social media expert interviewVideo is hot! It adds a whole new dimension to your marketing. Are you looking to use video with your social media efforts, but feel a bit stuck?

In this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, Mari Smith shares important tips, creative ideas and what you need to know to integrate video into your social media marketing. Also be sure to catch her ninja marketing tip at the end of the video.

Be sure to share your feedback and see the show notes with lots of useful links below.

Video Content

First you need to know what exactly you’re going to put into your videos.  Mari shares some ideas and then tells you two easy ways to create video content.

Screen Casts

This is where you capture your computer screen. Screen casts can be used to create different types of content.  Here’s the software you need:

Video Interviews

Video interviews are also an easy way to create video content.  Here are some tools you can use to conduct the interviews:

All you’ll need to do is record these sessions through your ScreenFlow or Camtasia software to capture your screen and create a video interview.

video chat

Here's an example with a chat box below the video.

Video Recording

Mari answers some questions from the Social Media Examiner Facebook page where our readers asked about the best practices to follow when creating videos.  Here are some of the takeaways:

The ideal length of the video varies:

  • For short tip videos: 60-90 seconds is about right
  • For video shows: 10-15 minutes

Here are some important tips to make great videos:

  • Make the first 3-5 seconds really count.
  • Make sure you’re high-energy and make strong eye contact with the camera.
  • Have strong calls to action in the video.
  • Work with an outline that has bullets instead of reading your text.

Video Equipment and Editing

Important Tips

First Mari shares some useful tips about the video equipment you need to create great videos:

  • Microphone.  Your audience will forgive you bad visuals, but you’ve got to have good audio. So use a microphone whenever you can.
  • High definition. Most cameras shoot in high definition. Sephora sells makeup for high definition cameras.  This is a whole new industry.
  • Lighting. Have the natural light source shining onto your face. Lighting is crucial.

Camera equipment.

Then Mari suggests some camera equipment:

video camera

Watch the video to find out Mari's favorite camera and why she loves it.

Video editing software.

Here are the links to the video editing software Mari mentions in the video:

Video Distribution

Finally, Mari gives you lots of ways to get your videos out there.

Get a YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel gives you additional SEO benefits because it’s owned by Google. And you can customize your YouTube channel by giving it a branded skin.

Connect your YouTube account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s how you do this. On your YouTube page, go to the top and:

  • Click on Username
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Activity Sharing over on the left
  • Select your different accounts to connect

Mari recommends just selecting “Like” and/or “Favorite” in the settings where you choose to automatically send updates onto the profiles you select here.

Publish your videos on Facebook.

Once you have your YouTube account connected to your Facebook account, you can come in and hit the “Like” button on your video. It will be published on your Facebook Profile wall with the little video player.

To get videos onto your Facebook business page you need to copy the URL of your video and paste it onto your wall, or you can try out some of the Facebook apps. Here are two Mari mentions:

Repost your video content.

Sometime after your video is published on your Facebook wall, as described above, be sure to repost your content.  You do this by loading your YouTube video up to the default Facebook video tab.

facebook video tab

Use the video tab on Facebook to encourage "Likes" and comments to spread your video further inside Facebook.

And if you want to publish your video on another website, use the embed code for your video to publish it there.

Consider the YouTube alternatives.

You can use these services as alternatives or in addition to YouTube.

And you can also use TubeMogul to broadcast your video to a multitude of sites.

Try out the video widget tools.

Mari shares two of her favorite tools to create video widgets for your website.  These widgets allow you to display a bunch of videos in a variety of ways:

Be sure to watch this video to pick up all of the little tips Mari shares to help you use videos successfully in your online marketing plan.  And don’t forget to listen for the Facebook marketing tip Mari shares at the end!

If you enjoy this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, make sure to tweet about it (use hashtag #SMEtv), share it on Facebook or even embed it on your blog.

What do you think? Do you have video marketing tips to share? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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  • I had made up my mind for a while now that I NEED to get into video. I really had no idea…and I mean NO IDEA of how to start. I might start blubbering all over the place if I say how much a help this is to me…and I might put tears on my keyboard :)…so I’ll just say ‘Thanks this is great!”

  • Thanks Mike! Now get started and don’t look back 🙂

  • drburt

    This is just an awesome POST. On Monday I have created my first screencast for a blog as a guest post. I was about to research today on how to do interviews over the Internet. BOOM, SME made my day 🙂 This post has everything I need to know. Thank you for saving me From many hours of research 🙂

  • fantastic job!
    two questions: do you have some sort of teleprompter? you don’t fumble very much on camera
    how did you make the nice brown background? are you behind a green screen?

    now here’s my tip: for something with a bit more punch Sony Vegas is good on the PC. but it’s text rendering isn’t the best. you can make some text animations in Flash or Photoshop if you need to.

    there are entry level versions of Vegas to check out.

  • We’re just starting to get into video as an agency, and there are some great tools and tips in here. Thanks for sharing!

  • No teleprompter, Mari is using simple bullet points on a note just off camera. And the background is a simple paper 9′ seamless found at any photography store. I prefer Calumet.


  • I’m on it!

  • Jeff, can you reply directly to Mr. tunes by hitting reply near his comment

  • Yayyyyyy Mike — delighted to hear this post was helpful and timely for you!! We look forward to seeing what videos you create. You can do it!

  • So good to hear your positive feedback!! Keep us posted on how your videos go!

  • Hey there Mr. Tunes!! Jeff Wiant is our in-house fabulous videographer and editor — he answered your questions further below.

    Just another few pieces about the teleprompter from me; I’ve been a public speaker for years and have taken many trainings and programs over the years like Toastmasters (which is awesome!), Speaking Circles and the likes. Thing is, when you speak about topics you have experience and good expertise with, it flows naturally!!

    However, the main thing is to work with bullets like I mention in the video and not a full script and literally talk into the camera as if you’re just sitting chatting to a few close friends, while keeping your energy level high.

    The widespread prevalence of social networking has allowed all of us to feel more intimate, personal and connected. So, there’s no need to come across as super polished and perfect. Complete is better than perfect. Lol. (I’m my own worst critic and often catch areas for improvement after the video is final. We do shoot these episodes in several short segments and often do several takes for each one!)

    Good point about Sony Vegas, thanks!!

  • Heheeee — I love minute 5:10+ where Jeff has synced up my wee video clip with the main shoot for picture in picture. That is genius. LOL!!! 🙂

  • thank you! yes i have been considering something like toastmasters – it probably helps even if you aren’t on camera (like podcasting). i say “um” a lot in my deliveries. which im trying to fix.

    and the green screen question?

    btw i have found *so* much of your info useful mari. keep it up!

  • My only recommendation is to keep them short and sweet. In the case of video, I think that people have a short attention span so you should make it a point to address your main topics right away. The shorter the better.

    Personally, I’m a fan of doing screencasts on topics that I think people might find useful. If it’s a question someone’s asking over and over again, a screencast is perfect (create it once, share it often).

  • Awesome. I’ve been doing video for a while on my Youtube channel but didn’t know about syncing it up with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. KICK. F*&#(ING. ASS.

    Thanks, guys!

  • Good advice Ricardo! You’ll notice we do quick 10 second opener’s on our TV show so people immediately know what they’ll be getting.

  • Ron

    Kudos on this on this great video application Summary. I especially appreciated the good audio comment. As a video producer for 30 years, I’m always amazed by the low quality “amateur authenticity” standards for web videos. The Zi8 is a great low cost solution, your post is another great resource I’ll share with my peeps.

  • Great summary and resources Mari! I would like to share a few more with everyone. I have how-to videos on most of these on my blog if anyone is interested in learning more about them.

    Screen Casts Alternatives:

    1. Free Online Screencast tools (no software to download). They also directly publish to Twitter and YouTube!


    2. PPT2Video from – Converts PowerPoint presentations into video files that can be uploaded to YouTube. A great way to re-purpose your content!

    Camera equipment:
    Creative Vado HD Gen3 is an excellent candidate for HD pocket cams. Small, compact, has an external mic input for better audio quality, and is compatible with Mac and PC video editing packages.

    Video editing software:
    Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD is a cost effective (~$50 US) yet powerful and easy-to-use video editing package. Compatible with Flip type pocketcams and can directly upload to YouTube for you.

    Video Distribution:
    Tubemogul is great and free (for non-commercial use). For businesses, they charge a month fee of $50 per month. Another alternative is which charges per use ($0.05 per video distributed)…which is more cost effective if you are just starting out with online video.

    Thanks again Mari for the valuable resources. I am happy to learn about the video interview services you mentioned and am excited to try them out.


  • Ha!

    Great timing as I’m just launching my 52 week Living Your Life YOUR Way interview series with amazing entrepreneurs and people living their lives THEIR way. It was gonna be an email series but I decided last week to make it more of a video series and here you are, my sign from the Universe saying Bingo, baby!

    Speaking of … I would love to interview YOU Mari, if you’re “game” (it kinda fits with the jungle theme, LOL!)? I’ll send you an email as well to see what you reckon. Thanks for the great tips on repurposing the vids, awesome! x Tia

  • I just started doing video and it’s really good fun. So hard to relax at first though!!!! After video number 30 I was finding my groove!

  • elemenager

    you also need to know how to optimize videos if you’re embeding them on your site or if your using them on social platforms there are many SEO techniques that can be applied to videos in the social space to help grow your awareness. Here’s blog post that I did – there’s a video from SEOmoz and some additional tips of my own

  • Deb DiBiasie ND

    Mari, You are as pleasant as ever- thanks for all the great tips. You mentioned for theyprovide widgets to host a wall of videos. I have been looking at a program that is all set up to host thousand of video’s. it also has a blog option and is designed to host banner ads- 5 different ones per page. I think you can have as many channels as you want too. the cost is- $297/ $37 mo. Is this reasonable do you think? PS Michael- Facebook Success Summit has been incredible- I am so glad I decided to join you all. Thanks much. Deb- The Adz DR

  • Mike


    Thanks for the great video. Just wondering why you suggested waiitng a number of weeks before putting the video on Facebook Video?


  • Another great video distribution service is, you can store all your videos in a massive library and all the videos can be sent on a individual basis or mass marketed. No commercial content just your branding and it will go through corporate firewalls with response forms that people can fill out and they go right back into your inbox.

  • Wonderful! Thank you.

    Is there a special place on the FB fan page where you recommend adding the sign up box? Some of the autoresponder programs offer apps to adding ‘Sign up for my List’ tabs and forms to FB but I like the idea of a singular box instead of taking up a whole tab/page.


    Janine Gregor
    Virtual Assistant

  • Thanks for adding your thoughts Hani!

  • The idea is to re-purpose the content over time on multiple channels to extend the life of it.

  • Christine

    This was such a helpful post/mini workshop! It answered many of my questions and has me inspired to do a short video.
    Thank you.

  • John Nichols

    Thanks so much–Mari and SME! You have become one of those (very few) places where I always seem to find a post which directly addresses questions I have– what a fantastic site, thanks.

  • Raymond Baranak

    By far the most professional, easiest and least costly entry into video for any social media site, web page video, video on blogs, video conferencing, video email and a video auto-responder (and more) I have found and personally use is Talk Fusion. Cost $20.00 per month plus a onetime enrollment fee of $175.00. No annual fee, no contract, unlimited usage, (boy I wish my cell phone company offered a deal like this) and it is a cloud computing platform. Check it out at

  • Christopher Babayode

    Great stuff – the money shot for me – the 2 last tips blinkx and yubby icing on the cake!

  • Great article and very timely for me. Mari is always so compelling with her messages that I just HAVE to try what she teaches!

  • My pleasure Michael! I’ve learned so much from this site. The least I can do is contribute where I can….especially about online video and marketing which is a topic I LOVE!

  • sachinkhona

    This is great… I hope to get into Video sometime too!! BOOKMARKED!

  • CNS

    Hi Mari, i just want to add information. Besides skype, oovoo, and tiny chat , there is ClickNSmart that we can use for video interview . i came across this site (ClickNSmart) and it’s really good for video chat/conference

  • This is a great post that has given me some new ideas on how to integrate video into my social media marketing! Thanks!
    I’ve been using the Flip for several months for our Memphis Camera Club, and having a great time in getting content out to the members. Only thing is…you are right about audio and a microphone. Could be better. Great tips on length and editing software which is art that I really need help on.
    Thanks Team Social Medial Examiner for all you do for us! 🙂

  • Mallefitzo


    I would really be interested in the tecnical aspects of your vídeo. Especially lighting set up (positioning etc) and camera used. Would be great if you could give some information on that.

  • Shelley

    Nice Job Mari! All great suggestions. I have been making short and sweet instructional videos to answer Fan questions. Have used Jingpro, very low cost tool and Screen-O-Matic with good success.
    @mike, thanks for creating the really cool SME TV.

  • Hi Mari, this is an outstanding post. You are right, video is hot, and it is only going to get hotter! This post is the “Handbook” for anybody getting started or wanting tips in integrating video into their social media marketing!
    I am definitely going to bookmark this post and refer people to it, as well.
    Thanks, again for such a great job!

  • Cheryl Thompson

    Wow; I am stunned! I stumbled across your website and could not believe my eyes! You have all the information that I’ve needed for months! I agree with Linda when she wrote, “this post is the ‘Handbook’ for anybody getting started or wanting tips …” on social media marketing of all types. You have saved the day for me. I have been learning products for a home-based business for several months. Now that I have developed my own story I am seriously anxious about building my business. Of course I guess the first order of business is to get a business name:) I know I have got to incorporate social media to be successful. Thanks to your instruction and guidance, I think I can … I think I can … I KNOW I can!!!!

  • Mari…as always a GREAT resource. The info you provide is well-produced and a great example to us of what’s possible for our sites. Have been planning to create a YouTube presence in conjunction with my blog efforts, so this is impeccable timing. Thanks again. Always love watching your show and know I’ll find value there.

  • Thanks for a great article! And Mari’s video is great filled with good points to remember! If you are thinking of buying a new video camera and wondering which one is better; Flip or Kodak, I can personally recommend the Kodak Zi8. The main reason for this is, as Mari pointed out, the option to connect an external microphone.


  • I know you feel Mike. I’ve made some false starts, but hey, we’re all learning. Like Michael says, just get started and don’t look back. I started with Jing Project, then upgraded to Camtasia (both from Techsmith). Love both. Jing has advantages beyond that it is free. Very light and easy to use. If you’re on a Mac, well, then you have great built in tools. I also highly recommend Animoto as a cool way to create a super hip video. Worth a look. I could give tons more tips, so I’ll pipe down.

    Last, hats off to Mari and Michael for a powerhouse video and post. Thanks for your work.
    TJ McCue

  • Michael, Just a short note to say that I think you have the world’s premier site in this sort of area. It is a great professional resource, and contains actual useful material.

    Thank you

  • Yeah, the screencasts are the cheapest way to produce videos. Nowadays, you can present most works on the PC screen. So you can make your PC screen to an arena and present yuor stuff. You don’t need actors, you don’t need cameras etc. Just a good headset and your imagination

  • Jenlouflynn

    Great vid – loads of really good tips – especially the websites for new video widget.

    thanks Jen.

  • Thanx Mari & Michael for this great video! a lot of good inspirations! great tips i can use for my social networking of my internet radio! And yeah… a bit late … but Happy Birthday SME! Love your project you are doing!


  • Thanks Mari! I’ll make sure to tag you guys in one of my premier videos…well…maybe not the premier one. Maybe after I get the hang of it for a while lol!

  • Thanks Raymond! I will definitely check this out… 🙂

  • Do people prefer professional looking videos (like commericals)? Looks like your suggesting that a flip cam would do. Just trying to get a sense for what’s expected for video. Professionally shot or in-house $200 flip cam?

  • Fantastic article and so nice that you share the resources you use so that everyone can do the same – thank you. As a video marketing tip – we use video mail to engage with our subscribers and friends on social media as it helps them to see who we are and connect with us.

  • Bernie

    Mari – what a wonderful video and fantastic tips – well done. Thanks for sharing. Bernie

  • Broberts

    Another thing to consider is adding captions or subtitles. First off, this increases your audience by including the deaf, hard of hearing, those with learning disabilities, and those with English as a second language. Consider that there more speakers of English as second language than there are as a first language, so this can make your content understandable outside the traditional market. Be inclusive!! Secondly using the text captions or subtitles can dramatically improve your SEO results. Search engines will be able to find what you’re saying in the video via the presence of the text. Check out .

  • Justin S

    Can someone explain Windows Movie Maker? Is it just on every Windows PC? I can’t find it as a downloadable application or anything…

  • Marisa

    Excellent video. Please make more. It was very informative!

  • Mari your enthusiasm is infectious!!!

  • Javed

    Great tips!!!

  • Thank you Mari for all the great tips!
    Debby db

  • Loricooper

    Excellent video. This is just what I needed to get going on my own videos. Thank you!

  • Lenny

    At my website you can see how I use videos for keeping costumers at my website and how I motivate them. I think videos are great for 3 reasons:
    – You can use them at social platforms everywhere on the internet
    – It gives people and potential costumers a face to remember
    – It can explain things in a more handsome and userfriendly was

    Best regards, Lenny (@economistw , )

  • Thanks Mari for those Wee Video Tips.Straight from the hip as always,short, sharp bursts of total excellence ..just right for those who get so phased out by the techie stuff that nothing ever gets done ..Thank you so much

  • Pbradshaw Prii

    Èxcellent. Very useful and easy to understand. Thank you Mari

  • beverlymonical

    I agree Video is Hot! Great tips here.I also use video emails through a tool called Talk Fusion. Thanks for sharing.

  • Super Video Mari! My question is more technical in nature. The video, audio and editing on this video is extremely well done. I may be wrong, but I suspect you were using more professional tools (camera, mic and editing software) for this particular video as opposed to the ones you recommended. Can you share the equipment setup for this shoot?

  • Great post.

    What is the best way to record a Skype interview with someone and have the interview on a split screen?

  • Susan Almon-Pesch

    Excellent information–love your fast-paced presentation Mari as well as the text / images support below.

  • Awesome post Mari. I use almost everything mentioned above and it all works great for SEO too. I also recommend Traffic Geyser to get your content out there everywhere as automated and syndicated as possible. As I do social media for a living, it’s been a great tool for me at and my clients.

  • Andrew

    Hi Mari,

    Thanks for sharing the other website addresses. The biggest one was, which is exactly what I’m looking for and since I’m just starting out, the free price is helpful as well.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Mari for the confirmation on using video! I use video to reach my readers on my blog about giveaways. However, I want to begin filming short tips empowering and inspiring others. I’m still searching for a true direction, so if any has some tips, please respond!

  • Hi Mari,

    Great tips about using video. I just need to develop a scheme and doing more videos. Thanks!

  • Thank you Mari! I actually gave presentation to Heath Underwriters groups just on this very topic, and love TubeMogel!

  • Social Media Examiner just kicks it out of the park with this one. It’s tough navigating the Internet to find really reliable video editors/tips. Thanks so much!

  • Once again, a fabulous episode of #smeTV. I’ve been dabbling in video for a while and the “how-to” for screen casts was eluding me. Thanks for the tips! Now, where is my Kodak zi8?

  • Robinbramman

    Mari, you just ROCKED this episode of #smeTV!! I am getting the new canon over the flip video because of this episode. I am wondering if you still recommend an external microphone and if so is there a specific one that you would get with the canon?

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  • Fran

    excellent video work, you make it sound so easy. I thought I knew some what about video, but you have just re-educated me. Thanks for the tips and the other places I could post my videos. I appreciate it, and I will befollowing what you have to say over at twitter #smetv.

  • Amazing video and great resources. Thanks so much!

    I currently use a Flip and need to get an external microphone. Any recommendations? Also, how can you video yourself when you are not at your desk with a tripod, but doing a more “man on the street” interview?

  • Christine

    Thank you for the great tips and engaging video! I will definitely put your advice to use

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  • great video, michael! ive been using the marketing software from and cant wait to add this to my list!

  • great video, michael! ive been using the marketing software from and cant wait to add this to my list!

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  • You’re amazing Mari!!!!! I love your videos, I’m creating my own videos too, but I still have a long way to go to become as good as you are. Have a great day 🙂

  • The video distribution method really amps up your video marketing efforts.  Making the videos is another story.  I use video primarily for traffic generation so making them can get time consuming.

    I use videos already built for my niche.

    Check this out:

  • Lots of good tips here, Michael. Mari is spot-on. Video is such a powerful part of online marketing.

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  • @Shilpa

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    Commit to Continuous ERP

  • Checksock

    Affiliates Marketing  is a tool for us can sell many product. Many
    website built a network link to cooperate? Can you tell me how make a affiliate
    program ? or

  • James Joseforth

    Actually, movie editing software that is generally inexpensive can really create some professional looking video. If you have a Mac, you can do just about anything you would need to for a professional video – it comes standard with “iMovie”

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  • logo branding

    When developing a logo for your small
    business, you will want to ensure that it is powerful enough to make people
    remember it. It should be clean, clear, and uncluttered. You will want to
    choose a logo that is simple yet distinct, ensuring that it will capture a
    customer’s attention with a quick glance. Of course, your logo must be
    appropriate to your business and work well with your company name. It should
    communicate to the audience what your business is and what it stands for.

  • What
    a fabulous post this has been. I am grateful to you and expect more number of
    posts like these. Thank you very much.

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  • Great intro on video! Thanks for all the very useful tips! I plan on doing more video and you’ve given me a perfect framework. Thanks!

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