social media how toIf you have profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter, you may already be aware that these two networks are integrating. In fact, LinkedIn has a specific application called Tweets that can help you keep tabs on the Twitter updates from your LinkedIn connections.

As more professional LinkedIn users create Twitter profiles, I believe this application will become more and more powerful for building influence and visibility with your network connections.

The primary benefits of the LinkedIn Tweets application are:

  • Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Post status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and interact with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Create a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list

Before we look at some additional ways to leverage the Tweets application, make sure you’ve first added your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

Add Your Twitter Account to Your LinkedIn Profile

Click “edit profile” and “add Twitter account” next to the Twitter field. This will create a link directly to your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile for all visitors to see if you choose to display it on your profile.

To share your tweets in your LinkedIn status, I would recommend that you choose the “Share only tweets that contain #in” option rather than allowing every tweet to flood into LinkedIn as a status update. Typically, one or two daily status updates in LinkedIn will be sufficient—you don’t want to overdo it.

twitter settings

Share tweets that can add value to your LinkedIn connections!

Install the LinkedIn Tweets Application

Go to “Applications” in LinkedIn and search for the Tweets application to install on your profile. Once installed, you’ll be able to visit your Twitter page on LinkedIn by going to the “More” menu tab and clicking on “Tweets.”

tweets logo

With Tweets, you can now display your most recent tweets on your LinkedIn profile.

How to Utilize the Tweets Application to Build Social Influence

Below are three important features of the Tweets application that you can use to help you grow your Twitter connections, gain intelligence about what your LinkedIn connections are tweeting about and promote your connections through their tweets.

#1: Identify and follow all of your LinkedIn connections on Twitter within the Tweets application

Go to the “Connections” tab to see who you’re NOT following on Twitter and follow them. You may not find a substantial number of your connections on Twitter, but go ahead and follow those who are! Most likely they’re going to follow you back.

tweets not following.png

#2: Create a dynamic Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections

From within the Tweets application, LinkedIn makes it easy for you to create an official dynamic Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections. Go to the “Connections” tab and on the left-hand side you’ll see “Save as Twitter List.” It may take a few minutes for this list to populate, and by default it will be a private Twitter list. The newly created list will show up within the Tweets application where you’ll have the ability to view the stream in real time.

This is a great tool in and of itself. Rather than manually having to go through and create a Twitter list of your LinkedIn connections, it’s done in the click of a button and always up to date. I can’t think of a better way to make Twitter more relevant to your existing professional network! If I had very little time to spend on Twitter, this is where I would focus my efforts.

Consistently monitoring this unique Twitter list can give you tremendous insight into what your LinkedIn connections are thinking and spreading online. People tend to update Twitter much more often than LinkedIn.

save as twitter list

#3: Look for engagement and promotional opportunities through LinkedIn Tweets

The Tweets application actually functions as a Twitter client. You can tweet, reply, retweet or even share posts as messages with any of your LinkedIn connections. However, the real power comes from being able to update your LinkedIn status simultaneously, along with tweeting, replying or retweeting.

Remember, promoting and connecting others is a very effective strategy to build social influence! Don’t underestimate the power of consistent status updates, and the reach that those particular updates can have. When you find a tweet in your LinkedIn Twitter stream that’s relevant, or could be interesting, entertaining or helpful to your broad LinkedIn network, this is where you’ll want to engage and promote.

Ideally, you’ll want to retweet the important post(s) from your LinkedIn connections within the Tweets application and go a step further by checking the box to share the tweet as a status update. The retweet will then show up as a status update to your entire LinkedIn network and it will hyperlink to the individual’s Tweet page within LinkedIn, giving others an opportunity to follow that person on Twitter.

Not only have you promoted the content to your LinkedIn network, but you’ve also provided your connection with extended visibility in both networks and will potentially help him or her gain some new LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers.

edit profile

This is a retweet from the Tweets application that I also shared as a status update.

tweets by ducttape

By clicking on @ducttape from within the status update, the link travels directly to his Twitter page in LinkedIn.

You could spend time reviewing your other Twitter lists from within the LinkedIn Tweets application and engaging with those individuals as well. If you find something relevant that your LinkedIn network connections can benefit from, again retweet it as a status update. Follow up with that individual to let him or her know that you also posted the tweet as a LinkedIn status update because you thought your network could benefit from seeing it.

Ultimately with any social network, you want to be viewed as a resource who can be relied upon to share and spread quality information. If you can marry this with promoting those professionals with whom you’re already connected on LinkedIn, you can build social influence by helping your connections increase their visibility. This is a win-win.

For additional tips on leveraging Twitter and LinkedIn together, read “How to Prospect Using the Combined Power of LinkedIn and Twitter.” Consider downloading the Free LinkedIn Guide for Professionals from HubSpot as well. This is another very helpful resource for taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer for growing your professional network.

Have you incorporated the Tweets application into your profile? What are some other ways to utilize this application to build influence on both networks? Share your feedback in the comments box below.

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  • I guess I need to be more attentive to my LinkedIn profile, since it now connects directly with my most important social media network. Thanks for sharing this information, Stephanie. I see this as a super way to grow your authority and increase the traffic both sites are seeing. I’m glad LinkedIn has started to come around and integrate with other clients – it will definitely help build the possibilities for interaction with one of the most respected business sites around.

  • Great post! Thanks!

  • Tom Stables

    The idea of cross-pollinating Twitter and Linkedin has always terrified me. To me, they’re almost polar opposites; how I conduct myself on each platform does differ (serious suits for Linkedin, irreverent and often silly on Twitter) – which is why Signal, to me, seems a little misdirected. I think the issue of conduct and persona supersede the practical application of linking accounts.

    That said, I do like the idea of sourcing leads by monitoring both platforms.

  • Thanx for the great Infor ~ I was wondering how to use Twitter on par with LinkedIn to increase social Influence~ Once again thanx for the Great Tips

  • Chuck

    I have abandoned my personal/whimsical use of my twitter account for a more professional purpose, Tweets sounds perfect for me. I seem to see a trend in this mentality – one moving away from the mundane twitter posts to the tweets that add value to others.

    Question: Is there any way to integrate a corporate twitter account with a Company Page in LinkedIn?

  • Thanks Tom, I think in some cases it is OK to cross-pollinate. I like to see how my LinkedIn connections are utilizing Twitter, and if we’re connected there as well there are opportunities to gain further exposure (for both parties)! Just depends on how you like to use Twitter, as more of a personal or professional account.

  • Tom, I totally and completely agree with you. I’m in a bind now on LinkedIn where a small percentage of the people I’m connected on LinkIn completely fill my LinkedIn stream with Twitter updates, destroying it’s effectiveness, for me, as a tool to keep up with professional activity on LinkedIn. Now, instead of checking into LinkedIn every days, keeping up requires checking several times per day, and scrolling through a huge list of Twitter updates.

    I believe we are both in the extreme minority here.

    Implicit in all these discussion is that social influence is the same as professional influence. Is it, really? I don’t know.

  • Great article Stephanie, two of my favorite tools 🙂

  • Love this article. Thanks for the valuable advice. 🙂

  • Great post. I use HootSuite to schedule Twitter updates which are also sent to my LinkedIn page, and Facebook page (not my home page). However, I cannot get the updates to my LinkedIn group from HootSuite, Facebook, Twitter. I tried using the news function (add a feed), but it did not work. Any suggestions?

  • I have just worked out how to get my LinkedIn stream on Tweetdeck it make a HUGE difference as I can now send messages to my LinkedIn through Tweetdeck.

  • Mike

    Good post Stephanie and good points by Tom Stables as well. I think a point of reference is how you are using LinkedIn and Twitter. I use them very similar, so this is a good tool for me. However, i use facebook quite differently and rarely would ‘cross-pollinate’ fb with twitter or Linkedin. Thanks again for the post and the conversation.

  • I’ve recently started using Twitter and it’s become a chief breaking news outlet – I expect this will expand as my network does. This will add more productivity, so thanks for the advice.

  • Nancy Murray

    I agree Mike, I tend to keep Facebook strictly personal and user LinkedIn and Twitter for more work related conversations, so this makes good sense for me.

  • I do not really cross-pollinate with Twitter or LinkedIn using my personal Facebook account much but I do with my company Facebook Page!

  • Echoing the sentiments of others, my Twitter account(s) and LinkedIn network represent different audiences, with different behaviors and rules of engagement. While I have adopted Tweeting all of my LI updates, I do not do so in reverse as to respect the volume norms of my LinkedIn network. I share a greater concern of alienating my LinkedIn than my Twitter followers for business value.

  • Dave I can completely empathize with your point and it is truly frustrating when people decide to turn on the Twitter firehose and have it all come into LinkedIn. In many cases, they don’t even realize they are doing this!

  • Yes if you have a company page in LinkedIn Chuck, you can bring in your tweets there as well. You’ll see an option to do so. It takes a bit to start updating but it works!

  • Thanks Linda, you’ve written some great ones yourself!

  • None that I know of other than once you’ve shared something on LinkedIn as a status update, you can then click “share” and send that same update to any or all of your groups! I do that quite often.

  • Great! Yes it helps to be able to integrate LinkedIn into some of the Twitter clients out there. I wish LinkedIn would allow us to also update groups from applications such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Perhaps they will at some point!

  • This is a really interesting post and has clearly stimulated the debate about social media and network integration. I’ve added Tweets to my profile and was surprised around 60 out of 350 contacts who I wasn’t connected to on Twitter, so huge thanks for posting the blog as this has made a real difference to me.

    It is true there are an increasing number of people who are putting all their Twitter updates through to Linkedin without probably realising they activated it some time back. Out of the Twitter context, these updates with the @ # etc just don’t make sense.

    Personally, I try and keep the integration down to a minimum and up to this point have used Hootsuite as a way of managing updates across Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Foursquare and my WordPress blog. But occasionally, they get mixed up!

    We have to remember that different audiences and different communication formats should be kept apart, especially if your tweets take a funny turn once you’ve clocked off from work!

  • I just installed the app earlier today and think it’s great, you do have the option of only displaying only certain people you follow if you have set up groups which will really help reduce some of the Twitter noise get pushed to the side.

  • andrewbschultz

    Great info Stephanie! I didn’t know this app was available. I’m excited to see how my LinkedIn network uses Twitter, although I’m afraid I’ll find that most of them don’t use it at all. I often overlap on my updates, and the only problem I see with that is the hash tags making it into my LinkedIn status, which I always think looks a bit sloppy.

  • Sallywalker

    Thanks Stephanie. Have just followed your instructions and set up application on LinkedIn. Only 5% of my LI connections on Twitter thus far. By the way, can you advise if I “unfollow” someone on Twitter do that get advised that I have done so? thanks.

  • oh. you know these new technologys are horrible for me. can’t understand anything in them and in how to use them. thanks a lot for your opinion and given iformation. helped a lot

  • Thanks for the article. Looking forward for some more of this kind. Keep Posting!! 🙂

  • Guest

    Nice information related to Twitter and Linked.combination at one place.Now i apply that techniques in my linked account and let see what happen

  • Nice information related to Twitter and Linked.combination.Now i apply that techniques in my linked account and let see what happen

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  • Great information concisely reported on how to bring twitter into LinkedIn and use them together. Thanks for posting.

  • Very helpful, and a real eye opener for even those of us who have had this app for a while and haven’t tapped it’s potential.

  • Ranjan

    Thanks! Big help.

  • @Tom Stables – agreed
    Here’s my take,
    Bringing my Linkedin business networking to Twitter is akin to
    attending a business Trade Show in Vegas
    I check in my room at MGM Grand, wake up excited to do business, and head down the first day to the General Session. Enroute, I have to walk through this NOISY room.
    But there’s a reason they don’t install slot machines and serve free drinks in the same room with the General session..

  • I do would recommend on watching what you tweet, this week in China Linkedin has been eyeballed and was not accessible due to “sensitive content” streamed from twitter into linkedin.

  • Natalie D.

    Recently I have had been having many discussions on whether or not you should combine your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I think these two platforms serve two different purposes and should contain information according to each audience. If I think it is valuable to read one of my LinkedIn connection’s tweets, I will follow them on Twitter. I feel as those who connect all of their profiles are simply doing so to build their online presence and not because they want to engage in conversations. I actually think of them as spammers and ignore them altogether. It may take more time to differentiate yourself on each of your accounts but I think it is worth it.

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  • Peter Straube

    I see most use of social media as serving one of three purposes: socializing (Facebook being the most obvious example), networking (LinkedIn) and information-sharing. Somehow it seems as if Twitter has ended up in the middle somewhere, depending on who you’re following/followed by. I teach college students and many of them seem confused by Twitter and, if they try it out, they tend to use it the same as Facebook. Which of course explains why they are confused about why it could be useful to them, since they tend to be thinking of the same audience when they post in either.

    I’m another of those who is using Facebook mostly for socializing (except for some event-specific stuff) and Twitter and LinkedIn for professional uses. But to keep Twitter and LI sorted out, one strategy I’ve just discovered is to set the LinkedIn settings so that your Twitter feeds will only post to your LinkedIn page if you use a #in hashtag. That way I can think about the content of each tweet and decide if I want it to become part of my LinkedIn persona or not.

    Thanks for these tips, Stephanie. I especially like your ideas about promoting and connecting others.

  • SME

    I cannot figure out how to add Twitter to our company page. I’d appreciate some direction!

  • Tim

    Must confess that some time ago I linked Twitter to LinkedIn and then quickly unlinked again. My Twitter and LI uses are very different and I certainly don’t want some of the jolly chat, which to me defines Twitter and makes it fun, appearing on LI. The #in hashtag is an option but easily forgotten. After 18 months as an avid fan of Twitter I am getting very bored with the steady transition from social chat to business plugging. I really don’t have time to read everyone’s blog, to follow leads to websites and respond to surveys. It is noticeable that a significant number of people that I used to to tweet with have stopped tweeting. Basically I ignore the adverts on TV and I certainly am not going to read them on Twitter. So perhaps the social media site that was hijacked by business will gradually disappear under a sea of self promotion.

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  • Stephanie, lots of food for thought here and good suggestions. With regard to connecting Twitter to LinkedIn, I have to say that I’ve found this to be a most unwelcome intrusion. I found many others had similar reactions when I wrote about it here:

    Based on the discussion around that post, I know a few people who decided to disconnect Twitter and LinkedIn. Cross posting selectively – when the content makes sense given the culture and pace of each platform – can be an excellent strategy.

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  • A big win is read you guys, awesome as allways

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  • Dear Stephanie, today I got an important confirmation from LinkedIn’s product Director about the interaction of Twitter (Tweets) within LinkedIn itself:

    “Twitter’s display guidelines does not
    allow us to have LinkedIn actions next to theirs. So, we had to take
    them down 2 weeks ago.”

    I hope this might be an f.inderesting Information for you:

    Many thanks for providing many great informations within a very attractive optical Weblog package. Yours Michael Rajiv from Vienna

  • Dan Steer

    I’ve come to this site to find out if its “bad” to link Twitter to LinkedIn (which I do)

    Someone told me it was, but why? Your answer here makes me think that its about content, not connections. If you are linking together 2 things that have different incompatible content then its going to go bad. For me, both are professional platforms for sharing work-related ideas with others. So I have always thought: The bigger the platform, the better…

    I don’t link Facebook and Twitter for the reason you state. For me, Facebook is entirely PRIVATE


  • Dan Steer

    Exactly the same for me

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  • Great post. Thank you

  • Nima Heydarian

    It seems like this application is no longer available

  • is the tweet when using #in feature only available with paid LinkedIn accounts? I don’t see anything beyond being able to display, delete or add a twitter account. Never mind, I read the above posts. Seems Linkedin doesn’t allow this anymore.

    Loved this article though. Incredibly helpful!

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