’s really helpful to get around the new look with this guide. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  • Thanks Mitt, this information is extremely useful. It’s hard to keep up with the different social networks and all the changes going on everywhere. So I sure appreciate your time and effort on mapping it out for us.

  • Trace Scott

    Thank you – LOVE your articles!!!

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    I have personally found Pintest not very usefull for my purposes. I find the visuals very crowed and it looks so jumbled up that I can’t really take anything from it.

  • You’re welcome @google-6bac4432c347aabf0d7058e6d62d362c:disqus !

    Thank you for your comment.


  • You’re welcome MamaRed !

    Actually hashtags and clickable links still do work. When they first introduced it hashtags and clickable links didn’t appear, but now they do. For example I shared this article on Pinterest and included the link and hashtag. You will notice that both work.


  • You’re welcome @e1320d009a8aa25959a373f51f665abf:disqus!


  • Thank you @twitter-418474245:disqus !

    You’re welcome.


  • You’re welcome and thank you @0018c1666d63b9b9bd4f2c5a462e09cd:disqus !


  • You’re welcome @ilkaflood:disqus !

    Thank you for your comment.


  • Erin O’Riordan

    But you only get that link when you click on the pin to open it – 2 clicks. When you’re on a board, if you click on the url at the bottom of any pin (1 click), you get to that “other pins from this website” page, which I find useless and aggravating when I only want the source of one specific pin. I’d rather have the 1-click take me to that URL and the 2-click process take me to “other pins from this website.” It seems backwards to me.

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  • Love the larger pins but my search box is covered now and I cannot get to search for anything. Any suggestions

  • Rauf Zeynalov

    Since marketers use pinterest mainly for visual content, I think that enlarging pins to 735 pixels wide is a great use for businesses. But if you look at it from the user angle, I personally do not like new larger pins, it puts you scrolling at all times to see the image. Mitt, as you have mentioned, I think Analytics is the best feature. Marketers will love it, since it is the bottom line analyzing whether marketing efforts in new pinterest are actually turning into results or not.

  • Excellent post! I imagine Pinterest communicating with potential customers that have been attracted to the images, videos, or even a discussion group.

  • Checked again and still nothing. Bummer 🙁 . No worries though, I will figure it out!

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  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve been hearing about these changes and eager to see them. I feel like they will be good changes. My only problem: I can’t get the new look! I was excited to see your information about how to get them (click on your name, find it in the dropdown), but it’s not on mine. Any ideas, anyone else have this issue? Or do I just have to wait?

  • Maria HK

    Analytical… Excellent move. In business we marketers need to show results. Good and bad results helps us mould the future plan.

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  • Consuelo

    Thanks for the breakdown – it definitely helps! I had completely missed the whole Analytics section.

  • Thanks for the information, Mitt. Quick question for you, do you know if they changed the acceptable size of pinnable images? I know before that an image had to be 80 x 80 for Pinterest to be able to grab them. Now it seems images need to be 200 pixels wide for them to be grabbed by Pinterest. I know images on my site that were once pinnable, are no longer pinnable if they are under 200 pixels wide. I can’t seem to find any information on this anywhere.

  • Nabila Chami

    Are hashtags going away? I read that a couple of places but just wanted to be sure!

  • Hashtags definitely works.

  • Try reloading your page.

  • 1) hashtags still works.
    2) full URL in description also works.

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  • The link of the pin’s description is gone, and I don’t like it. You have to zoom into the picture and click a button called “website” to go the source address.

  • Hi @google-cea40699ff54de29136f746255e64884:disqus !

    Like @facebook-719237517:disqus mentioned – hashtags still do work.


  • Hi @twitter-23797396:disqus !

    You’re welcome. I don’t think they have reduced the size. It hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. Changing the size from 80 to 200 pixels all of a sudden would be a huge step. Even the minimum 80 pixels rule isn’t right always. I have heard of sites where images smaller than that size are pinnable.

    Thank you for your comment.


  • You’re welcome @70e1829350c8dddb3651b9cc3c4feed5:disqus !

    Thank you for your comment.


  • Thank you @ankadavis:disqus !


  • Hi @raufzeynalov:disqus !

    I guess some users will like the enlarged images and others won’t. It probably depends upon the size of the screen.

    Yes it is a great tool. Thank you for your comment.


  • Hi Kelly!

    You’re right – larger images can be annoying if you have a small screen.

    Thank you for informing us about these other changes.


  • No luck. I had tried that before posting. Just now I tried it on a computer I’ve never accessed Pinterest from, so nothing should have been cached. It was also a different browser (and OS). I’m feeling left out!

  • So happy to see an integrated “Analytics.” Although there are third parties that give you these numbers and more…You know these number are in real-time and more reliable.

  • Dean Marsden

    I am seeing the new look right now without having to upgrade. I like the subtle changes are simplifying the already simple interface and making it more visual and app like. Really nice changes in my opinion.

    Whats more important to every is likely going to be the Analytics, So helpful having this data present instead of working out how well your profile is performing.

  • Tina Mast

    Thank you for the informative article! I have been trying to drive more traffic to our website by creating a Pinterest page on the website and putting images on it that I then pin to our Pinterest boards. Unfortunately, it seems like there a limit to the number of images I can store on there before the page gets really slow to load. I don’t really want to delete many of the older images because images seem to have a longer lifespan on Pinterest and want every opportunity to bring click-throughs over to our website. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  • Eileen Batson – BGMPR

    You have made another fan! Mitt, your writing style is easy to follow and very informative. Thanks and keep creative!

  • Got it now! I never did get that option, but yesterday it magically asked me on the top if I wanted to change. Can’t explain it, but now at least I’m up-to-date!

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  • I am a big Pinterest user and I must say I love all the new features. The hashtags works great and there ‘s more room for the board names. Thanks

  • That’s great to hear @d7205773f632c6d3d2e3f505cf4519fd:disqus ! Thank you for your comments. You’re welcome.


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  • trix

    This is probably a dumb question, since the wording has “switch for good”, but once you’ve switched to the new format, I assume there is no going back to the old format if you don’t like it?

  • I’m clueless when it comes to verifying my website on Pinterest so I can get access to Analytics. I don’t know how to carry out the steps it suggests to even add a Meta Tag to my WordPress site. I think it would be helpful if they made this step a little easier for people like me, of which I’m sure there are many! Other than that, the changes look pretty good.

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  • Manuela Ippolito

    Thoughtful of you to write this information for everyone…you deserve more thank-yous! 🙂

  • Great post and very in-depth. The only item I’m really upset that they changed is removing the ability to share on other social channels as we pin items. This was such an important feature, especially for those of us that manage multiple social channel accounts. While it’s extremely important to cater messages and formats by social channel, the ability to share information using a streamlined approach is imperative as well. Hopefully Pinterest will do something to make this process as easy as it was before the update.

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  • Luisa

    Hi! I just have a doubt… whenever I hit the button “Everything” I can only see a few pins, and for me to see some more, I have to press the button “Everything” again… I don’t see the “See More” button that was in the old format… what can I do?

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  • Christina

    I have the same problem as Luisa, before I could scroll on my computer and my phone for hours, and then comet o a button saying “See More Pins” that is now gone… Why is this? Very Upsetting

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  • K. Carthan

    Just wanted to say, “Loving the new site and all it’s changes.” Taking me a minute to feel my way around it, but I’m getting the hang of it. If I have any issues, I just work through them.

  • Lee Oliveira

    Thanks for sharing. I was hesitant to update but now I will for sure. Am curious to see my analytical data

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  • Arkadash

    I do not have my own business (I’m retired) nor do I have my own web site. Why can’t I get the new version? Aren’t most people just like me, people who enjoy the pictures?

  • Kelley

    Thank! BIG help!

  • Mary

    is it possible to sort boards??

  • Jan

    As far as I can tell, Pinterest have now (3rd July 2013) stopped all links from showing in the source code – you can see the link and follow it but it’s no longer in the source code.
    Does this mean that Google will no longer be able to tell how popular pins from your site are and so Pinterest will lose all value for social signals?
    Would appreciate advice as I’ve spent a lot of time on infographics and had hoped to get these repined.

  • Scott Ertl

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Do you have any recommendation on how to contact pinners to see if they will re-pin from your board? I’d like to share my BouncyBands with other pinners, but I don’t know how. Thanks! 🙂

  • Dana

    I absolutely hate the new categories tab. I don’t want suggestions to boards I would like. I preferred the old categories “food&drink”, “Holidays”, “Womens fashion”, “Weddings” etc much better where I could just search through endless pins in that category. Is there a way to go back to the old ones?

  • @PinkTutor

    Thank you so much for making Pinterest so clear. As a newbie to Pinterest, all the manuals say to acknowledge the source. How to find and where to put?