How to Use Facebook Places and Facebook Deals for Local Business

social media expert interviewWelcome to Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith. In this episode, Mari examines Facebook marketing for local businesses.

Mari explains how Facebook Places and Deals work, why you should pay attention to them and how you can use them to grow your local business.

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Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses

As more customers become smartphone-savvy, local businesses can leverage the opportunities offered by Facebook Places and Facebook Deals to get new customers to come to their location and to reward current customers.  Mari shares what you need to know.


Discover how to get more business from smartphone-savvy customers.

Facebook Places

You’ll learn how to claim your business on Facebook and take advantage of your Facebook Place page so you can make offers through Facebook Deals.

claim your business

Find out how to claim your business so you can start offering Facebook Deals.

Facebook Deals

Find out about the four different kinds of deals and how your business can use them.

  1. Individual deals: For one-time offers
  2. Loyalty deals: To reward repeat business
  3. Friend deals: To incite up to 8 people to check in at once
  4. Charity deals: To get people to donate to a charity

And Mari shares how some brands are using deals to grow their business.

mcdonalds deals

Hear how McDonald's used a Facebook Charity deal to promote their business.

Be sure to listen for Mari’s hot marketing tip to find out how you can also include Twitter to leverage your Facebook marketing with Places and Deals.

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing?

Watch this video from Mike Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner).

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Are you using these Facebook marketing tips for your local business? If so, what has been your experience? Leave us a comment below.

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Michael Stelzner is the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast. He also authored the books Launch and Writing White Papers. Other posts by »

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  • Acuatia Media

    Hey Mari, great video! 

  • Rana Shahbaz

    Hey Mari, Good to see you as always. 

    Thank you for sharing hot tips :)

  • Mick Dickinson

    This is great but unfortunately Deals and Places is not fully rolled out to the UK. A great shame I would love to implement some of these with my clients.

  • Bluelunamarketing

    Nice, but how do you activate the Deals?

  • OH Tourism Division

    Hi Mari,

    Thanks for sharing the great information about Facebook Places and Deals. The Ohio Tourism Division works with great travel destinations of all kinds throughout Ohio and many of them are very eager to learn how to best market their businesses. Your Social Media Examiner TV is a great addition to the growing body of information out there. It’s on target, informative and an excellent resource.

  • Lovell Amy

    Thanks for the great info! I keep trying to claim my place on FB. I get a confirmation email as soon as I fill out the “form” that says to give them up to a week. Then, nothing happens. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to claim my place?

  • Juan Felix

    Hello Mari and Mike. Thank you for sharing this great video. Still waiting for Facebook to offer places and deals to local businesses in Europe.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Juan!

  • Chuck Bartok

    Thank you for the information, but I did not understand “How to access” the Places Option.One of our pages is listed under “places” in the search bar and “business/economy” in the section
    Thank you again for all the help

  • Michelle Ellen

    Hi all… I love these little shows… they are so insightful…. I was wondering if anyone knew if facebook places deals was available in Hong Kong yet… I have just taken on two clients there and I am from the UK, so wanted to check this out before I put it in my plan… Love this site… You are my social media bible!

  • Aquarian Media Group

    Thank you for helpful info for both business owners and social media contractors. Can you tell me how facebook deals is different than foursquare? Thats what I currently use for small businesses. Thanks!

  • Mari Smith

    You may wish to experiment with both Facebook Deals and Foursquare. Likely Facebook has many more users… but it totally depends on which platform your customers prefer. Both platforms offer similar features. See vs.

  • Mari Smith

    Thanks, Michelle! :) Facebook state that deals are only available in a select few countries and continue to expand. I’m not 100% sure about Hong Kong. Take a look at

  • Mari Smith

    Hi Chuck – unless you have the telltale Bing map and “Friend checkins,” then it’s a fan page not a place page. 

  • Mari Smith

    Hm, that’s odd. Sounds like you’ll need to try and reach Facebook directly. Here’s a list of forms:

  • Mari Smith

    Thank you kindly!!

  • Mari Smith

    If you have a claimed Place Page, click the Edit Page button at the top of your page and you will see Deals as an option. See this help section for more info:

  • Mari Smith

    Fingers crossed Facebook Places and Deals are coming soon to the UK!! I would think FB has enough proof of concept now… maybe there are different regulations that’s holding things up! :) 

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    Have been reading a lot about Facebook places but this post had some insightful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shilpi Roy – Virtual Assistant

     Most of the small companies are still blissfully ignorant of social media influence on customer choice of products/services. This should help them know that you can no longer ignore Facebook anymore..

    Online Business
    Virtual Assistant

  • Jennigje Galama

    Hi Mari,

    What confuses me about the FB Places page my business has on FB, is that my fans are following me on my Business Page and not on my Places Page. Does this mean I have to build up a seperate fansbase to my places page, so I can start working with deals?

  • Robyn

    Great article.

    In Australia brands are slowly starting to use Facebook check in for deals.  It has been a slow uptake, however there are 4 main brands that have started using it: 7-Eleven, KFC, CommBank and Westfield. You can see some screenshots here:

    We have done a report on the uptake in Australia if your interested:

  • Shirleykn

    Hey, great video but in the UK is facebook deals available yet? Also with my local business struggling to add two addresses on it so it only shows up one address and check ins.

  • Sara

    So the recommendation is to have a place page as well as a “like” (fan) page?  Just making sure I understand!  Can people check-in from the fan page too?

  • Whistler Heather

    Mari you sure look great on TV… This was an awesome upbeat video and well worth checking into

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  • santhosh

    I am happy to find this post (about free high page rank directories list) very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality contents and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing……………!

  • santhosh

    I am happy to find this post (about free high page rank directories list) very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality contents and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing……………!

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  • Syed Kashif Ul Hasnain

    A very interesting video. Really the ‘4 deals’ were informative..Offering such discounts will really help any business to grow and help getting more business…Its a valuable information.

  • Anna W. Mize

    Thanks for sharing this great post about Facebook Places and Deals. I have been reading a lot about Facebook places but this post had some informative tips.

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  • Carrie Finley-Bajak

    This is a great post. Thanks for recharging my like of Facebook.

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