social media how toHave you decided that it’s time to create a Facebook Page for your business?

Wondering exactly how to get your Page started the right way?

Facebook continues to change and evolve, making it a moving target for people trying to find the correct steps to set up a Page. But never fear—we have all the critical pieces that you need to put in place to start your Facebook Page today.

To set up your Facebook Page, just follow these steps:

#1: Log into Facebook

If you do not have a personal profile set up on Facebook, do that first at Even if you don’t want a personal profile, we highly recommend that you create one rather than creating a “business-only” Facebook Page because of the limitations you will encounter (see point #8 for the Business-only Page limitations).

sign up

Either login to your personal account, or create a new personal account from

Once you have logged into your personal account, we are going to create your Business Page. Your Business Page will be “tied” to your personal profile, but they are completely separate. No one can see your personal information from your Page. No one can even see the name of the administrator of the Page.

#2: Create a Page While Logged in as Your Profile

Go to  Take a look at the main categories of the Pages and decide which one fits your business. Click on one of the boxes to select that main category for your business and browse through the categories in the drop-down menus to see which one fits best.

select a category

Select the most appropriate category for your business.

Do not select Local Business or Place unless you have a physical storefront that your customers come to, because Facebook will automatically turn your Page into a Place as well. You don’t want people coming to “check in” to your home office.

#3: Choose Your Category from the Drop-down Menu and Name Your Page

The categories are not always perfect, but for the most part, they aren’t critical. Categories may be more important for local businesses as they are more visible in Facebook’s Graph Search, which is rolling out. But the categories aren’t as important for other Pages currently.

choose your category

Choose your category from the drop-down menu. You can change this later if needed.

The name of your Page will be whatever you put into the box just under the Category menu. Spend some time thinking about your Page name carefully. If you have a clear brand name, then the choice is easy. If you are just starting out, you may not have that nailed down yet. Having keywords in your Page title can be a good idea because the keywords help your Page to come up in Facebook search. You have a limit of 70 characters for your Page name.

Facebook also insists on capitalizing the first word of the Page name and you cannot create the Page with unusual capitalizations such as “WidgetPro.” You can petition to have your name changed if this is the official name of your business, but you will have to create the Page initially without the unconventional capitalization.

You will be able to change your Page name up until the point you have 200 fans (or likes), so if you aren’t sure about the name at the start, you can tweak it for a little while.

Select the box next to “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and click Get Started. You are taken through some steps that will help you add your photo, enter your About information and more. The first step is to add your profile picture.

#4: Add Your Profile Picture

The profile picture is the image that appears next to every post that goes into the news feed from your Page. The ideal size for a profile photo is 180 pixels by 180 pixels, but it can be larger with different dimensions. You will be able to adjust the viewable portion of the profile picture by mousing over the photo and clicking Edit Profile Picture and then Edit Thumbnail.

profile photo

Select where your profile photo will be uploaded from.

Once you have your profile photo added, click Next and you are taken to a place to add your About information.

#5: Add Your Basic About Information

The About Page has several large sections to wax poetic about your wonderful business. The beautiful thing is that the About Page is indexed in Google, so you will want to make sure it is very descriptive and keyword-rich.

The basic About information that they ask you to enter initially is the field that will appear directly on your timeline just under your cover photo. You only have 155 characters that will show in this field (you can actually write more but only 155 characters show up in the field, so limit your blurb to that size).

I suggest you make sure to link to your website is in this field, so people can easily find your website since this field is so prominent. You want to add your website address into the website field as shown in the image. You can also add other websites that you want to direct people to such as Twitter or other social sites by clicking on the Add Another Site link.

about information

Add your basic information to the About field.

Click the Yes radio button that you are representing a real business and then click Save Info. Congratulations, you now have your Business Page set up! But you aren’t ready for prime time yet. There are still a few things you need to do. Facebook will take you through a series of steps automatically (not all of which need to be done).

#6: Like Your Own Page

Facebook prompts you to like your own Page, which is a good idea but it isn’t required.

like your page

Like your own Page.

#7: Do Not Invite Your Email Contacts Yet

Facebook then takes you to the place where you can invite your email contacts. Do not do this until your Page is updated a bit more. And I personally don’t like using Facebook’s feature to accomplish this. Create your own email message instead and send it directly from whatever email service you use.

#8: Share Something

Facebook prompts you to share your first status update. Again, you can decide to do this now or skip it. It is a good idea to have many status updates on your timeline before you start inviting people to like your Page so they can see the types of things you are going to be sharing.

#9: Add a Cover Photo

No page is complete without a good cover photo. Your cover photo has to be a minimum of 399 pixels wide (most standard photos are fine) and works best if it is sized to 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. If you do use a standard photo, you will be able to position it to fit in the space, but some area of the photo at the top or bottom will be hidden.

change cover

To change the Cover photo, hover over the bottom right corner of the Cover photo area and select the option you need.

As of March 6th, Facebook’s Cover Photo terms state that the cover photo cannot include more than 20% text. The good news is that some of the old restrictions (no calls to action, no websites or addresses) have been removed. So you can tell someone to Like your page right in the cover photo.

The way Facebook determines the 20% rule is that they have a grid of 25 blocks that they overlay on your Facebook Cover Photo. If more than 5 of those boxes have text in them, your cover photo is breaking the 20% maximum rule. Post Planner has a handy tool that you can use to plug in your cover photo to check.

Once you have a cover photo that meets these guidelines, click the Add a Cover button and then select Upload Photo. Choose the photo from your computer, position it on your Page the way you want it to show and click Save Changes.

#10: Add to Your About Page

Even though you added the small blurb about your company, you also should include more on your About Page, since it is a chance for you to talk about what your company can do for others. Click the Edit Page and Update info menu selections from your admin panel at the top of your Page.

update info

Update your About Page by going to the Update Info selection.

You have a lot of potential real estate on your About Page and it’s a good idea to highlight all of the good things about your company and list the websites where people can find you.

The About Page varies depending on what category you chose and you can switch categories from this area as well (select a different category from the drop-down menu at the top). If you categorized yourself as a local business, you will have a map on your About Page with the address of your business.

about page

Add to your About Page.

#11: Review Your Permissions

Go into Edit Page, then Manage Permissions from the admin panel and review how your permissions are set up. In general, they are set up decently for a new Page, but you may want to change the Profanity Blocklist to Medium at least and you may want to change your Message button.

The message button is on by default, which means that people can send your Page messages (usually a good thing in my opinion), but you also have to make sure you monitor and watch for messages there. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of another inbox, ensure you are making it easy for people to contact you in a different way.

review permissions

Review your permissions.

At this point, your Page is basically ready to go out into the world of Facebook. Now it’s time to get some likes on your Page!

There are endless things you can do to your Page such as add Applications, learn more about getting into the news feed or do some Facebook advertising. But for now, congratulate yourself on getting your Page up and running!

How about you? Have you been waiting to get your Page up and running? What questions do you have about getting started? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Old but Gold tips. There are tons of blogs on how to use your page but a very few on how to start your own. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    Great primer! Note: you are now allowed to put call-to-action items – website data, sale info, etc. – on your cover photo as long as you honor the 20% rule. That changed just last week.

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    That information via Inside Facebook.

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  • Thank you for sharing, Ellen! I’ve updated the article.

  • Great Andrea Vahl!
    I never heard about Facebook’s Cover Photo terms. All points are very important for all of us especially who are handling social media channels. You described all information in a very simple way.Thanks Andrea Keep it up 🙂

  • Thanks Ellen – we got that updated! I turned in my article before the change and forgot to make sure that was language was changed here too! So hard to keep up with the weekly (and daily) Facebook changes 🙂

  • Awesome post Andrea! This will certainly help a lot of small businesses set up their own Facebook page instead of getting someone to do it for them. I found this part “The good news is that some of the old restrictions (no calls to action, no websites or addresses) have been removed. So you can tell someone to Like your page right in the cover photo.” very interesting! I will ask my team to change our cover photo to reflect this change!

    Thanks SME! Keep rockin!

    ~John Lee Dumas

  • Love the refresher and the detail of the post Andrea! And huge thanks for linking to my post about the new cover photo guidelines and the “handy tool”.

  • Thanks Moin! Yes, we have to keep updating our steps for people who are just getting started! And it’s always good as a refresher for those who have existing Pages.

  • Glad to help Devesh!

  • Thank you for the share!

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  • sweet stuff need to change some of my page stuff, many thanks

  • Nice tool by the Post Planner guys for cover images!

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  • Fisher and Jobi

    Thanks for the info! I wish I would have had this a few months ago. I set up a business page, but somehow I ended up with 2 (one in my own name, and one in the name of the business). I can’t figure out how to meld them, but since it is in the early stage and most of the people and I only have 38 likes at best, I think I can just ask them to ‘Like’ on the correct page(?) and then delete the errant page. I am sure I messed up somewhere. Darn! But, thanks for this and I will keep it for my next adventure.

  • isabel Rodrigues

    Thank you for sharing.

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  • Ann Lb

    Just what I was looking for – 10 days ago – when I set up a business-only page, not knowing that there was something called a personal profile or a personal account. My business page is posted. Now – can I go back and set up a personal account and put in the profile stuff???

  • Glad you both enjoyed the post and thanks Scott for the great post on Post Planner!!

  • Hi Ann – yes, you can go back and create a Personal profile and then set that personal profile up as and Admin to your business Page. I have a handy post on how to add one here: Hope that helps!

  • Glad you liked it!

  • Glad you liked it! You can merge pages easily if you title the same thing. I have a post about how to merge pages here: It talks more about a Page and a Place but it works for 2 pages as well. Hope that helps!

  • Glad you liked it John!!

  • Great article! Keeping up with the changes to Facebook can be exhausting!

  • Glad to help!

  • Susan

    My business name is the same as my personal name. Any pitfalls there?

  • M Mouse

    Can you change the category of your page if you’ve chosen the wrong one?

  • Jeb Riordan

    Hi, great “how to”. Any chance of doing the same for LinkedIn??

  • Valerie at Abbey Icons

    Thanks for this detailed information. I went through the process but made an early error -on the first page and chose the wrong category. Now I can’t seem to change it. But my business is there! I was able to edit some things, but not the category.

  • Sona Bulgadaryan

    it is not an invention

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  • Great article! The post about custom applications needs to be updated.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    You guysgave a great pod cast on this subject. I have yet to follow it though.

  • Valuable information here! Thanks for making this process fool proof!

  • Hi Valerie – that is strange. All the categories on Pages I’ve seen had been able to be changed. If yours is locked in, I would try going through and reporting a bug.

  • Yes you should be able to (although another comment in this post says she isn’t able to) If you go to Edit Page, Update info, then you can change it there. Hope that helps!

  • I hear ya! Thanks 🙂

  • The only pitfall is people may be confused as to which one to connect with or tag. It’s not a big deal but just one of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve worked with other people who have two exact same names in their page and profile.

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  • janetkennedy

    I have started helping a small biz with their Facebook page (already set up). They have numbers at the end of their page name. What is the procedure to eliminate them?

  • nikeeta

    Great Post!! Wish i’d read it earlier. I have already created a business page independently. Pl let me know, can i now create a personal profile and than have this business page linked to it? There is no activity as of now on the business page and even if it is deleted there will be no problem. should i delete the page altogether and than create a new one via personal page?

  • What are the disadvantages of a Business Only page? If I sell my business, it might be a disadvantage to be connected to my personal profile. It’s a concern for me.

  • Good steps for the DIY manager, nice walk through. And if this is for a DIY or small business then Step One needs to be: the PLAN. Take for example Step 5, Basic Info. What’s the plan, will it be the same boring boilerplate you have everywhere else or will you think social, be social as you create that content? Plan for the business, communications.

    The plan starts with finding if your customers are on FB, maybe finding where else you could be, deciding what content will go there, how to make it work for the business. Planning overall goals then deciding how PR and social can achieve them. Again this is an excellent step-by-step for creating the page Andrea .. it’s just that creating the page is the only the beginning. FWIW.

  • Thanks for the super handy and concise tips for a super quick business page creation procedure.

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  • Joyce

    Curious, how do you “correct” it if you have already created a page from the link “create a page” that you suggested we do NOT use???

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  • Gordon Robinson

    This should not be a problem. Businesses are sold all the time. Worse case scenario you delete the profile or transfer ownership.

  • Gordon Robinson

    For sake of simplicity I would do that.

  • Gordon Robinson

    Hi Janet. When you have 25 likes Facebook allows you to create a bespoke URL. As long as the name is available you should be able to create the name you desire. If its the actual name of the profile you can change that in the settings.

  • Gordon Robinson

    And of course there could be a problem if you sell your business. I am a fan of creating a business authority profile (your name) for yourself but keep actual business page separate.

  • Elinor Ridley

    All this information is so good for a non-techy like me. Is it better to have your business listed in a category that doesn’t exactly fit what it is, or as a local business?

  • Kevin

    Great tutorial – The issue I have is I created a “busines page” first, without creating a Profile.

    So I have a business page without a personal profile – LOL (which doesn’t allow me to do much of anything other than edit the business page, I don’t think people can even “like” my page?) – Can I still just create a Facebook profile and then link that profile to my Business page? the owner of that Business Page. If so, how would I do that?

  • Judy Haar

    Thanx for sharing. Great start!

  • Bea Vanni

    Andrea, I love your posts; they don’t leave me wandering in the desert of social media. So much has changed this past year that merely reading how to set up a new page today (versus last year) helps the learning curve of daily platform changes. Thanks!

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  • Tracey Oliver

    Hi Andrea. Do you know if you can create a category within the Page on Facebook. eg I want to be able to have a tab say Hotels and place my info for Hotels in there like a web site so when someone clicks on it everything relating to Hotels will show.

  • Do not see this: You can also add other websites that you want to direct people to such as Twitter or other social sites by clicking on the Add Another Site link…

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  • I really appreciate the quick tutorial, Andrea.

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  • iMac

    Hi. Great article. I have 3 questions. 1. If I set up my business and personal separately can I link them? 2. How can I take my list of friends off my business page so it looks more professional? 3. I can’t search or add to my like list on my biz page. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Our Natural Nest

    I need to create a page for my blog. There is no clear-cut category choice for this.
    It’s a blog about healthy living, saving money & raising kids. What should I pick?

  • Brandi

    I know that this is probably a silly question, but I have do have a profile page, and I did make my business page through this. My only problem is that when I want to connect my page with other apps, it wants to connect with my personal page. Please help! 🙂

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  • kimberly

    i have set it up, but for some reason it isnt coming up under places nearby to check into… what do i do. please help

  • Sarah Hewett

    Thanks for the great information Andrea! Question: if I like and choose to share a post, how do I control whether it goes to my personal page or business page?

  • Hi Andrea. My business page is set up (/beingtrulypresent) and my profile picture shows up when I post, but when I try to like other business pages (logged on as /beingtrulypresent and using the pull-down “like as your page”), my profile picture is replaced by a generic FB gravitar. The email address attached to my business FB page even has gravitar that should follow it around ( Do you know what I’ve done wrong? Any suggestions (by anyone!) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi, Thank you for this step by step procedure – it was what I was looking for! But I have a question: If I have several businesses, what is the procedure for adding these additional pages?

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  • Virginia Kop

    I’ve just set up a blog page, after being on Facebook 10-11 months. Because I wanted a different email address, I went through a different browser. A Facebook business page was suggested, but I am unsure about having one. There will be no giveaways, comps, etc, as I am in the UK and my main readership is in Australia! Do I need a business page?

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  • Liz Dacey

    Thanks for an easy to understand and follow page. Set up my business page very easily. Could you possibly answer this query for me. From my business page am I able to search and like businesses and get those businesses I like to show on that page or will it just show on my personal page

  • M

    Hey Andrea,

    I know on a personal FB page, there’s an ‘other’ folder in the inbox, where you might overlook a message that was sent to you.

    Is there an ‘other’ folder in an official page’s inbox?? I haven’t ‘liked’ the page, but I sent a message… I haven’t heard back yet. Just wondering if it was possibly overlooked due to them not checking the ‘other’ section. Or does every message just go to one inbox folder??

  • Tessalls Accessories

    Thank you. That was lovely and simplistic.

  • mike

    Hi Andrea. thanks for that. great tips.

    i have a question: when i do a status update, and i want to write something and include a picture, at the moment the picture automatically goes below what i have written. how do i get the picture above what i write? this looks much neater.

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  • Reaghan Reilly

    Thank you so much, Andrea! This helped me a lot, wouldn’t have made my page properly without your help 😀

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  • Vicky

    Hi Andrea! Still not clear why we should set up a company page from our personal profile rather than setting up a stand alone page? What are the advantages of doing it like that or the limitations of doing it the other way? Many Thanks Vicky

  • paulo

    Andrea, i was hoping to be able to link my facebook page to my website but it doesn’t give the me option to do so only my personal page, have i done something wrong?

  • Delora Dennis

    I used the Create Page link in the right side bar. Now I have Likes and friends. Should I still create a business page per the above post?

  • Fritz

    Hi there, i created a business page through my personal account.
    But i don’t know how to switch back to my personal account, whenever i log in it goes directly to my business page… any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Pete

    I’ve just set up a page but when I say for people to search for it it doesn’t come up in any search all settings seem correct , is there a timescale for when pages go live ?

  • ivan19

    Good information, I do have a question: Can I set up more than one business?
    I have two diferent kind of business.

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  • Thats a Great IDEA

  • Mark Norton

    Hi Andrea… thank you for sharing your knowledge with those who need and want to learn! Question… once you set up your Facebook Page for Business… can you continue to edit the content?

  • Ltp

    I want to promote products/services in various unrelated niches. Should I do all them through the SAME Fanpage or multiple dedicated Fanpages.

    I checked with Facebook and they said I CAN have 1 Fanpage per niche but SHOULD I? If “yes” – what considerations should I be concerned with?

    BTW: GREAT video! I read through the official FB Fanpage set-up and various others but THIS one is the one I’ll recommend to other ‘newbies’!

  • Dan S.

    Andrea, I unfortunately set up a business-only Page as my first use of Facebook. I now want to set up a personal account like a “normal” Facebook user. How do I do this without using a different email address? I have even deleted the businss Page to no avail.

  • Dan S.

    Kevin – I have this same problem. Did you get it resolved? If so, how?

  • Is there a hyperlink for a blog I can check out?

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  • Poppy

    I created a personal profile called, say, ‘poppy cards’. I was advised that I should have a page to display my cards and sell them. So I clicked the ‘create a page’ button and then had a page called ‘poppy cards’. The thing is, when I post to groups, it posts as my profile facebook and not my facebook business page. So anyone who clicks on my avatar gets the wrong page. How can I get out of this mess? I don’t yet have over 100 likes or anything as I thought I’d better get it right before I go any further. Can you please advise me, in plain English, how to correct things?

  • Ronell

    Hi! Need some help please. I am from the old school and don’t know much about the social media but realise that I do need it for my business. I have got my own advertising booklet and do printing like business cards etc. What is the best way to go? I would like to do my advertising booklet and would like to showcase it on the internet. I have got a personal account with facebook and apparantly you can’t have a business account then.
    How do you separate the personal and business page?
    Which is better – facebook or a website? Can I charge people for ads to advertise on my page? Please advise. Thanks

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  • Andrea, this is really helpful! the part I’m having troubles with … is the question: is my business page public? Since I set it up through my personal page (as instructed :)), my personal page is locked so that only friends can see it. It seems my professional page is locked too — how do I get it “unlocked”? Thanks! Amy

  • Davina Harrison

    Thanks for sharing, wish I found this when I first set up my page.

  • erin

    How do you change it if you have already seleted local business?

  • MS

    You mentioned that it’s not advisable to open a business-only page … can you please elaborate… thanks! Also just wondering can a page under one’s personal profile be linked from sites like ETSY directly (for Facebook “LIkes”) and do the number of LIkes get limited to 5000 if its under a personal profile?? Totally confused whether I should set up a separate business page for my small home-based business or keep the page that already has 70+ Likes under my personal profile… HELP!

  • MS

    Wanted to clarify that my question about the 5000 ‘Likes’ limit on a page under one’s personal profile is not tied to my other question about linking via ETSY… I had read sometime back about the 5000 likes limit and was hoping that got revised too (if it was correct in the first place) with the latest changes to FB policies…. Thanks for all your help in advance! Truly appreciate it 🙂

  • John Williamson

    Thank you for a great tutorial. – I would like to ask if you can create several different Facebook Pages to represent various diverse products, whilst at the same time trying to maintain a Brand?

    Thank you for any help and advice anyone can provide
    Kind regards,

  • Jacque

    Is there a way to set up your page where you can give permission to post comments before they are actually posted?

  • Julie DeBrosse

    Hi Andrea,
    I wish I had seen your info prior to setting up my business page. I misunderstood the question about are you a real organization, school or government? I thought you choose yes if you were nonprofit. I am a real business and now understand I should have said yes. When you search for my business in Facebook is says Community under my business name. The category is listed as retail/consumer products though. Will my error of not saying yes to that one question have too much of a negative impact on my page? Should I start over? Thanks for your help.

  • Fred

    When I select Messages from the left side of my business page the next dialog does not allow me to send a message (eg. the +new messge box is not available). I can send messages from my personal page – but I want to be able to send messages from my business page. Can you advise on this?

  • Tim Squires

    This is a great tutorial, but I have an embarrassing question: once you have set up the page, how do you actually get it to display as your front page? I can only see my page if I navigate to my pages admin panel. Thanks for your help 🙂

  • Gerry Sinclair

    Great info Andrea – face book did not reply to my requests for info and now I do not need them.
    Just two questions 1. I know from a facebook seminar that they have detailed demographics that faciltate targeted marketing – is there anyway to access these demographics BEFORE taking the time to set up a page or paying face book for advertising?
    2. One of the companies I want to put on facebook has to do with investing and I presume there will be age limitations involved in most parts of the world – would this be covered under permissions heading?

  • Lipika Patnayak

    Very well written, Andrea!

  • Krista

    My boss has done this and wants to give me permissions to this page so I can do all the set up and admin and add posts, but when he goes under the admin rights and tries to add me, it’s not saving the settings or adding me as the content creator or even a manager. He is using the email that my personal facebook account is linked to inorder to send the request, but it’s not coming through. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • William Ewing

    Would like to know how to have my personal facebook page not show up on facebook, but have my company facebook page only show up. thanks in advance‎

  • Karla Locke

    What do you do about the phone # Facebook wants to have on the account for security, to send a text to? If your cell phone, or the client’s cell is attached to another account, you can’t use them?

  • Lisa

    I did this but now I don’t have an easy FB address to direct people to AND I don’t see the advantage. It actually seems a hindrance to now go thru personal profile to get to business page and it does not look easy to change. Why do it this way???

  • Sunil Shetty

    Hi Andrea! This is a wonderful and very informative page, cheers to your dedication.
    I have a question, how do i get a fb page which reads out like www(dot)facebook(dot)com/mypagename? Hope you got my question.
    Looking forward to your answer.

  • Shelley

    How do I get my profile picture to show up when I comment on other’s facebook pages? I have a business facebook page and the picture doesn’t show up when I comment.

  • Ernesto

    Hi, you can only send messages to people who have contacted you first. Hope this helps.

  • MRBC

    I want to set up my business as a brewery and see that others have done that but can not find it on the category list. How do they do this?

  • infusopharm

    Is there a way to post a comment on anothers page as your page and not as your personal page.

  • Jeanne

    I have a personal Facebook account and created a page for the company I work for on my account. My boss thinks we should have a seperate account. I tried to set up a seperate account but it doesn’t seem to be published and I couldn’t transfer posts or likes. What’s the best thing to do….I’m really not very experienced with Facebook. It seemed to be working fine with the page I created, however I did notice there was nothing posted to the news feed…can you help?

  • Jeana

    I started a business Facebook page but when other people post to me, it’s not showing up on the page. I get the message that they have done it but I want everyone to see what they post. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find anything on that issue. I have all settings set to public or everyone.

    What do I do to fix this?

  • Intern

    Thank you for this great article. Quick question, whenever I try to link my twitter to my business page it ends up linking to my admin page. How can I circumvent this?

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  • Tim West

    I need help creating a personal page to manage my business page as I have already created a business page and have never had a personal page.

  • Ed Miller

    Hi Andrea, Thanks for the tips. I am trying to update my webpage address in my Fan Page but the new address is not accepted. Any ideas on what might be happening? Thanks! Ed

  • Dolita MzPechez Iam

    Hello, I started a business page on my personal facebook page and now i want to let others work within the page. By assigning admin roles, will they be able to access my personal information?

  • Ken

    Can set a privacy setting for when the friend responds, only I can see their message? The reason for asking, if we post a job opportunity we would like to keep the reply message private. I am sure they could email us with the private message, but that is another step we would like to avoid.

  • Lisa

    This was so helpful! Thanks so much! When does the page actually go live?

  • Shirley-Anne Morgan Reul

    I don’t want people to post or comment on our business page …went to manage permissions and unchecked the boxes but it isn’t working. Please advise!!!

  • narender

    My facebook page which I created today is not showing despite of the fact that all permissions are set correctly. Is there any new rule which restricts this. get some likes or something like that.

  • cala

    Hi, Your site is great and is just what I need to get started, however I began yesterday and chose the wrong category page..can you tell me how I can modify this initial blunder as I try to set up my facebook business page

  • Avery

    Thanks for the information, Andrea. I am trying to set up an account for our school, but only want to make the facebook page available for our parents, just to send out information to them. Is there anything more I need to do, to invite just them and not the world?

  • Susie

    I set up the other page the problem is everytime I post it goes off of the personal account, I invited different groups to join my page and the ones that joined ended up on the personal account, how do I fix this?

  • Theophilus

    Thanks 4 ur help

  • chada

    Great tips! very useful for us non-techie. Thanks a bunch!!

  • Kathleen

    Hi Andrea. I have both a personal page and a business page. Do you know if there is a way to make the business page the default page that someone goes to when they search for my name?

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  • Save The Trail

    If your Business/Organization page is under your personal account, how do you post to it via mobile? I can only post to my personal account not the organization sub account via my phone.

  • Anna

    Thank you. Just wondering whether I should have “followers” or “likes” for my business page? Which would be better?

  • I noticed one thing while making a page with business account you can set vanity URL at the creation time of page you do not need specific 25 likes to set a vanity URL.
    While if i create with my personal profile that require 25 likes to set vanity URL why so ?

  • Enzo

    I’m trying to set up a business page that does not link back to any of my personal information on my personal FB page but still having problems doing that. Suggestions?.

  • Cotton

    Now that i have created a personal profile first my you tube social settings only allows links to my personal facebook account! How do I have it directed to Business page?

  • Tina

    What setting do you change to keep your business posts from being pushed to your personal page?

  • jacquie

    help im trying to only create a business page but it wont let me get past the second step everytime i put my email password and birthdate in the second page i hit create page and then an error message comes up asking me to select male or female but on the page itsseld no where is there a male or female option to select???

  • Kalan Murphy

    My real estate company recently created a business page, but when searching its name it doesn’t come up easily. I have to click “find all pages named xxxx” and it is then a ways down, after other businesses with similar, but different, names. How can we “bump” our business to the top?

  • Rina Mejia Peiffer

    I have set up my business page and found that I cannot include it as my work. All of my agents are unable to add my page to their work as well, because it does not show up. I have around 130 likes and do not know the reason. please help!

  • Bec

    Hi Andrea, you mention being able to petition to have your name allowed. May I ask how this is done? For some reason Facebook won’t allow my name even with the correct capitalisation and I don’t know what to do next.. Thanks

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  • Monique M T Hackett

    Thank you for the info in was easy to follow and to implement

  • tincimarinci

    you have really good points and a really great explanation of how to do things but did I miss what #8 is all about?? I would like to set up a business only page (no personal one) and it says in #1 to go to #8 to see what you are limited to but in #8, it doesn’t say anything but try not to share until, you have a few updates to your timeline. Can you tell me what those limitations are??

  • tincimarinci

    and another thing is that when I try to sign up with my business email. it is telling me that it is invalid. my email is (not my real email but you get the point). why would facebook say that it is wrong when that is my company email. Please help

  • Andre Beukes

    I have had the same problem, the way I got over my problem was to ask my web master to redirect my email to reading as my business name “not my real email just an example. And that worked.

  • Ken Richardson

    I thought I’d just gone through the create a business page process and then logged out. I then went back to try and log in and it seems I don’t know how to. I used the relevant email adress and password but it just seems to be creating me a personal Facebook page? Boy am I confused now. Can anyione help please?

  • Sam Monty

    I have a FB for business page up and used some of these great steps to fix it. But I just can’t figure out how to post as the business. It keeps coming up as the Admin profile I set up. Any suggestions?

  • Andy Bernard

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be doing this at some point this week. I’ve only been meaning to do it for 2 years.

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  • Tovi

    Can I make my business page public and still leave my personal FB page private to my friends/family?

  • Kelly

    Does anyone know how I can create a business page for a client so it’s not hooked up through my account and email? I would like to set it up through there email but without having to ask for there email password.

  • harish

    great post , explained in a nice way..thanks

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  • I have a question. When I made a new fan page and uploaded a new profile picture it changed the image on my personal profile too. I want two different photos for that small image. How do I separate them?

  • Lee

    Some real nuggets here. Thank you for the details.

  • Tammy

    I already have a Facebook Page. I want to carry my likes with me when I open a business page. How do I take my likes with me?
    Thanks Tammy

  • Haley

    Question – How do I get my main category page out of Local Business into just business & Organizations?

  • Boby Devassy

    Hi Andrea,
    Can you please help me out for this ;

    My company would like to create a facebook page for
    commercial use.

    Can you please give me a details to cerate a page for huge
    commercial use such as unlimited like, unlimited photos to share etc….

    How much will be the charges for unlimited like , share photos ..etc…

  • stuart nielsen

    thank u for the tips! very clear and concise. best wishes, Stuart

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  • JoeMurg

    Thank you! does FB charge you per LIKE on your page? I saw something about $money per like per day/ lost where that was on fb….

  • I have created my business page. Now what shall i do so that ppl who have liked my page get notification of what i have posted???

  • Naomi Udosen

    I really need to understand it well or create a blog of my own

  • Dana Bialashewski

    Hi Andrea,
    I set a facebook account up as described above. If I go to post something the post goes to the main profile not the business page. I had to use a person’s name to open the account. Is there a way to get the posts to show up on the page? Mind you I hate fing Facebook and rarely use it so I do not know my way around the interface. Which sucks by the way.

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  • LK

    How do you get your business to be recognized as an employer?

  • Thanks for the informative post Andrea. You recommended rather than inviting email
    contacts automatically to “Create your own email message instead
    and send it directly from whatever email service you use.” Why
    is that?

    It seems that going the automatic route
    would be much faster and would make things easier for the potential
    friends/fans to connect.

  • corrinne

    Hi Andrea, at the start you suggest creating a page whilst logged into your own account. If I do this will it be linked to my own personal account because I don’t want that!!

    If so, what else do you recommend

  • Louise

    If i were to set up a business page in my name and then leave the business is there anyway you can change it on to someone else’s facebook? Also if other colleagues wanted to log on to the business facebook page would they have to use my personal facebook logon details?

  • Robert

    hello, I’m trying to set up a business page linked to my personal account, the problem is FB does not like my business email address. its says that the first part is too generic any suggestions?

  • Corina Cimbala

    Very useful post, thanks so much, Andrea! 🙂

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  • Rinku Jain

    Hi! I’ve just created a Facebook page for my business. I’d like to invite my old clients to like it and follow it. The only information I have is their phone number. What’s the best way to get them to like my page so they can get regular updates of my new product lines.

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  • Have had to do this several times through the years. Very well laid out set of instructions.

  • monticello shul

    Is there a charge for a facebook page?

  • reese

    I don’t want my business page linked to my personal page anymore. I want to move it or (if I have to) recreate it from our website only. Can I do that?

  • robert5467890

    i believe it is exactly the lying that we have been all hearing about and it is exactly what we think to begin with quote unquote mr facebook unless that your total ignorant and total irresponsible for your actions of wrong doing.

  • robert5467890

    you yahoo google and malicious malware thieves going through are personal private information by making it public to begin with under illegal jurisdiction and under illegal access to illegal websites and recycled sites and advertisers as well you backstabbing us in the back on these untrusted sites with no notices whatsoever are in no way shape or fore here to blame but you yourselves on how you ran your company today

  • Stacey Taylor

    I would like to know how to let people tag themselves in their pics on my page …?

  • Stacey Taylor

    I would like to know how to let people tag themselves in their pics on my page …?

  • Marissa

    Send them a text with a link to your Facebook page, they can click on the link from their phone and it will direct them to your facebook page… Good luck!

  • val

    I am trying to get my two business pages merged because I already have likes on them, and want my business page to come up in search, rather than my personal profile. What steps do I take?

  • Bizzy

    Is it possible to have more than one business page? I have 3 businesses.

  • Bek

    Helpful post 🙂
    My profile pic won’t show when I post on other pages, just the blank FB person icon shows. I can’t work it out and have searched the web for the answer but nothing seems to fix it. Is there a simple solution I am missing?

  • Yes you can create..also clear information you have given in this article..i love it..

  • Shekinah

    My business name is the same as my real name, however I do want them to be slightly different to avoid confusion. It seems that the page name guidelines are very strict. I would like to add my tagline to the business name so it’s really clear that it’s a business but I am thinking this may be against FB guidelines? Any suggestions?
    Name is Shekinah Leigh and would love business to be Shekinah Leigh “Honouring the Feminine”

  • Rohan

    Which category do you join if you a caoch but not an officially registered business. i do have ABN number but not a business registered as a coach ? Does that make sense ? Do I just join as a coach as opposed to a business ?

  • Satish

    I have created a business page in my personal account. What I post on my business page appears on my personal page also. I do not want my posts to appear on my personal page. Could you please tell me how to do this?

  • sachin sharma

    Great ! I wanna know one more thing, I already have a business page in my personal profile but I want it to be manage by some one else as I don’t have much time to spent on this, but I don’t want to share my login detail. Is this possible ?

  • Joe Dursma

    I have been exploring starting a facebook profile to promote my business. I like the information you share about creating a page for my business from my personal account. I noticed while investigating opening a profile, I have the option to create a facebook website associated with my profile which I could put on my business cards.
    Question: How would my facebook profile, website and business page all be related?

  • Joe Dursma

    If you notice, it says see #8 in Business only page limitations. Click on the link to business only page limitations and then go to #8.

  • Ranjanraji

    Thanks for the step-by-step Facebook Ads creation process. Could you please jot down the points to be followed for running a best facebook ads campaign.

  • John Goldwin

    very good tips, i made the same things for my aliexpress affiliate plugin page aliffiliate

  • Abhijit

    Can I make 2 or more business pages with a single personal profile? Thanks in advance

  • George Gibbs

    Quick Question.. Want to set up a business page, but… I don’t want to link it to my personal page, like sell the business etc. How do I do that, or is it not a concern?

  • Lara

    Hi Andrea, How can I share events or info posted on my page with other groups using my page name rather than my private name?

  • Jim

    I’ve been using facebook for 10 years for personal use. Would you recommend I create completely new facebook page if I want to add my new business onto facebook?

  • Hi Lara – So there are limitations with sharing things as your Page. Pages can ONLY share on other Pages Timelines. A Page can tag a person if the person is a friend of the Admin or within the comments of a post where the person has commented.

    A Page can never post within a Facebook Group. Pages can’t be members of Groups either. So if you are going to share something within a Group it has to be through a Facebook personal profile.

    A profile can share a post originally posted from a Page. So sometimes I will do that is to personally share something that was originally on my Page – but it has to be as my profile. Kind of a bummer but that’s how it works!

  • Israt Jahan

    Very good post on facebook marketing.

  • Maxkenton

    crappy advice. doesn’t explain how to have an organization page without it being tied to an individual account. when on an organization page, the individual’s account always appears in the upper right hand menu, and you can’t post to other people’s pages using the organization page name — it posts in the name of the individual’s account.

  • David

    Big downside to creating a Facebook from within your personal account is you can’t link other accounts like YouTube or twitter to it, they all try to link to your personal account.

  • David

    As I’ve found out, you can’t link other services (YouTube, Twitter) to your ‘business page’ because it’s a page within a page and you only have one login. This can be crippling.

  • Bob McCracken

    We are looking for an individual to start and run our Facebook page and quite a few other companies as well. Contact B Mac at 570-586-6062

  • Bob Antrobus

    hi when i get a message to my personal page it goes to my phone,but when i get a message to my business page it does not.can you help.thanks.

  • claireify

    Clear and succinct. And with all the appropriate caveats and benefits. Thank you, Andrea.

  • ren

    what if you have 2 businesses that have nothing to do with each other, how do I make 2 business pages?

  • msmasbw

    Why directly creating the page is not recommended, why must go through personal profile to create a Facebook page ?

  • magdalena carr

    i have private facebook, and make professional page from my acc, just want to be sure its public only the businesses page

  • ALance

    What happens if you don’t have a website address. I am trying to set up a business page, but we do not have a website.

  • Dennis

    Why is my cover photo so dark at the bottom on my business page? I notice that some other businesses do not have that problem. Is there a setting for this?

  • Ngakau Spain

    I want to start a Fan Page for an online business directory. I’m confused as to what choose, ‘local business or place’ or ‘company organization or institution’.

    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  • Grace Duffy

    If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store and have a place for people to physically visit you, click the Local Business or Place page type. If you have an online business or store then ‘Company Organization or Institution’ or even ‘Brand or Product’ might be a better match for you.

  • WTYM

    i am start my businessnext month. I did not know how to create my facebook page. thanks for the very informative inroduction. how do you keep your regular facebook page from linking to your business page. I only have my family and friends on my regular page . I do not wan the public to access my regular facebook page.

  • Robert

    Is it possible to set up and format the page the way I like it prior to it “going live” immediately?

  • niranjan

    hey hi

    i just want to know more abot Facebook page

  • Rachel

    My business page is in Business Manager. I cannot find the edit page/manage permissions that is mentioned in STEP 11 (review your permissions) anywhere?! Could anybody please help? Thanks

  • Does anyone know how this is done – an individual’s name shows up on a group page as their own name at business page? e.g. Jane Smith at EK Web where both the name and business page name are links. Thanks

  • Slim

    How do I keep my personal page hidden from my business page on everything I do?

  • Andre Beukes

    Hi Slim, you have a personal profile, then you have a business page. Only you can see, that it is you, that posts on your business page, no one else sees that.
    You are in full control about what shows in your personal profile.

  • Kashif

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  • Rjay Delos Santos

    is there a fee when promoting a facebook page?

  • This is true. I was nervous about starting my first page, This post gives you the step-by-step guide to show case you blog, website or business. Thanks!

  • lclcookies

    I have a new ‘business’ page but my posts are not showing up on my fans newsfeeds??

  • A Sameer

    Hi Andrea…Does Facebook allow a user to search a page or an account..I created a page but when i tried searching (10 minutes after creation) it was showing the account but not the page..
    can you pls help

  • Cin Man

    I am new to this and my husband set up the page. I found this afterwards and found it quite informative….I hope he did our page in the proper way. I dont understand one thing, if I want to like someones page or something my personal name shows up when I would rather my business name to show up. I see other business names in peoples likes and I assume they have a personal page connected so what am i doing wrong?

  • thanks for this post

  • Oomeysh Kz

    can i open 2 business FB fan pages in same account, as i am already having one FAN page with my account, but i want to create more fan page , so is it possible and how, plz share link if you have. thx wating here.

  • Grace Duffy

    Yes, it is possible to create and manage multiple pages on Facebook. Here are some more current articles that show you how to do that:

    Hope this helps!

  • Jane Dowsey Lavineway

    I am not comfortable creating a Business Page for the company I work for. I am the social media manager, however, I don’t want the corporate business page linked to my account. I feel it should be managed by a generic profile created with a generic corporate email account so that when I leave the company, or I”m on holiday, other people in the company can access it. We are going through a lot of hassle trying to reclaim the Facebook Business Page, Twitter Page and LinkedIn Pages that were created by former employees. No one in the company can access these accounts. Is it ok to create a page with a generic corporate email address?

  • Tricia Tweed Jones

    I think a page is being used inappropriately and when the personal page of the user is down the business page is up but the link to report is broken. When the personal page of the one that created it is up it can be reported. can the business owner log into his page without being logged into his personal Facebook?

  • jill

    Can a person that ‘likes’ your business page post a review on your page?

  • Katrina Howell

    I want to be able to go into the business page without going through my account. Is this at all possible?

  • Grace Duffy

    A Facebook account is require for accessing a business page. However, you don’t have to have your name associated with the page. For example, your can business page post can be attributed to your business, not you.

  • Ya sure.